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March 2014

A Refreshing Trip

Sports Day

Cultural Day

Cute Beauties

ELEMENTARY & PRIMARY Here's nursery making their own sea turtles. Nursery learned about different sea animals. They learned about whales, crabs, lobsters and sea turtles.

Wild Animals Reception learned all about wild animals. They made Giraffe, Lion, Zebra and Elephant from handprints!

Dental Health and You

Elementary and KS1 children were given a talk on "Dental Health and You" by Dr. Umi Hafizah from Klinik Pergigian Jinjang Utara, Kuala Lumpur. Children were shown slides on how to brush correctly and take good care of their teeth. Later, there were Q & A session which the children really enjoyed asking and answering questions by/from Dr. Umi Hafizah. We hoped that next time Dr. Umi Hafizah will bring her team to do a dental checkup for all students at TIS.

Cereal Day

Elementary Petting Zoo Visit

Cereal Day (every Tuesday & Thursday) which started earlier this month, is to teach the children on the importance of and inculcate them on how to have a well-balanced, nutritional breakfast. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions so far and look forward to more Cereal Days.


ELEMENTARY & PRIMARY Cute Beauties Look at our little cute beauties from Turkey and Northern Iraq. They are here to welcome patrons to the China booth at Time International School Cultural Carnival held on 15th March 2014. They showed us that no matter from which country we come from, we should live in harmony and respect our different culture and customs. So, let's Live, Love and Laugh. Emoji to the Year 1 sweet Emoji.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) The IPC sub-unit for this term is “Let’s Celebrate”. In this sub-unit, students focused on subjects like Society, Art, Physical Education, History, Music and Technology. Students were able to experience variety kinds of hands–on activities such as making party hat, eye mask, lantern, goody bag, flower craft and many more exciting activities. Overall in this sub-unit, students learned how different groups of people celebrate different events and how people plan for a celebration.

The Theatre Visit With Elementary and KS 1 Students

Social Week In conjunction with Social Week, the Year 4 had a splendid activity parallel to their current topic in Geography which was ‘Lifestyle in India’. In order to discover more, this group of enthusiastic students were very curious to know which food is famous in India. Therefore they virtually flew to North India and learnt how to make chapattis. It wasn’t easy though! However, everyone in Year 4 got their hands-on with sticky wheat flour and patiently moulded it into nice soft dough, which was then perfectly ready to be toasted. Finally, after all the hard work, everyone sat together and had a feast. Good job Year 4! :D


ELEMENTARY & PRIMARY Sports Festival This year as TIS we are pleased to have held the first Sport’s Festival. It was an exciting two days starting with a March Past with all students in their Houses, accompanied by a Marching Band performance by a Malaysian school, SMK Kepong Baru. On Thursday, exciting telematches were held along with athletics. Futsal and volleyball games were played with five government schools in the area. A total of 360 medals were presented to students from different schools. Trophies were given to our best male & female all-rounders. Congratulations to Ahlam Suleiman from Year 4 and Ramazan Imamoglu from Year 11. Well done! Congratulations to topaz for the winning House and well done to Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire for participating. All in all, it was a very exciting two days for the students, teachers and staff. A big thank you to T.Imtiaz our PE teacher for great efforts and the schools that participated in the event, making it more fun and competitive for everyone.


SECONDARY Cultural Day Cultural Day was one of the biggest and most colorful of events this semester. Not only did we get to learn about different cultures but also to experience them. Each booth was a world of its own, containing flags, pictures, artifacts, gifts, food and many other miscellaneous items. Everyone was dressed in their national costumes. It was a refreshing change to see everyone representing their own identities. We also witnessed colourful performances by our students, who had worked hard to prepare interesting songs/dance for the audience. It was an enjoyable experience for all. From Sports Festival to Cultural Day, the months of February and March had them all. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the much-awaited activities and events that followed months of hard work and planning. The following are not just pictures but moments of happiness that will be etched in our memories for years to come.


SECONDARY Visit to Money Museum On the 5th of February we visited Bank Negara Money Museum. We were greeted with a huge spiral staircase which leads to three floors of exhibits. The top floor generally houses current shows, the second is a permanent exhibition of the trade history of Malaysia as well as the history of money in Malaysia, whilst the first floor houses the Malaysian economic history. Our students learnt about money of all kinds - from coins and notes to tokens and even commemorative collections. It was a learning experience for all.

Social Week “Culture, the acquainting ourselves with the best that has been known and said in the world, and thus with the history of the human spirit.” -Matthew Arnold Focusing on History, geography, culture/society, music, and arts, an array of activities including competitions/quizzes, a debate, and cultural presentations were designed for and successfully participated in by our students during Social Week.

Students dressed in their national costumes.

Ayham sturdily defended his arguments when questioned by Haris in a debate on ‘Globalisation.’

Year 9 students participating in a Geography Quiz.

Everyone was given the opportunity to vote in favour of the Government or the Opposition postdebate.

Assil from Year 11 presenting a Yemeni cultural item.


SECONDARY An Awareness Talk by MAKNA MAKNA (National Cancer Council) is a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to pool and utilize all expertise and finance from all sectors of society, and to fight cancer and reduce the related pain, morbidity and suffering that cancer patients and their families undergo. Time International School is grateful to MAKNA volunteers who visited our school to give an awareness talk on the symptoms, causes, and preventive measures of cancer.

Bowling Tournament for Year 7 : A Token of Appreciation for Winning Board Contest

Bowling Tournament for Year 7 : A Token of Appreciation for Winning Board Contest

The hard work behind their victory…

Sports Festival Sports Festival was one of the much-anticipated events this year at Time International School. It lasted two days from 27-28th February. All School Houses namely Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz, participated in the event. The event commenced with a March Past of all students dressed in their respective House uniforms. The students participated in sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, football, running races, and tele-matches. Our school also invited students from neighboring Government Schools for Boys Futsal Competition and Girls Volleyball Competition. The matches were competitive and full of sporting spirit. All schools were awarded medals and trophies based on their performance. As for the School Houses, strength, endurance and determination to win were witnessed on all four sides. The ground resounded with thunderous applause every time a student scored a goal or came first in a race. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as the prize distribution ceremony commenced. Much to the joy of Topaz, their team emerged victorious. All participants and winners were awarded with prizes. The lucky winners celebrated their victory joyously when they received their trophy. Moreover, Ramazan from Year 11 bagged 2014’s Best Male Athlete of the Year while Ahlam from Year 4 won the Best Female Athlete of the Year Award. The day ended on a positive note and the students and teachers of Time International School are now looking forward to next year’s Sport Festival with vigour and excitement.


SECONDARY Sports Festival

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