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Christmas Issue 2011



Welcome to the Christmas Issue of Seren! It’s fair to say I’m really excited about this one, you’re currently gazing your eyes upon the biggest Seren we’ve ever produced, a massive 48 pages full of new features especially for you! So what can you expect inside? How about the coolest Christmas pullout you’ve ever seen? We’ve covered all the basics in it including gifts, decorations and how not to react to a gift that’s not so great. As well as the pullout we have a new feature in the form of a brand new business page, and the environment page created in the last issue has gone from strength to strength so be sure to check it out. Standard features include your food & drinks pages which are also Christmas related. Let’s just say that everything is pretty much Christmas related. Here is where I’m going to include the obligatory get involved sentence, if you do want to (which I’m sure you do) you can attend our weekly meetings every Wednesday at 6pm in the Students’ Union, or you can email me at


News 3-5 Politics 6-7 Comment 8-9 Features 10-11 Societies 12-13 Union 14-15 Creative Corner 16 Classics 17 Christmas Pullout 19-28 Centrefold 24-25 Ashleigh Answers 26 Breaktime 27 Environment 29 Food & Drink 30-31 Film & TV 32-33 Music 34-35 Fashion 36-37 Health & Beauty 38 Games & Gadgets 40-41 Travel 42-43 Business 44 Sport 45-48

Aaron Wiles

I’ll finish by saying I hope you all have amazing Christmases, incredible New Year’s and that you all stay safe. Merry Christmas!

The Seren Team

Editor: Aaron Wiles Deputy Editor: LJ Taylor News: Steven Freeman Politics: Anna Hatfield Features: Rosie McLeod Creative Corner: Tom Haynes Music: Joey McNally Food and Drink: Joe Russell Film & TV: Heather Boyles & Amy Westlake Music: Joey McNally Fashion: Kaden Wild Health & Beauty: Emily Tearle & Sara Royle Advice: Ashleigh Garnett Travel: Rowena Nathan Sport: Tom Knott Secretary: Luke Dobson Design: Dan Turner

This month’s contributors Alex Thomson Esme Baylis Chris Buckingham Hannah Baker Gemma Ellis Rebecca Watson Matt Jackson Jennifer Krase Rob King Antony Butcher Jonathon Spencer Siobhan Donaghy Emily Bygrave Jecelyn Latimer Georgia Mannion Yousef Cisco Will Johnson

Katrin Lloyd Sean Talbot Will Osborn Rob Young Jordaine Hulse Guy Hutchinson Timothy Jacobson Samantha Austin Josh Watkins-Smith The Sabbs: Jo Caulfield Danielle Buckley Danielle Giles Rich Gorman Rhys Dart

Seren - 221 - 2011/12 - December Issue  

This is the December 2011/12 issue of Seren, Bangor Univeristy's English Language Newspaper. Produced by students for students.