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why Pink and Green? The Pink & Green Ribbon campaign is a grassroots movement started by three Alberta Mothers dedicated to fostering a BREAST HEALTH MOVEMENT. We offer women preventative breast care options and promote the notion that our Healthy Bodies depend on our Healthy Earth!

What if healthier breast tissue and less exposure to carcinogens made our breasts less susceptible to cancerous changes?

We dedicate this work to ourselves and each other, for our sisters, friends, mothers, daughters and grandmothers for generations past and for those to come...

Gals Behind the Ribbon on sabbatical

The Pink & Green Ribbon campaign is a non profit organization.

"Let the clean air blow the cobwebs from your body. Air is medicine." - Lillian Russell

our air


action steps

one Green House Gases are old news, but still in the news. If not for the entire atmosphere, how about for you and your local community.....think about the amount of emissions going into the air with our driving of fossil fuel burning vehicles. Visualize the volume of gasoline or diesel we put into our car every week – 60 litres is equivalent to 60 cartons of milk (or alternative) being burnt into the air. It doesnʼt go away, it goes air borne as NOX and SOX (and other toxins) and then we breath it in. Smell that?

two Take deep breaths. Remember the pink part of the ribbon – happy boobs. With deep breaths we calm ourselves and reduce our stress levels, thereby increasing our body health and circulation. Some ideas....

Components of The Healthy Breast Program

three Get out of breath. Run, walk fast, go to boot camp, dance at a Bellyfit® class, bike ride, or whatever your passion to get you out of breath. The deep breathing does so many things including causing you to sweat out toxins. Feel the burn sisters!

...four and five



Life-cycle – look at what you use and how much of an impact it has on our atmosphere. Can you reduce your energy at home, which will reduce the coal fired power plants used to generate energy in both Alberta and BC? How was that water bottle made? Did it cause high consumption of hydrocarbons to generate the energy for that one use?

Clear the air. Depending on what is in your home and how new it is, you can be breathing in dioxins and other toxins from their off-gassing (i.e. carpets and paints). Choose low or no VOC products when decorating your home. If youʼre unsure about existing off-gassing in your home grow lots of plants to help absorb these air born toxins and continually cleanse your living environment. Here are some great resources to visit and share: 10 House Plants that clear the air How was that water bottle made? Albertaʼs Energy Sources British Columbiaʼs Energy Sources AND lets not forget GRATITUDE! A lovely blog entry...get some ideas!

The Pink and Green Ribbon Health Campaign is a program of the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation and is supported by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

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