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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

If I were to take a prototype of my magazine to a publisher I think that the two publishers more likely to take on my magazine would be either Condé Nast of IPC media.

Conde Nast I would personally choose Condé Nast to publish my magazine because I like their existing products and I feel as though my product is fresh and new so would be a good attribute to their publishing company. My magazine is quite stylised so should fit in with other products which they have on the market, however my magazine is of a different genre to all of their existing products which are mainly fashion and woman’s magazines; my product is aimed at both genders and comes under a music, art and fashion genre. IPC Media Another publishing option which I would choose is IPC Media. I would choose them to consider publishing my magazine as they’re currently only publishing one hugely recognised music magazine which is NME. As my product is totally different to NME in genre and target audience I think that there should be no excuses as to why my magazine shouldn’t be published there, I will also be bring a different audience to the IPC Media table and a fresh new a young product for them to publish.

Independent There is also the choice for my magazine to go independent like many other successful magazines on the market, one being CLASH which my magazine is loosely based on. However there is also the choice to release my magazine online and see the reception it receives for a test period of time before I decide to publish it. I could also create an app for magazine as this is popular and fast way to reach a vast audience, this app could be sold on a platform like iTunes as iPhones are known to one of the most popular phones on the market right now especially among the type of audience which my product is targeted towards.

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