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Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Licence to Kill?


Pontio: what it is and what it will look like


Seren’s safe sex guide


delivery lorry bay


Robinson licence aproved, with severe restrictions



angor University is set to go to appeal shortly, as the licence granted to the Robinson building last week falls short of student standards. The news that a licence for the Robinson building has come through is a relief to most as the planned replacement for our students’ union nightclub now has a better chance of being ready for the next academic year. The licence, which goes with the planning permission granted before Christmas, means that building

which included noise issues and a fear of disturbance. Many students recognise residents’ rights to an opinion, but criticise these objections as the Robinson building stands over the road from the nightclub facilities that existed previously and is a vital part of students’ University experience. The Students’ Union have encouraged the University to go to appeal to have these trading hours extended. Jo Caulfield, President of the Students’ Union told Seren: “The University have a responsibility to deliver on the promises they made to students. ...continued on page 6

File name: 1006 BU Robinson License Date: 1 February 2011

Gemma Ellis

work can finally begin. However, the severe restrictions attached to licence have come as another setback. Trading hours have been limited to a 00:30am close on week nights and a 1:00am close on Friday and Saturday, similar to many existing pubs in Bangor but in no way an adequate replacement to the demolished Time and Academi. Licensing issues have been prevalent since plans begun. Council members and local residents made a number of objections towards the application for the Robinson building, some of

entrance store






chilled cellar


SEREN Exclusive plans inside... nightclub



tech. kiosk












pontio enabling works: robinson







bangor unive





1006 L[90] 91

colwyn bay 01492 fax 01492 bdk@bdk-architec


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


Loyal readers, This months Contributors

As we are now over half way through this year’s issues of SEREN and this issue is a record breaking 40 pages I have decided to take a minute to write an editorial worth reading and to tell you a little about SEREN’s final three issues. This issue, and the following two are themed. Sex, drugs and alcohol are important, interesting and stimulating topics and whether you indulge or abstain,as a student,you are likely to have an opinion on them.Kick starting 2011 is sex.Seren brings you a serious guide to safe sex, a romantic guide to cooking your Valentine’s Day meal and risqué what’s in and what’s up sections. Aside from these themed pages I would recommend you have a look at the plans for the Robinson building,for those of you lucky enough to see it next year it boasts a nightclub bigger thanTime or Academi and will see the return of a proper Union shop. The interview with Robert O’Dowd,the C.E.O of the Pontio project also makes for interesting reading,particularly if you would like to know what Pontio has to offer and why you should support the move that saw the demolition of your Student Union. Finally as aforementioned Seren is getting chunkier by the issue.This I attribute to an ever increasing team of loyal minions of Seren online who I praise for their persistent hard work and music taste.My box of pro-plus and my Grandad,who not only reads every issue pass that gem I’ll year the and sends me useful feedback,but he also taught me the importance of the F word…and maybe at the end of on to you! Until next time,as always,I would love to read your opinions,rants,news and ideas;you know the themes now so get in touch!


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Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



The Welsh Referendum: Why All The Fuss? University Increases Dominic Vince


olitics and confusion are two words, which for most people, would fit comfortably together in a sentence. However with so many important voting and election dates looming upon us, it seems appropriate to take the time to explain what will be happening over the coming months. The current Welsh Assembly consists of 60 members all working hard together to make the country that we reside in run smoothly and fairly. They strive to improve situations ranging from environmental matters to health affairs. However, depending on the outcome of next month’s referendum, this could all change. Currently the Welsh Assembly can only pass certain laws on specific topics. For other areas, such as welfare benefits and tax, they have to present the proposed laws to the UK Parliament

who then decides whether it should be passed or rejected. March 3rd will see residents of Wales voting on whether or not the Welsh Assembly should be allowed to have the power to make and pass laws without going to UK parliament for ratification each time. Over the coming months, adverts to promote the upcoming vote and educate people of its importance will go into circulation and become more prominent in every area of Wales. So what does this all mean for stu-

The Welsh Assembly is not looking for more powers, just the ability to use the powers they already have dents? Well, it’s no secret that fifty percent of the students at Bangor University are from outside of Wales, however

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas answering students’ questions at Bangor University

as we are not only residing in the country but using its resources, matters such as these will naturally affect us. Issues such as education, transport and other aspects of student life all fall under the control of the Welsh Assembly. The complex nature of the current lawmaking process means an undergraduate student could begin and finish their degree in the time it takes for a law to be passed. Such a fact is worrying to some and embarrassing for the Welsh Assembly. A rebuttal to this is the argument that the system has worked so far; why is there a need for change? It could be suggested that the need for change comes hand in hand with the need for more valuable time. The Welsh Assembly is not looking for more powers, just the ability to use the powers they already have in all the areas they preside over. The Assembly strive to improve the country for local residents and students. Travel, housing, health and environment are just some of the areas being improved, which in turn will better student life considerably. This hard work will not stop despite the vote having the ability to go either way. Whilst talking to the Presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, we asked if he felt that this current way of passing laws had hindered the way that the Assembly had been able to deal with cer-

We Want Wednesdays!

Halls Fees Once Again Some halls will now cost over £4 thousand per year

Andy Trigg

tain aspects in the past, he declined. Instead he stated that his sole task was to get people to vote, not to influence their decision. It could be said that by voting ‘No’, the people of Wales are not isolating themselves from the rest of the UK, but that in a vote for ‘Yes’ a stronger voice will be given to the nation. Whichever way you decide to vote, Seren would urge you to make sure you do. There are multiple ways to get involved, the easiest is by getting in touch with your local constituent for the area, and you can do this by going through the Welsh Assembly website. By voting we are not only demonstrating our appreciation of the resources we receive in Wales but also showing that we want to help bridge the gap that exists between diversity and equality of a bilingual area. We have an opportunity to get involved and help with the future of prospective Bangor University students, lets grab it and vote.

The SU campaign to get Wednesday afternoons off for students to do extra-curricular activity


ent for all University-owned halls of residence is set to inrease this year. The hike is particularly notable in the recently built halls of residence on FFriddeodd Site as it will take the cost of living there to over four-thousand pounds a year. Starting in September, buildings such as Gwynant, Braint and Adda will now cost students £101 a week. This means that the price of the average room in the newer buildings has risen by eight pounds over the last two years – a total increase of over £300 over the fortyweek contract. The total amount students are now expected to pay for a room in September will now be £4,034, a cost that will almost certainly outbalance the average student’s maintenance loan and ultimately be unaffordable to students who receive less support. For example, a student receiving the average maintenance loan from Student Finance Wales, borrowing a total of £3,673 a year, will be expected to find a further £361 to cover the cost of living in new halls for the year, as well as money for living expenses.

Hall fees increases in full: Bryn Eithin & Reichel:

+7.8% to £75 per week (approx.)

Normal Site:

+2% to £71 per week (approx.)

All other halls:

+3.5% to £91 - £112 per week (approx.)

Andy Trigg


he Students’ Union are leading a campaign for Wednesday afternoons to be available to all students to give us time to engage in extra-curricular activity. ‘We Want Wednesdays’ focuses on the idea that the University should give students some allocated time to take part in activity outside of their degree be that sports, societies, volunteering or even writing for the student newspaper. One example comes from Mike Daly – Chairperson of the Student Volunteering Society, who features on one of the campaign posters. He says that freeing Wednesday afternoons would allow volunteering to have a period where all members are available. He says, “I

am involved with Student Volunteering Bangor and am currently trying to set up my own charity. As it stands, it’s extremely difficult to find time when everyone from various projects are free. With twenty different volunteering projects, over thirty project leaders and over 200 active volunteers from all departments, I know that finding time to meet can be an issue for all projects, sometimes resulting in some volunteers not being able to make meetings due to timetable clashes.” Students’ Union President, Jo Caulfield said of the campaign: “We believe that students should be given time to dedicate to the hard work so many of them engage in outside of their academic lives. The University is constantly telling students to be ‘more employable’ by adding skills to their CVs, so why not give students time to do this?

The fact that Bangor University doesn’t have Wednesday afternoons free for its students makes them behind the times - so many other universities do it.” In response to the campaign so far, the University released this statement: “The University has agreed in principle that Wednesdays afternoons should be freed for sports activity and for many other ex-curricular activities that broaden the University experience for all students. While the academic timetable has very few degrees of freedom, a Group is working on options with a view to achieving Wednesday afternoons not being formally timetabled. This is currently at the stage of modelling various options using the timetabling software. Once the modelling of those options and their implications have been completed, they will be discussed with Colleges, Schools and the

Students Union.” Posters promoting the campaign can be found throughout Main Arts and the other student areas of Bangor. Gemma Ellis - Editor of Seren, has one on the first floor of Main Arts along the lecture rooms outside Room 105. For the majority of students supporting the scheme, a free Wednesday afternoon is all about connecting with their sports clubs and societies. With such a diverse range of groups within the students’ union and such variability between lecture times, there’s a greater chance for students to meet up and arrange things without members having to run off to lectures or being unable to turn up at all. To get involved with the campaign, and sign the ever-growing petition, go to

The increase in rent comes as another blow for future students who will soon be struggling with a dramatic hike in tuition fees - which could reach as high as £9,000 a year. The buildings – which feature ensuite rooms, currently cost £98 a week, a figure that includes Internet access, bedroom furniture and services such as on-site post, laundrette, security and a weekly cleaner. An equivalent room at Aberystwyth University currently costs students overthan £200 less per contractual year than our halls cost our students. Nia, who currently lives in the Alaw building, describes the increase as being ‘too steep.’ She says, “£98 pounds a week is already pushing students’ money to the brink. In my experience, the rooms are great quality and services are second to none with any problems being sorted immediately. But it is stupid that they’re raising the prices again. It seems too steep and they’re just trying to find new ways to make money.” At the time of print, the Halls office is still yet to comment on the subject. We want to hear from you! How do you feel about the increase in rent? Are halls worth the money? Get in touch:

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

With the job market at its lowest in a decade, it’s not surprising that graduates have fewer prospects.

period of unpaid work experience to graduates. The question has to be asked is this sustainable and useful to graduates? Harriet Rushton from the University said this; “The Welsh assembly has

We Don’t Need No Education

due powers to offer divergence from the inadequate English system, why haven’t our local representatives utilised such powers, to give better help throughout this low unemployment period”. Although prospects are bleak within the job market, figures show that there is a 5% difference between unemployment of those with degrees to those without any higher qualifications. Although government should to more to offer constructive assistance to graduates, it can also be helped by looking at the need for targeted degree programs in line with economic necessity and a reinstatement of practical support for unemployed graduates. It is important to note, within the current economic difficulties of higher inflation and periods of stagflation, is that graduates are at the centre of economic growth. Matilda Verrells, a student at Bangor, said, “It’s our right and our privilige to ask for better resources, the economic burden is on students. We should all add pressure to our

The Bryn Dinas Drought

Halls building left with no water and no information food at Bar Uno on both the Saturday LJ Taylor


Charlie Gilmour during protest over tuition fees

Pink Floyd guitarist’s son charged after student protests Joe McNally


harlie Gilmour, the adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, has been charged with violent disorder following a student protest last December. Gilmour, 21 will appear in court on February 21st, and will also be charged with stealing the leg of a mannequin. Pictures of Gilmour swinging off a flag on the Cenotaph made national news, and attracted frenzied condemnation from many in the media. He issued a full apology soon after the pictures came to light, where he expressed his “deepest apologies for the terrible insult to the thousands of people who died bravely for our country that my actions represented.”. Along with Gilmour, seven other students were arrested as part of a police crackdown named ‘Operation Malone’. Other charges being brought against the arrested students include the theft of police equipment, unlawful damage to government buildings, as well as several more counts of violent disorder. This high-profile case comes just weeks after the sentencing of 18 year old Edward Woollard, who was jailed for the now famous throw-

ing of a fire extinguisher off the roof of the Tory headquarters, Millbank Tower. Gilmour, who was adopted by the legendary Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour, is a student at Cambridge University, and also on the books of a modelling agency. He claimed he was unaware of the fact he was swinging on the Cenotaph back on 9th December. His apology was well received on the whole, however prominent right wing commentators such as Julie Burchill published damning articles about him. Gilmour is no stranger to anarchic behaviour. It runs in his genes, as his biological father was the infamous Heathcote Williams, who was a 1970’s anarchist, poet, songwriter, actor and artist. Gilmour’s projection as the face of the ‘unruly student protestors’ has done little to support the students’ cause, however it can be argued that the mass media are using a simple error (albeit a stupid and disrespectful one) as a stick to beat the student movement with. The protests of the 9th December also saw the attacks on Prince Charles and Camilla’s Royal car, and the worst violence yet seen at any of the student protests.

Welsh Assembly and University representatives to give better facilities to assist graduates from Bangor University”. With economic analysts predicting a double-dip recession and 20% of graduates already out of work, the future doesn’t look particularly promising.

roblems with water pressure this month left students living in Bryn Dinas (JMJ) without water for four days. The building, which houses over one hundred people, first lost its water supply on Tuesday, 1st February. The Halls Office, on Ffriddoedd Site, became aware of the problem on Tuesday afternoon but it wasn’t until Wednesday evening that the residents were officially told about the problem, leaving them without water or an explanation for over 24 hours. The email on Wednesday advised the residents to make sure all taps and showers were turned off until further notice. By Thursday the issue still wasn’t resolved and so the Halls Office arranged for a bottle of water to be delivered to each resident and for the showers at Maes Glas to be made available as a temporary measure. Despite this David Harris, one of the residents, said, “The communication has been poor. We weren’t contacted until the day after the problem started and even then the emails were vague.” The Student’s Union began talks with the Halls Office on Friday to ensure that the students affected would receive fair compensation and would be kept informed of any developments. It was agreed that everyone affected would be given £5 worth of

and Sunday. A lot of the occupants were grateful of this compensation but one student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “We pay almost £100 a week and that includes water bills, we should be compensated in some way for the four days we were without water.” “The water pressure was restored on Friday evening.” Said Cheryl Wright, Assistant Director (Business Services). She also explained that the Halls Office were in contact with Welsh Water and “…were informed that the local reservoir was 2 metres below normal levels and this in turn affected pressure…” Students however, weren’t informed of the reasons why they were left without any water for almost a week, nor were they sure whether they could use the water over the weekend or not. “It wasn’t anyone’s fault that this happened but it would have been nice to have some form of an explanation,” said Harris before adding, “We’ve been unsure of what has been happening and whether we can use the water or not, even now.” It is still uncertain whether any further compensation is intended at the time of print, but we are informed that the Students’ Union are taking the issue up with the Vice Chancellor in the coming days.



he question of graduate prospects since the news of reformation of university agenda and expenditure has been speculated. With current projections released from the Office of national statistics giving estimations indicating as much as 20% of graduate unemployment, adds additional pressure to students within university and considering university. These figures indicate a bleak prospect for all university students. Figures also correlate this drop with a 0.5% contraction in the UK’s economic growth. A spokesperson for Bangor University said, “Graduates are entering into what appears to be a double dip recession and the burden of that is falling on students.” Students from Bangor University will unquestionably feel the blow of this economic plunge and will want to feel their significance and requirement within the job market.

James McGough

Thomas Cole a student in his second year at Bangor University said, “With the job market at its lowest in a decade, it’s not surprising that graduates have fewer prospects. What is surprising though, is the initiatives set out by government to add additional pressure on future graduates who already face a tough time within the job market.” It’s not surprising that most of the culpability for such severe prospects within the job market falls on the current government. Within the current Welsh system, the only scheme available is a system which offers eight week


Shocking Statistic Reveals Graduates Struggle





That’s Asda Price The decision for an Asda store to be built in Bangor now lies in the hands of Gwynedd County Council, after the proposals were submitted for planning. The new store – which is to be built on the current site of Bangor FC’s football ground – will supply the local area with 240 new jobs and will act as an important factor to the local economy. The developers of the project are confident that the proposals for a new 125,000ft food store will be approved. The decision will be decided by Gwynedd County Council in the near future.

Wales Goes Green Bangor University has been successful in winning a €2 million INTERREG bid to carry out a project on ‘Green Innovation and Future Technologies’. The collaboration between Bangor University’s Business and Environment & Natural Resources Schools, Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Dublin, will establish a green innovation forum to help grow a sustainable green economy in Wales and Ireland. The project, known as ‘GIFT’, will develop skills and create links between the region’s higher education institutions and industry by delivering economic activities related to environment, climate change, energy and waste management.

University Features in Living TV Drama Look out for Bangor University’s striking neo Gothic Main Arts Building, acting as part of composite exterior for a converted Victorian asylum, in Sky Living’s brand new spooky drama ‘Bedlam.’ Pop star Will Young, was amongst the crew which spent two days filming at the University in July of last year. The cast and crew also stayed at the Management Centre and the series started at 10.00 on Monday 7 February.

Competition Winner

The recent Serendipity 2 event at Maes Glas Sports Centre was a great success and saw one student leave with a great giveaway! Chelsie McCluskey became the winner of a prize draw entitling her to a free meal for 2 at Bar Uno by entering a Facebook competition. Chelsie, a first year Marine Biology and Zoology student was thrilled to win the prize and is looking forward to dining with her friends. As a resident on Ffriddoedd site, Chelsie admits that she is a rather regular visitor to Bar Uno and thoroughly enjoys the choices on the new menu.

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Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


Libraries Become the Government’s Next Victim Sara Royle

ment of reading. The impending cuts are making a aturday 5th February 2011, and huge impact to our local surroundings, thousands of people all across the with Conwy Council currently debatUnited Kingdom were well occu- ing the issue and with up to seven of pied; Defeating Dark Lords, hitchhik- the county’s libraries threatened with ing across the galaxy and falling down closure. Similarly Anglesey has four rabbit holes. These were but a few of libraries facing obliteration, including our population’s weekend escapades. Rhosneigr, a library that strives to keep Welsh heritage alive and well Yet all were, in essence, doby offering weekly Welsh lanLibraries ing the same thing. They are not meant for guage lessons. were reading. The campaign has supAround 485 of our pre- capitalist gain port from a few names cious libraries are under threat from the government and their that will be particularly well known to ever-increasing list of cuts. Last Satur- Bangor residents. Author of the ‘His day, the nation channelled its outrage Dark Materials’ trilogy and honorary into action and up and down the coun- fellow of the university, Philip Pullman, try staged attention grabbing, library attacked what he called “market fundasit-ins - largely organised via an impres- mentalism”- the warped view that sees anything not making enough profit as sive grass roots campaign on Twitter. The cuts are part of the coalition’s at- a failure. Libraries are not meant for capitaltempt to decrease the deficit, but seem remarkably short-sighted. Jobs will be ist gain. They are classless, safe and full lost, communities will fragment and al- of possibility. They stand for all that is ready shockingly low literacy levels will good about society, and once they’re undoubtedly decrease. Recent research gone, there’s no getting them back. suggests that there is a strong link between pupil’s reading achievements and, just as importantly, their enjoy-



A Month in News 1st January

– Australia is hit by severe floods as the country suffers its wettest spring since records began. Known famously as the ‘sunshine state,’ Queensland was hit the hardest, where floodwaters reached nine meters (30ft). Twenty-two deaths were confirmed.

5th January

– A health watchdog reveals shocking statistics regarding the contraceptive implant – ‘Implanon’. Nearly six hundred women claimed they had fallen pregnant while using the contraception in the last eleven years, forcing the NHS to pay over £100,000 in compensation. A snake avoids the flood waters in Australia

8th January

– A rampaging gunman shot and killed six people – while wounding another thirteen in the US state of Arizona. Among the dead and injured was the US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords and a nine-year old girl. President Barack Obama said the shooting “was a tragedy for our entire country.”

12th January

– Many killed and thousands of people left homeless as severe floods and mudslides swept across the vast country of Brazil. The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, said that, “the suffering is very visible and the risk is very serious.” Severe flooding also devastated parts of Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

US Gongresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

14th January

– The President of Tunisia declares a state of emergency after another day of bloody clashes with protestors. Violence had erupted in the capital city of Tunis after a month of protests regarding mass unemployment in the country. The protestors called for the President to step-down, thus leading him to flee the country.

21st January

– The Director of Communications, Andy Coulson resigns from Downing Street after immense pressure following the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World. Coulson – who worked for David Cameron for threeand-a-half-years - said, “Unfortunately, continued coverage of events connected to my old job at the News of the World has made it difficult for me to give the 110% needed in this role.” David Cameron described Coulson as a, “brilliant member of my team.”

24th January

Former Director of Communications - Andy Coulson

Protestors in Devon, opposing the cuts to their library

Egypt: The Fight Goes On

Christie Sago


or at least 30 years, Egypt has been a stable centre in a region known for chaos, but that hid many problems which came to light in protests against Hosni Mubarak - a dictator who has been there much longer than the average student's lifetime. For 30 years he has stayed in power, by various means including rigged elections and backing powerful foreign allies. But why did the protests actually start? The situation in Egypt seems to have started as a knock-on effect from the protests in Tunisia - where protestors successfully overthrew Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali at the beginning of the year. But of course, there are underlying reasons as well, such as poverty and rising food prices, which also contributed to the protests. The protestors are people from all societies, but with the main contributors being young Egyptians, who have only known of the one ruler. There are also a number of political oppositions taking part in the protest, including the officially banned Muslim Brotherhood. Although the Muslim Brotherhood has signed up to democratic reform and has renounced violence, there is still a big concern for Western powers. The intensely Islamic party would surely follow Israel to govern Egypt under an Islamic rule.

On the 5th February President Mubarak's son Gamal Mubarak, resigned along with many other party members, but Hosni Mubarak himself is still in charge, despite widespread rumours that he has resigned. Mubarak's reason for not leaving is that he believes that if he left now, there would be chaos. But it seems that with other foreign powers such as Barack Obama urging Mubarak to stand down, it must only be a matter of time. With many protestors saying there can be no more chaos than there already is and most of his ruling party - including his son resigning – Mubarak’s departure may be imminent. According to Egyptian television and the BBC website, the new leading members of the ruling party appointed by Mubarak himself are; Hossam Badrawi as party secretary general, Mohamed Ragab as assistant secretary general, Mohammed Abdallah as assistant secretary general, Magid Sharbini as secretary for membership, Muhammed Ahmad Abd-al-Salam Hibah as secretary for youth, and Muhammed Mustafa Kamal as secretary for training and political education. Although talks are now taking place between the members of the opposition - including the Muslim Brotherhood, most are still insisting that President Mubarak should step down before more serious talks are held.

– Moscow’s busiest airport became the target of an attack, as a suicide bomber killed thirty-six passengers and injured over one-hundred more. Two British men were amongst the thirty-six killed, after the suicide bomber made his way in to the arrivals hall and detonated the device. Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday and told him "we should never allow the terrorists to win.”

25th January

– Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray is sacked by Sky, following sexist remarks made by himself and fellow commentator Richard Keys, about a female match official. Sky Sports’ Managing Director Barney Francis said he had “no hesitation,” when making the decision to terminate Gray’s contract. The pair were scrutinised after claiming that “women don’t know the offside rule.” Keys made a formal apology but later resigned. Turn to page 38 for more.

29th January

– Students took to the streets of London and Manchester once more, in protest to the government’s plans to raise tuition fees. The protests were described as being “more peaceful” than previous demonstrations with only sixteen arrests being made. NUS President Aaron Porter was due to make a speech at the Manchester rally but ended up being escorted away by police after students verbally attacked him, calling for his resignation.

30th January

– Egyptian fighter jets flew over Cairo in an apparent show of strength by the Egyptian government, after thousands of protestors urge President Mubarak to stand down. Bloody clashes with police have left the Egyptian capital in turmoil as the protestors remain defiant. High unemployment levels, poverty and corruption were the cause of protest. The Egyptian Army stating that they would not use force.

Protestors occupy an Egyptian tank

2nd February

– Gavin and Stacey actress Margaret John dies at the age of 84. The popular Welsh actress died in hospital at her home town of Swansea following a short illness. The TV veteran, best known for her flirty role in Gavin and Stacey had even worked up until last month. James Corden wrote on Twitter, "All my thoughts are with the family of Margaret John who played Doris in G and S. A great actress and an incredible lady. She will be missed." Rob Brydon described her as a “wonder.” Welsh Icon Margaret John


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



delivery lorry bay


E V I S U L C EX store






chilled cellar




bar nightclub

tech. kiosk store


Areas to be developed shown in yellow






File name: 1006 BU Robinson License Date: 1 February 2011



...continued from front page This was never going to be a straightforward process and we have been disappointed from day one (back in early 2010) at the lack of foresight where the Robinson building is concerned. Students have had to wait an entire academic year for the University to replace their facilities and I’m pretty sure they’ve had enough. The complications with the license are not the University’s fault, but it’s fair to say that if they’d secured the planning and licensing a lot earlier - perhaps, before they tore down Time and Academi - then we’d not be in this situation.” Encouragingly the University have decided to go to appeal, reacting to pressure from the Students’ Union that these hours are not acceptable or comparable with the facilities available at other




pontio enabling works: robinson












1006 L[9



institutions. In an effort to demonstrate to students that they take the issue seriously, the University will prematurely begin building work on Robinson, at the advice of the Union who fear if they wait any longer Robinson will not be ready to open in September. This risk means that should the licensing hours be extended, 2011 entrants and existing students will have a newly refurbished nightclub, and other facilities (see plans for details) ready for September and for fresher’s week. However should the appeal be rejected, the University risk spending a lot of money on a building unnecessarily. For now, all students can do is keep their fingers crossed in coming months, and watch this space for more on Robinson and the University’s plans for our nightclub. Gemma Ellis

ised the student body a issue here is that the University prom For the Students' Union, the principal se later than 12:30-01:00, licen a ent to be a nightclub it has to have nightclub. For the Robinson developm uate replacement for adeq an music. Such a facility would not be otherwise it will simply be a bar with er for them. deliv to students are expecting the University Time/Academi and would not be what al. If the licensing a strong recommendation to go to appe It’s against this backdrop that I make accept a failure to deliver the , then the University will have to also conditions are accepted as they stand student community. It is clear face the inevitable backlash from the nightclub promised to students and ersity as a result of the from current students towards the Univ there is a high level of dissatisfaction t to change the licence condilopment goes ahead with no attemp present situation. I believe if this deve nt recruitment and the reputaincrease, impacting on future stude tions, this level of dissatisfaction will le to offer facilities that are club, Bangor University will be unab tion of this institution. Without a night in an increasingly aggressive r, diminishing the ability to compete comparable to the rest of the HE secto market. I look forward to hearing your thoughts

on all of the above.

Jo Caulfield Students’ Union President

to the University re: Robinson Statement from the Students’ Union

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



hether you are a fresher moving out of halls or a second year moving for the second time, when it comes to finding a student house you are an energetic and frightful mix of emotions. Half of you is excited at the prospect of poking your nose around some other grungy student's current living arrangement and half of you is as jumpy as a cat on hot bricks ready to snatch the first contract you see, in fear of being homeless, or worse, squatting in Reichel. And while your mum, dad, half-balding uncle David who still thinks he is 25 (we all have one) may be telling you what to look out for, what to be careful of and what you need in a house, remember you’re the one who has to live there for a year, ok? The important thing to remember is not to panic, you will, I repeat, will find a house. But just to add to the list of things you probably should remember when choosing one, here are some tip from the advice centre. But these guys, possibly unlike your outdated uncle David, know what they are talking about, so enjoy!

Top Ten Housing Tips 1 2

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Finding a place: Agencies usually charge a fee, the University Students Housing office is free. Looking: take a camera, the photos will help you remember what a house is like.

Contracts: Come and see us in the Advice Centre to look over the contract. Ask for 24 hours before you sign, most landlords won't expect you to sign there and then. However some might pressurise you to sign immediately by saying that they have other students interested. Retainers: ask what you get for your money. Will you be allowed to leave your stuff there over summer, possibly use the house occasionally, i.e. the odd weekend or a couple of weekdays. Deposit: From the 6th April 2007 all deposits paid after this date should be placed in tenancy deposit scheme run by the government. This should be done within 14 days of you handing it over. This is the Law! The landlord must also tell you in which scheme he has protected the deposit. Moving in: take lots of photos, point out any marks or damage to the landlord, get a signed inventory. Remember to take utility meter readings.


ies Commonly old by:


Landlords “That will be fixed by the time you move in”

Landlords have no real incentive to improve/fix properties when the tenant is locked into a contract.

“Don’t worry, everything is in working order” Don’t take the landlord's word for it. Test everything for yourself. Test things like heating, hot water and white goods for yourself.

Repairs: if something needs repairing first ring the landlord and confirm in writing. Give him/her a reasonable amount of time to get the work done; say 21 days (for non-emergencies).

“I’ll put your deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme”

Insurance: get covered; check if your parents' insurance covers you? If you lose your laptop, bike, or other valuables then if you are insured you may get a new one quickly.

The landlord has a legal obligation to secure all Assured Shorthold Tenancy deposits. Ask for details!

Neighbours: you now live in the local community. Remember this when you have a party. Moving out: take photos, meter readings, pay the bills. Arrange a moving inspection and date deposit should be returned.

“Pay for it, I’ll give the money back later” If anything need replacing or fixing, which is the landlord's responsibility, ensure the landlord pays directly for the cost.

“It’s a real quiet neighbourhood, there’s no trouble at all around here” Classic sales pitch. Your landlord doesn’t even live there, what do they know?

“I’ll send your copy of the tenancy agreement in the post” For help and advice visit the SU Advice Centre, phone 01248388015 or email:

NEVER EVER hand over money or move in until you have a copy of your Tenancy Agreement in your hands!



Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Interview An Interview with Robert O’Dowd Chief Executive Officer of the Pontio Project

Robert O’Dowd explains exactly what will be available to us in Pontio, what opportunities it will create for students and local residents and how he justifies the demolition of Time and Academi. Talk me through Pontio, for those who do not know, what are the most attractive and innovative features and new technologies? Well “Pontio” the word means “bridge”. What it is, at heart, is an innovation centre, so to me it is a facility for a large range of people whether it be students, the people of Bangor the people of North Wales, it’s really an opportunity for the University to bridge better into the town. It’s a very public facility, it will have a bar in it, a sandwich kiosk. We think at any given time there will be 2000 students in the building. There will be a theatre, a 700 capacity cinema, exciting! I think the students will really enjoy it, hopefully without having to go to Llandudno or getting behind on their Love Film debt. We will program in a way which gives a broad range, so it may go from Harry Potter 7 through to a run of French art house films and will have a real mix. I think we are going to put on 32 films per month. There will be lots of teaching spaces in addition a 450 seater lecture theatre. The University doesn’t have anything like that, you know they have JP and PJ but they aren’t really lecture spaces. So it says state of the art, slightly tongue in cheek, but you will have all the kit you need to teach properly, in addition to that it has two more lecture theatres they will hold about 220-250. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of students reading this interview will not see the benefits of Pontio, why should they support a move that has been detrimental to their University experience? I think when you say detrimental... well, yeah, the Student Union was knocked down, other than that what detrimental impact has it had?

Pontio as a philosophy is a catalyst of change.

Robert O’Dowd

Well it hasn’t, but an accessible students’ union building is a basic requirement? Every other University has a Students’ Union building and nightclub. I think that’s true and that’s fair. I think the world moves on, the world changes, I think that the people who are finishing this year will get the bum deal because there will be a full provision for a nightclub etc., I think by August. Because actually, the nightclub’s not going into Pontio, there wont be a nightclub in Pontio. Robinson will be developed specifically for the Students’ Union and in there will be a nightclub and the idea is that that will be forever (double check on that). So yes, I can’t remember when the Union was knocked down two years ago? A year ago?

this time, is that it is not very easy to just open up a nightclub. Maybe in the planning that should have been thought of more, and that’s not for me to comment on. Obviously we want to make Robinson as good as we can, so there is a year and a half where there is no nightclub facility. That is unfortunate and its not my decision, so I wont make apology for it, but it is unfortunate. I hope that the students would see the bigger picture; and they all get a flavour of something because you have had it before, anyway you can go to the Bangor bars and the Bangor nightclubs and intergrate properly. Do you have an opinion on the current provisions made for students regarding the Students’ Union and nightclub? If I’m being honest, I don’t have an opinion, I probably should have an opinion because students are very important. I mean, I think its not been ideal but that’s what happens when you have times of change. I think what Robinson will become will be fantastic actually I think it will be very good and appropriate. Students’ Union disco needs to be you know, pretty grungy by definition I mean there’s Bar Uno round the corner and it’s an interesting debate because, is it too nice? I’ve heard people say it is too nice, the students don’t like it because you know they want it a bit grungier. I think there are lots of students who want it grungier. I mean, you can’t make everybody happy all the time. So how much space will be allocated for the Students’ Union and media outlets? The Students’ Union, Head Office, or whatever you want to call it will be in Pontio [shows me plans]And in Pontio we are building a state of the art radio station especially for you. The radio

station will have a glass front into the atrium, into the void so it will have a real connectivity between the broadcaster and the outside so I think that’s very exciting. And having worked in radio for 10 years I think it will be a great studio, personally. We will have a lot of live music, you know we have Mr Scruff coming along soon but we have a partnership with the Academi group and we are going to be working with them and all the acts they play in Manchester, Liverpool, and Dublin. Will Pontio create good job opportunities for students? I think so. I think there will be jobs, there will be alternatives to working in Tescos. There will be bar jobs and box office jobs and reception jobs etc. I think what’s interesting is academic opportunity. I think there are real opportunities for jobs but I think what Pontio is also about is, if an undergraduate or a graduate or anyone in the university has a great idea, that’s the moment to incubate it into a business. So the idea is, that the innovation hub that we have, is someone has a mad idea we can work it up to something that is workable and functional and hopefully they can go into an incubation room. We have incubation offices, they can potentially go to another university because they have incubation offices there and then hopefully it flies on its own and one of the real drivers is to drive enterprise through this building. I think if there are students out there with great ideas and they think “oh, what I’d do with...” Pontio is there to offer that support. So that’s a real focus and there is a whole breadth of things that students will enjoy.

Interview by Gemma Ellis

It was last summer Oh. See everyone will get a slice of something. But that’s not what they signed up for? I understand that and one of the things I would say is that I think it was the right decision to knock down the two buildings, especially when we discovered the asbestos, although that was mainly in Theatr Gwynedd. And I think, you know, to invest in the future and I hope your readers would feel so strongly about their University that they are delighted that the University is investing in such an exciting project for them. I think where it went slightly wrong and again I wasn’t around at

Robert O’Dowd and Seren’s Editor

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



The Pontio Project

Artistic Impression

So what’s it all about?

Spencer George, Pontio’s community engagement assistant, explains what the centre will mean to Students In what way will Pontio improve the relationship between students and local residents? I hope -really. But I’m not a student and I’m not a local so its easy for me to say that. I don’t know, you can’t force people together but there’s an 80 seater restaurant in there which will be a destination that people will want to go and eat at and that will have a mix of all kinds of people. Why has there been a delay in between the demolition of Time and Academi and the construction of Pontio? Erm we haven’t even started yet, actually, erm I don’t know actually. Well, there is always planning permission issues. We got permission in the summer but we only actually got the conditions in Nov/Dec but I think that is the reason. So there are lots and lots of factors but its not unusual for a site when it looks like nothing is going on that actually a lot is going on. So we may have lost a few months while we were waiting for clarification over the planning conditions but actually I don’t think we have lost that much time. How much say can students really have into the new facility and what they want to see? I would like them to have as much input as possible. We want a more interactive website where people can get in touch. Spencer George is the man to contact at the moment he looks after the community and the student’s as well. One of the things we do want to do is engage students in co design so allowing end users to have a say and to design with designers.

Interview by Gemma Ellis

Pontio will provide a permanent home for the Student’s Union, giving you, the students, a well-deserved place to call your own.

Artistic Impression


ots of you will have heard about Pontio, but what exactly is it and what will it do for you as a student? You’ll have seen that construction has already begun behind the fences on Deiniol Road, and we’re now well on the way to seeing the foundations being laid for the new building which will open in Spring 2013. Pontio will provide a permanent home for the Student’s Union, giving you, the students, a well-deserved place to call your own. Being situated within the building itself, you’ll be at the centre of campus life and only a stone’s throw away from Bangor High

“ Artistic Impression

Street with its many shops, pubs and restaurants. There’ll be outlets to develop new skills and showcase student talent, with media opportunities including a dedicated studio space for Storm FM. All kinds of jobs will be created by the project over the next few years, helping you to earn muchneeded cash in difficult times whilst getting valuable work experience. You’ll also be able to enhance your personal and professional development by taking advantage of all sorts of internships and volunteer opportunities. As well as benefitting from Pontio’s

new learning and skills spaces – all kitted out with the latest interactive technologies – you’ll be able to enjoy the building’s amazing new entertainment facilities with a cutting-edge theatre and auditorium fitting up to 900 standing, a brand new cinema space, and outdoor screens that’ll be able to showcase major sporting events such as the Six Nations. Get your cultural fix with a superb line-up of arts events including music, drama and dance from world-renowned performers, as well as a stellar programme of film featuring blockbusters and art-house movies to suit every taste. With li-

censed cafés and restaurants on several levels and plenty of social spaces, Pontio will be the perfect place to go out, meet up and unwind. Keep in Touch: To find out more about Pontio, or to discover what’s on offer in our exciting events programme for the coming semester, visit: or email: You can also find us on Facebook (search ‘Pontio fan page’) or follow us on Twitter (search ‘PontioBangor’).


A 2.5% Difference T What is the EU? What institutions are there? What accountability is there in the E.U? Where does the power lie? The Council The Council consists of each head of state/government and they meet about four times a year.Although much of their time is spent endorsing the Council of Minsters decisions, the Council does have separate functions. It can set the EU’s agenda, and as it receives the most media attention, it can drive major Union projects. The Council is the most democratic institution as Heads of State are accountable to their own national parliaments. The Council of Ministers This is not one singular body but is the definition for all the ministerial meetings, such as Health which sees all Union member Health ministers meet to discuss Health policies. There are over one hundred meetings annually; however the amount differs from Council to Council. The role of the Council of Ministers is varied. • Approving the EU budget • Debating EU policies. • Power to pass European law (shared role) • Developing common European polices regarding Foreign and Security, Justice and Home Affairs. The Commission The Commission pursues European interest, and its original aim was to encourage the process of European integration. The Commission meets once a week. Members are appointed by their own state. The Presidency within the EU is for the Commission and it is rotated between all states. The President is currently Jose Barroso. It has four primary functions • To propose legislation • Implement some European policies • To represent the EU on the international stage • To enforce EU law The European Parliament The Parliament consists of 732 MEPs (Member of the European Parliament). The Parliament is the only institution where the members are directly elected by the European people. It provides democratic and legitimate elements to the EU. Its powers are: • It can amend EU legislation (but cannot initiate or develop it) • It can block the accession of states wanting to join • It has the ability to reject the EU budget • To debate EU policy areas • Power to pass European Law (A shared role) • The ability to scrutinise the Commission The Committee of the Regions Some see the committee as a ‘Europe of the Regions’, however it’s aim is to oversee the fair distribution of regional funding. Its primary function is to help the poorest regions of the EU stimulate growth and help regions increase their productivity. The new Pontio building has been directly helped by the EU as part of its programme to help Europe’s poorest regions. Anna Hatfield

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

he V. A.T increase came into place on the 3rd January 2011. The hike from 17.5% to 20% has caused huge controversy within Parliament. With the Conservatives welcoming the increase to help combat debt, Labour have hit back, denouncing the rise saying it is unfair for people of all incomes to have to deal with such a rise on all products. However the Chancellor George Osborne, the chief implementer of this policy ,has defended the decision to install the new rate of tax. With national debt at an all time high, Osborne has claimed that the 2.5% increase could pay £13 billion off the national debt. With such a vast saving coming from such a small rise, the Conservatives believe it could seriously help combat Britain’s escalating debt. Yet the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, has argued the increase could seriously damage the UK economy. The extra 2.5% may not make a huge difference on every day products, yet it will create a sufficient increase on higher priced goods to affect sales. The

economy is still in recovery in the aftermath of the recession and a tax hike could put buyers off splurging on unnecessary items. This has led Labour to question whether the government is going too far too fast in its recovery of the economy. However the idea to increase VAT came from the December 2008 decision by Gordon Brown to reduce tax from the usual 17.5% to 15% to stimulate spending and the economy. With such a loss in tax revenue at a critical time, the government budget was even further stretched than usual, causing a rise in national debt. This new rise may have been emplaced to ensure a reversal of those debts. Yet with two very contrasting opinions and divisions within parliament, it is difficult to know whether to accept the increase or worry how it may affect your spending. However despite the rise in tax, people will still buy the necessities and 2.5% will not deter them, particularly when it could help save £13 billion.


Extinguishing the Flames


unisia is in uproar. The country has been on the brink of revolution since protests began two months ago, so what’s the story? Why now? President Zine Al-Abidine has reigned over Tunisia for twenty three years. But the start of protests in December over unemployment and political restrictions in society spelled an end to his undisputed reign. He formally stepped down from his post as President on the 15th January 2011. Yet how did all this come about? The origins of the protests highlight the desperate levels the people of Tunisia had succumbed to and how they had no option but to resist. Seventeen year old Mohammed Bouazizi set fire to himself after police refused him permission to sell vegetables in the street. This snowballed into protests over the lack of jobs throughout the country and the poverty that such high unem-

ployment causes. Yet the response of the authority figures only seemed to ignite further frustration towards government and the protests spiralled into cross country events. The police opened fire upon protestors and it finally spread to the capital Tunis in January. With such heavy protests occurring in a normally peaceful country, revolution was not something which could easily be reversed. Even though the price of political freedom has come at a cost of 78 lives, Tunisia can now welcome the thought of becoming a thoroughly democratic nation, who can help solve the issues of poverty, unemployment and reverse the democratic deficit which has been reigned over Tunisian history for decades and start again with a fully elected leader.

Anna Hatfield

The Four Month Curse O

n the 20th January 2011, the Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson stepped down from his position after less than four months in the role, citing personal circumstances. Despite coming under heavy criticism for his lack of economic knowledge, and making heavy gaffes such as not knowing the rate of National Insurance, Johnson’s decision to leave the second most important role in government was due to much more personal reasons. During the aftermath, and heavy media scrutiny it was revealed that Johnson’s wife had conducted an affair with the Police Protection Officer whose primary job


was to protect Johnson in his then role as Home Secretary. PC Paul Rice, the officer embroiled with Mrs Johnson has since been suspended from the Metropolitan Police Force and is currently under investigation for misconduct while on duty. To rub salt into Alan Johnson’s wounds, it was then discovered that his PA had also undergone an affair with the Policeman. With such devastating revelations coming to light, Johnson decided to quit mainstream politics and has reverted to the bank benches. Johnson has been replaced by the former Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls, a fellow leadership rival of Ed Miliband, and some

critics have even applauded the decison as people were fearful for the economy in the hands of a former postman. Johnson was seen to be under strain in the Chancellor role and was having to constantly answer questions regarding his qualifications to take Britain out of the recession. He is adamant, however, that his dedication to his constituents in Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle will continue despite such personal issues. The affair is understood to have happened between June 2009 and May 2010 and it still remains to be seen whether the Johnsons marriage will survive such public infidelity.

A Stand for Democracy Violent protests as Egypt demand their President steps down

n the 25th of January the Egyptian people revolted against their government. This was partly spurred on by the unrest in the Middle East and the successful revolution in Tunisia. Mass protests of over 2 million people have filled Tahrir Square in Cairo for over two weeks now. Other parts of Egypt have also seen similar protests. For the first time people are demanding that President Hosni Mubarak stands down. During these protests many people have been killed and injured. The Egyptian Government is reporting 11 dead while the UN estimates more than 300 with over 3000 injured. The scenes which are getting more feral by the day portray the heavily armed forces which the people are up against. The police and army have been using live rounds and tear gas to try and disperse and control the

crowds. The protesters have also had to put up with hired thugs who have been disturbing the scene causing numerous injuries and some deaths. The internet played a crucial role in helping organise these protests and allowed the people to report live from the ground using services such as Twitter and Facebook. In a failed attempt to try and stop these protests the government shut down the internet and mobile networks. The President responded to these protests by dissolving the government and forming and new one. He also promised not to run for office again. This only spurred more anger and the protests gained even more power. Oppressed by their ruler since 1981, the people of Egypt have finally poured their grievances onto the streets. After the 6-day war in 1967 Egypt was placed under Emer-

gency Law which extended police powers, suspended constitutional rights, legalised censorship and allowed the government to imprison individuals indefinitely without reason. People have been afraid to discuss politics with their peers for years, but now in Tahrir square you can find many people openly discussing how they think the government should be run. People want a new government to be formed, they know that the current one is inherently corrupt and would be difficult to reform. Overpopulation in Egypt has led to poverty, poor hygiene, education and housing issues. Around 40% of Egypt’s population of just under 80 million live on roughly £1.20 per day with most of them relying on subsidised goods. High unemployment, poverty rates and the increase in the cost of living are some of the primary contributing factors

to the civil uproar. Around the world we have seen smaller protests in solidarity with the Egyptian people’s cause against an autocratic government. Most international governments have supported the demonstrations in Egypt but have shown concern for the stability of the country. The revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia have sent waves through the region with other nations promising to reform their governments or hold fair elections. This is great progress for the Middle East; an area which could be fairly ruled by its people for the first time since before the Ottoman Empire.

Anna Hatfield and Yousef Cisco

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

The British System

Politics Profiles: Chancellor


What is the political system in Britain today? How does politics in the UK work today? Constitution: The British Constitution is uncodified, which means that it is not written down in a single document - which is what the United States has. The Constitution is based on: • Customs • Traditions • Conventions • Statutes • Laws • Royal Prerogative But even with this unwritten constitution how does the British political system work? Executive The executive in Britain can be found in the Monarch, the Prime Minister and the Government as they are the main sources of power. Legislative The two Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, are the Legislative, which is responsible for law making and the reversal of laws. Judiciary The Judiciary in Britain are the law courts. They apply and implement the laws that the Executive and Legislative introduce. The highest court in Britain is the Supreme Court where the last appeals for cases are made. House of Commons The UK is divided into constituencies. Each constituency elects a Member of Parliament to


represent their locality in the House of Commons. There are currently 650 MPs serving in Parliament. It is known in Parliament as the ‘Lower’ House. The House is currently split with 305 Conservative MPs, 254 Labour MPs and 57 Liberal Democrats, along with other independent members. House of Commons functions They scrutinise the Prime Minister through Question Time, which is held every Wednesday afternoon. MPs are allowed to ask the Prime Minsters any question relating to his recent governing decisions. It helps keep the PM accountable and makes the British system more legitimate. Bills can be introduced in both Houses A Bill must be passed with a majority in the Commons. House of Lords This is known as the ‘Upper’ House Lords Functions: Its main role is to scrutinise legislation proposed by the House of Commons. They do this through debate and suggesting amendments It is not a directly elected body. The members are elected through: • Inheritance • Appointed (e.g. New Years Honours) Divine relationship with the church. The numbers of Peers are not fixed and increase each year due to appointments.

Name: George Osborne Age: 39 Personal Life: Married to Frances with two children. Education: Studied Modern History at Oxford University. Political Life: Served in the Conservative Research Department from 1994. Became an MP in 2001 for Tatton in Cheshire. Was made Shadow Chancellor in 2005.

Expenses Scandal: He flipped his second home, so an not to have to pay as much tax. He claimed £47 for two copies of his own speech. Relationship to his leader: Has a close friendship with David Cameron. He is Godfather to Cameron’s son. Other: Member of the infamous Bullingdon Club at University. He is heir to the family baronetcy in Ireland.

Name: Ed Balls Age: 43 Personal Life: Married to fellow cabinet minister Yvette Cooper (Home Secretary) and they have three children. Education: Studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Also studied at Harvard. Political Life: Lead writer for the Financial Times. Became an economic advisor to Gordon Brown in 1994. MP in 2005 for Morley and Outwood (West York).

Should the House of Lords exist? Some of the pros and cons in brief

Why should we have the second chamber? • It is a traditional and long standing element of the British political system. • It can scrutinise proposed legislation. • Makes the House of Commons accountable. • It makes Britain what it is. Why should it be abolished? • It does not represent society, as most members are wealthy aristocrats who cannot empathize with the everyday person • Hereditary Peers mean that peers are members of the House despite not earning their place. • Not popular with the people – in 2007 a poll showed how 68% of people believed that the public should decide the future of the House of Lords • Cash for Honours scandal showed how people made large cash donations to be given peerages.

Anna Hatfield

The Democratic Deficit

Does the European Union have too much power? How open is it about its decisions?

Anna Hatfield


emocracy in the twenty first century is still not a given right for everyone. Although the Western World is much more advanced in democratic government than its Eastern counterparts, there are many areas where democracy can be improved. Europe, like America, is seen as advanced in democratic values. However, the role of the European Union has come under severe scrutiny for its evident lack of a democratic structure. With such levels of supranational power at its fingertips, the EU is a body which should be more legitimate than its own member states, yet it is severely lacking in democratic attributes. Despite implementing strict guidelines upon accession into the E.U under the Copenhagen Criteria, which forces applicants to demonstrate a respect of human rights, pledge to protect minorities and to guarantee democracy, the EU is unable to enforce its own rigid set of rules. With such clear instructions for members, it seems highly hypocritical when shown the enormous

democratic deficit which the EU works under. Out of all the European Union institutions, the Parliament is the one which supposedly gives the EU political sovereignty as it is directly elected by the European people. Yet when each MEP represented 600,000 people as recently as 2008, it hardly demonstrates a strong sense of democracy and this is the institution which IS elected. The turnout for European elections is also shockingly low. When 17% of Slovakia’s population voted in the 2004 election, they represented the general consensus amongst Europe that as a new government was not at risk, the elections were not a priority. Yet this does not mean that the EU can get away with having such a severe lack of legitimacy. The Union has such vast power over its members, including the ability to over ride national laws. When the Union can over-

2007 Minister for Schools, Children and Families. 2011 Shadow Home Secretary Expenses Scandal: Claimed for a second home in London, despite already living their full time, so they could have subsidies for their £430,000 mortgage. Relationship to Leader: Ran against Ed Milliband for the Leadership. However, he has since become his chancellor. Other: Member of the Liberal Fabian Society.

rule elected governments yet not have to be elected itself, it signifies why the Union does not fit into modern day society. Yet the lack of elected institutions is not the only way in which the E.U is undemocratic. The long standing fraud which has dominated the European Union and its bodies highlight why the union should be under much further scrutiny. When the UK’s Public Accounts Committee calculate that the European Union’s level of fraud totalled £630 million in 2003 alone, it shows why Euro scepticism is so prevalent in the UK. With the MP expenses scandal still fresh in people’s minds, it is hard to understand why the Union, which decides so many of our policies, does not have to succumb to checks and why it employees can embezzle so much from the taxpayer. Something needs to be done to check the power of the EU. Although there are much clearer cases of dictatorship in the

In 2008 each MEP represented 600,000 people

world, especially when African nations are in the depth of their revolutions, the EU still has a wildly disproportionate level of power which needs to be readdressed. Secrecy and lies are at the heart of the EU. With the Council of Minsters refusing to publish their meetings, and Europe unaware on how members voted, the overwhelming democratic deficit needs change, and the Union needs to understand that with power over twenty seven countries at stake, their power needs more clarity and more accountability.


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How was it for you? Oi, final year students!

Let the University know what you thought of your time here by filling in The National Student Survey & you could win one of 10 iPads!* SU President Jo Caulfield explains why the NSS is so important for getting the best deal for students:


’m not sure I could over-emphasise how important the NSS is for the Students’ Union in our day-to-day dealings with the University. In the most basic sense, it’s extremely useful in demonstrating to them what students really want from their time here. The NSS is particularly important to the University because the findings get published nationally, so they always want to do well. This means that if something comes up as consistently sub-standard, they’re keen to rectify it for the next cohort of students. Additionally, it can also tell them what they do right. This means the ‘good bits’ of Bangor University can be preserved and enhanced for future students. So, final year students - I’d really appreciate it (as would students of the future) if you’d take some time to fill it out. The NSS really helps the SU to have some physical evidence of students’ thoughts to back up what we say in meetings and discussions about student provision. Go on, surveys are great – it’s basically an exam where you know all the answers. Any questions - give me a shout, I’m always happy to help: Cheers Jo

* As an incentive to complete the NSS, the University is offering ten prizes: 32GB wifi iPads to be awarded randomly to students who enter the online survey prize draw before the closing date of midnight on 31 March 2011. Full Prize Draw terms and conditions are available


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h the International year... it w up g in am te is on ni Bangor Students’ U you the party of the ng ri b to no U r Ba & am Students’ Welfare te

h c r a M h t 5 Saturday een 5-7 tw e b n io s s e s n o ti Mask decora

in Bar Uno

s d r a w n o 0 3 : 7 o n u r Ba ps, orksho w g in k a m k s a m , World music s for best costumes & masks. ize competitions & pr e SU’s h t m o r f e c n a r a e p With a special aCpircus Society! new SU or e h t m o fr e c n a v d ble in a a il a v a icket 4 T £ . : e s n t o e b h k t a R Tic r o lo on 1st F e c ffi O l lus a a p n k io t in r a d n r c li o Inte h o lc 1 non-a & d o fo e e fr s e d lu inc 100! free mask for first

SU Achieves Gold in Green Impact Awards Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme, it is a nationally recognised accreditation offering an independent benchmarking of your union’s environmental performance. It comprises a list of 215 criteria that will help the union to reduce its impact on the environment. We scored a Gold, with a score of 616 (out of 950) – though they are yet to mark the open ended question which is worth 15 points – they do this all together at the end, so our score may go up some more! Last year we scored 112. So an improvement of 450%. Pretty cool, eh? Rich Gorman, VP Societies and Sustainability


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The Big Fish Fail

Channel 4 chefs take a closer look at the fishing industry



Talks Vday!

alentines Day is now fast approaching, so all of you loved up couples will be planning to exchange flowers or gifts then get down to having a night out filled with romance. Let’s face it, that’s the best part of the day. This is because you will have to spend the whole day being all lovey dovey with your partner, buy flowers that will eventually die and cards that will inevitably get thrown away. So why do we need a day for this? Surely it’s better to be spontaneous throughout the year and treat our loved ones to some flowers or go out for a meal and spend some alone time together. Valentines Day is just another commercial holiday that someone has invented to suck more money out of people’s pockets. I myself am in a relationship and we have discussed what to do for this Valentines Day, and we have come up with the normal things to do. Do we join the crowds and go out for a meal? Send each other cards and flowers? What? Well, whatever we end up doing we will have bowed to the pressure of this one day. I will be out of pocket yet again, as I am still feeling the strain from Christmas. But we will have ‘celebrated’ this day of love together.




hen Channel 4 sat down with their favourite chefs and told them to do some research on fish, Gordon Ramsey got first dibs on sharks, preserving his macho man image (he likes fish with teeth). Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall got a copy of End Of The Line but only watched half of it. Jamie Oliver, not content with his own cooking programme, ended up tagging along with Hugh on his campaign as well. Gordon has basically remade Rob Stewart’s documentary Sharkwater which highlighted the horrible truths in the shark finning industry. Despite not covering much new ground, Shark Bait (Gordon’s programme) is well worth watching- and not only because the number of times he says ‘shit’ makes for a great drinking game. His genuine shock at what he finds makes the strange and disturbing footage accessible to viewers who are also seeing this for the first time. It’s interesting that Channel 4 even approached this issue, as an organisation that supposedly does not believe in global warming. From the perspective of someone with an interest in sharks, it’s good to see a celebrity aligning themselves with the campaign. For every human that a shark kills in a year, humans kill 10 million sharks. Sharks are essential to the health of fish populations, picking off the old and weak. Up to 90% of some shark species have been destroyed. The shark finners catch the sharks, cut off their fins whilst they’re still alive and throw them back into the sea to drown. Since fins fetch such a good price (the industry rivals the illegal drug industry in some countries) all sharks caught are finned, even the babies which haven’t had a chance to reproduce yet. The attack on their population is relent-

his month’s Valentine theme got me thinking about what outfit I would choose for a ‘hot’ date or a romantic meal. I wanted to achieve a sexy understated outfit for, of course, less than a tenner. The charity shop which was chosen this month was Age Cymru! It’s a combination of Help the Aged Wales and Age Concern Cymru, which fundraises and dedicates itself to ensuring a better life for older people. Age Cymru is a large store with all clothes separated into colour coding making the shopping experience

less. Imagine humans catching millions of lions a year, cutting off their legs and leaving them on the savannah to die. There would be outrage! Perhaps because it’s because sharks aren’t as cuddly and Jaws didn’t have such good media representation as Simba and Mufasa. The unglamourous cause of ocean conservation, and the much needed work of public consciousness raising, has benefited from the participation of big name celebrity chefs. The graphic visual impact of going adventuring on the high seas, however, has been neutered by the inexpertise of these new representatives of ocean conservation campaigning. Hugh’s Fish Fight could have intertwined with the conservation message much more effectively if he had completed his research before taking up the role of modern day Jules Verne with a cause. Overfishing is having a huge effect on not only sharks but also the many species of fish available for human consumption. We need a change to the way we approach fish in general. We need to take sustainability seriously. As I sat watching Channel 4’s Hugh’s Fish Fight instead of doing my “essential reading” one of the first things to strike me was how Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall seemed to have missed the point. As I raged on twitter at how the poor, massive trawler ship can’t help but catch everything within a 3000 metre radius, Hugh went on bashing EU regulations (which prescribe fish catching quotas) which are far from perfect but have been in place for 10 years now. Hugh watched baskets of fish being thrown overboard, no doubt deep frying each one in his mind, and spoke about the supposed waste that the EU Common Fisheries Policy has created. In his

seriously misplaced fit of pique he failed to realise that, actually, trawlers create this senseless destruction by remorselessly pillaging the sea. Reasonable people would be disappointed to discover they’re far ahead of the curve in expecting a more efficient type of fishing to have evolved in the decade since the Policy came into effect. Since the fishermen have to work harder for their living now and have to throw half their catch, why has no one campaigned to reform the fishing industry? Despite his whiteknighting for EU sceptics, Hugh does get it right in his argument for how to effect change. He is the progenitor of Hugh’s Fish Fight, the campaign to change and update EU fishing policy by lobbying politicians. The policy that enforces these quotas does need changing, not only because it is 10 years out of date now, but the British public seem to go on preparing tuna pasta for tea unawares. Why, if you really care about fish and the fishing industry, isn’t the most obvious solution to the problem the one that benefits the ocean in general? At the minute Hugh seems to be focussed on the issue of waste, but not on the cause of the waste. The system of using trawlers and the failure of the market to adjust to both demand for seafood and the need to increase environmental and conservation efforts doesn’t appear influential in his reasoning or the cause of his outrage. Although Hugh does an excellent job of underlining the human origin of the fish problem and draws his audience in to explain how to set the wheels of change in motion, I can’t help feeling like he’s missed the point of what change, exactly, will solve the problems long term.

Despite not covering much new ground, Shark Bait is well worth watching- and not only because the number of times Gordan says ‘shit’.

“ Charity Shop Challenge

easier and the layout also allows people enough space to move around freely. The members of staff are fun, chatty and have real passion for the cause they are working for. Christy and I even got asked to take part in the Age Cymru fashion show, which I am really looking forward too! Mini leather skirts are a vintage beauty and I found the perfect one for my model Christy. Definitely the buy of the day! I love how a leather skirt can be teamed with a t-shirt and a pair of biker boots, or in this case a simplistic loose

Georgia Mannion

fitting blouse. Leather skirts can be bought from Topshop for a whopping £85! Not my idea of being a student! Okay so how much was the skirt from Age Cymru? An amazing £4.99! Where else are we going to gain a staple piece for the wardrobe, save the student loan and also give money to a cause which really needs our help! The cropped style blouse was originally from Next and is now priced at £4.49. It fits in well with this season’s fashion of blouses but can also be combined with a leather jacket or a fur coat! Although this outfit is

simple, I believe it fits the purpose of looking understated but classy and fashionable at the same time. To finish Christy’s Valentine look off, I added a messy bun into her hair. With just a little more money (£3?) a gathering of necklaces could be worn to achieve the more glam look. So get searching everyone, for your perfect Valentine outfit, and carry on giving because we really can make a difference to a charity such as Age Cymru.

Abbi Ryan

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Luke Dobson, the Chair of Unity Bangor, discusses Gay guilt. Well hello everyone. This article marks a year of me writing this column so you’re all probably fed up of me by now, wittering on about gay issues. A lot of people who know me and who are reading this right now will be cringing and saying things like “Oh Luke, stop putting yourself down!” You see, I have this ability to feel guilty over just about everything and my friends have been trying to stop me from senselessly berating myself. That is who I am but I am slowly changing it because I have no need to feel guilty about everything; my friends are right. February is LGBT history month. Yes, the whole month is dedicated to the history of LGBT people and their plight against prejudice. LGBT people have existed since us Homo sapiens developed into the species we are today and, in many early civilisations, homosexuality and other ‘different’ sexualities were common and generally accepted. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that one of the greatest military leaders who ever lived, Alexander, was bisexual. Emperor Hadrian, the same man who was a warrior, ordered the construction of the infamous wall and had the Pantheon built, was certainly gay. Even when the cultures turned against people who were not ‘normal’, gay people did not stop existing or being who they were. Christopher Marlowe, a playwright second only to Shakespeare, is now quite famously gay and there has been much speculation over the Bard himself being bisexual. Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Rock Hud-

son, James Dean and the list goes on. Unfortunately our history has focussed heavily upon men so we do not know of many famous lesbians (excepting certain well known women from the last hundred years such as Mrs Woolf) - but there will have been. The point of all this, of LGBT history month, is that we should not feel guilt or shame for who we are. LGBT people have lived through history as much as anyone else. We are human and we have all the faults, insecurities and emotions that that brings; we just happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. On that note I’d like to plug our Unity Guides who are always willing to listen or help in any way they can. Find them on Facebook and drop them an email and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can. If you would like to get involved some more in Unity then please come along to our weekly meeting every Monday at 6:30pm in Bar Uno. If you can’t make that we have our LGBTea/Coffee afternoon every Saturday in the Blue Sky Cafe. Finally, the first Fruit Salad of 2011 will be heading your way this Tuesday 15th February. Please do come along to Hendre Hall for a good, carefree night out with cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere. See you there.


Ffridd Fraud?

Student charged £80 to park on Ffridd site, despite owning a permit


Luke Dobson


s a student it’s hard not to find yourself spending money on things you really don’t need, though you can generally find some kind of way to justify it. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for parking tickets. Paying a parking ticket leaves you with no satisfaction whatsoever, you don’t get anything from it and all you have to show for it is an empty space in your bank account. I have to admit that the one off fee of £25 for a parking permit seemed pretty reasonable to me in Fresher’s Week. It was a bit annoying that I could only use this freshly purchased permit in just one place around Bangor but I accepted it and assured myself that it was worth paying the small fee rather than risking getting a ticket for having no permit. Little did I know however, that significantly more permits were sold than there were parking spaces. After numerous occasions where there had been no available spaces I started parking on double yellow lines outside my Halls. I know this is wrong but other people were doing it, there was nowhere else to park and no one seemed to have a problem with it so I thought why not. This carried on all of the semester, everyone was happy, cars weren’t obstructing anyone and no complaints were made. I hadn’t heard of anyone getting parking tickets at all and if it weren’t for a few warnings that were dished out I would never have known anyone was bothering to check. Then came semester 2 and not only did it bring even colder weather, if possible, but parking tickets finally arrived on Ffridd Site. I was surprised to see

the yellow and black packet under my windscreen wiper but I knew instantly what it was. Somehow I wasn’t quite as irritated by it as I probably should have been but that soon changed once I read it. I was to be charged £80, over three times more than my parking permit had cost! If I paid within fourteen days it would cost me £40 but that was no consolation, especially since that is more than the council would have charged me for parking illegally around Bangor. If I had been parked without a permit, or obstructing someone I would maybe have understood this large fine but the fact that I was parked where I usually did just annoyed me. I was on double yellows, yes, but we had been parking there since September and there had been no trouble with it. The fact that people had been receiving warnings annoyed me too, I had been handed an £80 fine straight off. The next day when I went outside and saw more people parked on the double yellows with parking tickets I felt a little better, if only because it meant it wasn’t just me. Then later I heard that my flatmate had also received a ticket for having no permit when hers had simply fallen off of the window. Why all of a sudden were students being charged extortionist prices and being punished for there being nowhere to park in a place that we’ve paid to park in? Are we all meant to start parking out on the street somewhere? Surely people would end up complaining about that too. And if people didn’t want us to park somewhere why didn’t they make that clear four months ago?

LJ Taylor

Rob’s Problem with “Big Society” Rob shares his opinion on the biggest threat to the UK today


thousand years ago Great Britain’s major threats were simple: invasion and infection. Welcome to the year 2011, where small bottles of antibacterial gel in hospitals and in handbags, assist in the limitation of infections spreading, and Great Britain shares an aircraft carrier with the French. Yes, times have changed. The biggest threat to this country now is our infamous ability to eat. Last week, Great Britain was handed a treat from our coalition government; a little present to ease our lives; a gift for being good, taxpaying citizens - a fleet of robust ambulances for fatties. The new vehicles are equipped with wider doors, stronger stretchers and a winch to get those over-indulging, in and out of the ambulance with little

strain on the staff. The new trucks are capable of transporting any patient to hospital who weigh up to fifty stone; a sympathetic gesture from David Cameron and his band of merry men who want to cut, cut, cut. The ambulances are by no means cheap. A fully equipped ambulance - with the full range of obesity modified equipment - cost up to £90,000. Buying a new heavy-duty, adjustable stretcher will cost up to £10,000, and a lifting cushion – to help those off the floor – costs £2,500. Last week it was announced that the Midlands has become the fattest location on the European map. This is why they’ve snapped up 10 new bariatric ambulances. Nigel Wells, an operations manager at the trust said: “It

is all about safety for our patients and the safety for our crew. We have got a greater number of patients who are larger in size.” Obesity is costing the UK over four billion pounds annually; that’s more than we spend, as a nation, on fastfood. At a time where our financially strained NHS is facing cuts, more money is needed to deal with the country’s growing waistlines - starting with the infrastructure of patient transport. Maybe we’re too lenient with our free healthcare. How about a fat tax? Would paying for treatment ensure the country would do their best to keep the weight off - just like America? Having said that, the US is not the best role model when equating obesity and the finance of health treatment,

with one in three children born in the year 2000 set to suffer from diabetes. Another shocking fact discovered by the Lancet is: one in five children eat no fruit at all. The ominous epidemic which haunts the health service is getting worse.When will something change and see the country return to normality? When will bariatric ambulances be decommissioned and we see a ‘normal’ ambulance fleet on the streets of Great Britain? Maybe this is what David Cameron means when he says the ‘Big Society.’

Rob Trigg

The biggest threat to this country now, is our infamous ability to eat.


ap “If you don’t nw’tr it, you do

use it.”


Safe Sex!:Protection

No matter what your situation is, when you are having sex, safety is important. There is not just the risk of pregnancy for heterosexual couples but, regardless of sexuality, there are all sorts of nasty STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) floating around. That’s why it is always important to use some form of protection for any

form of sexual activity. This issue’s Features focuses on Safe Sex and gives a quick and easy guide to understanding some of the more well known STDs around, as well as their symptoms. In terms of protection from STDs there are several options available; condoms, dental dams being the most effective. Remember ladies,

The Condom B

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

oth heterosexual and homosexual couples should use these if they’re taking part in penetrative sexual intercourse or carrying out oral sex on a man (a blowjob as it’s commonly known). Despite many males complaining that it lessens the sensation, there is no excuse for not using one. It puts both partners at risk. My motto in this case is “If you don’t wrap it you, don’t use it.” If he’s not agreeing to wear one it’s not worth the risk and he’s not worth it. Not only do condoms prevent the obvious pregnancy in women (almost 99.9% of the time), when applied properly, no matter the gender of the receiving partner, they keep both participants safe from STDs and other infections. Please people, use a condom.

In regards to ensuring that the condom is fitted correctly, which increases it’s protective properties, please see our little step by step guide below. It has pictures, so even if you struggle to understand the written directions, which let’s face it, can get a little confusing at times (at least for me), you can follow along with the pictures. Remember though, practice makes perfect, particularly in the case of putting on a condom so if in doubt practice putting one on anything that is phallic shaped (that’s to say; has a resemblance to an erect penis) until you feel confident. If it breaks, don’t panic. Go to the pharmacist the next morning or as soon as possible and see about getting the morning after pill in the case of women. While it isn’t always 100% effective in

Step 1: Take your condom and the penis. In this case we’re using a cucumber. Ensure that it is fully firm, a soft penis increases the risk of the condom slipping off or breaking.

being on the Pill or the injection or other forms of contraception may stop you getting pregnant but they won’t stop the transmission of STDs. Both of the forms of protection on this page however, will help prevent the risk, if used correctly.

stopping pregnancy it is worth getting if there is that worry in your mind. The people there are very nice and supportive and they do not judge you. It’s a simple case of answering a couple of questions and filling in a form that is kept confidential. Then once that’s sorted arrange a check-up at a clinic to check for STDs and potential pregnancy. The morning after pill is an EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE though. Do not abuse it by using it as regular contraception. It gives you an incredibly strong dose of hormone that regular use of will damage your body. Always check the expiration date of condoms as an out of date condom loses it’s effectiveness.

The Dental Dam H ere in the Seren office we’ve been discussing this form of protection rabidly. Our lovely editor Gemma, in an attempt to explain it to us all, coined the phrase ‘Clingfilm for your Vagina’. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a true explanation so imagine my surprise when, upon Googling it (no not an obscure sex act, the internet search engine) I discovered that that description was pretty much it. A dental dam is for use when giving and receiving oral sex, whether cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) or analingus (oral sex on a man’s anus, or rimming). It creates a thin barrier between the mouth and the genitals and prevents either participant from passing something on to the other. There are several things to bear in mind when using one, the first of which is that the sides

should not be switched over part way through the act. This will simply undo all the effort of protection you’ve been using. Another is that if your dental dam is latex based, you should try to avoid getting oil near it. This applies to any kind of latex protection as the oil can erode the latex and as a result, stops the protection from acting as, well, protection. Dental dams can be expensive to buy but a quick make-shift one can be created using a condom and a pair of scissors. It’s very quick and easy to make, simply see our second step by step guide below. Again there are pictures for ease of understanding which I personally find are a much more useful educational aid. If you want to find other ways of making a dental dam or where to buy a dental dam I recommend searching on Google.

Step 1: Cut the tip off the condom

Step 2: Lay the condom out flat, folding one side Step 2: Carefully tear open the packet and pull out the condom. If you’re opening the wrapper with your teeth pay particular care. Step 3: Cut along the folded side, effectively cutting the condom in half.

Step 3: Gently squeeze the tip of the condom and place it against the head of the penis then unroll it, keeping the grip for the first few inches. This prevents air getting stuck and reduces the risk of the condom breaking.

Step 4: Continue to unroll the condom down the shaft as far as it will go. You are now ready to move onto the main event.

Step 4: Stretch out the condom. Keeping the edge with the rim in the same hand prevents accidental flipping



STDs are sneaky and nasty little things. If not caught early they can have devastating consequences; infertility in some cases and death in others. The difficult thing about realising that you have an STD is that often that they have no symptoms, which means that carriers fail to get tested and as a result increase the spread of the nasty little problems. The key thing to remember about STDs is that they are Sexually Transmitted Diseases. That’s why anyone who is sexually active, whether they are

Primary Syphilis - one or more chancres (an ulcer) appear at the site where the syphilis bacteria enters the body. - normally round, firm, and painless - will heal on their own in 3-6 weeks - usually show up within 3 months of infection - If untreated will lead to secondary syphilis. In terms of testing, it requires a blood test to rule out gonorrhoea, which shares many of the symptoms of Syphilis. The treat-

clinic IMMEDIATELY. The symptoms have three stages which are outlined below.

Tertiary Syphilis Secondary Syphilis - difficulty making mus- skin rash and cles move correctly - frequently on palms of hands - paralysis soles of feet s spot n - numbness brow and red h, roug lly - usua and - gradual blindness - rash can occur in other colors - dementia places Can eventually lead to - genital ulcers death. - flu-like symptoms r thei on lve reso will s ptom - Sym own, but if untreated will become terti ary syphilis. ing periodically to ensure that all ment itself is fairly simple, requirtraces of the infection have been ing regular doses of penicillin by cleaned out of the body. injection. Those who suffer from stsyphilis do require regular rete

Syphilis, known for cauing madness

Chlamydia often has no symptoms (it’s asymptomatic) and as a result can remain in the body for years. If symptoms do arise they are often mistaken for symptoms of something else and as a result the infection does not get treated correctly. It is this lack of symptoms that allows Chlamydia to be spread so easily as often carriers are com pletely unaware that they have it.

The symptoms, when they do appear vary greatly between men and women. If you experience any of these symptoms and are sexually active arrange an appointment with a clinic to be tested. Although it’s embarrassing it is better to know and be aware than to risk your health and the health of others simply because you’re a little afraid. Here’s a quick run down of the symptoms, if any occur: Women: Men: - more than 70% of cases have no symptoms - more than 50% of cases have no - vaginal discharge symptoms - burning on urination - burning on urination - nondescript lower abdominal pain - discharge from the urethra - pain on intercourse (late infection) - pain and itching of the urethra - pelvic pain (late infection) - pain and swelling of the scrotum - bleeding between periods (late infection) (rare) The testing and treatment for Chlamya course of antibiotics. Considering the dia are both very straightforward. The testease of all this maybe, if there’s the slightest ing often requires little more than urinatthought in your mind that you may have it, ing into a cup and the treatment is usually you should go and get tested!

Gonorrhea at tim es can be, like Chlamydia, as ymptomatic and the symptoms that do ap-

Chlamydia is notoriously hard to spot as it often has no symptoms

pear can be very similar to those for Chlamyd ia. Have a look below for them .

Women: Men: - most cases have no symp- yellow, white, or green ur ethral distoms charge - vaginal discharge - burning on urinat ion - burning on urinat pain and swelling ion of the testicles - pelvic pain Both (rectal infect ion): - bleeding between periods - rectal pain Both (throat infect - rectal discharge ion): - sore throat - rectal bleeding - painful bowel mov ements Again, if any sym ptoms de- requ iring a cycle of antib velop you should iotics. go and get Peop le treated for gono tested. This dise rhhea ase test is are often treated for slightly more inva Chlamysive but is dia at the same time as worth having done studies as not do- have shown that people ing so and getting with treated is one ar e also likely to ha dangerous for your ve the health and othe r. The treatment do the health of your es vary sexual part- depe nding on where th ners. It essentially e infecinvolves a tion is located howeve swab from the ge r, with nitals and a a throat infection urine test. The tre requiring atment of a m ore extensive tre gonorhhea is muc atment h simpler, proc ess.

Genital herpes is another recognisable ction disease as it is also the same infe on’s pers a nd arou s sore that creates cold pes Her the of s form two mouth. There are lly usua is ch whi 1 HSV is virus, the first can but s sore cold for ble the one responsi 2 infect the genitals and the second is HSV geni the ind beh rit culp n which is the mai cold e caus also can it h oug tal herpes alth the sores on the face. More often than not pain ll, sma of es seri a ude symptoms incl pus. of r laye a in red cove ful sores that are ch This usually only occurs on the face whi hertal geni of s erer Suff s. are the cold sore s but pes often don’t experience symptom the in with lly usua is it ear if they do app n. ctio infe al initi of first two weeks

is Due to the fact that the infection the not , tact spread by skin to skin con does exchange of bodily fluids, safe sex e thes of ad not entirely prevent the spre the ce redu tly although condoms do sligh prerisk of infection. The only true way to abto is s viru vent the spread of the HSV stain from sexual contact. be Although genital herpes cannot al -vir anti g cured it can be treated usin dura the medication which shortens r thei ces redu tion of the outbreaks and icamed the frequency. Constant use of nt tion acts as a daily suppressive treatme s ptom sym which reduces the risk of both and transmission.

Genital Herpes cannot be cured

when it reaches its final stages. This is a highly dangerous disease and as such, if any of the symptoms appear, you should arrange a visit for testing at a

Syphilis is perhaps one of the most well known STDs and its symptoms, are highly recognisable and noticeable. It is known for causing madness

single or in a relationship, should get tested regularly. The stigma attached to getting tested however often discourages people from getting tested. My words to you are: Don’t be afraid, get tested and you’ll have peace of mind. It’s safer to suffer a few minutes of embarassment than potentially unknowningly passing an STD on to tens of people or the person that you love.

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Treating STD’s quickly is key, so if you think you may have one go and get it checked out!





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Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

The Vibez Centre Salon Natalie’s


Sara reviews BEDS latest production of The Tempest

or us pretentious literary types, there is little better when watching Shakespeare than to really feel as though the actors love their lines every bit as much as the audience do. My Bard loving self is thus happy to report that BEDS’ recent performance of ‘The Tempest’ managed to achieve not only that but much more. The haunting music of the opening scene, provided by the consistently excellent orchestra, set the tone for both the impending storm and the standard of performance. The simple yet striking ship’s mast in the centre of the stage in this first scene drew the eye without ever distracting from the cast’s own merits. The cast themselves contained a few surprises for those familiar with

the play, the most notable being the brave gender reversals. Lucy Bishop gave an outstanding performance as a female Prospero and was brilliantly complemented by Abigail Gregory’s ethereal Ariel. Bishop exuded a cool command over proceedings, and brilliantly maintained the sense of power associated with the character over both cast and audience alike. Although the character of Prospero is of course pivotal to the central plot of the play, what impressed the most was the group spirit exhibited by the cast. I found myself looking forward to Trinculo (Daniel Short) and Stephano’s (Seth Allan) scenes in particular, as their energy and comedy duo dynamic made me laugh out loud innumera-

n 8th March, Welsh Women’s Aid and other women’s groups all over the country will be proudly marking the centennial of International Women’s Day. The Day itself originated as a celebration of women workers and their struggle for recognition of rights as women, as labourers and as citizens of their home countries. In the UK it has thankfully retained its strong political tradition and this year is extra-special. Bangor Women’s Society will be assisting Welsh Women’s Aid lo-

cally in putting on a massive celebration for the event, which looks back on how far we have come, but which also seeks to understand and set goals for where the women’s movement must go next. The society’s workshop will feature information from the NUS Hidden Marks report and experiences and voices from the student movement, where the women’s campaign has historically been strong. The responsibility for the advancement of equality agendas falls on today’s freshers and graduates. Rights enshrined in law have combined with a faltering wave of social change around women’s rights to produce a movement which, especially among young women, seems to be seriously questioning its

ble times. Short and Allan’s involvement in the interlude alone, improvising their way in perfect character through the raffle draw, added to the comedy and built excitement for the second act when one could normally expect it to cause distraction from the play. With a lively atmosphere from start to finish, a great sense of audience involvement and a superb cast, BEDS have excelled themselves with this outstanding interpretation of ol’ Shakesy, providing me with a reminder that even the oldest and most cherished plays can be imaginatively re-imagined in the most dazzling of ways.

Sara Royle

100 years of International Women’s Day! O

existence. However, the data from numerous reports and surveys, including information from inside the national student’s union on how women students are treated by their peers, reveals the lie of full equality. Bangor Women’s Society seek to contribute to the swell of trailblazing third-wave feminism currently in resurgence by bringing youth voices to IWD. In addition, the society chair will host an oral history workshop that invites participation and practice from attendees. In deciding ‘Where Next?’ it is important to draw upon, hear and preserve the voices and experiences of women from whom young women take the banner. It is hoped that the event, a collaborative effort among community groups, academics and students, will include students and members of the community.

Sew Wise

Claytons Hair Design Fair Trade - what difference does it really make?

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Wednesday 2nd March 5PM in Thoday, F1. As part of Fairtrade Fortnight this year, Bangor University Students’ Union, in association with fair-trade groups from the local community are pleased to be hosting a talk by Paul Chandler, CEO of Traidcraft. It’s sure to be a thought-provoking talk on the importance that fairtrade plays in the globalised economy. Wednesday 2nd March at 5PM in Thoday, F1.

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



Ben Walker Photography Society

ImpSoc On Tour... This society is now so popular it can tour the country!


fter rave reviews, packed out pubs and appearances in all the best shows in Bangor, what is left for the social rejects of ImpSoc? Well, this February sees the launch of our most recent work avoidance scheme – an international tour! More to the point, the first society tour to ever launch in Bangor … as far as we know! The tour commences with another allsinging, all-dancing show in JP hall on the Friday 25th of February, kicking off

at 7.30, and costing just £3. In a show recently reviewed as ‘comedic genius’, this show will feature the full cast of our tour, with selected guests from our previous shows. The show promises to be bigger and better than anything we have ever done. As soon as we recover from the show/pub trip afterwards, we will be setting off in the ImpSoc tour bus to Sheffield to partake in their student comedy festival, organised by the

award winning Shrimps. This is the UK’s only dedicated student comedy festival, raising money for Comic Relief and is now in its third year. Our third date is in Nottingham, performing in the nationally renowned Glee club with MissImp – a group of exstudents keeping the flame of societies going with extreme razzmatazz! Our fourth date brings us to Birmingham, a city that can best be described as populated. Here, we push

o, you’re home alone. It’s 4am. And you’re in desperate need of something. Maybe a pizza? An exam timetable? Or maybe just someone to talk to? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone to help you find that takeaway, figure out where your exam is, or even just listen? Well, there is someone who can help, and they’re right at your finger tips. Whatever you need, Nightline can help. Nightline? I hear you ask, what is that? Nightline is the confidential listening and information service run by students for students, so whether you’re looking for a number for a taxi or just a general chat at the end of the day, we’re here for you. Our phone number can be found on the back of your student card, and from 8pm to 8am every evening, our wonderful volunteers are there to listen and help. All you need

to do is dial our number. So, whatever your problem, give us a go. Bangor Nightline began running in 1974, and has been giving information and support to students, day in, day out, ever since. You may have seen our stand at Serendipity 2, where we recruit volunteers. All our amazing volunteers undergo training to make sure they can handle the calls we get, and to provide the best service possible. Volunteers abide by our core principles, which can all be found on our website, and are taught to keep all calls confidential and anonymous. As an independent service, we are not affiliated with any other groups, so we’re not there to impose any beliefs or judge anyone. We stay non-judgemental so our callers can feel free to discuss anything and not be scared to talk. If you volunteer with Nightline, you can get as involved as you like. From simply doing the four required shifts a semester to getting involved with the committee to decide how the service is run, it’s completely up to you! Shifts last for twelve hours, from 8pm to 8am every day, and volunteers are given sup-

port throughout each shift and beyond. If you’re interested in helping people and volunteering, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you are looking for information or someone to talk to, try giving us a call, or adding Dafydd Nightline, our fun and friendly Nightline Bear, on facebook. We have a training weekend coming up soon, so if you’ve missed the interviews but would still love to volunteer, you can email us to register your interest! During Healthy Living Week, Nightline is also running an active listening workshop, on Wednesday the 23rd of February. So if you are interested in taking part, check out the Student’s Union website for details. If you would like to get in touch with Nightline, or find out more about us, visit or email us at nightline@undeb. Or, just check out the service. Remember, our number’s on the back of your student card! So go on, give us a call. We’re listening.


01248 362121

our comfort zones by taking part in a Harold show… This involves something called long-form, whatever that is. On the plus side, we also get to do some improv to live music! Our final date is in Manchester, where we will be working with the massive University of Manchester Drama Society to put on Manchester’s first ever student improv comedy show! We will be working with a bunch of their best actors, putting them

through their improv paces, and then putting on a lovely little show as part of their own Fringe festival. And what will we have learnt from all of this excitement? Well, there’s more student comedy than you can shake a stick at; we have the most boring & least funny name of all student comedy societies but if Chuck Norris did improvised comedy, he would definitely come to ImpSoc.

British Herpelogical Symposium Bangor 2011

8th and 9th April 2011 Affiliated with the...

Opening Keynote Speaker Prof. Richard Brown Keynote Speakers Dr. Robert Jehle

Prof. Graeme Hays Dr. Tobias Uller ARG UK representative Jonathon Cranfield

This year Bangor University Herpetological Society will be hosting the first annual British Herpetological Symposium.The symposium will be a platform for British Herpetologists to exchange research on current advances

across an array of relevant fields. The symposium cost will be £30 for both days or £20 for a single day to cover essential running costs. Thi sfee is payable in advance before Friday 18th March.



Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

SEREN spreading the love... Thank you for reading. SEREN love you dearly and we hope you love us too! With great effection, the SEREN team, Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

Sharon- Hope you have a wonder ful valentine’s day- love Sean

Lo yo ve u

great big I saw you at the seashore with a drowning man! pan, you were pouring water on a mp of Bangor Your hard hearted Becca the va Gwynedd. From Cassie Alltree

Chris- I know I don’t say it enoug h but I love you, and can’t wait to move in wit h you this year! Alys

xoxox Cassie Ray, get out of my bed. Love you

Girls, I couldn’t have gotten throu gh any of this without you. You mean the world to me. I love you all so much. PS, I love you too. Rae xxx' miBe ne

I love you all To all my close friends in Bangor, and I’m glad to so much, you mean so much to me rve the best. have you all in my life. You all dese ily xxx Happy Valentine’s Day. Love Em

Love you JBGB. Stu pid amounts! Happy V alentines Day love Ash x

Ash, I was sad, and alone, you he ld me close, I squeezed your bottom...f elt good. Call me. From your ever loving fla tmate, GayDave x ob Happy Valentine’s Day Lily- R Happy Valentines my sexy Cypri ot

! E V O L e u r t This, is

If you’lL be wanting we’re sure you wilL down to Seren’s 90

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

d e pP Sna n e r e S with

g to get snapPed with Seren, which lL, then get your beautiful selves 0’s Night, Hendre HalL, 22nd Feb!



Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


Quick Break

Horoscopes Disclaimer: featured horoscopes are in fact created by a member of the Seren team who is not and has no experience with psychic abilities.

Aries: 21 March - 19 April Taurus: 20 April - 20 May Gemini: 21 May - 20 June

Running through the mountains will do you the world of good, we have no idea why, just do it, now.

Money may be sent to you very soon, depending on your parents income. Spend wisely.

Beware the rain, and the use of umbrellas on Bitch Hill smacking you in the face.

Cancer: 21 June - 22 July Leo: 23 July - 22 August Virgo: 2322 August September

A trip to the beach brings forth a great feeling of being one with nature. Wrap up.

Lions find satisfaction hunting in the wild, aka Occi.

Deadlines! Beware the deadlines. Approach with caution, always.

October Libra: 2322 September Scorpio: 2321 November Sagittarius: October

A night in Upper Bangor will lead to much merriment whilst Rascalous is in line with Paddis, Belleus View Menai.

Capricorn: 22 December- 19 January You will meet an old friend on the pier. Or someone you see regularly. Or maybe an acquaintance.

February 14th will bring good things to you, enjoy.

22 21 December Be November wary of -fast food the morning after the night before.


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Read a good novel. Fiction is your way forward. Maybe give non-Fiction a look in too.

Some sort of secretive gift ceremony will have not been so secret after all.

20 January - 18 February


Sudoku 4



1 8








5 7



1 5


1 4

6 3


1. “Gross!” (2) 2. What you do at the table (3) 3. A drink served hot or iced (3) 4. Not “no” (3) 5. Something that rings (4) 6. Overcast (6) 7. Keeps ears warm (8) 8. Keeps neck warm (5) 9. Colourful in Autumn (6) 10. Frosty (7) 11. Casual greeting (2) 12. Not day (5) 15. Loud Sound (5) 16. Coldest time of year (6) 17. Make you laugh (5) 18. Really good! (5) 19. Nintendo (3)



1. Januray 1st (3,4) 2. What you do to a landing (5) 3. “___ what?” (2) 4. Drop (4) 5. Sweets (5) 6. Enjoyable (3) 10. Jumper (7) 11. Frequently (5) 12. Frilly (5) 13. Immediately (3) 14. “Let it ____” (4) 15. Not hers (3) 16. Holiday (8) 17. Not down (2) 18. Location (5) 19. Result of laughter (6) 20. Dog/car name (5)

Seren    Seren90s 90sNight Night

The Teenage Witch. Choose Choose life. Choose Sabrina The Spice Girls. Choose Ace The Teenage Witch. Choose Ventura. Choose Nintendo 64. The Spice Girls. Choose Ace Choose Um Bongo. Choose Mr Ventura. Choose Nintendo 64. Motivator. Choose The Fresh Choose Um Bongo. Choose Mr Prince of Bel Air. Choose Fun Motivator. Choose The Fresh House. Choose lights in your Prince of Bel Air. Choose Fun trainers. Choose a Nokia 3310. House. Choose lights in your Choose Mrs. Doubtfire Choose trainers. Choose a Nokia 3310. 2 Mr Blobby. Choose Opal Fruits. Choose Mrs. Doubtfire Choose Choose B*Witched. Choose Mr Blobby. Choose Opal Fruits. Titanic. Choose Kappa. Choose Choose B*Witched. Choose Nickelodeon. Choose Choose Titanic. Choose Kappa.Oasis. Choose Blur. Choose Nickelodeon. Choose Tazos. Oasis. Choose Choose Choose Toy Blur.Story. Choose Tazos. Power Choose ChooseRangers. Toy Story. ChooseBN Biscuits. ChooseChoose OrangeBN Soda. Power Rangers. Biscuits. Choose Orange Soda.

Choose the 90s. Choose the 90s. Tuesday 22rd February. Tuesday 22rd February. Hendre Hall Hendre Hall

£4 or £3 advanced ticket.


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Ingredients 400g Penne Pasta 50g Butter 450ml Single Cream 6 Tablespoons Tomato Puree 9 Tablespoons of Vodka 1 Tablespoon of Chopped Basil 6 Tablespoons of Parmesan Cheese A sprinkle of Oregano A sprinkle of Paprika Salt and Pepper

Cuisine Cutout

Island Dining



Penne Pasta with Vodka, Tomato and Cream

1.Cook the pasta on a me dium heat. 2.Whilst waiting on the pasta, melt the butter in a saucepan on a low heat and stir in the tomato puree and cream. 3.After 3 minutes add the vodka and a sprinkle of salt and pepper , oregano, paprika and continue to sim mer on a low heat.

4.Drain the pasta when coo ked and pour back into the pan. 5.Mix well with the pasta sauce and serve up. 6.Finally, sprinkle the bas il and parmesan over the dish and enj oy!

This months cuisine cutout is inspired by valentine’s day which means it’s once again that time of year when love is in the air and everyone likes to showcase their Italian side. This recipe aswell as boasting a touch of romance incorporates three exciting elements most students love ease, value for money and alcohol!


Food and Drink

“Gives a surprising twist to pasta”

Steven Freeman

Yo Mama’s So Fine

o Mama’s which is situated by Neuadd Willis offers a contemporary Portuguese cuisine served in a modern and minimalist setting. As I personally love Nando’s and as Bangor does not have a Nando’s, I felt intrigued to check out Yo Mama’s and see if it could step up to par with the Piri-Piri brand leader. I have to admit, I did not order the Piri-Piri Chicken as my girlfriend did and so I thought it would be wise to get a wider taste of the menu and so I ordered the house steak in a wild mushroom sauce. Whilst waiting for the food and upon browsing the menu, I noticed that all the ingredients were locally sourced daily and if the food was to take a while it was because everything was cooked fresh upon demand. This is the sort of restaurant that I really like, one that supports the local industries and is not fussed about serving up food and turning over tables as quickly as possible, but one that wants it customers to be wholly satisfied, enjoy

the experience and revisit. When the food arrived after not long, it most certainly delivered. Both meals were so fresh and cooked to perfection and of a surprisingly large quantity, which in all fairness I didn’t expect as I got quite an ‘A’ la carte’ feel from the place. My steak was of a decent size with a sauce which was to die for and the home made chips most certainly topped it off. As for the Piri-Piri chicken, my girlfriend and I would go as far to say that it was possibly better than Nando’s! So there you have it, for all you people like me who can’t wait to see the day that Nando’s comes to Bangor, most definitely go to Yo Mama’s. It is very aligned with Nando’s in terms of quality and price, and you certainly get a wider menu selection as they do not just specialise in Piri-Piri chicken, but concentrate on an array lavish Portuguese cuisine to suit all palettes.

“Possibly better than Nando’s”

“Fresh Food at its best” Steven Freeman


“Oscar’s brings a touch of class to Bangor” end of the restaurant the soft glow of blue and purple from the lights benefits its uniqueness. The room which is designed for groups even has its own bar which saves the distance of travelling downstairs if you desire a quick cocktail. As you sit down to eat the waiter/ waitress

Diners are not restricted to Bangor for good food this year as Anglesey has much to offer. For those willing to venture a little further out (geographically and financially) Beaumaris hosts our top three restaurants. If romance isn’t your thing or even if you just want to spend the evening with a friend away from all the ‘soppyness’ our third place entry could be the solution. Da Pizza is an Italian themed restaurant specialising in, you guessed it; pizza. Customers are not limited to pizza as this very casual restaurant also offers traditional Italian alternatives including spaghetti carbonara, lasagne and, my favourite, aubergine parmigiana. If you do happen to be a pizza lover I urge you to try any pizza. With tradition in mind, the bases are crispy and the toppings are flavoursome. The only downside is, again, a lack of tempting desserts. For a laid-back, easy evening, Da Pizza will not disappoint.

Da Pizza: 01248 810 565

Our second place restaurant is Harry’s Bistro. Located in the stunning, scenic grounds of Henllys Hall and surrounded by the beautiful golf course, Harry’s offers a more up-market dining experience. The cuisine builds upon traditional, Welsh foundations and added to this are the chef ’s personal twists. The menu is varied and the well-cooked food is presented and cooked with care and thought. If this seems like the place for you, I must insist you do not leave without tasting any of the homemade desserts. In my opinion, Harry’s Bistro provides the best service out of the three listed. The waiters are pleasant but not transparent, helpful but not suffocating and genuinely happy to help you. It is difficult to find flaws with this restaurant but one thing that may dishearten people is the ‘out of the way’ location.

Harry’s Bistro: 01248 812 976

Opulent Oscar’s

scar’s Lounge Bar & Restaurant is possibly one of the most prestigious and highest ranking places to eat and drink in Bangor. It’s located towards the end of the high street and it’s a one minute walk from Octagon and two minutes from Base. Despite its distance from the centre of Bangor this little jewel never fails to impress its customers. As you enter the building you are greeted by a dazzling array of colours which illuminate the whole bar area, giving it a stylish ambience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you are an avid cocktail person or simply looking for good food the venue will never let you down over choice. As you approach the exclusive bar the barman will offer you the wine list, the cocktail menu and many offers which they have on the night to make you feel welcome. After finishing your favourite drink (they have them all) you can simply tell the barman that you would like to have food and he will guide you upstairs to the restaurant area, a place that people wouldn’t even realise was there. Depending on where you sit in Oscar’s Restaurant the atmosphere is truly awe inspiring. The back end of the restaurant is normally exclusive for couples yet having an open skylight to gaze up at the stars adds to the romantic scene. As you enter the front

s Valentines looms and your in need of somewhere to wine and dine that special someone; hopefully we can help. We’ve tried and tested a variety of restaurants so that we can offer you the top three for that ultimate, romantic evening.

brings a jug of water with a hint of lemon and ice before asking what you would like to drink or whether you would like to look at the wine list. When they pass you the menu you can expect to pay a hefty price. Starters are from £4.95 and main courses can go up to an amazing £39.95 for two. While these prices are deemed expensive for most students the price is heavily reflected in the quality of the dishes which cannot be compared anywhere in Bangor. The restaurant provides an excellent array of meals which range from ‘Goat’s Cheese, Red Onion & Tomato Tartlet with Pesto’ to mouthwatering dishes like ‘Roasted Lamb Rump with Gooseberry & Mint Sauce’. So if you decide to stay for dessert then you’ll surely be impressed with their homemade Strawberry Cheesecake or Apple Tart which goes for an amazing £4.95. Ultimately the service in Oscar’s Lounge Bar & Restaurant is first class for any customer willing to try out the unique cocktails and their classic yet contemporary meals. The bar area is set to impress and the food is fit for a king but essentially the only disadvantage to this prominent experience is the price you have to pay for it. Louis Rhys Waters

Our top spot is occupied by what I deem to be the best restaurant in North Wales. How this establishment doesn’t boast, at least 4 AA rosettes is a mystery. The Loft restaurant (part of Ye Olde Bull’s Head Inn) is a quaint, cosy restaurant tucked away in the loft of the inn. It’s expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. This is fine dining territory and the experienced chef is not afraid to boast his skills by presenting a delightfully technical menu. This is also traditional, Welsh food but fused with modern, French cooking techniques. Everything is freshly cooked to order and the seasonal, local ingredients are imperative to the success of this restaurant. The service is excellent and the atmosphere of the dining room is ideal for Valentine’s Day. The only blemish is that the whole experience may be a little intimidating to those new to this level of gastronomy. However, I don’t doubt that if you splash out here (and be prepared to spend fifty pounds per head) you will leave full and satisfied.

The Loft: 01248 810 329 Matt Beeley

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

You Know Why? It was a time when there used to be joy Due to the sound of a 'Hi!',


Featured Photograph

It was a time when I was happy because The AROMA used to pass by, Yet suddenly doom came And took over the joy, Eiminating the 'acquaintance' Where it used to lie. It seemed as if REFLECTION in water was disturbed When a pebble was thrown, It seemed love itself, had overgrown. There was no thought or word Of what was happening, Yet, in any case, the time (that was passing) was Killing!

Michael Buckley Michael Buckley

Fear, is the absence onof total emoti . what you fear ve lo t o n an c u Yo

Photos: Naboo Poetry: Naboo and James McGough

t Valentine’s Day is jus alaround the corner get though I still don’t g love the idea of showin r just on this particula meses tin en val my , day ead sage to you is to spr to the love! ughts Here are some tho u. yo for es tur and pic y Happy Valentines Da Naboo r. creative@seren.bango


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

By Becky Sage By Heather Boyles


he new series of Glee has started with a bang, seeing the club encouraging new members to join. We’re introduced to Sunshine who has her belt-out number and Telephone duet with Rachel but then is stolen by Vocal Adrenaline. Will we see her later on? For the female viewers, Sam is new golden eye candy, with looks similar to Macaulay Culkin, guitar skills and joining Finn on the football team he has quickly become a firm new favourite. The second episode saw a set of impressive tributes to Britney Spears complete with trademark costumes and make up from her videos that were identical to the real thing. Spears even made brief appearances in the episode. First Finn was off the football team but now he’s back on with Artie. Along with newly formed couples, Mike and Tina, and Sam who likes Quinn, will they be the new “it” couple? But what about poor Kurt, who’s all alone by himself whilst nearly everyone else is coupled up? Well watch out for his new friend Blaine, played by Youtube sensation Darren Criss. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, or are simply interested in seeing this newcomer’s skills, search A Very Potter Musical into Youtube. A musical based on the famous books, performed by a group of alumni of the University of Michigan, the majority of the songs were composed and written by Criss. A side splitting take on the books with a Zac Efron poster as a horcrux and Harry (played by Criss) serenading the Hungarian Horntail on guitar instead of flying fending it off with his

By Louis Waters


he new series of Skins is upon us! The popular British teen drama returns for a fifth season at Roundview College following a new group of teenagers that each has their own set of problems and concerns. The series examines teen culture from all perspectives ranging from homophobia, drug use, sex, relationships and bullying within society. We are introduced to seven new main characters which each lead their own ‘compulsive’ lives. The series follows the same themes which made the franchise so popular yet it lacks the spark which the first series produced. Most notably the care free attitudes of characters such as Chris and Tony from 2007 which introduced large followings on sites such as MySpace are gone and now we are forced to look at teen culture from a more serious and less hilarious point of view. So far the series has focused on what it is like to be different and the consequences this can have on a person’s life as opposed to the original ‘f*** life I don’t care’ attitude. While these lessons are important the producers have seemed to forget what made Skins so popular in the first place.


The Metal-Head Maniac. Rich is obsessed with heavy metal music but seeks a companion, someone who sees the world from his point of view. He’s best friends with Alo and as a pair they seem to be unstoppable. Rich seems to fancy Grace who is beginning to see his world, but whether they’ll get it on is a complete mystery.


he bevy of beautiful teens from that place with the legendary area code (Beverly Hills, F.Y.I) have strutted elegantly back on to our screens for a third season. Yes, Tueswand. After its day nights just got that little bit more awehuge online success, the team even some because 90210 has returned! produced A Very Potter Sequel. Clips The past two seasons of 90210 have can be found online of Criss’s characbrought us drug addiction, teen pregter Blaine singing Katy Perry’s Teenage nancies, a hit-and-run accident and Dream with his Glee group, a version that a sex tape made for a school aseven the pop star herself has praised. signment. You’d think this would Emma, the object of Will Schuster’s affecbe a hard act to follow, but the tions, now has a charming boyfriend. Has Mr third instalment promises to Schue lost her for good or will he win her back this be even more jam-packed series? With themes of bullying and relationships, with shockers. Glee continues to be accessible and relevant to its largeIn the Wilson famly young audience. Even with the musical numbers and ily, Debbie struggles comedy, it still manages to hit a chord with its more serito come to terms ous issues such as the surprisingly melancholy third episode with being a which focuses on Spirituality, as the club pray for Kurt’s father jobless diwho had a heart attack and fell into a coma. vorcee and Will the club finally get to Nationals in New York and win? I daughter hope so; surely they can’t tease us with New York and not get there? Annie f inds

herself falling for bad boy Liam’s estranged half-brother Charlie. Dixon and Ivy’s relationship feels the strain when her childhood friend, dashing Englishman Oscar, arrives back on the scene. Intent on getting revenge on Ivy’s Mum Laurel, who supposedly ruined his father’s life, Oscar seduces both Laurel and Ivy. Meanwhile, Dixon’s ex-girlfriend Sasha reveals that she is HIV positive, and, concerned for his own health, Dixon ditches Ivy. Heartbroken, Ivy turns to Oscar for comfort and in a moment of madness loses her virginity to him. Bratty It-girl Naomi starts to go a little off the rails after being raped by evil teacher Mr. Cannon. Her friendship with Silver is once again on the rocks after she drunkenly kisses Teddy at a party. Naomi becomes worried as Silver gets closer to her new tutor Mr. Cannon. Unsurprisingly, her concerns for her friend’s safety go unnoticed until something in Mr. Cannon’s wildlife documentary corroborates Naomi’s rape story. With the help of Silver and Adrianna, Naomi devises a plan to expose Mr. Cannon for what he really is. Adrianna’s fame sky-rockets when she sings one of Javier’s songs at his funeral, but things soon turn sour when Javier’s uncle, Victor, recognises his nephew’s lyrics. Victor blackmails Adrianna and becomes her manager, forcing her to give him over half her earnings. Teddy suffers an injury that could end his tennis career and drowns his sorrows, resulting in a drunken hook-up with classmate Ian. Confused about his sexuality, he lashes out at Ian and the pair are forced to spend hours in detention together. So what’s next for the Beverly Hills lovelies? Relationship make-ups and break-ups seem to be top of the agenda; sparks are flying between Silver and Adrianna’s boyfriend Navid, and the sexual tension between Teddy and Ian is mounting. While Ivy and Dixon’s love looks set to survive her fling with Oscar, will she forgive mum Laurel for sleeping with him too? As Naomi builds her case against Mr. Cannon, will he finally get his comeuppance? Whatever happens, the third season of 90210 will no doubt end with a bigger, brasher and more shocking bombshell than previous seasons.

Frankie The oddball who accidently set fire to her headmaster while he was dressed up as a scarecrow, is considered a bit weird by her friends. Her appearance is the main cause of this but it doesn’t stop her trying to make a good impression. As time goes on will we see her flourish as an individual or constantly be subdued by her bullies?


One of Mini’s best friends; Grace is sweet, caring and always loves to try new things. She realises what it is like to be different and gladly helps Franky and Rich when they’re in trouble. Grace is considered the ‘innocent’ of the series and will become a valuable asset in making sure things turn out right for the gang.

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


By LJ Taylor


By Thomas Knott


y the time I managed to get around to seeing Tom Hooper’s historical drama it had already picked up its twelve Academy Award nominations and every trusted magazine was proclaiming its brilliance and although rarely skeptical about cinema, I set out a little unsure of what to expect. The hype, however, did not disappoint and I left the cinema wondering how a two-hour film about the history of the British monarchy had engaged me quite so intensely. For a start, the nominations of the main cast for Best Actor (Colin Firth), Best Supporting Actor (Geoffrey Rush), and Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter) can be in little doubt, with each delivering a performance of rarely achieved power, each taking their role and making something truly excellent and emotionally moving with it. The intensity achieved by the cast is accompanied by a subtle and stirring score composed by the - you guessed it - Oscar Nominated, Alexandre Desplat, who somehow manages to perfectly encapsulate the tone and feel of every scene with a phenomenal piece of music. The film’s subject in itself is an inspired choice. Based on the true story of King George VI’s relationship with his speech therapist and friend Lionel Logue, it allows for a number of equally interesting and moving concepts to be brought together as one multi-layered story. From the personal struggle of one man’s speech impediment, to his worldwide address announcing the outbreak of the Second World War; the death of his father and the abdication of his brother leaving him as the unexpected leader of Britain and the Empire; his relationship with his

wife and t h e building of a lifelong friendship in Logue, the film tells a story spanning an incredible range of thoughts and feelings, and it does so impeccably. Hooper had apparently insisted on maintaining the best possible historical accuracy in the script writing, painstakingly helping (Oscar nominated) screenwriter David Seidler achieve a story as close as possible to the truth without losing the passion brought to the screen in the finished product. Although, IMDb’s goofs list as always contains a few anachronisms and the timescale of events was condensed for a more entertaining experience, it’s probably that in watching The King’s Speech you’ll not only be party to an incredible cinema experience, you could learn something. A lot of people have remarked that they don’t think this is the kind of film they could find themselves getting completely immersed in, or that it’s just not the sort of action packed frenzy they’d rather be watching at the cinema; if you’re thinking anything along these lines, do yourself a favour and catch it on the big screen, before you find yourself watching the DVD. A masterpiece.

Which of the following has never won the Academy Award for Best Picture?

a. Schindler’s List b. Brokeback Mountain c. Sound of Music

arren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller is tipped to do well at the Academy Awards later this month and it’s easy to see why. From Natalie Portman’s superb portrayal of a disturbed young ballet dancer to the daring issues it tackles; Black Swan is not one to be missed. The story follows Nina (Portman) who aspires to star in a New York ballet company’s production of Swan Lake. She is perfect to play the naïve and fragile White Swan but the ballet director, Thomas (Cassell), is doubtful she can pull off the role of the seductive Black Swan. Nina strives to overcome this and is given a chance by the devious Thomas that causes her to face both physical and psychological obstacles. It doesn’t help when newcomer Lily (Kunis) arrives, she’s the complete opposite to Nina who has been brought up by an overprotective Mother and is a potential threat when it comes to keeping the starring role in the ballet. On top of all that, Nina can’t help but find herself mysteriously drawn to Lily in a way that borders on obsession. With five Academy Award nominations Black Swan isn’t statistically up there with movies such as The King’s Speech and True Grit but perhaps it should be. Natalie Portman finally gets the recognition she deserves with her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Her performance is seamless from start to finish with Nina’s metaphorical transformation from White Swan to Black Swan is well deserving of the Best Actress Award. At times Black Swan can be what you could call disturbing and not for the faint hearted but if you can stick with it you most likely won’t regret it. You can easily find yourself struggling to understand why Nina is doing the things she’s doing and whether they are really happening or not but that’s the director’s intention, the audience progresses through the narrative the same as her, never knowing who or what to believe. If you enjoy a movie that keeps you

guessing right up until the very end that doesn’t rely on flashy special effects and big names but great acting instead then Black Swan is definitely one to see. With any luck the cast’s hard work will pay off at the Oscars later this month.

s t e k c i T o w T n Wi Send your answers to Closing Date: 25th February 2011


Topshop £75.00


t must be hard taking over from such a huge designer as Alexander McQueen but Sarah Burton, the “quiet powerhouse”, doesn’t seem to be having many problems. She has continued to wow people at the McQueen Haute Couture Spring Summer 2011, in Paris, taking McQueen’s huge legacy and channelling it through her own creative style. Burton worked beside McQueen for over a decade and is obviously able to connect to his vision, whilst adding her own subtle twist to his traditional pieces. It’s probably her gender that is her greatest asset and point of difference. She can relate to the clothing, shape and function as she is designing for her own sex. McQueen was amazing at intertwining harsh silhouettes and dramatic themes, you can definitely see the Burton touch proven in the very first outfit out on the catwalk. A traditional McQueen tail coat softened, its edges unfinished, and the hard, peaked shoulders that were another McQueen signature had been relaxed. A future image for the brand? Burton’s show began as a plain white canvas and was steadily reclaimed by nature: wrapped in embroidered leaves of black leather, butterfly-esque maxis and a mass of feathers bursting from the seams. My personal favourite was a maxi/gown inspired by a monarch butterfly, its print startling and eye catching. Out of

the whole collection this was the piece that stood out to me. Further looks included a gown with a breastplate of gilded cornstalks, a skirt of pheasant feathers and a gown that looked like it was one huge sea anemone. What hadn’t changed with this show was the fantasia that defined McQueen’s work. Burton has already said that there were so many ideas left to be explored in her work with the designer. She has quite clearly been inspired by M c Q u e e n ’s p a s t archive, maybe too m u c h . However, saying this it w o u l d be unfair if she created a completely new look so soon after taking the reigns. I would say that the collection was more of a tribute to Alexander McQueen and a taster of what is to come. I’m sure h e ’ d b e proud.

H&M £29.99 Topshop £75.00

Get the Look!

If Blake Lively was to be living in Bangor, she’d sure be showing us all how to look on trend whilst battling the monsoon that is the wind and rain here. Get on the look with all these similar coats that can be picked up in stores in Bangor!

Watch out, Kim’s about! In a collaboration with Los Angeles-based celebrity

While sisters Khloe and Kourtney focus on their families, it’s Kim who’s star seems to be shining brightest with the launch of her newest fragrance just in time for the holidays, as well as successful appearances on every talk show on television. And this month Kim is rumoured to be launching a timepiece collection, aptly called KK.

Kaden Wild

Nicki Minaj It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj has a love for outrageous hairdos. Whilst in London she sported the wackiest of wigs. In celebration of Nicki’s love for over-the-top, neon-coloured wigs, Seren has put together a retrospective of our favourite outrageous ‘dos .


Fine Fresh Fierce

he stars came out in force for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards last month. Here are our top 3 outfits from the red carpet!

1 2 3

River Island £84.99

Lea Michele Her pink Oscar de la Renta was fresh, light, and young. Her hair looked effortless and chic. Classic tux with a bite. The Trueblood star really made a statement with his burgundy velvet bowtie - a huge trend for menswear this year. Well done Ryan Kwanten. Amber Riley’s silver sequin gown made her sexy and delicious. The belted waist enhanced her curves and made her look stunning.



apparel and accessories company, Brissmor, Kim announced on her blog, “My new project has been under lock and key, but now it’s finally ready to go!” Stores are hoping to have the watches on shelves before the time of lovemaking ends, and they should make perfect gifts for the Kardashian fan in your life.


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


What’s in? Mugler

Guys Get The Look

Chinos are the new jean. Everyone who is anyone is wearing them, including Zac Efron. Here is how to wear them and where to buy them in Bangor.

Fall/Winter 2011


o for a minimalist lines on the suits and dischange I tressed leather pants that played with have also padded biker panelling. decided to inThis was contrasted with delicate clude a designer chiffon trails and pearls across neckthat designs for lines. us men. Buckled ankle boots and lace-up The debut colcreeper shoes were made in collabolection Mugler ration with British shoemakers, Unhas recently caused derground. quite a stir recently The choice of male models mirdue to its risky derored the feeling of inner confidence, signs and premiere in particular twenty-four year old of a new Lady Gaga Rick Genest from Montreal who has track. tattoos of his inner anatomy across This collection, eighty percent of his body. entitled “Anatomy Of A striking vision on the catwalk, Chance” was Genest also featured designed by the teaser video clip “Latex jackets, in the newly that presents a cola p p o i n t e d rubber, neoprene lection of menswear creative diarguably conand mirrored that rector Nicola tains many collectible Formichetti breastplates.” pieces for new and old and menswear fans of the house of designer Romain Mugler. Kremer, they have rebrandMy over-all impression with coled the former “Thierry Mulection that that it is very risky yet gler” to the simple Mugler for fresh and new. I can see some of the their new evolution of work. blazer and suit trousers as ready to The collection offered pure wear. However the rest of the collecwool suits; kid leather gloves tion lacks in wearability, maybe they and chiffon shirts mixed with were intended to be artistic pieces, as latex jackets; rubber, neoprene they look dark and menacing; along and mirrored breastplates. The with his choice of models, confident design presented a message of in- yet scary. Kaden ner strength represented by clean,

Smart Chino - £34.99 Jogger Chino - £39.99 Anchor Tee - £12.99 Canvas Shoe - £19.99 From River Island


Check Shirt - £28.00 Print Tee - £14.00 Black Smart Chino - £50.00 Jogger Chino - £44.00 From Topman

Turban to dominiate summer 2011?

It only took two shows at London Fashion Week spring/summer 2011 to confirm there’s a new kooky accessory set to hit fashion town... the turban. Making an appearance at Issa London and Jena Theo, we knew it was only a matter of time before a starlet rocked one. Cue Kourtney Kardashian and her chic demi-turban. Ok, so it’s not quite the full whole head wrap, but her half-turban certainly ticks off the trend.

What Were They Thinking?

On the previous page we gave you the highlights of the Golden Globes - now it’s time to slate the stars that graced us with outfits that we would rather forget.


Not so peachy keen in this dress that looks like it came from American Apparel instead of Calvin Klein. Easy A was amazing… Shame about the dress Emma Stone.


Sneakers are never appropriate for the Globes red carpet. And frankly they are a cop out. You get a fail for this outfit.. Awaits angry mail from Bieber’s army of fangirls.





Bad times Tilda Swinton! The Anne Taylor’d blouse and skirt were ill-fitting and awkward. Who would leave the house looking like this... seriously? Imagine that in Occy!

Feels so good being bad

Just to get you in the mood for Valentines Day, we at Seren have put together a nice little collection of smalls to get you in the mood. This saucy selection and similar pieces can be found online at Figleaves, Debenhams, La Senza and Jack Wills.


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Sexual healing: Libido Loving Foods


et’s admit it; sometimes we all need a little help in the bedroom department. Don’t be fooled by the constantly shagging characters in your favourite soap opera; contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly normal to experience libido downers from time to time. A lack of libido, or sex drive, can be caused by a number of things ranging from mental ailments such as anxiety or depression to more serious health problems such as diabetes or drug abuse. Pesky hormones also play their part in how frisky you feel, particularly male sex hormone testosterone, which can be affected by certain medications such as the female contraceptive pill. Stuffing your face with highly fatty foods and caffeine crammed fizzy drinks can also cause your sex drive to plummet. It’s not surprising that healthier people get busy more often, with their pretty, vitaminenriched faces! If you’re tired of giving lame excuses (does ‘I have an AWFUL headache…’ ring any bells?) to your sex starved partner, spice up your love life with these orgasmic foods.


Aside from being absolutely delicious, chocolate contains copious amounts of phenylethylamine and serotonin, two chemicals that

are best friends with your brain’s pleasure centres. Chomping down chocolate can not only induce feelings of euphoria, it can also boost your attraction to your partner. A great excuse to go choco-happy on Valentine’s Day!


Sniff a stick of liquorice to get lusty this Valentine’s Day. According to an American neurological study, the smell of liquorice increased blood flow to male participants’ bits by almost 15%! Liquorice also contains a little something called glabridin which acts similarly to oestrogen, the female hormone essential for healthy sexual functioning.


Boost your sex ‘a-peel’ by munching on bananas. The nation’s favourite yellow fruit is brimming with B vitamins, potassium and magnesium and is widely believed to boost testosterone levels. Plus, it is shaped like a certain sex organ...


Slurp on these molluscs and watch your sex drive hit the roof. Perhaps the most famous of all aphrodisiacs, oysters contain high levels of zinc which is commonly believed to aid testosterone production. Oysters also go nicely with champagne to make an Oh-So-Sophisticated Valentine’s dinner.


Getting your mojo back is as easy as A, B, C with this super-food. Asparagus is a powerful aphrodisiac with several libido loving vitamins and minerals to boot. This green veggie god is packed full of folic acid, potassium, fibre, thiamin and vitamins A, B and C, all of which are believed to boost your sex drive.

Becky Sage

Quick Fixes For Modern Men SPLURGE

Nivea for Men Energy Aftershave Cooling Balm £4.88


Date Night

Look your best this Valentine’s Day... Whether you’ve got a hot date planned or a night out with the girls, try our on trend looks to make sure you recieve all the right attention!

Suggests... Smokey Eyes A huge trend for Spring 2011, ditch the grey in favour of purple shades for a twist on an much loved classic. Channel Rihanna’s look by using Barry M Dazzle Dust in shades 23 and 59,

Luminous Skin

Step into spring with a fresh faced look like Kate with Maybelline Super Stay 24


Hour Foundation, . Finish the look with MeMeMe Shimmy Shimmers Compact


, sweep over the face to illuminate the complexion.

Luscious Lips For a fun, flirty pout like Leighton go for a gloss instead of Lipstick. Get Gossip Girl glam with Collection 2000 HotLights Lipgloss in Shade


L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Cream 15ml £12.25


Boots Time Delay Mens Anti Fatigue Eye Cream £6.12



3 Glimmer, . The handy mirror and built in light makes this gloss a girl’s new best friend!

Boots Essential Aftershave Balm


FCUK Urban Anti-Perspirant Deodorant £3.56


Mitchum Endurance Sport 48 Hour Protection £2.85



Extra Special...

All available from Superdrug, 10% off with NUS cards!

Nars Blush, with a variety of shades from Orgasm to Deep Throat. A brand new way to fake it, this fabulous blush will never disappoint! £20.50

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


Your advice page:

What’s Up? x x x

y n en


Sex toy safety! Finishing touches...


Silicone is non porous, hypoallergenic, easy-clean, use water- or oilbased lubes ONLY, can be boiled to disinfect, can tear so be gentle Glass and Metal are non porous, hypoallergenic, easy clean, any lube suitable, good for partner use, can normally be boiled, look for shatterproof borosilicate or Pyrex Elastomer is latex-based, slightly porous, water- or silicone-based lubes ONLY, phthalate free, DO NOT BOIL (soap and water work fine) Lucite, Acrylic, and Hard Plastic are non porous, hypoallergenic, any lube suitable, solo use or with a condom, soap and water to clean

Hygiene Cleaning: soap and water (safest), boiling (most effective), dishwasher (who has one of those anyway?); don’t use anything you wouldn’t want on your pink bits. Sharing: this is your discretion, and really depends on the material, general safety rule of thumb is use a condom over any penetrative toys Storage- store toys and accessories in a clean, dry, room-temperature location, such as a box in a drawer

Suitability Look for purpose-specific design qualities. Anal toys should always have a flared base to avoid getting pulled inside. If you’re looking for a dildo with a vibrator, think about how you like to use it and get something that has been reviewed well. (The SATC Rabbit is actually pretty low-quality; see the Nine is Fine section further along for better ideas and information!) If you’re buying in person, check for seams and flaws in the design which could compromise hygiene

Time to Play Penetrative (dildos, butt plugs, beads/balls/kegel exercisers, some vibrators) Non-penetrative (cock rings, bondage equipment, many sensory toys, clamps, many vibrators) Couples (this is really about personal preference; some toys work better when applied to someone else, and some toys require a partner to get full use) Solo (again, this is down to materials and personal preference; some toys are easier to use alone, or may be more appealing alone e.g. waterproof toys or masturbation toys)


These should always be sugar free, should not contain glycerine, should not contain spermicide. The most popular are water based but they’re not always suitable and some people find them uncomfortable. Oil based lubes can be amazing and good for you (plantbased, not petrolatum-based) and do not have to be manmade; coconut oil is one of the best oil lubes around, and you can get it at Dimensions! It’s really important to remember that oil lubes are not generally latex-safe. Finally, silicone lubes are ideal for longer use and often recommended for anal sex.

Condoms & dams

People with latex allergies beware! For you, polyurethane and polyisporene (a synthetic latex currently replacing polyurethane in the condom market) make excellent and equivalent replacements. Polyurethane is less elastic than latex so lubrication is key to avoiding breakage. For people who prefer natural components, lambskin condoms are perfectly fine to use for pregnancy prevention but due to their porous nature are NOT suitable for infection control. In this age of relative sexual enlightenment, other barrier protection is becoming increasingly important. If you give oral sex to people with vulvas, you NEED to be using dental dams. These can be bought, or made by cutting open a male condom. Female condoms aren’t exactly all the rage, but are increasingly available commercially. Gloves can make great barriers and can help stop mess if you hate ending up in a lube puddle at the end of a good night.

Sensory toys

The senses are probably the most underrated area of sex toys and mainstream sexual practice. All people get experience arousal through their nervous system, although it does seem to work differently for some than for others. Sensory exploration is a great way to build trust in the bedroom and to experiment with sexual sensations without necessarily needing to swap spit (or other fluids). Not to mention there are plenty of people out there who enjoy the sensory buildup of sexual activities, but for whatever reason, may not want to have intercourse. Sexual arousal and pleasure obviously does not begin for most people on penetration, penetration may not even be involved; sensory toys can be anything with a texture from ribbons, feathers, prickly objects, and clamps, to vibrators, and massage materials.

Nine is Fine: Our Picks User reviews, staff reviews and how-tos, ethical eco/user safety policies As it says on the tin, great vegan resources for sex toys, etc Nice ‘N’ Naughty The website has pretty decent information, they do Love Bangor discount locally VaginaPagina Online community mainly focussed on women’s reproductive and sexual health, has a team of moderators with professional health expertise as well as broad personal experience and an ironclad safe space policy Sliquid Organics Water and silicone-based lubes, high quality, flavourless, a variety of textures, last well and do not get sticky Yes! High quality plant oil-based lubricants Hathor Aphrodesia Organic, plant-derived water-based lubricants, excellent texture, minimal taste Kimono condoms Consistently high user ratings for quality and comfort LifeStyles SKYN condoms The hands-down best quality LATEX ALTERNATIVE condoms around (polyisoprene makes them much more comfortable than old-school polyurethane)



Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


ou were born in New York, what was it like growing up and living there? I grew up in Woodstock which isn’t in the city but located in Upstate New York (in the countryside) but I lived in New York City later on but I love New York!

Looking back on your childhood what type of music and artists did you listen to?

Oh gosh, I did listen to a lot of blues actually, also Kingston and David Bowie. But thinking back as a child I did listen to a lot of Billie Holiday but I don’t listen to any Top 40 music or anything. The types of music that influenced me the most I’d say were pre-1980, 1990 such as Americana, folk and jazz.

Can you tell us about your connection to Wales and also, your shop ‘Folk Farm’ that’s just opened in Cardiff ?

Oh, well my husband’s Welsh and he was born here in Wales. He came over to the states but I actually met him in London, we moved to New York and then later to L.A. But of course he wanted to come back to live in Wales and I was like Ok, I’ll try it. So then he opened the store Folk Farm in the Castle Arcade in Cardiff which currently has a col-

lection of antiques, clothes, folk music and much more.

What was it like working with Vitalic and Nina Hagen?

Vitalic is like an old friend so we worked really well together and now we are basically waiting to release this E.P we recorded. But his schedule is really busy and of course there’s record label politics too regarding its release but I don’t really get into all that. Saying that though we’re good friends. Nina Hagen is a very energetic person, she talks like she sings and she’s totally amazing; her energy is just unbelievable. She’s so theatrical and she’s everything you’d imagine her to be.

So what gave you the inspiration to write your underground hit single ‘Hot Room’ in 2001? It’s about the New York scene but you’ll have to listen to the lyrics to understand it more!

You are working with the Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff, how did that come about?

I met a person called Mark Baker and I said I was looking for some musicians in Wales and so it started there. We began


Music Linda Lamb

working on some tracks and I just wanted to try and see what it would be like to play acoustics. I’m going down there tonight to work so it should be good... but I love it!

I read that you have been inspired by the 19th century North Wales poet Margaret Sandbach; how you are bringing her work to a 21st century audience?

Well I’ve recorded and written some music to one of her poems and when I revealed some of it to some friends the reaction was great. I was really surprised cause it’s a really simple song yet the poetry is so beautiful. I’m definitely gunna be writing some more though. There’s a BBC radio forum that’s coming out too which will be featuring her poems and it might be having some of the music that I wrote. When writing though because most of her poems are long I try to use the short ones and I don’t really want to edit them because it’s not my place to do that but essentially it is a challenge.

The 2011 version of ‘Hot Room’ sounds great, when will it be released? I don’t really know yet because I don’t have a new label for this recent stuff that I’m doing but at the moment It’s really hard to get paid as a recording artist. I’ve realised

that as a performer you need to have proper management so at the moment I’m in the process of finding a proper management company but it has to be the right kind that will do it properly.

Finally, do you have any performance plans for the future? Such as any tours, new releases or? Well I’m going to be doing some gigs locally in Cardiff just to try out some of my new songs. However I’m also gunna be performing in Bristol, maybe London and some festivals too.

Might we be seeing more of you in the future here in North Wales? I’m currently in talks with the Anglesey Mardi Gras so who knows!

Linda Lamb is an American recording artist who has been around for around ten years, releasing several singles and E.P’s. She is currently working on a new album.

Interview by Lewis Waters

his year’s Battle of the Bands kicked off in Bar Uno on Thursday 27th January. I was there from roughly 5:30 although the show wasn’t due to start until about 7:30. Watching the Storm crew set up and listening in on the interviews that they carried out with the bands was interesting and a fun way to see into what goes on behind the scenes of the main event. Being around for the sound checks was also great fun; I had the chance to hear some of the bands before they were due to perform. I have to give snaps to the Storm presenters who were able to continue presenting the regular shows while drums and guitars played loudly in the background. It’s a mark of their professionalism and their dedication that they were able to present despite the distractions, something that I personally found very difficult to tune out when I was presenting The Scoop at 6. As to the event itself; it was, in one word, BRILLIANT! The sound checks built up anticipation in the audience members who had arrived early to grab a seat which was a good idea when you take into account the fact that the actual show started later than planned, roughly 8:30. By that point the audience had almost doubled in size, with many members being forced to stand and watched due to lack of seating. Each band’s performance contained one song of their own and a cover of another artist’s song and there was great variety in the types of bands and covers that were performed. Once all 10 bands had performed once the people behind the competition opened up the voting lines and each band performed once more. In regards to the bands themselves, there was a great amount of variety in both genre and performance style. Band types ranged from traditional rock bands with drums, bass and guitar, to folk bands who performed with banjos,

to a heavy metal band. One group of performers even used violins and tambourines. In effect this large variety created something interesting for everyone. The kinds of songs performed also varied greatly. One band performed with songs with elements of James Dean, with elements of jazz and funk thrown in while another

Introduce yourselves! Osian: Hiya my name’s Osian Williams, and I’m the bass player for Tapas Tuesday

ported us”, but what have you got to say about the masses of people who turned up tonight to support you? Steff: I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported us, it was absolutely brilliant. JMJ especially, its been an absolutely amazing night, and one of the best gigs of my life!

I just really want to thank everyone up here for coming out, and also everyone back home. Just really overwhelmed by the support we had.

Obviously you’re now playing the Summer Ball, which will be a big one! But what have you got lined up for the next few months in terms of gigs? Osian: Well we’re in our first year of Uni at the moment, having moved up from South Wales, so we’re just going to get sorted up here first then go round local venues in Bangor. We’ve also got a few gigs at home in Pontypridd too. Also, we’re recording two more songs in Ferlas Studio (now available on the Tapas Tuesday Myspace), so just getting it sorted really!

Nice one, thanks lads, and well done!

Dylan: Hello I’m Dylan Ebbsworth and I play drums… and a bit of ukulele! Meilyr: Hello I’m Meilyr Rees, and I sing, and play guitar… and a bit of ukulele as well! Steff: Hello my name is Steff Davis, and I play the guitar So lads, you’ve won Battle of the Bands tonight. First of all: how do you feel? Osian: Amazing, we genuinely didn’t think we’d win it! We didn’t even think we’d get into the final, and I know that’s what every band would say but we genuinely didn’t. If you had a dream, or an aspiration, what would it be? Osian: Reading! *group laughter* Meilyr: Just to play any festival and have a massive crowd, with everyone going crazy! I’d love to play Reading festival one day, it’d be amazing. But we’ll just try our best and see how far we go. I know it’s quite clichéd for bands to say “thank you to everyone who sup-

performed a lesser known country western song. Some of the bands that performed seemed to have difficulty moderating the volume of their instruments, in some cases completely drowning out the lyrics with their playing. At first I thought that this was due to technical difficulties but following other performances in a similar style it became clear that this error was due to sheer enthusiasm for playing. In terms of the audience/band relationship, it varied. Some bands talked to the audience and encouraged them to participate in singing along or clapping their hands while others simply played with little regard to their audience. This is possibly something to consider when thinking about who won. The bands that interacted with the audiences seemed create a better relationship between them and also ended up getting a better vote in comparison to those who didn’t. It is no doubt however that many of these bands were well-received as several have future gigs lined up. What many of the audience did not appear to realise initially was that the winning band would perform at this year’s Summer Ball. It was a close tie between Tapas Tuesday and Arthur and the Woodsmen, with the eventual winner being Tapas Tuesday. Even without the performance at the Summer Ball I think that Arthur and the Woodsman have a chance to go far. Also, one of the bands comprised of college lecturers, ‘Treborth House Band’ are competing in Botanical Beats 2011, so be sure to give them your support!

Review by Nicole Nally, and photographs by Michela Cortese

How did you manage to get such a large support? Osian: Well we live in the Welsh halls (JMJ), so pretty much all the people from there came down, as we’re all close so they turned out to see us! Any final words then for Seren? Osian: Overwhelmed! Dylan: Lost for words. Meilyr: Tonight was just awesome, one of the best nights I’ve had in ages, and

Steff: Thank you very much to everyone who supported us, it means so much, and it’s been absolutely amazing, thank you.

Tapas Tuesday can be found at: and search: Tapas Tuesday

Interview by Joe McNally

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



Featured Artist The View- Grace. They’re back! The lads from Dundee swagger back onto the scene, and annihilate the competition with this superb song. New album- hotly anticipated

Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette- Hello. Simply brilliant. On these windy February days, give yourself a hot injection of pure summer.

Take That- Kidz. Ok so, Dr Dre’s new one would have looked cooler, but bloody hell, this is an absolute belter.


ailing from London, this anarchist 5-piece are the band of the newly politicised youth. Fusing punk with folk and reggae, their music provides a soundtrack for resistance. Their raucous live shows are fast becoming legendary, and unlike a lot of bands, these folks have the songs to match it. Their third album ‘Punk & Poetry’ will be coming out this year, and it’d be a crime to miss out on them.

The Script- If You Ever Come Back. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Go away please .

Best tracks: ‘Let’s Hang The Landlord’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Blood On My Hands’

Ke$ha- We R Who We R. Have a wash, learn to spell, sit down, and think about what you’ve done. The novelty’s worn off sadly.

Nicki Minaj- Moment 4 Life. Lyrics- 0. Originality- 0. Entertainment- 0. Who buys this rubbish?

Classic Album T

he Killers will struggle to make another album that will come close to ‘Hot Fuss’. From the indie national anthem of ‘Mr Brightside’ to the dazzling brilliance of ‘Midnight Show’, this album twists and turns, sparkles with dark glamour and explodes with poppy brilliance. Not only one of the best indie albums of all time, but probably one of the best albums ever made. Best tracks: ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’, ‘All These Things I’ve Done’, ‘Midnight Show’.

NEW MUSIC 2011 2011 is the year of the guitar. You heard it here first. Well, you probably didn’t, but the good old fashioned Rock‘N Roll band is coming back in a big way this year.


Leading the charge are Vaccines, who distil the breezy punk sensibilities of The Ramones and give them a 21st century twist. ‘Post Break-up Sex’ is sure to become a dancefloor

smash, and ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’ is an unadulterated 1.24 of absolute anarchy. You might recognise it from the first episode of the new series of Skins, and it’s absolutely brilliant, juddering and echoing with the sound of a band ready to hit the big time. Spitting and kicking their way into your hearts are Brother, the self-styled pretenders to Oasis’ crown. Outspoken and controversial (telling one crowd: “If you don’t want to see the future of rock’n roll, leave now”), they take their cues from their Mancunian idols in the best way possible. Song ‘New Year’s Day’ is catchy, with a cracking melody, but most importantly, drags the corpse of Britpop into the year 2011, and gives it a swift kick up the rear. These lads are going to be big. Also bursting into life are the

magnificent Funeral Party, who’s first big hit ‘Finale’ sounds like the love-child of The Libertines and We Are Scientists. Songs like ‘New York Moves To The Sound of LA’ sparkle and groove, and their infectious energy is surely going to win over many crowds in the coming year. Where would any new music list be without Jessie J? Having recently scored a Number 1 single with ‘Price Tag’, this girl’s popularity is very much rocketing. The winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 poll, she’s set to be at the forefront of the music scene this year. Love h e r , hate her, but good luck ignoring her! Other bands to keep an eye on are Wolf Gang, who are what MGMT would sound like if they laid off the illegal substances. ‘Lions in Cages’ is a smash hit waiting to happen. Anna Calvi is another star in the making, albeit a slightly leftfield one. If you like your music to have atmosphere, and you like a strong voice, then check out her song ‘Jezebel’ and I defy you not to be impressed.

An artist tipped for the top by 2010’s big hitters, Hurts, is Clare Maguire. You may know her from her excruciating Spotify advert, but once you actually give tracks like ‘Hope There’s Someone’ a chance, she’s surprisingly addictive. Her husky voice shakes with emotion, and provides the perfect soundtrack to unwind after a stressful day. Going back to the theme of guitars, give Mona a try for dark horses of the year. Their fairly simple indie-rock might go unnoticed in a landscape dominated by Kings of Leon et al, but tracks like ‘Listen to Your Love’ are just too good to be ignored. And finally, if you’re looking for a new cult band to follow, (perhaps if you’re sick of listening to The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s last album), then The Naked & Famous might be right up your avenue. Sounding eerily like The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, songs like ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Punching in a Dream’ pulse with electronic beats that are sure to catch your attention. The Naked & Famous aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel by any means, but they’re certainly an enjoyable listen. With all these bands and many more ready to assault your ears, strap yourself in and prepare for a very eventful 2011!

Joe McNally

Playlist of The Month I

n honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a romantic/cheesy playlist submitted to us by someone who would prefer to remain unnamed… *cough*SEREN EDITOR *cough*. So whether you’re going for the cheesy angle to take the sexual tension out of a situation, or whether you truly do want to show your love for your boyfriend/girlfriend/ pet (hey, we don’t judge here at Seren), then this is the perfect soundtrack to do it to! Ramping up the corniness, we’ve got such tracks as the Bangles’ ‘Eternal Flame’ and Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’. If you do fancy a good old fashioned romantic croon though, there’s always the Commodores with ‘Three Time a Lady’. All in all, I struggled to give this one a Barry White- You’re My First, My Last, rating. I’d never dream of playing this to My Everything my girlfriend! But on the other hand, some The Troggs- Wild Thing of the songs on the playlist are undeniable Enrique Iglesias- Escape classics. A solid 6, with merit, will suffice I Boston- More Than A Feeling think!

Tracks to head for:


Editor’s Rating: 6/10


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011


Romantic hotspots you never knew about...


alentines day. One day a year where couples can act as cheesy and cliché as humanly possible and it doesn’t matter. Last year a massive 110 million roses were sold, the majority red, and a staggering 1 billion Valentines cards are exchanged. As well, restaurants are booked out to the max with numerous amounts of couples celebrating the day of love together. Now if you are one of these people then these things are the norm to what you expect and know to give or receive on Valentine’s Day. So this year why not try something different? We have got some great ideas for you to do with your loved ones that don’t follow the trend. Why not plan or surprise your loved ones with a trip away somewhere? It doesn’t have to be for a week, a weekend or a day trip will be just as special for you both. Remember these trips don’t have to cost the earth; we have budgeted for three types of pocket. As students we know that money is a bit tight, some of these are realistic options for you to do with your loved ones. Remember you do not need to travel too far to impress your significant others here within North Wales there are some stunning areas just waiting to be explored. The most important thing is to be with your loved ones, not where, however if you would like to be surrounded by stunning views of seas or countryside, take a stroll within the walls of one the most romantic cities in the country then we have the answers on how spend this special day. So whether you are on a limit or just want to spoil your loved ones rotten then we have the perfect hot spots you never knew about.

On a budget... Newborough Beach, Anglesey


ven though it is February and the temperature still isn’t that great why not try something a little different and whisk you loved one away for a quiet romantic day on the beach? Bangor has plenty of stunning beaches to choose from, some a short walk away however, if you have access to transport then Newborough beach should be your fist stop. With its stunning views over the Welsh coastline you and your loved one can spend all day relaxing simply enjoying each other’s company in this exquisite place. Newborough beach is an half an hour drive away and will probably be easier with a sat-nav unless your map reading skills are up to scratch. There is a three pound parking fee if you would like to park in the car park situated directly next to the beach, however you can opt to walk down from the town, but take into account the walk is around half an hour.

However if you do not have access to a car and don’t mind a stroll down to the beach then there is a regular bus service from Bangor leaving every twenty minutes and taking only fifty minutes to get to the town. This bus can be caught from directly the city centre. To make it a perfect day then plan ahead, this can be done in secret or a joint effort. If you are planning spend the whole day at Newborough then come prepared with blankets to sit on and warm drinks for when it gets a bit cooler. It would be advisable to pack a picnic either with just finger food, or take a disposable BBQ to do some simple cooking. Finally remember to pack a bottle of wine for you both to share, and spend the evening watching the sun go down and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Rowena Nathan

On an average budget...


ith planning on a moderate budget why not plan a trip to the romantic city of York? Walkabout in Northern England and experience some of the fantastic culture and breath-taking views that York has to offer. By car York is about an three hour drive away however by train York is about a four hour journey from Bangor. However if you are not put off by the possibility of an early start the this trip is defiantly one to take. At York station there is even luggage storage available so if you would like to take a change of clothes after your journey or even something nice to wear if you go out in the evening then that option it there for you also. York is a slice of Olde England. Leaving the station - where you may have had a brief encounter - you are instantly curi-

ous to explore this beautiful city, allegedly haunted by several ghosts. Entering the High Street, you stumble upon the Northern and slightly more sugary (literally and figuratively) counterpart of Dickens’ London; beautiful street art, cobbled streets, olde-worlde shops and chocolatiers whose chocolates are made using traditional Northern recipes, a superb Valentine’s gift. There are two branches of the awardwinning Betty’s Cafe. The second oldest street in England makes you contemplate the countless previous pedestrians and their many different ‘walks’ of life. There are evening ghost tours around the town and the river looks especially ghostly by night. Next to the statue of a Roman stands the breathtaking, Gothic York minster Cathedral. Built in 627, it is certainly worth


a visit. There is a reduced admission fee for students and you can reuse your entry ticket for a second, free visit within a year of your initial one; you can return a year later to celebrate an anniversary together. After exploring the city and looking at all its culture why not unwind and finish the day off with a romantic stroll along The River Ouse or be a bit more adventurous and take an evening boat ride, and learn some more about the sites off York. Either way this could be the perfect end of the perfect evening, and you never know why not been a bit more traditional and present them with red rose of some chocolates? A bit cheesy but everyone loves it.

Rosie MacLeod.

Blow the budget... Hot Tub Safari, Conwy


ow if you fancy spoiling your loved one rotten this Valentine’s Day then why not treat them to Glamping, with your own private hot tub? Hot tub safari is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You and your loved one can relax, rewind and simply enjoy each others company for the entire weekend. For economical reasons the minimum stay is two nights, such a shame hey! The beauty of glamping this way is that your canvas tent will come pre-pitched, with a king size bed, rug flooring, an open

log fire and not forgetting that exclusive private hot tub overlooking the woods surrounding you. However if your more of an ‘indoors’ person then you can also book an indoor hot tub suite so you can enjoy the home comforts of being inside without missing out on any hot tub fun! This idyllic glamping site is attached to the 5* luxury Pentre Mawr hotel which can provide you with all your meals. However if you feel you cannot drag yourself away from your hot tub then you can opt for only bed & breakfast. The

beauty of this option on Valentine’s Day is that you can spend an entire weekend with your loved ones sipping champagne in one of North Wales most idyllic spots. However if you also feel like exploring the neighbouring area which has the sites of Snowdonia National Park, Denbigh Castle, Chester City and many more. So this Valentine’s Day if you want a weekend away with a difference and that you will never forget then glamping in the fabulous welsh countryside is the perfect option. The beauty of this option

is that it is not on the other side of the country it is right on our door stops in North Wales. From Bangor it is only an hour drives away or an hour train journey with a very short taxi ride from the station to your hot tub safari. If you are tempted to book this up and spoil your valentine rotten then log on to :, and book your perfect valentine weekend away now.

Rowena Nathan

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011



This issue’s Dart Desination we are taking you to the magical country of..


It’s time for this issue’s...


Dart Destination

ndia. A country that people only vaguely think of going to instead of seriously considering for their holiday. Well, India should definitely be high up on your list of possible holiday destinations. Whether you focus your entire stay in one area or travel the country, India is somewhere not to miss out on. There are so many places to see and things to do you will be spoilt for choice. However, when getting off the plane, head straight to Jaiphur, the capital of Rajasthan. Take in the rather strange sights, like cows roaming free, mixed in with Indian architecture, which is out of this world. Walking down the street, take time out of your day to stop and marvel at it, the detail you will see is incredible - even for someone who doesn’t know much about architecture. One thing you will notice straight away in this city is the ‘crazy’ tut tut drivers beeping their horns every few seconds, as in India lanes do not exist. However taking a ride on one of these is definitely worth doing and you will be telling the story of your journey for many months after you return. The hotels in Jaiphur are exquisite and full of Indian luxury, with inviting pools and rooftop terraces. The views over the city are hard to describe and should be experienced. In India there is a lot of poverty and it is im-

portant to remember this, as when you are sitting on your roof terrace enjoying five star luxuary, not far away you will be able to see small children begging in the streets and people living in slums, sadly a sight you may have to get used to. Nevertheless some of the sites in Jaiphur that are not to be missed include the Amber Fort which is beautiful, and although it’s a long climb up it’s well worth it to see the fantastic views and magnificent architecture at the top. However you can also opt to get an elephant ride up to the top, which is a highly recommended experience! You are also allowed to feed and pet them before you head on up the moutain, but remember you will have to give a ‘voluntary dontation’ which is well worth it. While you’re in India you can take advantage of doing something life changing and opt to volunteer for short periods of time. A lot of people do this to get an experiance of the ‘real’ India, though it is not for everyone. But if you would like to do this there are many projects worth checking out in advance before you leave. You can work in primary schools teaching the young children to speak basic English and playing games with them in order to give them a new ex-

perience that both you and the children will never forget. You can also go into small communities with other like minded people and play games with the local children in the streets. In these communities you may also get the opportunity to buy some Indian clothing such as a sarai, which is an excellent souvenir. Be warned, you may stand out as a ‘Westener’. Most people are very friendly, but some caution is advised. If you are looking for more of an active holiday then why not try trekking through the Himalayas? Two week treks seem to be most popular and this gives you enough time to explore without being overly exausted at the end. Manali is a great place to start your trek and meet up with your guide. It is highly advisable to go with a guide as that way you will stay on the safe trails and the locals will know the best sights to see. In Manali itself you can try some herbal remedies ideal for giving strength for your trek. There are also many interesting shops, with some small restaurants offering Western foods, so if you have had a bit to much curry you can take a break for one meal! Starting in Manali a great trek to do is over the Hampta Pass. It is not an easy trek

so it would be advisable to do some practice before heading to India. The rewards after this trek are incredible. As the climate is so versatile out there you could be walking over a snow capped mountain in shorts and a t-shirt! The guides and sherpas who accompany people will definitely make your trek that much more enjoyable. They are considered some of the friendliest and polite people and are always willing to help and make your experience one to remember. One of the ‘must-do’ experiences of India is a sleeper train. You can do this to the hugely popular place of Agra. The sleeper train is a unique experience for any Westerner, equipped with fold away bunk beds, that are “not as bad as you expect”. There are different classes throughout the train and in 1st class there is air conditioning and people manning the doors so chai sellers will not bother you while you sleep. However in economy class people are packed in with no beds to be seen anywhere, no air-conditioning and windows that are simply holes in the train walls with bars acorss them. Once you have made it to Agra the mustsee Taj Mahal is at the top of anyone’s list. The best time to experience it is at sunrise or sunset. Its pure white exterior shines in the early morning sun and the warm sunrise means it’s just the right temperature to fully enjoy the incredible view. You have to take your shoes off before you can enter the Taj Mahal or the surrounding area and it is respectful to keep reasonably well covered. You can also go inside and see the morsaliam although the inside is relatively dark and pictures are prohibited. I would recommend India to anyone. It is an interesting and exciting destination that is a little different from the norm.

Laura Ellis

India’s Top 6 Must Do’s

• See an elephant up close An experiance that anyone is priveliged to see. These amazing animals are even better experienced close up. • Ride on a sleeper train This is an experience. Comfort is not first on their list. but you can mix with the locals and get an experience of the real India. • Visit the Taj Mahal One the worlds most famous pieces of architecture in the world is well worth a visit. • Trek through the Himalayas What an adrenalin rush and a walk with a view you will never forget. • Eat yaks cheese Not to everyones taste but you may be pleasantly surprised with the creamy taste. • Sample Indian foods and drinks, especially chai Worlds best curry and amazing tea. What more can you ask for?


Games and Gadgets

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

Release date: 25th February 2011 platform: PS3 In an age where Call of Duty generally dominates first person shooters you can’t help but wonder whether there really is a market for similar games? With the fanbase and success of the previous two Killzone games the decision by Guerilla Games and Sony to make a third is easily justified. On top of the success there is also, of course, the pressing issue of the story. Killzone 3 is set to open up right where its predecessor ended meaning that the sequel is about more than just gameplay to dedicated followers. Once again taking the role of Sev, a Special Forces Operative, you must team up with another Operative, Rico, and continue the struggle against the Helghast Empire. For those who are new to the franchise the story may all sound a little confusing though. Basically, the

series simply follows a war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and the Helghast Empire and is set in a space colonization era where the former are the good guys. It’s interesting to note that Guerilla have opted not to take the traditional route of making the story darker as it progresses and have promised that the third installment will be much more light-hearted than the previous game. In terms of gameplay Killzone 3 will be highly similar to the second in the series but with the added use of jetpacks. The melee combat system has however been revamped, something that is becoming increasingly popular with sequels these days and of course there always has to be a new weapon to interest players. The introduction of the WASP, a multi firing rocket launcher, if nothing else should be interesting to control for players who opt to take advantage of Killzone 3’s PlayStation Move capabilities. With no other high profile games being released this month Killzone 3 seems like a good choice for those PS3 owners looking for something new to kick start the year.

Next Generation Playstation portable revealed! The end of last month saw a Playstation Portable event in Tokyo in which the wraps were finally taken off of the PSP’s replacement, the PSP2. So what can we expect from Playstation’s next generation portable console? The 4x high resolution screen dominates the console like before, only this time round the larger screen (now five inches) is both touch and tilt sensitive. The PSP2 also comes with dual analog sticks, front and back facing camera an well as touch sensitive back panel. Other features include 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and wi-fi connection. What about media storage? The PSP2 adopts a small flash memory card which can store the full software titles plus add-on game content and game save data directly onto the card. Sony even goes as far as saying it’s as powerful as a Playstation 3! The PSP2 will go on sale around Autumn this year. The price is yet to be announced. The console will compete

strongly with the new Nintendo 3DS which produces 3D effects without the glasses, a major feature that the PSP2 does without. Will this affect the success of the Playstation Portable? Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure though: portable gamers have never had it so good.

Polaroid looks to the future!

It’s fair to say that Polaroid hasn’t had it easy. You would think that a company that successfully produced the instant camera wouldn’t have struggled to capture new markets but alas, they fell behind when the digital camera took over. Despite being one of the first manufacturers of the digital camera way back in 1996, they failed to gain a large market share. This left the company filing for bankruptcy in 2001, pretty much all of the company’s assets were sold off and the production of Polaroid cameras was stopped in 2007. As if that wasn’t enough, the reorganised company once again filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and the production of Polaroid film was stopped completely causing uproar to customers and fans alike. Now, however, it’s time to look to the future because Lady Gaga (yes, you heard right, Lady Gaga) is now the Creative Director of Polaroid. If anyone can create new, exciting, crazy and innovative products then having Lady Gaga as the face of your company doesn’t actually seem that much of a bad idea. Just a year after she was appointed, she’s already producing the goods. Polaroid and Lady Gaga’s collaboration has now given us the Grey Label series, and it’s pretty spectacular. Let’s kick off the with Polaroid GL10. A mobile photo printer that fits in the palm of your hand, it’ll print 3x4 pictures via Bluetooth so it should work with a huge range of portable devices. The

printing device uses Zink Technology and Zink’s second generation thermal technology to produce superb print quality. The GL10 is available in the US in May for around $149, with no information yet on a UK release. Possibly the most exciting product though is the Polaroid GL20. A pair of sunglasses which feature two 1.5” LED displays on each eye which instantly capture or upload photos with the built in camera, which can then be displayed on the LCD screens for others to see. Never before has fashion, photography and technology merged together in one, and obviously it would be Lady Gaga that would be the one to make it happen. The glasses go on sale later this year, prices yet to be announced. The final part in the Grey Label series goes to the GL30. An instant camera that fuses together the digital and physical world of photography. Reminiscent of Polaroid cameras from the past, the GL30 prints your pictures instantly and then uses next generation Zink Technology and a number of different filters to create original images that print in the palm of your hand. Again, it goes on sale some time later this year with prices yet to be announced but rumoured at $900.

Sexy Valentines Issue 2011




English Football Goes (even more) Crazy

he grips of the recession and the shadow of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules didn’t stop Premier League clubs splashing the cash on transfer deadline day. A total of £240m was spent during this season’s transfer window, a record for the January period.

The British transfer record for signing one player was smashed in English football’s craziest ever deadline day. Chelsea’s reported £50m capture of ex-Liverpool striker Fernando Torres breaks the British record by £20m and his move to Chelsea is the fourth highest transfer fee in footballing history (still £30m off Ronaldo’s move to Ma-

the offer from Liverpool, and Carroll quickly made his way down to Liverpool to sign a five-and-a-half-year deal with them. Carroll was joined by the arrival of Luis Suarez, for a fee in the region of £23m, signifying new Reds manager Kenny Dalglish’s determination to put things right at a club that has struggled to find form this season. The spending could easily have been crazier, too. In the final hours of the window, Tottenham had a £38 million bid for Atletico Madrid forward Sergio Aguero rejected, as well as having a £35 million bid for Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi turned down, with Manager Harry Redknapp keen to add to his striking options.

Chelsea’s reported £50m capture of ex-Liverpool striker Fernando Torres breaks the British record by £20m and his move to Chelsea is the fourth highest transfer fee in footballing history drid, however). As a result, his move led to Liverpool spending £35m on Newcastle-born striker Andy Carroll. As well as the capture of Torres, Chelsea also completed the signing of Brazilian defender, David Luiz for a fee of £21.3m, in an attempt to bolster their defence. Upon Torres’ move to Chelsea, Liverpool put in a bid to Newcastle for their young, talented striker in the region of £30m. This bid was rejected by Newcastle, who did not want to part with their prized asset. Undeterred, Liverpool returned with an improved offer. This time, they tabled a bid of £35m, which, if accepted, would break the transfer fee paid by Manchester United for defender Rio Ferdinand from Leeds United. Eventually, Newcastle accepted

Bolton Wanderers secured the loan signing of Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge until the end of the season. The young striker, who rose through the ranks at Manchester City, is hoping that the move will allow him to gain regular football; the arrival of Fernando Torres will certainly have sent him down in the pecking order if he remained with the Blues. Another hotly-disputed topic on Deadline Day was whether or not Blackpool skipper Charlie Adam would be on his way out of the club, as interest from Liverpool and Spurs circulated. With Blackpool signing former Nottingham Forest and Sunderland midfielder Andy Reid the probability of Adam leaving seemed to be high. Adam spoke out to the press outlining his commitment to the Blackpool team, something sure to keep manager

Ian Holloway and the fans happy. It emerged after the window that Tottenham had failed to capture Adam “by minutes”, according to manager Harry Redknapp. In the meantime, Blackpool strengthened their front line with the signing of striker James Beattie. This out-of-the-blue spending by Chelsea in particular is at odds with recent events. Firstly, the aforementioned Financial Fair Play rules by UEFA, designed to prevent clubs from spending beyond their revenue, comes into effect this year. This has led to concerns that both Chelsea and Manchester City will be unable to compete in European competition in a few years, provided UEFA enforce their rules. Secondly, Chelsea have recently attempted to cut out the big transfer deals and cut their wage bill. This led to the sales of midfielders Michael Ballack, Deco and Joe Cole. This sudden spending is a marked change in Roman Abramovich’s attitude and a clear statement that he is backing under-fire manager Carlo Ancelotti. All this spending only happened on deadline day. Earlier in the window Manchester City’s £27 million signing of Bosnian forward Edin Dzeko was finalised, and it took £24 million to tempt Sunderland into selling England striker Darren Bent. At the other end of the table, relegation-threatened clubs West Ham and Wovles made a variety of signings, including Robbie Keane, Jamie O’Hara and Gary O’Neill. Finally, Leicester City captured Portugal hero Ricardo on a free transfer. The 34 year old was a free agent and now links up with Sven-Goran Eriksson, who was England manager when keeper Ricardo foiled England on penalties twice, in 2004 and 2006.

D-Day Deals










Marcus Stevenson

England Slay the Dragon



ugby Union has grown in popularity in Britain since Jonny Wilkinson’s last minute drop goal secured England their first World Cup title back in 2003, so it should come as no surprise that a match pitching both England and Wales against each other competitively would drum up quite a bit of anticipation.

England came out on top in a hard fought match against neighbours Wales in the Six Nations Tournament at the beginning of this month. Wales put up a good fight, narrowly missing out on the victory by just seven points. With fifty-three wins each and twelve draws from all of their clashes to date there was no doubt that this was going to be a competitive match. England went into the game as favourites despite their poor track record at the Millenium Stadium, with no wins there since 2003, and with Wales winning the last three times they met. Chris Ashton deserves the real credit though after he scored two tries to secure victory. His tries were

converted by fly-half Toby Flood who contributed to his country’s win kicking three penalties as well. With just ten minutes left on the clock, in traditional Welsh fashion, Wales almost made a courageous comeback with Morgan Stoddart scoring a try that was converted by James Hook but in the end it just wasn’t enough. Jonny Wilkinson, who came on as a substitute for Flood, kicked a penalty that solidified England’s win over the Welsh Dragons.

With fifty-three wins each and twelve draws from all of their clashes to date there was no doubt that this was going to be a competitive match. It didn’t help, either, that Wales suffered a number of injury setbacks in their preparation for the game. The match was highly anticipated, unsurprisingly, in Bangor with students from both countries in full force. “Uno was pretty insane.,” said one student who went to watch the match in the local student


“The atmosphere was intense.” Said Kaden Wild, who was supporting England on the night. Both supporters were mingled together in the limited seat bar, but the competitiveness was apparent. When the game was over and England had won the celebrations didn’t go unnoticed. “We were all stood up on the stools and tables,” said another English supporter.

LJ Taylor


After the Dinosaurs:

Sky forced to freshen up after Keys and Gray depart


ichard Keys and Andy Gray both left Sky in January following sexist comments aimed at female assistant referee Sian Massey. Andy Gray, famous for the gadgets he used to analyse games, was sacked after further information about his misdemeanours emerged; a leaked video

SPORT Radio did nothing to solidify his position, despite multiple apologies. Keys sought to blame others, speaking of the “envy” some had for the success of himself and Gray and also mentioning that “dark forces” were at work, possibly in reference to the leaking of the footage itself. It was on the same day as this interview that Keys

sport and that’s what we have to do now – move forward with them as sports broadcasters.” Sky will now look for replacements. Gary Neville has been touted as a possible successor to Gray after his recent retirement. The 35-year-old was mentioned by a number of media sources immediately after the sacking of Gray and the timing of Sky Sports’ managing resigned. Neville’s retirement has only aided those ruThis is not the first time Keys has been director Barney Francis said mours. However, Sky may look to promote caught in this situation. He previously he had “no hesitation” in from within, with current pundit Jamie criticised Theo Walcott’s performance in Redknapp a possible candidate. terminating Gray’s contract. Arsenal’s Champions League game against Replacing Keys will also be tricky. The Barcelona, in what he thought was an off-air man is an incredibly well known figure in comment. A further piece of leaked footage showing suggestive comments made to a fe- saw him make inappropriate suggestions TV broadcasting. Ben Shephard has recentmale co-worker ly been fronting ensured he was some of Sky’s sacked. Keys, football coverwho has fronted age so he reSky’s football mains a serious coverage for 20 possibility. years, resigned The most shortly afteraudacious ruwards. mours, though, Sky Sports’ involve Sky managing dilooking to rerector Barney shape their covFrancis said he erage completehad “no hesitaly. They may tion” in termilook to start nenating Gray’s gotiations with contract. the BBC over a “Andy Gray’s possible “transcontract has fer” for Gary been terminated Lineker and for unacceptAlan Hansen. able behaviour. Lineker has After issuing a been an assured warning yeshost of BBC’s terday, we have sport programno hesitation in ming and would Keys and Gray’s acrimonious departure has changed the face of football broadcasting taking this acbe a fine choice tion after becoming aware of new informato replace Keys, if they could get him. tion today,” he said. However, articulate football journalists about Jamie Redknapp’s love life. The sexism is not limited simply to Gray will be overlooked for the role. Patrick BarSpeaking of TalkSPORT, it is there that and Keys either. A leaked recording of Andy Keys and Gray have landed. They will now clay and Sid Lowe, for example, provide inBurton, a Sky touchline reporter, detailed teresting and astute analysis time and again. host a weekday 10-1 show. Keys said, “We equally sexist comments on his part. This is an area in which Sky has fallen short are delighted to be joining the TalkSport Earlier today, a third Sky Sports pre- family and can’t wait to get started,” glossin – in fact, the treatment of the audience senter was taken off air. Andy Burton was ing over his departure from Sky. Moz Dee, by Sky in recent years has been condescendshown discussing Massey with Gray ahead the TalkSPORT programme director was ing to say the least. The average football fan of Saturday’s match in footage leaked to sis- keen to put the incident behind them. “The wants analysis that explains the unknown, ter channel Sky News. to provide information we are not aware of events of the last couple of weeks have been Burton said “apparently, a female lino to- a lesson and have changed them.” through use of their superior knowledge of day, bit of a looker”, with Gray responding: the game as well as the extensive analytical “A female linesman?” Keys sought to blame others, tools they have at their disposal. That is why “He [a Sky Sports crew member] says Gray was once good but began to decline; she [Massey] is all right,” Burton continued, speaking of the “envy” some had his analysis became stale and samey. And “now I don’t know if I should trust his judg- for the success of himself and we don’t want Jamie Redknapp’s overuse of the word “literally” to saturate our televiment on that?” Gray sions any more than it already does.  Burton was promptly removed from his role for the coverage of that night’s Carling Cup Semi-Final between Birmingham City and West Ham, and suspended. Keys’ comments in an interview on Talk-


Sexy Valentines Issue 2011

“One thing that hasn’t changed however is that they are two iconic broadcasters who have a wealth of experience in the world of

Peter Weale


Packers Beat Pittsburgh on Super Bowl Sunday


ontrary to popular belief, there is down and two-point conversion brought more to Super Bowl Sunday than the game back to just a three-point maradverts and beer. Its relevance is gin. Despite a field goal taking the score entirely up to the individual, of course, to 25-31 in favour of Green Bay, with less though I do still find myself looking forthan two minutes left on the clock Pittsward to the game itself above the other burgh were attempting to mount a final events of the day. Whether or not it repush for victory. ally is The Greatest Show on Turf is not for me to decide, although Super Bowl XLV The final two minutes of the being the most viewed event in American game provided some of the television history would tend to sway the opinion in that direction. most intense and enjoyable The Forty-Fifth Super Bowl was played moments I can recall as a fan out between the Pittsburgh Steelers and of any sport. the Green Bay Packers, and following a somewhat warbling rendition of The Star Despite almost mounting a recordSpangled Banner from Christina Aguilera breaking comeback (18 points) the game the game got off to a somewhat shaky start ended with Green Bay taking home the with neither team immediately stamping their dominance on the game. By the end trophy and the comeback record remainof the first quarter, the Packers had left ing at 10 points - just. An interesting the Steelers with subplot was that a lot of work of Ben Roethto do, finishing lisberger. The fourteen points Pittsburgh Quarahead at 0-14, terback, playing the record comein his third Super back in a Super Bowl was looking Bowl game at to join an elite only ten points. club of QBs who In the sechad won three or ond quarter the more championSteelers again ships. struggled to get Howe ver, into the game Roethlisberger’s and although otherwise glitthe Packer’s adtering career has vantage was cut Superbowl MVP Aaron Rodgers been marred by to 11 points, the off-field problems and this season has half ending 10-21 in favour of Green Bay, the Steelers looked unlikely to claim their been no different. He was suspended for the first four games of the season after seventh Super Bowl. allegations of assault, though no charges Following a Tron-esque half time show were ever brought against him. from The Black Eyed Peas, which was Ultimately, though, Roethlisberger and visually spectacular and musically awful, his Steelers team fell at the final hurdle. (seriously. So bad. Even worse was the fact that Slash, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist, got “It’s disappointing to lose. For me,” Roethinvolved. It’s bad enough that the Black lisberger said, “it’s even more disappointEyed Peas exist but to drag down Guns ing because you let a lot of people down N’ Roses as well is just...horrendous. But that stood up today to fight. ...there are a lot of throws I’d like to have back.” I digress) both teams came out swinging, “It’s a crazy game. The ball’s got to giving a second half performance to spur even the most disinterested of viewers into bounce your way. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.” excitable (American) Football fans. MVP honours (and a Chevy ConvertBy the end of the quarter the Packers’ ible) went deservedly to Packers Quarteradvantage had been cut to just four points back Aaron Rodgers and a fourth Vince and as the game moved into the fourth Lombardi Trophy made its way home to quarter it was made clear just why so Green Bay after a wait of 14 years. many people fight their way through into As with every Super Bowl Sunday, the the early hours to watch a game played entertainment value of both the game and thousands of miles away. The final two minutes of the game surrounding events was excellent and one produced some of the most intense and can an only hope that the sport continues to grow on this side of the Atlantic. enjoyable moments I can recall as a fan of any sport. Despite Green Bay stretching their lead Thomas Knott back to eleven points, a Steelers’ touch-


he University of Bangor Squash team has had success recently. They recently secured a 3-2 victory against the University of Liverpool, setting up a quarter-final match against Sheffield Uni. Victories for Nathan Mayers (3-1) Rhys Parry (3-1) and Matthew Bryce (3-2) were enough to secure victory. Bryce’s performance was particularly impressive, since he came back from two games down to win. The Squash Club train at Maes Glas at the following times: Monday 7:00pm - 9:15pm Friday 12:15pm - 2:30pm Sunday 2:30pm - 4:45 pm


ongratulations are in order for Bangor University’s Tennis Club. The club has enjoyed great success so far this year. In October they thrashed Central Lancashire 10-2, and then comfortably beat Liverpool Firsts by the same scoreline in a cup match. At the time of writing they top their league by one point, an impressive performance. The Tennis Club’s Captain is Charlotte Keen and they train at the following times at the Maes Glas outdoor courts: Tuesday 6-8 - Beginners Friday 6-8 - Intermediate/everyone Sunday 3-5 - Team tryouts/training


arsity 2011 will take place in Aberystwyth on Saturday, 26th of March! If you’re a member of an AU team, see if you can arrange a match with our rivals over in Aberystwyth. Bangor are keen to hold onto the trophy we won in our 12-9 victory last year. In that competition Bangor Uni took over 200 people, so if you want to be part of such a large movement, come and give it a go. Get in touch with AU president Danielle Giles if you’re interested in getting your club involved. Her office number is 01248388003.


his year’s Superteams event is taking place on the 20th of March 2011! It is from 2-5pm at Maes Glas. Bring your team and see how you get on in a variety of different sporting events like Basketball Shooting, Dodgeball and Rowing! Your fitness, strength and coordination will be tested and ultimately Bangor’s Superteam will be crowned. You need a team of at least 4, and then you can simply enter on the day. Entry is entirely free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. You can enter on the day or e-mail Danielle at


very year BU Dance competes in the Edinburgh University Dance Competition. Once there, they will be competing in many styles against other universities from all over the country. This year’s competition takes place on Saturday the 19th of February, entering the following categories: Beginners Ballet Advanced Ballet Beginners Tap Advanced Tap Contemporary Jazz

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Octopush Team Swimmingly Successful in Scotland (...sort of)


ong road trips are fun when with friends. One minibus, eight men, one lady and a nine hour drive to Aberdeen are what we, the Underwater Hockey team, faced for the third year running. The trip had been thrown into doubt by some financial problems but eventually we left Bangor at 5 in the afternoon, in time for the tournament the next day. It was a smooth trip, with drivers Liz Weston and Rob Gaster doing a sterling job on a tiring journey – with a little help from some cans of Relentless, naturally. For some – like Phil “Danger” Askew and Ben Scoulding – this was their first time in Aberdeen. Our friends in Scotland very kindly put us up for two nights. Arriving at around 2 in the morning, we staggered into our sleeping bags and got a little bit of sleep before the tournament the next day.

A sterling job on a tiring journey – with a little help from some cans of Relentless, naturally In previous trips to Aberdeen, Bangor have not won a single match. This is through no lack of effort – the teams we were up against were simply


more experienced and trained more (Aberdeen train up to six times per week). This year we went in expecting more. In training sessions the team had been playing better than ever, we finished sixth (out of thirteen) in last year’s nationals, and a victory in a friendly against Liverpool Uni the Wednesday before the tournament – a side we lost to in Aberdeen last year – all showed significant improvement. We won a match. It was the first match of the day, too, against the “Zooplanktons” – one of the two Aberdeen teams. There were 5 different scorers in a 6-2 victory. Our usual raucous celebrations (we are generally regarded as the loudest team) got even more raucous and our spirits were high. We followed this up with a draw against Dundee Uni, before defeats against a talented and experienced Edinburgh team, the other Aberdeen team (“Henry’s Herrings”) and a loss to the “Reef Rats”, a side made up of players who had left Aberdeen Uni in previous years. However, even these losses were not as heavy as they had been previously. We also lost narrowly to Glasgow Uni, another match that, last year, wasn’t particularly close. It was further evidence that as a team, Bangor Octopush are improving

all the time. Furthermore, all this was done with three players – including Captain James Wilding, who suffered an untimely injury - unfortunately having to drop out. Though we were still well-stocked in the forward department, with five players all rotating to take two spots, we only had three defenders for three spots. This lead to the aforementioned tournament “newbies”, Ben and Phil, as well as captain-for-the-day Joe Mulkerrin, getting hardly any rest at all. They defended magnificently and even chipped in with a few goals.

Sport Wrexham Fear Influence of Shady Steve


ans of Wrexham FC began preparing for battle once again recently, with the news that the club had been sold to North-West businessman Rob Bickerton, only without their historic ground, the Racecourse. Wrexham FC owned the Racecourse ground (the oldest international ground in the world), and they have played there since 1884. The company that owned Wrexham FC (called Wrexham Village) also owns Rugby League club, the Celtic Crusaders. This

intimidated. He is currently awaiting sentence for assaulting a police officer. Even though Vaughan is facing jail, it does nothing to dispel the fears that he is looking to invest in Wrexham FC. If this happens, many fans have stated their fears that this will be the end of the club. The Wrexham fans’ unofficial forum,, is the base for a fans movement to get to the bottom of this. Dismal Jimmy is a fans’ group which was set up to help defeat Wrexham’s previous owners before Wrexham Village, who were also at-

Former Chester owner Stephen Vaughan

New Wrexham F.C. owner Rob Bickerton

company transferred the ground into its own ownership. This was effectively assetstripping Wrexham FC of the ground, and this was confirmed when the club was sold to Bickerton. Now Wrexham Village are charging Wrexham FC £150,000 a year to play at the Racecourse. For a non-league team, this is an extortionate amount, and could easily put Wrexham FC into administration if they do not receive significant investment. Furthermore, the fanbase of Wrexham FC are very concerned with Rob Bickerton’s appointment of staff who have close links with former Chester chairman, Stephen Vaughan. Vaughan is a notoriously shady character, a man who drove Chester City FC out of business, forcing the formation of a phoenix club.

tempting to asset strip the Racecourse from the club. Dismal Jimmy has been using Red Passion to rally supporters to the cause, and encouraging a campaign of non-violent direct action against both Wrexham Village and numerous politicians in an attempt to help save Wrexham FC from whatever lies ahead.

...further evidence that as a team, Bangor Octopush are improving all the time Then it was time for the annual, excellent after party, where, once again, we sampled the delights of a Scottish night out. Then, the next morning, the road trip home. This time it was tinged with the sweet taste of (modest) success, but it would have been fun either way. If some of the best team spirit and camaraderie in the Uni sounds appealing to you, we train at 8pm on Sundays in Bangor Pool.

Matthew Cox

Now Wrexham Village are charging Wrexham FC £150,000 a year to play at the Racecourse. This is an extortionate amount He also drove Barrow FC into liquidation in his time as owner. Vaughan’s links with notorious drug baron Curtis Warren are well-publicised, and any critics of his ownership at Chester were threatened and

Dean Saunders’ men are enjoying a great run of form Ironically, this off the field turmoil coincides with the most successful season Wrexham have had for years. Currently in the Blue Square Premier, Dean Saunders’ men are enjoying a great runof form. The games will surely give Wrexham fans a good idea of how likely they are to win promotion this year. But with all the stress off the field, Wrexham fans must turn away from the promotion battle for the time being, and focus their energies on the battle to save their club. More information can be found at:

Joe McNally

Australian Open 2011 Roundup: Nadal and Murray Fall Short


n eventful Australian Open saw Rafael Nadal fail in his attempt to hold all four Grand Slam titles at once, and Andy Murray lose his third Grand Slam final to Novak Djokovic. Nadal fell to an injury against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in the quarterfinals – not the first injury in his otherwise excellent career so far. Though a Murray vs. Nadal

“This is one big victory for me, but it’s not like a victory really” semi-final had been widely expected, Ferrer put paid to that idea in straight sets as he secured a 6-4, 6-2, 6-3 victory. After the match, Ferrer regretted the circumstances of his win. “This is one big victory for me, but it’s not like a victory really. He was playing with injury and I had luck.” Nadal declined to talk about his injury “for respect to the winner and to a friend,” pre-

ferring instead to talk about the match. “I think he played at a very high level. I just congratulate him and wish him all the best

being the only player to have lost nine consecutive sets in Grand Slam finals, following his straight-set losses to Federer at the Australian Open of 2010 and the US Open of 2008. He will take heart, though, from the fact that his hero Andre Agassi lost his first three Grand Slam finals as well. Murray focused on the positives. “I look at the tournament as a whole, it was excel-

form does not slump in the same way it did in 2010 following his loss to Federer. “Right now I feel better than I did last year. I’ll see what I do from here. I don’t know, I might for the semifinal.” Murray beat Ferrer in not play for a few months. I might feel like four sets to make the final. playing in a week’s time.” Meanwhile, Djokovic was playing some Djokovic, meanwhile, basked in his secof the best tennis of his career. In his semiond Grand Slam victory. “Any Grand Slam final he beat Roger Federer in straight sets title is a huge achievement. I have dedicated (7-6 (7-3), 7-5, 6-4), to my life to the sport. I’m set up the clash with still 23 and hopefully will Murray. have more chances to win Murray had also grand slams.” looked in good form In the women’s draw, at the tournament, Kim Clijsters continued dropping just two sets her superb comeback to throughout. In the final, beat Li Na 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 in though, Djokovic outthe final. Li Na, the first classed Murray as he had Winners and losers: (from left) Djokovic, Clijsters and Murray Chinese woman to ever outclassed Federer before. lent,” he said. “I don’t think anyone would make a Grand Slam final, had previously The Serb crucially broke the Murray beaten world number one Caroline Wozniserve at 5-4 in the first set, and Murray say that reaching a Slam final is a bad acki before her loss in the final. Clijsters, the could not recover. He lost 6-4, 6-2, 6-3. achievement.” Murray will be careful now to ensure his first mother to win a Grand Slam when she Murray now has the unwanted record of

secured the US Open in 2009, said: “Li Na was definitely a very tough competitor. She

Li Na had previously beaten world number one Caroline Wozniacki before her loss in the final really brought it to me at the start of the rallies. I was on the back foot and leaning back - I don’t like that.” In the round of 16, Francesca Schiavone and Svetlana Kuznetsova played out a record-breaking match. Schiavone won 6-4, 1-6, 16-14 in a match lasting 4 hours, 44 minutes in an echo of the now-legendary match between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut at last year’s Wimbledon.

Michael Ironside

February February What’s on? What’s on?

4 February Six Nations - England v Wales 4 February

Six Nations - England v Wales

5 February Six Nations - Italy v Ireland 5 February

France v- Italy Scotland Six Nations v Ireland France v Scotland

11 February Storm FM DJ Night 11 February

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12 February Six Nations - England v Italy 12 February

Scotland v Walesv Italy Six Nations - England Scotland v Wales

13 February Six Nations - Ireland v France 13 February

Six Nations - Ireland v France

14 February St.14 Valentines Day February

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19 February Night 19Band February Band Night

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26 February Six Nations - Italy v Wales 26 February

England- vItaly France Six Nations v Wales England v France

Seren - 216 - 2010/11 - February Issue  
Seren - 216 - 2010/11 - February Issue  

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