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Christmas Issue 2011


10 Top Tips for Starting Your Own Business.

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University is the best time To start a business. Test out your new ideas on the large group of peers available and if you’re receiving funding or working part-time don’t worry if your ideas don’t pay the bills straight away.

Join the Bangor University Business and Enterprise Society (BUBES!). You can socialise with like-minded people, attend trips to large enterprises such as MUFC, meet local entrepreneurs and take part in Dragons’ Dens and other exciting activities (email for more info).

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Submit your ideas the Business Ideas Competition for a chance to win £200 to help you get your business idea off the ground. Email ( and tell us about your idea in around 200 words by 10th February 2012 (entries will remain confidential and will be judged anonymously).

Visit the Big Ideas Wales website ( It’s been created by Welsh Government specifically to help students start a business and it’s full of inspiring stories about local entrepreneurs, tips for generating business ideas and guidance on how to start up on your own. Complete the Enterprise Catalyst online (www. to find out the content of your ‘enterprise fuel.’ This ten minute quiz will highlight your skills, motivations and attitude to enterprise, and give you top pointers on how to be a real success.

Festive Fun!

s soon as Halloween rolls around, the shops bring the Christmas stock out. This year with the recession riding us, shops are struggling to sell it on. Arcadia has already announced the loss of 260 stores UK wide. It is Christmas time though and all across the UK the effort is being made to provide festive entertainment to the masses. Where ever you are at Christmas this year they’ll be a Christmas market nearby. Here in Bangor, our closest is Liverpool Christmas Market. Open until the 22nd December it offers produce from all over the world, including this year’s new German glühwein bar. If you fancy a little time away at Christmas Center Parcs are offering a Winter Wonderland experience with reindeers, horse and carriage rides, pantomimes and firework displays. Or if, like me, you’ll be spending your holiday on the sofa with the family and an arrangement of food close at hand, television has a few films on for our enjoyment. Over the three days of Christmas, BBC are rumoured to be showing, among the necessary Disney and traditional Christmas films, G-Force, The Magic Roundabout and Young Victoria. ITV will be sticking to tradition and adding a faint penguin theme. Chanel 4 is catering to the reality television fans by providing Christmas specials of their

favourite shows. Chanel 5 will be having a Boxing Day filled with music. Supermarkets have got on board in a big way this Christmas again. M&S are making Christmas as easy as possible this season. Morrisons are giving away a £25 voucher for your Christmas when you spend £40 per week for 6 weeks. Tesco are doubling clubcard vouchers for gifts and clothes. And there are half price deals t hroug hout stores. This year’s Coca-Cola truck tour has already started on its way to visiting 100 towns. If anyone wants to visit it, it’ll be in Liverpool on the 1st and 6th of December. Students will probably only be able to catch it back home if they live in the South. They’ll be a new snow globe advertisement on television this year, and to follow the theme you can make a snow globe wish on their website. To discourage drinking and driving over the festive period, Coco-Cola are offering free drinks to designated drivers from 9th December. Facebook groups are counting down to Christmas and inviting folks to join them in making sure X Factor doesn’t have a number one this Christmas. Samantha Austin

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Add B-Enterprising on Facebook ( benterprising) to receive details of local and national opportunities to improve your enterprise skills, take part in competitions and where to get support for your business idea. Attend a B-Enterprising workshop to develop key enterprise skills such as leadership, negotiation and pitching. You can also improve your knowledge of business areas like finance, marketing and sales. Find out what’s on by visiting the website (

To seriously kick-start your start-up efforts, attend a 3 or 4 day Business Start-Up School or Freelancing Bootcamp. They take place in November and March every year, and cover everything you need to know. Check the intranet after Christmas for the date of the next course (www. Use social media to put you and your ideas out there for little or no cost. Creating a Facebook business page will help you market yourself, and getting your LinkedIn profile up to scratch will showcase you to potential customers and help you to network. Email m.hamlet@bangor. for help with social media.


Book a one to one, confidential mentoring session with a professional business advisor (b-enterprising@bangor. to talk about your ideas in more detail. Solidify your plans, get realistic advice and find out about funding opportunities.

How To Save Cash When Buying Those Christmas Goodies!


ith Christmas just around the corner budgeting is starting to become even more of a commodity now than it once was. With a plethora of presents to buy and Christmas cards to find the expenses can soon add up. As we however know the Internet can sometimes be a gift and if used wisely we can find a lot of good ways to save those pounds around the festive season. This list of websites shows a way that you can save a few pounds during the all important end of loan period. The community nature of the Internet means that almost as soon as something is published it is not only up for public scrutiny but public discussion and the website hotukdeals utilises this in order to find the cheapest and best deals out there on the web and around the high streets. It allows users to rate whether or not they found a post useful and the feedback from users lets you compare prices to elsewhere. A similar idea to the hotukdeals website Money Sav- ing Expert has a series of forums that also allow people to submit what they

stumb l e across and share it with the masses. Another website that may be worth a look could be a website dedicated to finding codes that can be used when shopping online in order to make those festive purchases

cheaper. The site has a convenient “top 50” section that shows a quicker way to browse through the site combined with a categories section that allows people to refine their searches. If a book is more up your street whilst some of the larger online shops can seem cheaper and the charity shops may well be a good idea it may well be worth a quick visit to find-a-book . A website that allows users to search for a book and then tries to look in its database to suggest where would be the cheapest place to buy it from. Websites such as Quidco offer not only discounts but sometimes offer money back on purchases however these often seem to be higher end purchases such as mobile phones, games consoles or car insurance however they do claim you could save £100 on an iPhone – I’m not overly sure if that would work however they seem to have been covered by the likes of the BBC and the telegraph. As well as those mentioned so far we have the likes of Kelkoo, for price comparisons, kelkoo searches a plethora of retailers to try and find the cheapest price in a similar way to Google. The internet has a few more websites similar to these however this list is the ones with the most information about them around the web and some of them have had some media coverage in the past only to continue to be overlooked by the general masses. Matt Jackson

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