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Yale School of Architecture ď‚— The Yale School of

Architecture is one of the constituent professional schools of Yale University. It is generally considered to be one of the most prestigious architect ure schools in the world.

Yale School of Architecture ď‚— Yale's architecture programs are an outgrowth of a

longstanding commitment to the teaching of the fine arts in the university. "Art was first taught at an American college or university in 1869 when the Yale School of the Fine Arts was established. Yale alumnus and educator Andrew Dickson White was offered the post as the first dean of the school, but turned it down to be the first president of Cornell University. Even earlier, in 1832, Yale opened the Trumbull Art Gallery, the first college-affiliated gallery in the country. The Department of Architecture was established in the School of the Fine Arts in 1916. In 1959 the School of Art and Architecture, as it was then known, was made into a fully graduate professional school. In 1972 Yale designated the School of Architecture as its own separate professional school.

Yale School of Architecture



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