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Origin of Hernandez The last name Hernandez is a Spanish last name that was documented from the fifteenth century. It meant “son of Hernan” or “son of Hernando”. It’s believed that the origin of this last name is from the king Hernando.

Origin of Callejas The last name Callejas is a Spanish last name that was recognized by the chronicler Don Vicente de Cadenas. Despite of there’s no way to know when the origin of this last name was, there’s records of the last name from 1710.

Family History: My parents named me Sergio because my father’s name is Sergio too. In my father family, they have the tradition of having the same name. For example, my second name is Antonio, my aunt is Antonio, my grandfather is Antonio, and my great grandfather is Antonio too. My mother family was from Mexico, but my grandmother decided to move to Guatemala to find a better job. In Guatemala, she met my grandfather, and then they had 5 children. My mom was the middle one. Then, my mother met my father when they were studying, and they had me before they finished their studies. My grandmother had the idea of: if my father didn’t marry with my mother, then they would move to Mexico again. It was difficult for my parents because they were just kids. Fortunately, my parents moved from Escuintla to Guatemala and started to work hard to have money. It was wonderful for me, because they, having absolutely nothing, started to earn money. I never missed anything, my parents took care of my wellness. And here I am, 10 years after that big event of the move for Guatemala. I’m a person with a lot of vision, and I expect to buy a new house for my parents when I get older, because they gave me everything. About me, they and my brother are the only true family that I have.

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2013. It was my first concert. My father accompanied me to go, and in the middle of the night we took this picture

2015. It happened in my birthday. Mi whole family traveled to IRTRA, in Retalhuleu. It was a 3-day travel, and in the last day, my mother decided to take this picture of my cousins and I.

Unknown date. My parents and my grandmother were in a lunch. They decided to take this picture because that lunch was very important for them, because it was he first time in one year that the family met after my move to Guatemala.

2013. It was in my grandfather’s birthday. My uncles, my father and my grandfather decided to take this picture. They named this picture as “Los machos de la casa”. At the left of the picture, my uncle Antonio, who died in the year before, and my father, are hugging. At the right of the picture, my grandfather and my uncle Jorge Orlando.

2018. This picture was taken in my cousin college. My cousin, Teresa. made a seminar project of the ambient. My aunt Iris and my grandmother were to the school to watch the project.

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My family album  

This is a famiy álbum

My family album  

This is a famiy álbum

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