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Exclusive interview to Kristen Stewart

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Beauty Advice Column: “What can I do with spots?”

THE READS: Laura Gallego

Robert Pattinson, a new singer?

Miley Cyrus: Her first concert in Spain

Video: You belong with me

Selena & Nick are going out again.


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Laura Gallego

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Kristen Stewart

Everybody has strange days… When something happens and you can’t believe it has occurred to you. This are the best stories, keep reading!

Last weekend, my friends and I went to the beach. It was great but I had a problem… I was in the sea playing with the waves when suddenly, a big one threw me down. When I emerged, my bikini had disappeared. It was very embarrassing and to top it all, I lost my new bikini.

I liked a boy in my class and last week I left a note on his table, it said: “I’ll be in Beatles’ pub at 17:00 pm.” I was so nervous and I couldn’t talk so my friend pretended to be me. We were at 17:00 pm in the pub and he was there too. My friend started talking to him and in the meantime I was waiting in another table. Suddenly, he came to my place and said to me: “I know everything, so don’t worry, I like you too”. Since that moment we are going out.

I'm going to tell you something. One night, I was in my friend's house and two boys called us telling that they were bored, so we asked them if they wanted to come. When they were about to leave, my friend's parents opened the door. Our friends hid under the bed, and when my friend's parents went to bed they left their hideout in silence.

Some months ago, I went on a school trip to a theme park. We made groups and went to all the attractions. In my group, we were my two best friends, a handsome boy and me. While we were waiting to ride the roller coaster, I heard people screaming. I closed my eyes and I took my friend's arm. When I opened my eyes, I saw the person who I had taken his arm, and he wasn't my friend, he was another boy, and he was laughing at me. The handsome boy in my group saw it and he was laughing too. Then, he told to my class. It was very embarrassing!

Hello girls! It was late and we were in the swimming-pool. There were three good-looking boys. Suddenly, one of the boys approached to me and when I thought he was going to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, he said: You have a chewing gum in your hair. It was very embarrassing. But my friend took it off with some ice…

Hi, I’m going to tell you a story about a girl called Jessica… My granddad told me this story when I was younger and I have never forgotten. Jessica, the girl, was thinking how to tell her mother that she wanted to go to a party that night. She asked her mother but her mother said “no”, so Jessica ran to her bedroom while she was crying. At night, she escaped jumping through a window and she jumped the fence. She took a short cut in the wood but suddenly, she heard a woman shouting and she saw a dead woman. She was very surprised and scared. At that time, there was a man with a knife near her and he caught his knife and chased Jessica. Jessica ran for a long time, and then she fell down. Suddenly, a scream was heard in the wood. Next day, Jessica's mother went to wake her up. But when she opened the door, there was nobody there. Her mother was scared, so she called the police and they started to look for her daughter. One day, the police went to the wood and they found Jessica’s body. She was dead, stabbed in her back. People say that every night they hear screams in the wood. KISS 2

There are three type s of skin: dry skin, mixed skin an d greasy skin. Here we give you th e secrets to have a perfect skin.


DRY SKIN If your skin is dry, you should moisturize your skin with some fruit or a moisturizing cream. You can use a squashed banana with a little spoonful of honey or also, you can drink fruit juice, for example orange juice. It’ll be good for your type of skin.

Your skin is mixed when it is greasy in forehead, nose and chin and is dry on your cheeks. You can make natural face pack to avoid pimples with avocado and egg yolk.

GREASY SKIN If your skin is greasy, it needs moisturizing too. Wash your face when you get up in the morning and before going to bed. Also, you should avoid chocolate and other sweets. It will help your skin to be less greasy.

Beauty Secrests Bright hair: If you Sensual lips: If you Bright skin: If you Perfect belly: are fed up with greasy hair, try to make a paste of white clay and warm water. Apply it to dry and clean hair for ten minutes and rinse it!

have thin lips and you want them to look pouting lips, you have to delineate them outside the natural outline and use bright shades inside.

want a bright skin, take a grated carrot, yolk of an egg and a lemon. Mix them and apply to your skin for some minutes. Then, wash without gel.

To have a perfect belly you will need to do some exercises, give up junk food and drink a lot of water. Try to breathe in and inflate your belly gradually, then breathe out slowly. It works and is easy.

Beauty Advine Column - What can I do with spots? - Mix honey with oats and lemon juice. Rub the mixture on your face and wait for twenty minutes. You will freak out with the result! - How can I hide hair of arms? I have a lot! - Look for a good hair dye!


- How can I stylize my stout legs? - It’s very easy! Drink a lot of water, do exercise and massage them with a tonic cream. Also, combine warm water and cold water in turns in the shower.

- Which is the easiest form to shave my legs? - The easiest and the most durable form is with wax. It lasts more than four weeks!

to make them disappear.

- Does hair go bad if you smooth it with a hair straightener everyday? - Normal hair straighte- What can I do to hide ner can damage your hair but the new ones, freckles? - You can hide them made with ceramic with make up or with a sheets don’t damage it. colour moisturizing cream because it helps

Do you have problem s when you want to go to a party because you don’t know what to wear? We give you fi ve styles that you can use to go to a party!

Rock Chic

Glamour style Eclectic cool look

Give the classic dress a change: wear a T-shirt underneath and then wear a cool necklace with chunky boots.

Jackets can’t only keep your warm! Make them coordinate with your outfit, and play with accessories to restyle your look.

Boho belle Queen style

Take sequin dresses, jewelled hairpins and a big glamour ring. Finish with chic shoes for an added twist.

If you live for fashion and you love to stand out from the crowd, this is your look! Be overload on statement accessories.

Little black dresses don’t have to be stuck on your body. If you’re more than a hippie girl, go for loose style and shoes with metallic sequins.


Here, you will find new albums, new artists, the best videos and everything about actual music.

Daisy Dares You


aisy Coburn is a British pop artist and she is known as Daisy dares you. She hasn’t any album yet but she is making some songs. Some people called her “the British version of Kesha” or a “louder Lily Allen”. Her debut single “Number one enemy” will be available to download on 28th February 2010 and it is featuring by Chipmunk, a British rap artist. Her second single will be called “Rosie” and it will be released on 17th May.

Nick Jonas & THe Administration


ick Jonas, a member of the famous band “Jonas Brothers” has just released a solo album (without Jonas Brothers). It’s called “Who I Am” and he made it with the band “The Administration”. It contains ten songs and “Who I Am” is the first single. Nick Jonas & The Administration are planning to go on a tour in Europe in summer but they don’t know when it will exactly start.

Video: You belong with me by Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is a genius, she was born to be an artist. Her videos are like short films, so she has won some prizes. In this video, she, an invisible girl, falls in love with her neighbour while he is going out with the typical silly girl. She starts to talk to him and at the end, he invites her to a dance and he falls in love with her.

Concerts Rihanna and Shakira will be in the festival “Rock in Rio Madrid 2010” on 5th June. Don’t forget to buy your ticket! Miley Cyrus and McFly will be in this festival but on 6th June, it’s the first concert of Miley in Spain. Don’t miss it!

Pereza will make a tour around Spain. They will be in Barcelona on 22nd June, on 25th June in Valencia, on 28th June in Malaga, on 2nd July in Sevilla and on 5th July in Madrid and on 9th July in Zaragoza. Muse return to Spain on 16th June. They will be in Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid.

Justin Bieber

Jaula de Grillos


aula de Grillos is a new band from Madrid (Spain), formed in 2006. They are Alberto Miguel Ferrero (voice, acustic guitar), Jacobo Suárez de Tangil (guitar), Juan Rizo Martín de Serranos (chores, (bajo, bass) and Óscar Hoyos (chores, battery). They became famous in 2009 when they released their second album: “Polos Opuestos” with the single “Todo lo que tengo”. They have another album called: “Jaula de Grillos” and it was released in 2007. They are planning to go on a tour around Spain next summer. We will give you more information next month. Stay


ustin Bieber is the new promise of American music. He was born in 1994 in Canada, he plays the piano, the guitar, the trumpet and the battery and he has an album called “My world”. The album was released the 17th November 2009 in America. Justin has two singles “One time” and “One less lonely girl”. Listen to them! Now, he is making new songs to make a new album. We are

Animal, the first album of Kesha!


esha is an American singer and composer. You have probably heard her name for her collaboration with Flo Rida in the song: “Right Round”. Now she has just released her first album “Animal” and she has two singles “Tik Tok” and “Blah Blah Blah”.


In this section, y ou can enjoy with the mo st current news about sport s.

Basketball Copa del Rey 2010 (Spanish Cup). What has the Spanish Cup got that everyone likes it? Eight teams, a hobby and a city! The big party of the basketball, Spanish Cup is the most expected event.

Rafa Nadal is training again. A month later he quit of Australia Open Tennis Championships because of an injury, Nadal has returned to the court to get his strength back to the Indian Wells tournament.

Football World Championship in South Africa 2010. “La Roja” arrives to the World Championship after obtaining ten consecutive victories. Only Brazil in 1970 and Germany in 1983 got that.

T e n n i s


GP Motorbike The motorcycling will have its highest represntation in the three categories of the World Championship. The maximum category will have five Spanish pilots, Moto2 will have ten and 125cc will have with eight.


Vancouver 2010 (From 12th February to 28th February). Five Spanish competitors are competing in Alpine ski, eleven in cross -country skiing and two in figure skating but

Spain hasn’t got any medal yet in Vancouver Championship 2010. EEUU are in the first position with 23 medals.

Vocation is very important when you are deciding what you want to be, but it’s advisable to know the professional requirement in the job market at present.

The ten most demanded careers

Do you ha what is t ve any doubt a he bo In this se best career to stu ut dy ct most de ion, we give you ? manded the vocation c al studie areers and s in Spai n.

1º Administration and management of companies. 2º Economic Science. 3º Business Science. 4º Computer Science. 5º Industrial engineering. 6º Telecommunications engineering. 7º Chemistry. 8º Law. 9º Road engineering. 10º Medicine.

The five most demanded degrees of vocational studies 1º Electricity. 2º Mechanics. 3º Support and services of production. 4º Administration. 5º Information technology.

“Ghostgirl, Rest in popularity” is a book by Tonya Hurley. She was the kind of girl that people would never miss if she died. And then, one day... she died.


Percy Jackson & The Olimpians “Percy Jackson and the Olimpians: The lightning thief” is on cinemas on 19th February. This film is about a boy, Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) who notices that the characters of his Greek mythology book are coming to life. Zeus (Sean Bean) is very angry because he thinks Percy stole his powerful lightning and Percy will be in a dangerous battle between gods.

E. S. O.

“E.S.O.” is a film on cinemas in February. It is about a group of friends in a High School that receive Axia, a new student who seems like she is an expert in supernatural matters. In the meantime, the school is making a remodelling and they discover some tunnels under the school that were dug during the Civil War and where some children died. Axia has the feeling their souls are in the High School still.

Tensión Sexual No Resuelta “Tensión

sexual no resuelta” is a Spanish film on cinemas on 19th February. Juanjo (Fele Martínez) is an university teacher who has just been left by his girlfriend. He suspects someone has manipulated her and she broke up with him. So, Juanjo asks his more extrovert student, Nico (Adam Jeziersky) for help.


rland by Tim Alicia in Wonde



in Wonderland” is a film on cinemas on 16th April. Johnny Depp plays the role of the Crazy Hatter and Mia Wasikowska plays the role of Alicia with 19 years. She comes back to the magic world, where she was being a child to meet her friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Caterpillar, Cheshire the Cat and the Crazy Hatter. Alicia embarks in a fantastic travel to find her real destination and put an end to the reign of Terror of the Red Queen.

You can enjoy everyday with TV series. Look here and you will find the best series. On Mondays On Tuesdays On Wednesdays On Thursdays On Fridays On Saturdays

Antena 3 El internado Los protegidos Los Hombres de Paco Movie DEC Movie

Cuatro Callejeros Viajeros Hay alguien ahí Movie Movie Callejeros Movie

You can buy now “Bandslam”. The film is about Charlotte Banks, a girl who knows Will Burton, a new boy in her city and asks him if he is interested in be the manager of her rock band. He accepts, but he suspects it’s only to win her ex-boyfriend, Ben, in an annual competition between musical bands. In the meantime, Will meets Sa5m, and they fall in love with each other.

La Sexta Generación Ni-Ni Movie Bones Quién vive ahí Caso Abierto A match

Rec 2 “Rec 2”, you will be able to buy it on 24th February! There is a building in quarantine, and the authorities can’t contact with people inside the building. Outside everything is a chaos… Some specialists enter into the building but it will get complicated.


In each number o f our magazine, we bring the best in formation about present writers. To day, we are going to talk about Laur a Gallego



aura Gallego is a Spanish writer of children and teenagers’ literature who was born in Cuart de Poblet (Valencia) on the 11th October 1977. She has written about a lot of literary topics: historical-fantastic, with “Finis Mundi”; science-fiction, with “Las hijas de Tara”; epic fantasy, with “Crónicas de la Torre” and “Memorias de Idhún”. In her fantastic stories, the love topic is more important than the fantastic one. Characters show their feelings, doubts, suspicions, disappointments… and they follow them. Like that, the reflection of the feelings is shown on the dialogues and the reproduction of the thought. Laura started to write when she was eleven and she won her first competition “El Barco de Vapor” with the book “Finis Mundi” at the age of 21, while she was studying Philosophy. With “La leyenda del Rey Errante”, she won her second competition. The two best sagas of Laura Gallego are “Crónicas de la Torre” and “Memorias de Idhún”, they have been translated into German, Catalan, Portuguese and Korean.

Memorias de Idhún

orre Crónicas de la T


t’s a saga that contains four books: “El valle de los Lobos”, “La maldición del Maestro”, “La llamada de la muerte” and “Fenris, el elfo”. It’s a trilogy with a fourth book about one of the characters’ life. Crónicas de la Torre is about the life of Dana, a girl who was born to be someone in the field of magic, and her special relation with Kai, her friend. Dana will live in a world where the power of feelings rivals with the power of a great witchcraft and she will learn to use her talent. But there will be a moment when she will have to choose between her duty and her impossible love to Kai .



t’s a trilogy about fantasy, adventure, love… And it contains three books: “Resistance”, “Triad” and “Pantheon”. It’s about three young people: Jack, Victoria and Kirtash. Jack is thirteen, and he meets Shail, a magician, and Alsan, a warrior, members of “The Resistance”. They are trying to save exiled people of Idhún, while Kirtash is trying to kill them. Victoria joins to “The Resistance” and she discovers that she is in love with Jack, but also with Kirtash. These three guys are predestined to change the fate of Idhún.

Do you like ha Keep readin ndicrafts? g this!

Make an original cushion! Do you want to make an original cushion? We give you all the steps that you need!

Materials: - A piece of foam 5 cm wide. - A piece of wire 60x100 cm. - Clingfilm. - No-fray cloth, 100x100 cm. - Silk ribbon. - Clips.  Follow these steps: - First, roll up the piece of foam as if it were a tube and hold it with clingfilm. - Then, surround it with the cloth and adjust it with clips. - After that, cut the silk ribbon in two and make a bow in each end. - Finally, you only have to put the cushion in a good place!

Make your own dominoes Do you get bored every time you go to the beach or to the countryside? We bring you the solution! You won’t get bored anymore playing with dominoes made with stones.

Materials: - 28 similar white stones. - A black pen. When you have it, you will have to write a line in the centre of the stone and dots in each side.


- Hi Kristen, it’s lovely to see you again! How was shooting “New Moon” different to filming “Twilight”? - It was easier. When we started to shoot “Twilight”, we were all nervous and we didn’t know that the film was going to be so popular. “New Moon” was more prepared and the director was calmer than the first one. Also, in “New Moon”, we, the characters, were friends on the contrary, in the first film, we weren’t because we didn’t know the rest.

- Which actor are you closest to? - Well, there are two people. Robert (Edward Cullen), of course. We have had to film a lot of scenes together, so it made us knowing each other better. Also, I have had to know Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) better because in New Moon, we are best friends, so we have had to film together a long time. But everybody is fantastic!


- How do you get on with Robert? - We have been shooting together, and you can’t work with someone that you don’t know, so we had to spend much time together and like that, we have known each other very well. Also, we were travelling around the world to present the film, so during that time, we got closer. - How do you think he is coping with popularity? - Oh, I’m not sure! He’s coping with the popularity because he has to, although these things sometimes make him freak out. But you should know he is just a normal guy. He stays at home, writes music, does sports, watches TV… - New Moon is Alice’s big film, how do you feel about it? - Yes, it’s true. I feel good about it, I know I can’t attract the whole attention all the time and Ashley (Alice) is my friend, I’m very happy about her role in the film. - Kristen, if you were Bella’s best friend, what would you advise her about her relationship with Edward? - Hahaha, it’s a good question! I think, I would tell her that she wouldn’t go out with a vampire, although the intensity of their relationship can be felt at a distance, so maybe I would advise her just to be careful.

- Did you enjoy Italy? Can you tell us some experience you had there? - Oh, yes! It was incredible! I want to go back one day to explore the countryside. One day, I went to Siena and there, I visited some museums, walked up 250 steps to see the wonderful view and every time I took a picture, it was like a postcard! Also, I have never eaten so much pasta in my life! - Would you like to be a vampire to become immortal? - No, I don’t think so. It has a lot of consequences like, I would have to drink people’s blood, I wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat and also, my life would become boring after some time. I think people should enjoy their life as if the world ended the next day. If so, life would be more interesting. Don’t you think so? - Maybe, but I’m sure many girls would like to become immortal to be with Edward. What advice would you give to anyone who fell in love with a vampire? - I would say to them that if they are going to fall in love with a vampire, they should fall in love with one like Edward! But they would better not fall in love with any vampire!


Are you hungry? Make some fantastic desserts! Don’t worry if you aren’t good at cooking, they are very easy.

Lemon Mousse 

Ingredients: - 2 lemons. - A natural yoghurt. - A little tin of Sweetened Condensed Milk.  Making: - First, squeeze the lemons. - Then, mix everything well with a fork. - Finally, put it in the fridge.

Cookies with chocolate

Ingredients: - 2 packs of cookies. - Nutella. - 100 g. of sugar. - 100 g. of grated coconut. - 250 cl. of milk.  Making: - First, heat the milk and mix the coconut with sugar. - Then, dip the cookies in the milk. - After that, spread the chocolate on the cookies and join them. - Finally, spread the mixture of coconut and sugar on the cookies.


1. A person who is in a spaceship. 2. Action: skate. 3. Cardinal point. 4. Dessert that is baked in an oven. 5. Building where the office and the house of the ambassador are. 6. Lack of balance. 7. The mixture of hydrocarbons that is used as fuel. 8. A herbaceous plant. 9. A woman who looks after children in a house. 10. A substance produced by bees, or an affectionate word to refer to your couple. 11. The sixth month of the year.

What goes up and never come down? - Well, I don’t know. - Your age.

- I can jump higher - My dog hasn’t got than a house. nose. - How? - How does he smell? - Because houses - Awful. can’t jump.

“Alas de Fuego” by Laura Gallego

- Why should a skeleton drink 10 glasses of milk a day? - It's good for the bones.

“Alas Negras” by Laura Gallego. It’s the second part of “Alas de Fuego”.


Capricorn 22 Dec-20 Jan

Aries 21 Mar-20 Apr

Health: You will enjoy perfect health, take this opportunity. Friendship: Take care of your friends, you will need their support. Love: Keep an eye on one of your friends, he is very interested in you. Our advice: Be careful with what you wish, because it can become real.

Health: Live your life, don’t be always worried about your health. Friendship: Take advantage of your friends and enjoy them. Love: Trust your friends, maybe one of them has something to tell you. Our advice: If you want to be yourself, you don’t need to compare yourself with anybody.

Aquarius 21 Jan-19 Feb

Taurus 21 Apr-21 May

Health: Be careful and if you feel ill, go to the doctor. Friendship: You will have new friends. Love: Love will make you smile this month. Our advice: If you don’t know what you want, at least identify what you don’t want to.

Health: You will have a very good health, don’t worry. Friendship: Think how to deal with your friends. Love: You have someone waiting for you, but you won’t love him/her. Our advice: Confidence is one of the most important values in friendship.

Pisces 20 Feb-20 Mar Health: Do a lot of sport, especially outdoors, it will help you to feel better. Friendship: Share time with your friends, it is a way to enjoy yourself. Love: A big surprise is waiting for you, pay attention! Our advice: Although you criticize yourself and feel guilty, it doesn’t mean that you are to blame.


Gemini 22 May-21 June Health: It isn’t your month, look after yourself! Friendship: You have just enough friends, but don’t worry, they are real friends. Love: Your couple supports you, trust him/her. Our advice: When you are full of love, there isn’t fear.

Cancer 22 June-22 July Health: Keep an eye on that symptom, if it persists, go to the doctor. Friendship: You have a lot of friends, but mind them. Love: Follow your impulses, you will be really happy! Our advice: Let everybody be imperfect, including yourself.

Libra 24 Sept-23 Oct Health: Don’t be hypochondriac, your health is good! Friendship: If you don’t have a lot of friends, take care of them. Love: Someone of the past will return, you will be very happy, take that opportunity! Our advice: While there is communication between two people, there is the possibility of keeping a relationship.

Leo 23 July-23 Aug

Scorpio 24 Oct-22 Nov

Health: Look after people that are around you, their health is worse than yours. Friendship: Live with intensity, it is a good moment for you. Love: Follow your heart. Our advice: The meaning of life is to never surrender.

Health: Your body wants to say something to you, listen to it! Friendship: Don’t think it so much, it isn’t a problem. Love: Love isn’t what you think, you will have better times. Our advice: When someone gives you a present, the best sign of gratitude is to use it.

Virgo 24 Aug-23 September

Sagittarius 23 Nov-21 Dec

Health: You are perfect! Friendship: Spend time with your friends, it will liberate your stress. Love: Look in your interior, it will surprise you! Our advice: Walking without direction drives you to anywhere.

Health: Excess won’t be good for you this month, be careful! Friendship: Pay attention, you will make new friends. Love: Don’t look back, everything will get better. Our advice: The most important thing isn’t what fortune does with you, is what you do with it.


Selena and Nick are going out again!


hey were going out last year but the relation didn’t work out and now, we think they are trying it again. We caught them together in the park and rumours are circulating that their songs are for each other. Also, people have seen Nick in Selena’s concerts and Selena in Nick’s concerts! Nick and Selena are together all the time! It sounds like they are more than friends!

Robert Pattinson is a singer now!


imon Cowell, a member of the jury of the program “American Idol” and “The X Factor” has sent Robert a millionaire offer to release an album. Robert hasn’t accepted it yet, but we expect him to accept because he has recorded some songs and he has an amazing voice! Robert has a gift for music, he plays the piano since he is three years and the guitar since he is twelve. Also, when he was fourteen he formed a rap band with his friends. In Twilight B.S.O., Robert recorded two songs: “Let me sign” and “Never think”. Listen to them!


Rihanna wants to be an actress


ne of our best singers is thinking about being an actress. She wants to play a role in a comedy or adventure film. She has made a lot of videos and she is fantastic in all of them! We are sure that Rihanna will stir up the cinema! What do you think? Would Rihanna be a good actress?

Noah Cyrus’ glasses...


ome magazines don’t like Noah Cyrus’ clothes, the youngest sister of Miley Cyrus. And it’s normal because sometimes she doesn’t match her clothes properly. Also, she wears sexy clothes, and she is ten! Now, she wears a new type of glasses, they are horrible! She seems Woody Allen’s daughter…


Do yo u hing t have som et o ask? your q Send u u Avda estions to s . de A la 104 o r ente ska r to ou web s r ite.

Bothers:My boyfriend is older than me. Hi, I have boyfriend, he is 18 and I’m only 15. My parents don’t know this and my friends have said to me that he is too old for me and I should tell my parents. I know my family will disapprove it. Should I break up with him? Answer: If you have written in, you know that you are keeping secrets to your family and you don’t like it. And also, you aren’t sure if you should go out with him. You should be honest with your parents, so you can ask them if you can invite him to your house and introduce them. This way, you will finally know if they approve him. You may be surprised by their reaction.

Body: I have an eating disorder. Hi, I’m 14 and I have an eating disorder. I never eat anything, I’m not hungry, I don’t feel attracted by the food and I never eat sweets or something like that. I’m worried, may I be anorexic? Answer: I’m sure you have an eating disorder but maybe you’re not anorexic. You should eat five times each day and try to eat a bit more every day. You don’t have to eat a lot, but you need to eat because you are growing up. Your brain and your entire body need that food. If you feel that it continues, consult your doctor.

Body: I’m scared to smile.

Boys: My friend loves me.

Hi, I feel very miserable. I’m 15 and my teeth are yellow, I can’t get them white and they are also crooked. My parents say that braces are very expensive and we can’t afford that. What can I do? I want a nice smile. Answer: You can ask your dentist about tooth-whitening, but it can be expensive and in chemist’s shop there are good toothpastes to whiten your teeth. Moreover, you should avoid things that stain your teeth, for example black coffee or smoking. But in any case, if you feel positive and you smile, anybody will notice the colour of your teeth or if they are crooked. Smile, don’t worry!

Hi, I have one friend who loves me, but I don’t know if I really want to go out with him. Do you think I should give him an opportunity? I’m very confused. Answer: If you are so confused, you should think about it a bit longer until you are sure. Think if you feel attracted to him and don’t give him false hope because then, if you feel that you don’t love him, your friendship can finish. Although, if you are real friends, you can tell him what you feel and if he finally decides to take the plunge, you can try it. Consider that, if it works out, anybody will know you better than your friend and if it doesn’t work out, you can talk to him saying that you can be just friends.


Boys: I haven’t boyfriend. Hi, I’m 14 and I have never been going out with a boy. Is it bad? I don’t feel well, all my friends have boyfriends or have had one. I sometimes think that it is because I’m strange and anybody will love me. Help me! Answer: Don’t worry, it is normal! Each person has an age to start to go out with someone special. I’m sure you will find someone who loves you the way you are and you only have to wait. You don’t have to think about it, you can do everything without a boyfriend. Look your friends for support!

Bothers:I’m sad and I don’t want to go out. I get down when it rains and it’s cold. I just want to sleep and stay at home. Now, the weather is better, but I don’t want to leave my house to see my friends or to do something. What should I do? Answer: I think it is seasonal affective disorder, a kind of depression that occurs mainly in the winter, your body slows down. Don’t feed the negativity, remember it will pass. Try to pick yourself up thinking about positive things, like talking to a friend or watching a film. You can plan your day with activities that help you not to feel sad and negative. Gradually, you will feel better and this seasonal affective disorder will disappear!

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A half of highly-gifted children fail their studies. The first mental hospital in the history was built in Bagdad in the year 792.

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It’s impossible that you can touch the elbow with the tongue. And the 75% of people who read this, try to do it.

The elephant is the only animal that can’t jump. A cockroach can live nine days without its head before it die of hunger.

Women’s voice caus men’s brain. It’s be es exhaustion in cause women’s vo ice tone has more co mplex sounds, so it takes all auditory area of men’s br ai n while men’s voic e only takes subt halamic area of wom en’s brain. That’s why men switch off w hen a woman is ta lking.


The mark of your tongue is unique, like your fingerprints. The lighter was invented before than matches.

Each king of the cards represents one great king in history. Spades: King Dav id Clubs: Alejandro Magno Hearts: Carlomag no Diamonds: Julio Cesar

n a horse If a statue of a person ridde ching the has two legs without tou the person ground, this means that has one died in combat, if the horse the person of the front legs in the air, uries and died because of combat inj legs in the if the horse has the four of natural ground, the person died causes. “Ghostgirl, homecoming” is the second part of “Ghostgirl, rest in popularity” by Tonya Hurley. People says that comedy is tragedy that happens to another person.

Events of the 27th February:      

In 1863, Joaquín Sorolla, a Spanish painter, was born in Valencia. In 1909, the general Primo de Rivera resigned from his position. In 1914, some Scientists discovered the Carbon Isotope-14. In 1941, the movie “La Dolores” opened in Barcelona, starring by Conchita Piquer. In 1981, Spanish people demonstrated in favour of the democratic system. In 2001, José García Nieto, a Spanish writer and poet died.

Events of the 28th February:     

In 1886, José Gutierrez Solana, a Spanish painter, was born in Madrid. In 1941, Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, died. In 1958, Europe Parliament was built under the presidency of Robert Schumann. In 1980, the autonomy of Andalucía was passed. In 1983, the Compact Disc (CD) came onto the market .

This is the new mobile by LG LG KU990i

It’s tactile. It has a camera of five megapixels. It is like a camera! KISS 24

Revista Virginia Maza Domínguez  

Revista para el trabajo de Ingles 4º ESO

Revista Virginia Maza Domínguez  

Revista para el trabajo de Ingles 4º ESO