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<html> <center> <title>Sequoah MakeUp</title> <img src="" alt="Make up" height="400" width="266"> <body> <body bgcolor="pink"> <h1>Sequoah MakeUp<h1> <img src= <h2>Mac MAKEUP</h2> <img src=" il.jpg" alt="Make up" height="480" width="360"> <h3>I love using mac make up for my eyebrows pencil because it look so pretty on my skin.</h3> <h4> Mac have the best make up to me because you cant tell if i have on make up.</h4> <b> Sequoah</b> <i> Presley</i> <font color="red"> My face always look good because of mac.</font> <p><b> Bold</b> <p><i> Italic</i> <p><font size"3">This is font size </font> <p><font color="red">This font red</font> <p align="right">This is left align</p> <p align="center"> This is center align</p> <ol>What i use in order for my face <li>Eyes</li> <li>lips</li> <li>face</li> <ul> <li>eyebrow pencile</li> <li>lipsglass</li> <li>foundation</li> </ul> <a href="">youtube <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </center>