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When people are planning an event, they typically look to hire caterers, book entertainment and rent marquees. Smart event planners also consider renting portable toilets. The food may be delectable and the location could be extravagant, but lack of restroom facilities can tarnish an otherwise perfectly planned event. Ultimately, an event’s success depends on the guest’s comfort and contentment. This post discusses the benefits of portable toilet rentals, as well as several occasions where it may be appropriate to rent a porta-potty.

Why are Porta Potty Rentals a Good Idea in the First Place? When there’s a septic company managing installation, supplies, maintenance and removal, renting is the most economical, sanitary and secure option. We deliver, maintain and remove portable toilets at agreed-upon times, providing all supplies. Having attractive facilities adequate to properly serve the number of guests prevents overflows, closed restrooms (worse) or (the worst) unhygienic dashes into the woods. Too, corporations or homeowners holding outdoor events often cannot allow casual restroom traffic access to their building or house for basic security reasons.

Choosing to rent an accessible, clean restroom will prevent roamers. It is also far more economical than repairing clogged plumbing, replacing irreparably damaged heirlooms, or protecting proprietary information. In a green-wise world, choosing to rent eco-friendly portable facilities is an environmentally sound practice. Hosts and attendees can relax in style consciencefree. With endless options and streamlined service, portable restroom facilities guarantee hosts and guests full enjoyment of any occasion in any locale.

Family Gatherings

Summer often brings families together for barbecues, graduation celebrations, weddings, the 4th of July, reunions, and other celebratory events. If your family is on the larger size, renting a portable toilet will be extremely helpful for protecting your own bathroom. After all, you don't want to subject your home's bathroom to being used by more than 5 people in an afternoon. Remember: kids, pools, dirt and clean floors do not mix. Kids will be kids. Even adults can be kids, let’s face it! Unfortunately, your floor’s well-being is not always a cause for concern when your guests are busy having fun. No, a closed-door policy is not in order, but offering a portable tiolet outside is a perfect solution to having guests in and out of your house to use the restroom.It's a great idea to rent a portable toilet when there are food and drinks for a celebration.

For Construction Site Owners If you are managing a construction site, you want to keep your employees happy. As you can imagine, if employees are unable to relieve themselves at work, they often become poor performers. After all, you can’t expect someone to work at their capacity when they are squirming to hold it in. No matter whether your employees are working on building an apartment complex, or on the highway digging holes, it should not take them more than 3-5 minutes to get to a suitable bathroom. Having enough portable toilets on your construction site will make the property owners appreciate your workers not relieving themselves in the areas around their business.

Public Events You are likely most familiar with portable toilets used at highly trafficked public events. Whether it’s a big high school football game, a non-profit banquet, or a concert, everyone needs to be accommodated. Renting multiple portable toilet units is a a solid approach, as there are few ways to anger the public greater than restriction their access to the bathroom.

Fred Lewis Septic | Portable Toilet Rentals Fred Lewis Septic is pleased to offer Portable toilet rentals. We service the entire state of Connecticut, offing a full menu of portable toilet options. Whether you’re a contractor with a long term job site, or hosting an event that requires temporary bathroom facilities we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on clean units you will be happy to use. Customer service isn’t just a priority but a commitment. We offer convenient cleaning schedules to work around your schedule.

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What Are the Benefits of Portable Toilet Rentals?  
What Are the Benefits of Portable Toilet Rentals?  

When people are planning an event, they typically look to hire caterers, book entertainment and rent marquees. Smart event planners also con...