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Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

ith the holiday season upon us it’s more than likely that a lot of you Seren readers are preparing to make the journey back home. For a lot of you this will mean getting the dreaded Welsh public transport, some of you might be lucky enough to have parents picking you up but for those driving yourselves home we’ve got a few little tips. It’s always important to make sure that your car is fully road worthy but especially so in these cold winter months. If you only filled up the water and put a bit of anti-freeze in the other day that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to double check again. All cars are different, it doesn’t matter whether they are old or new; they still need attention. It’s probably best to check everything just before you set off for your journey, especially if it’s a long journey (like my trip back to Leeds). Anti-Freeze: Through the year you might find yourself needing to top up your car’s cooling system with water. When it gets to winter you need to use anti-freeze which is part water also and will ensure that your engine doesn’t freeze up. Screenwash: Make sure that you washer bottles are topped up with screenwash (you should be doing this all year anyway) so you can clean your wind screen in the impending horrible weather.

Tyres: Again, this is important throughout the year, make sure that all your tyre pressures are correct. The best way to do this is by popping to your local petrol station and using the air machines, all you have to do is put in the required pressure and it’ll let you know when you reach it. If you’re unsure what tyre pressure is correct for your particular car check out your owner’s manual and failing that you should be able to find something online. Not only is it important that your tyre pressures are right but you need to make sure your tyres are in good condition. There’s quite a hefty fine and points on your licence for driving with over-worn tyres; and its dangerous. Lights: Its getting dark by about 4pm these days so its important that when you’re driving you’re able to see where you’re going. You should, ideally, check your lights every week as you never know when they might break. Make sure that your full beams are working as well as your headlights and dipped headlights. To check your back lights either ask a friend to go around the back or reverse up to a wall and you’ll be able to see your lights reflect on it if they are working. De-Icer: There’s little worse than venturing out in the cold to be greeted by something that looks more like an igloo than a car. Make sure you have some De-Icer and an ice scraper handy at all times, and maybe some gloves to keep your hands warm. Oh and before you start scraping I’d suggest

turning on the heat in your car to help defrost some of the ice; especially if its iced over on the inside. Emergency Items: There’s no point thinking you’ll never break down because the truth is none of us know when and where it may happen. You might have a brand new car, it won’t mean there’s no chance of breaking down. The best way to be prepared for this is to just make sure you have all the essentials. Warm clothing or blankets are a must in case you break down in the winter and are stuck waiting for a while, you never know what the fault may be, it might mean you can’t have the heating on. There was talk about making it a legal requirement for everyone to have at least one hi visibility jacket in their car in case of breakdown so its probably best to have one, especially on these dark nights. A couple bottles of water wouldn’t go amiss in case you’re stranded for a while and a first aid kit just in case. A lot of places, like your local supermarket, sell winter kits which have most of the things you’ll need to make sure you and your car are ready for the winter and that long journey. Also, Kwik Fit are currently offering free winter checks so it might be worth popping down in the next couple of weeks.

LJ Taylor

Kung Hei Fat Choy 新年快乐

aka Happy New Year!

2012 = year of the dragon The year of the Dragon is characterised by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity. The Dragon is all about taking unnecessary risks as people born under the Dragon are described as passionate, brave and selfassured. Dragons are very passionate and fall in love quickly, have a natural flair for fashion are the people to consult if you want to catch up on the latest trends. So, if you were born in 1988, this is you!

Here at Seren, we love a bit of Chinese New Year, so we want to help you celebrate!

Give out money an for Don’t cle ays of pa cke ts: leisee. These few d are decorated red the first u o y if Year packets & are filled the New uring eeping d w wit s h even amounts of y n a k do , you ris “lucky money”. this time r y you a w a g in sweep k! good luc Wear new clothes from head to toe to symbolize a new beginning in the ne w year. An excuse for a new outfit, if ever we heard one.

nes and Tangeri n are ofte n oranges re d il h c out to passed s they a , ts s e h and gu ze wealt symboli . k c lu d and goo

The Chinese New Year tradition is to forget all grudges & sincerely wish peace & happiness for everyone.

The Students’ Union has a Chinese Society who will be organising Chinese New Year Celebrations, so look out for that!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 I promise to...

for the next 365 days.

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