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Tocka 3 years Confluent margins


Cultural center Tocka opened on 29 May 2002. Over 150 more or less "cultural" events held in Tocka in these three years. We put inverted comas for the word culture since in the recent decades the role and the definition of culture have been in persistent and sometimes radical questioning and change. It was actually the reason why Tocka emerged - trying to answer on the need for a bit different, wider and more overall, understanding of culture. Tocka tries to unite the Culture with capital C and the culture with small c, culture as some individual resistance, excentrity and non-pragmatism in culture conceived as creative industry and a resource for more accelerated social development. For these three years Tocka, not only in quantity (with about 50 events per year), succeeded to become important cultural point in the city (and even in the state) map. It is certain that the cultural center will live for a year on, until June 2006, while afterwards the things are unclear. It is exactly one of the reasons why we edit this brochure: to remind on events organized in Tocka, on the main ideas and people behind the activities, but also as a way to attract new supporters for eventual continuation of our work, to endure and to enrich the concept of cultural center from the range of Tocka.

One of the reasons for creating the cultural center Tocka is the attempt to wake people from the horrible apathy that has occupied the country; we try to wake the young and more educated people in the society who are totally put aside and who prepare themselves for exile. We try to do this by presentations of attractive, contemporary and important themes which are not actual only for us, and to do that on an authentic way, with the real knowledge of "organic intellectuals", in the sense that Antonio Gramsi gives to the word, intellectuals that have the feeling of power for politics, for the social stratifications and manipulations and who know that the knowledge often serves only to strengthen the long ago established hierarchy in the society, and not for the democratization of the society.


Among the other, Tocka is a place for conversations, a site for spreading of the primary democratic culture of hearing and dialog; in spite of the declarative claims for democracy, in fact there are so little places where people could practice open and tolerant exchange of opinions. The main motive for doing this we find in the urgent need of activating a hub of permanent and open polemics in art and culture, in stimulating all kinds of alternative and non-institutionalized thinking, in development of the mechanisms for creating and maintaining communicative standards in the intellectual community and it's more radical openness towards the society.


exhibitions in Tocka in 3 years

Exhibitions 29.05.2002 Transfers by Igor Tosevski; promoters: Mitko Hadzi Pulja and Nikola Gelevski 03.07.02 In Situ: performance by: the group OPA (Denis Saraginovski and Slobodanka Stevcevska) -"Ars selective", Meto Angelovski with "OP-Disney", Irena Paskali with performance "WC" and Stojce Tocinovski with "Moment/relativity", curator: Nade Peseva 14.10.02 photos by Philip Basin (France) 15.01.2003 front covers of Elfasco 17.02.03 Collaging by Ivanka Apostolova, Igor Nasteski, Dragoljub Nikolovski; Front pages from the magazine Studentski Zbor 15.03.03 Boris Semov: Sleeplessness 18.04.03 Stanko Pavleski Dictatorship by the mediator - Three colors and Tome Adzievski Albanians as metaphor 14.05.03 Spase Perovski (Veles) Circle 23.05.03 Zoran Poposki: Journey of Desire 23.06.03 photography's by Igor Trpcevski (Prilep) 07.09.03 exhibition of comics Strip art; organizer: Strip center of Makedonija-Veles 20-25.09.03 Traveling painters, project by Dagmar Drews and Rene Klarenbek, (Holland), Tocka and public spaces in Skopje 24.09.03 Dimitar Mladenovski Summer impressions 26.09.03 "What is to be done?" - International project of 16 Beavers Group ( New York), participants: Suzana Milevska, Robert Alagjozovski, Nikola Gelevski, Iskra Gesoska, Zarko Trajanoski, Marko Petrusevski, Vladimir Jankovski, Hristina Ivanovska, Jane Calovski... 15.10.03 drawings by Natasha Andonova 05.11.03 exhibition of feministic cards How to became a glorious feminist 12.11.03 exhibition from The third international conceptual project: Macedonia/Holland, organizer: Elementi - Bitola 19. 11.03 collages, Peculiar Forest - second part by Emilija Bozinovska 27.11.03 Sonja Dimovska Time and Space - Space and Time and Marijeta Sidovski Tracks of time - somewhere in my mind 08.12.03 Aleksandar Bogdanov - Coki (Vinica), Between the day and the night

Tocka 3 years

15.12.03 Atanas Botev Sights 24.12.03 Gordana Vrencoska, Correspondence 20.01.2004 Jana Maneva Cuposka, Bridge,storyboard, 04.02.04 Nehat Beqiri (Tetovo), Graphitti and corridors 19.02.04 Marija Nikolovska Nanevska, Be the Death of Me 9.03.04 Metodi Angelov (Negotino), Had it not been 29.03.04 front pages of Margina 06.04.04 Ivan Najdenovski, prints, In search of the truth 15.04.04 Vane Kosturanov A house scarcely bigger than a planet 05.05.04 Discovering Roma people's cultural inheritance, photographies by NGO's Oscura and Peoni 06.05.04 projections of video films by Irena Paskali 14.05.04 Elena Panayotova (Bulgaria), Drawings 02.06.04 Igor Tosevski Territories 07.09.04 concert photos by Vlatko Cocoroski. 27.09.04 Football fans photos by Petar Stojanovski 13.10.04 Ibrahim Bedi View towards the forgotten 05.11.04 Mile Nicevski (Gevgelija) - Notes from the Newsagent's 25.11.04 7 wonders - 7 sins, group exhibition, Bulgarian conceptual art, curator: Svilen Stefanov 27.12.04 Nada Prlja (London) Serious Interests Agency 27.01.2005 Zoran Poposki, Silence 25.02.05 Gjorgje Jovanovic, The walk of mister Chenk through the divided continent 23.03.05 Lazar Dimov (Kavadarci) The mounting landscape, review on objects and objectivity, industrial design 05.04.05 Redxep Alpay, (Gostivar), Annulment (FAN.A) 18.04.05 Aleksandar Grozdanovski (Bitola), Lumberjacks 28.04.05 Marko Stojanovic (Serbia), 1 May 1982 20.05.05 Dejan Kolevski: Sites and moments 06.06.05 Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings

Tocka 3 years


0 ! 5

05.06.2002 CD, 8, Macedonian electronic music, 8 authors 07.06.02 journal for politics, gender and culture, Identities, and the book The exodus of Macedonians in Greece: herstories 11.07.02 Trilingual selection of the younger Macedonian poetry (9 authors), I/DHE/AND 19.07.2002 group "Zojder" (Aljosa Simjanovski, Ljupco Stojanovski, Ivan Mircevski, Ilija Tanevski) 20.09.02 Akcija Zdruzenska, feministic group 14.10.02 Regional project Cross-border action of the women activists 08.03.2003 book: Culture - Managent, Animation, Marketing 25.03.03 debut album of the group Plan B 01.04.03 Concert and promotion of the album Buy me, TB Traceri 03. 05.03 Children camp Mariovo 2003 07.05.03 Contemporary Slovenian poetry, 6 poets 10.06.03 promotion of edition Magma, 8 books published by Templum 16.06.03 concert and promotion of the album Donkey hot of the band from Bitola Foltin 08.07.03 promotion of the book: Postcolonial critique by Gajatri Chakravorty Spivak; promoter Elizabeta Seleva 25.09.03 promotion of the magazine for young FEDER, Tocka 20.10.03 promotion of the first Macedonian haiku magazine Mravka including ten Macedonian authors 13.11.03 promotion of the book Mirror for the puzzle by Vladimir Jankovski 14.11.03 promotion of the magazine Nashe Pismo, number 50 and of the Saraevo based magazine of literature Saraevski tetratki 27.12.03 promotion of books by Svetlana Slapshak, Edgar Alan Poe, Dejan Jovic, Robert Luis Stivenson, by Templum and of Margina 62 03.02.2004 promotion of the newest song "Dream" by the band Dina 10.03.04 promotion of Cyberworld by Paul Virilio and The history of the theories of communication by Armand&Matelard by the publishing houses Alef and Ein-Sof 29.03.04 Promotion of Margina 63 30.03.04 three poetry books by Templum (Karas, Anti-ski and Madzirov)

promotions of books, magazines, CD's!

01.04.04 promotion of Kontrapunkt and project Confluent margins, web page, video clip from Horkeshkart tour in Skopje, Bitola, Struga, Ohrid, two publications from project Confluent margins "Towns in Macedonia" - Bitola and Negotino 02.04.04 promotion of CD "Zavisna lista MK" 05.04.04 promotion of the film catalogue "Promising filmmakers" published by the Film Youth of Macedonia 09.04.04 Celebration of tenth anniversary of the NGO Indipendent writers of Macedonia and promotion of Nashe Pismo 51. 13.05.04 Queen without kingdom, fashion review by Danijela Simonovska, Tocka&Government Building courtyard 03.06.04 promotion of the documentary film What have we done to deserve by the NGO OHO 16.06.04 promotion of the book 17 1/2 dollars love from Charles Bukowski by Templum 04. 11. 04 debut album by Srgjan Janicijevic Good Old Fashioned future 16.11.04 Concert of two flutes 29.12.04 three books by Templum 15.01.2005 Cinc (Belgrade), concert 27.06-02.07.05 3 years Tocka, 2 years Confluent Margins: promotions of books, How to persuade you to buy a book contest, film projection...


in Tocka

by: Traceri, Foltin, Cinc, Oliver Petkov...

Tocka 3 years



Program film projections every tuesday in 21.00; conversation after the film; editors:Marko&Zarko

11.07.2002 debate Who is the subject of the Macedonian literature; mediator: Robert Alagjozovski; participants: Elizabeta Seleva, Ivan Dodovski, Suzana V. Spasovska, Lulzim Haziri, Nikola Madzirov, Nikola Gelevski, Nebojsa Vilic, Iskra Gesoska, Dzabir Ahmeti 19.07.02 debate The World of Media (or Hyperreality) Mediator: Nikola Gelevski; participants: Aljosa Simjanovski, Ljupco Stojanovski, Ivan Mircevski, Ilija Tanevski 12.10.02 Petros Konstantinos, lecture: About Florence European Social Forum Another World is possible 15.10.02 Dean Kox, 2 lectures: Journalism ethics and Diversity reporting 07.07.2003 international symposium The Postcolonial discourse and the Understanding of the Balkans - participants: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Obrad Savic, Elizabeta Seleva, Suzana Milevska, Robert Alagjozovski, Nikola Gelevski, Zarko Trajanovski, Miruse Hodza, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje 26.12.03 debate Alternative geopgraphy participants: Zarko Trajanovski, Marko Petrusevski, Nikola Gelevski, Miruse Hodza, Elizabeta Seleva, Robert Alagjozovski... 05.02.2004 Perspectives Of The Publishing In Macedonia, public panel discussion, Tocka 31.03.04 Debate How to advocate the importance of the culture magazines in the society 23.06.04 discussion with Nikola Gelevski and Dejan Jovic 12.10.04 debate The importance of interreligious dialog in crisis ages with Paul Moses and Leonard Swidler 24.04. 2005 debate Brother to brother, Culture for money

Laf -f ilm muabet

production of three theatre Art by Jasmina Reza (director: Zoja Buzalkovska), Slippery People by Viktorija Rangelova and Anastasia by Sofija Todorova Teodor


S lam poetry

First contests in in Macedonia! 30.03.04; winner: Marko Petrusevski 28.12.04; winner: Vladimir Martinovski

1 1 CD's As part of Confluent/Spreading the Margins projects, as supplements of Margina, 10 music and 1 film CD were published!

CONFLUENT MARGINS 2003-2006 Confluent Margins is the second phase of Disseminated Margins (1999-2002) that has the decentralization in culture as its basis. We understand the word decentralization in broader sense: not only in it's physical sense, meaning the attempt to change the unbalanced relation between the center and periphery, but also in it's intellectual sense: we understand decentralization in the same time as democratization and demonopolization, fight for more freedom, but also for more responsibility. Shortly, our idea could be reduced to 3D platform: democratization, decentralization and demonopolization. In the next phase we could maybe broaden the concept on 5D: plus diffusion and distribution. Why confluent instead of spreading? The answer to the question has the idea of Tocka in it. Traveling through the inner parts of Macedonia, organizing exhibitions, debates, promotions, presenting the people from outside Skopje in Margina we understood that action in the opposite direction is also needed: the people from the province, but also from abroad, to have chance to present their work in Skopje. That activity would diminish the feeling of cultural provincialism that exists in our capital, but would also strengthen the positions of the people from the province and their self-assurance, enriching the cultural and creative difference. That's how Tocka emerged.

Towns in Macedonia The publications Towns in Macedonia are one of the most interesting segment of Confluent Margins. Until now, eight publications are being published: Negotino, Bitola, Strumica, Ohrid, Struga, Kumanovo, Veles and Gostivar. Besides the better mutual acquaintance of the weirdly distanced towns (even in a sense of information) of our country, our aim is to initiate a formation of small creative teams who (will) realize the publications under the joint name: Towns in Macedonia. Every one of the 12 teams has a complete editorial freedom to present its own town in the most appropriate light (dark, light, in nuances, through shadows, through people, objects, history, geography, economy, photography, art, poetry, prose‌). They can even compare their image with the image of the other editorial teams on their hometowns. Mediating with their proffesional assistance, people from Kontrapunkt enabled concrete transfer of practical skills in editing and publishing publications, thus fostering the local partners to reflect certain ways of continuation of the publishing practice, which is actually dying outside Skopje‌



Events 31.05.2003 Tetovo, University of South East Europe: workshop "Organized acting in the cultural decentralization", 38 people from 11 towns in Macedonia have participated 11.08.03 beginning of the project for cultural decentralization "Confluent margins", Dom na kultura-Struga, exhibition by Ljubomir Miloshevski From the family; debate: "LocalGlobal: points of convergence and divergence", participants: Zoja Buzalkovska, Dimitrie Duracovski, Ljupco Pecijarevski, Marko Petrusevski, Edita Ibraimi, Enis Salifoski, Robert Alagjozovski; moderator: Nikola Gelevski 19.09.03 Prilep, promotion of the project "Confluent margins" and of the newest issue of Margina, hommage to Goran Ivanov Krstevski 26-28.09.03 workshop "Building Partnership and creating a team", Ohrid, lecturers: Ivan Dodovski, Marijana Ivanova, Viktor Sikov, 30 participants 17-21.10.03 tour of HorkeShkart in Skopje, Bitola, Struga, Ohrid 01.11.03 Negotino, exhibition of drawings by Natasa Andonova and Nehat Bekiri Corridors, promotion of the project "CM" and of the magazine Margina 07.11.03 Debar, exhibition of drawings by Natasha Andonova and Nehat Bekiri "Corridors"; debate "Identity and Contemporainty" - participants: Miruse Hodza, Emilija Georgievska, Baba Tahir, Vladimir Jankovski, Robert Alagjozovski, Dzabir Ahmeti, Nikola Gelevski; moderator: Iskra Gesoska 20.11.03 promotion of the picture book Something Else, in the frames of NGO fair, promotion of the project "Confluent margins" and of Margina 61

Confluent margins

From the family by Ljubomir Miloseski

The unusual sculptor Ljubomir Milosevic exhibits in Struga for the first time (although he lives in the near village). His work (with it's sharp social engagement), expresses the rude local colorit, in the same time radically separating from it! With this exhibition Milosevski became famous throughout the country, since many other exhibitions followed‌

Horkeshkart in Macedonia! From "the smallest town in the world" - Huma (17 villagers), to the flea market in Pancevo, Horkeshkart have participated (and still are) in spaces outside the privileged culture-markets (villages, schools, refugee camps) and also on art happenings (Opening of the Contemporary art museum in Belgrade, Cetinje Bienalle, presentation in Gratz, Osaka, Brehmen). Macedonian tour took place in four towns (Skopje, Bitola, Struga and Ohrid) and eight public spaces (Cultural center Tochka, Old Bazaar, Faculty of Architecture - Skopje; House of Culture and Sirok Sokak in Bitola; The city square in Struga; city market and House of Culture in Ohrid.



Confluent margins

Events 04.12.03 Tetovo, University of South East Europe: debate "Identity and Contemporainty" - participants: Miruse Hodza, Emilija Georgievska, Lindita Kadriu, Vladimir Jankovski, Robert Alagjozovski, Dzabir Ahmeti; moderator: Iskra Gesoska, students from the Faculty of communicology 25.12.03 Veles, exhibition by Atanas Botev Sights, promotion of "CM" and Margina 62 22.01.2004 Gordana Vrencoska, Correspondence, exhibition; Promotion of the project CM, Art Gallery Kumanovo 08.04.04 From the family by Ljubomir Miloseski (exhibition) in People Theatre hall, Stip 15.04.04 debate "Culture and media in diverse societies" -participants: Robert Alagjozovski (moderator), Marijana Ivanova, Goran Ilic, Dxabir Ahmeti, People Theatre, Kumanovo

19.04.04 Prilep, group exhibition Ismet Ramicevic, Metodi Angelov and Irena Paskali, Cultural Center, Prilep 07.05.04 group exhibition by Ibrahim Bedi, Vane Kosturanov and Irena Paskali in Art Gallery, Gostivar 10.05. 04 From the family by Ljubomir Miloseski and Irena Paskali At this bottom in Music School, Tetovo 28.05.04 Vane Kosturanov, A house scarcely bigger than a planet, exhibition, Cultural Centre, Struga 17.06.04 debate "The author and it's context"- Panelists: Nikola Gelevski, Aco Gogov, Robert Alagjozovski, Iskra Gesoska, Nikola Madzirov and Vladimir Jankovski, Workers' university "Josif Sveshtarot", Strumica

Vane Kosturanov, A house scarcely bigger than a planet

The extraordinary (and autodidact!) painter from Strumica, Vane Kosturanov, is one of the biggest "discoveries" in our project! The exhibitions of his canvases on oil held in Skopje, Strumica, Struga and Gostivar.

A whole week of events in Tocka

01.-07.04.2004. Later in several times we organized such tensed weeks of events.



Confluent margins


Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings The biggest exhibition in our project Confluent Margins traveled in six towns within a year: Gevgelija, Strumica, Negotino, Kavadarci, Tetovo and Skopje. 19 artists from the younger generation took part: Ljubisa Kamenjarov, Gjorge Jovanovic, Hristina Ivanovska, Antonio Dimitrov, Bojan Tokvarovski, Matej Bogdanovski, Ana Androska, Nenad Gjorgjevic, Metodi Angelov, Toma Dimovski, Vladimir Lukas, Branko Prlja, Natasa Andonova, Lence Andonova, Bejtula Zaimi, Mile Nicevski, Burhan Ahmeti, Vane Kosturanov and Ivana Dragsic.

7 wonders - 7 sins, group exhibition, Bulgarian conceptual art, curator: Svilen Stefanov

One of the best exhibitions in Tocka. Under the curatorship of Svilen Stefanov some of the most interesting contemporary Bulgarian conceptual artists: Elena Panayotova, Dimitar Jaranov, Krasimir Dobrev, Petar Canev, Ivan Curanov, Veronica Cekova and David D'Agostino. Before the opening of the exhibition the Bulgarian historian of art Svilen Stefanov held exceptional lecture on the beginnings, characteristics and the spreading of the Bulgarian conceptual art. The exhibition than moved to Gevgelija.

18.06.04 Vane Kosturanov, A house scarcely bigger than a planet, exhibition, Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre, Strumica 09.07.04 group exhibition Four female artists four views (Natasa Andonova, Gordana Vrencoska, Emilija Bozinovska and Irena Paskali, curator Maja Cankulovska) in the Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre in Strumica 05.10.04 Negotino, Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings 21.10.04 Kavadarci, Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings 10-14.11.04 Collective Art - How can Art change the Community five days workshop, Bitola 02.12.04 Gevgelija, Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings 16.12.04 Bitola, Mile Nicevski (Gevgelija) - Notes from the Newsagent's 23.12.04 Ohrid debate "Art and Money". 19.01.2005 Veles: Mile Nicevski (Gevgelija) Notes from the Newsagent's 04.02.05 Strumica, Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings 18.02.05 Gevgelija, 7 wonders - 7 sins, group exhibition, Bulgarian conceptual art, curator: Svilen Stefanov 11.03.05 Ohrid, Redxep Alpay, (Gostivar), Annulment (FAN.A) 29.03.05 Gostivar, Crtez-'Rtez (Sk_Mk, new tendencies), group exhibition of 19 artists, drawings 04 - 08.05.05 Krusevo, Critical thinking and debating, school, 7 lecturers, 25 participants

The Post-colonial Discourse and the Understanding of the Balkans

An Interdisciplinary Conference with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak The regional conference on "The Postcolonial critique and the Understanding of the Balkans" with the keynote address, Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak from Columbia University aimed to bring to the Macedonian cultural audience a leading cultural discourse that may help to propose a workout scheme of possible terms and categories that would define the recent transitional nature of the cultural development in the wider region of the Balkans. It intended to provide a deeper analysis of the present conditions in the cultural field, through the discourses of West-East, Post-colonial, and Subaltern, stressing their importance as specific methodological tool for opening questions on the cultural behaviour, cultural production, and cultural exchange between the so called West, the third World and South East Europe. Gayatri Spivak is one of the most influential cultural and literary theorists writing in the United States and lecturing at various academic institutions throughout the world today. Her interventions into Marxist, Feminist, deconstructive, psychoanalytic and historiographic problematic are well known and thoroughly recirculated.



The Assembly consists of: Nikola Gelevski, Iskra Gesoska, Bojan Ivanovic, Robert Alagjozovski, Dimitar Samardziev, Tamara Bustreska, Nikola Eftimov, Pero Georgiev, Elena Veljanovska, Vladimir Jankovski, Merita Kuli, Dusan Veljanovski, Marjonka Veljanovska, Senka Naumovska, Dzabir Ahmeti, Zoran Poposki, Maja Cankulovska, Nebojsa Gelevski, Aleksandra Bubevska‌ President of Kontrapunkt is Nikola Gelevski. Monitoring Board: Dusan Veljanovski - president, Nebojsa Gelevski, Tamara Bustreska; Managing Board: Nikola Gelevski, Robert Alagjozovski, Marjonka Veljanovska, Senka Naumovska, Dzabir Ahmeti. Currently, eight persons work in Kontrapunkt: Iskra Gesoska - Executive Director Nikola Gelevski - Strategy and tactics Robert Alagjozovski - Development manager Bojan Ivanovic - Graphic Designer and Technical Manager Elena Veljanovska - exhibitions and other maintenances Vladimir Jankovski - literature and other skillship Branko Prlja - web maintenance and other graphical spider webs Maja Cankulovska - art programme curator

Our principles

And localization and globalization and regionalization

Glocalization is neologism which well explains Kontrapunkt and Margina position: only deep inside could be far outside, outside the centripetal grindery of our province, somewhere there between the sparks from the grinding stones or mystically built as a Poe's cat, or the tomcat from the Carol's hat, indeed, while you disappear and appear, between the walls, so far away but so close. And we realized, finally, stepping out of Skopje, beginning with "spreading the Margins" into the "province", that the provincialism, the closeness are not the only problems of our community, but that the country in cultural, political and every other sense is so lost even "locally", in the relation towards itself, as much as it is lost "globally", towards outside, exchanging it's otherness/uniqueness in some other mirrors. We don't want to make an apology either of the local or of global but to create connections and nets on a local as well

as on a global level. We consider that even the locality is "produced"; the local differences are not given and natural but are result of a certain social machinery, which creates and enlivens identities and diferences.That is why we do not understand the globalization as a cultural, political and economical homogenization. We consider the cultural and the ethnical division from one side, and the modernistic homogenization from the other, are not two confronted sides of the same processes, but two tendencies, which equally constitute the global reality. The globalization presupposes the localization. It means there is no mere globalization; what we called globalization is always a globalization of a certain localism. We live in a local as much as in a global world. That is why we try not to mystify the storming social and historical events that happen to us. We try to tell that to people, on as simple way as possible and on a way that reaches their interest and their context.

KONTRAPUNKT Kultural center Tocka Ilindenska 38 Skopje tel./fax + 389 2 321 5494


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