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Reasons To Install Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Glass pool fencing Brisbane is a safety feature required by the government of any home with a swimming pool. Laws on fencing pool areas were strictly imposed when a noticeable rise in the number of fatal pool accidents alarmed families and communities in Australia. Pool fences have since proven effective in keeping swimming pools safer, especially when toddlers and very small kids are involved. If you need to decide on which kind of fence to install around your swimming pool, a glass pool fence is a good bet. It presents many advantages in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Attractive Designs Pool fencing in Melbourne may be frameless or semi-frameless. Either way, it makes your pool area look more elegant and modernistic. You can have the glass panels in various sizes and shapes according to your taste. Some contractors even make available frosted and tinted panels with matching glass balustrade fittings for a more appealing look. Manufacturers of course take into serious consideration Brisbane’s glass balustrade regulations and supply customers with materials adhering to stringent building codes.

A frameless glass pool fence offers unobstructed views of the surroundings, giving the illusion of opening up the area instead of fencing it down. Your home will be worthy of a home decor magazine in an instant with these frameless beauties held up by heavy-duty metal spigots. Guaranteed Safe Glass used for pool fencing is approved for strength, safety, and durability. Manufacturers usually have glass panels in varying thickness. Glass pool fences will not crack or break easily and in the event that one of the panels does, there is no need to tear the whole fence down. You simply ask your contractor to replace the broken panel. Another safety advantage of a glass pool fence is that it makes it impossible for people, especially kids, to climb. You can install a matching gate to the fence with the necessary fittings to make your pool area even more secure. Low Maintenance Glass pool fencing does not require meticulous cleaning up and maintenance. Wiping the panels down with soapy water should be enough. Glass fencing is resistant to heat, moisture, heavy impact, and the toughest weather conditions. It can certainly stand the test of time and you can expect to enjoy a newly installed glass pool fence for a long time. Glass Pool Fencing Prices Glass pool fencing prices vary depending on the manufacturer. They usually start at $160 per panel. Semi-frameless fencing is a cheaper option or if you want to save on contractor fees, there are suppliers online that sell DIY glass pool fencing kits complete with the number of panels you need and matching fixtures. These DIY pool fences are easy to with minimal help. Quality Glass will gladly provide your glass pool fencing needs and install the fence for you. We offer a guarantee on workmanship and the quality of our products. If you would like your glass pool fencing Brisbane professionally installed, you can certainly call on contractors like Quality Glass at any time.

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane  

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