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The ‘Not So’ Happy Birthday By Sarah and Lisa

I am so excited! Today is my birthday! I wonder what Mum has cooked me for my special birthday breakfast?

Morning Mum! What’s for breakfast?

Oh hello there honey, I haven't had any time to make you breakfast today. I am heading out for the day, I will see you later!

Oh... but Mum… She must have forgotten! That’s ok I will go see what Dad’s planning for my birthday!

Sorry Sweetie, but I have some work to do. I am sure your friends will play with you! There you are Dad! Glad I found you, do you want to come to the playground and play with me?

What’s happening around here! I can’t believe Dad has forgotten too. Surely my friends will remember.

Hey Guys, want to play?

1, 2, 3‌ Oh no, I am late for lunch. Wow, this flower is so pretty I am going to go show Mum.

Looks like everyone’s leaving, see ya later!

What is going on today!? Nobody has wished me a Happy Birthday, they have all forgotten! I feel so sad! I will just go home and read my book.

I think I left my book in the lounge‌

Surprise! Happy Birthday! Wow, you did remember, I thought you all forgot. This is the best birthday ever!

…and they all had a wonderful time, eating cake and playing games!

The End!

The 'Not So' Happy Birthday  

A story about a girl who's birthday had been forgotten.