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why Pink and Green? The Pink & Green Ribbon campaign is a grassroots movement started by three Alberta Mothers dedicated to fostering a BREAST HEALTH MOVEMENT. We offer women preventative breast care options and promote the notion that our Healthy Bodies depend on our Healthy Earth! We dedicate this work to ourselves and each other, for our sisters, friends, mothers, daughters and grandmothers for generations past and for those to come...

Gals Behind the Ribbon on sabbatical

The Pink & Green Ribbon campaign is a non profit organization.

prevention is the cure

Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners. ~William Shakespeare

our bodies


action steps

one Eliminate toxins in your home. Heard that one before!? We have said it once, and will say it again – toxins add up. If you think that using ʻa littleʼ of that chemical cleaning product doesnʼt matter, please reconsider. Our bodies are designed to hold on to things – we are the top of the food chain and are excellent at bioaccumulation. People have found toxins in their bodies from chemicals their parents used over 30 years ago. Toxins stay and accumulates. Best solution – elimination of them in our lives.

two Do a detox. Find something suitable for you to eliminate the bioaccumulation of toxins in your body. But be gentle. Talk to you local health practitioner about a detox plan that will suit you.

three Get thermography exams. We do! Everyone should. The more people that get it done, the sooner the government will see the need and provide it as part of our medical system. Check out our Thermography Page



Tell your friends about thermography.

Understand xenoestrogens and decrease your exposure to them. By reading labels and clearing out unhealthy household and daily use items (there – we said it again) these last five weeks you have already decreased your exposure to harmful toxins. GOOD JOB!

Spread the word so we all can be fortunate enough to detect any irregular tissue in our breasts before it becomes a tumour.

Here are some great resources to visit and share: Xenoestrogen Guide Detox Info Eliminating Toxins in your home



Xeno means "foreign" or “strange” - need we say more. Xenoestrogens are synthetic chemicals found in our environment also known as estrogen impostors or hormonal disruptors. They are called impostors because they mimic the estrogen in our bodies. They attach to the receptors the body has solely for the purpose of receiving internally made estrogen and the body can't tell the difference and responds. When they attach they throw off the bodyʼs careful hormonal balance and messaging system by sending messages that are not coming from what the body needs but just random messages that do not take into account maintaining health and balance in the body at all.

The Pink and Green Ribbon Health Campaign is a program of the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation and is supported by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

An added negative aspect is that they attach more firmly to the receptors and persist in our bodies and in the environment because we have not adapted efficient ways to clear them. One net effect of the body not being able to clear the xenoestrogens is that we are chronically exposed to a higher level of estrogen stimulation than our bodies (and breasts more specifically) are used to. Not healthy. Breast tissue consists of hormone sensitive tissue – most of us know this, having observed changes the week before we menstruate or the changes during puberty or pregnancy.  Breast tissue has some of the highest concentration of estrogen receptors in the body and xenoestrogens bind here easily too throwing the hormonal balance off kilter in favour of unhealthy changes in breast tissue. Our internally made estrogen stimulates duct development in puberty and pregnancy, causing breast cells to multiply. If this process of estrogen stimulation was unmonitored as it pretty well is in the case of xenoestrogens, it probably comes as no surprise that the excess/ unregulated estrogen stimulation could result in excess and perhaps unhealthy breast cell replication. Xenoestrogens are fat-soluble and because they are not easily cleared they end up accumulating in fat cells. Breast tissue has a high content of fat cells that serve to provide shape and to cushion the active breast tissue. The cellular accumulation of fatsoluble toxins and xenoestrogens in the breast tissue can initiate adverse chemical and physiological changes and make cells more vulnerable to abnormal changes - not what we want. 

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Healthy Breasts Series - Week 5 - Our Bodies  

Join us for this 5 week Series and explore the holistic health of our bodies and our planet and how the two intimately intertwine. This week...

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