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September 2010

Canal Fulton police officers look for a suspect inside a city apartment. Canal Fulton is one of various Ohio police departments to use Facebook to connect with the community.

CONTENTS Police connect with community through Facebook For Massillon police officer Brian Muntean, Facebook is more than just a way to connect with friends and family throughout the world. It’s a way for his department to interact with the people they serve. “We use Facebook to connect the Police Department with the people,” Muntean said about his department’s page. “It’s an important tool to get out timely information.” In Stark County, Massillon and Canal Fulton were the first departments to sign up for Facebook, joining a growing number of departments throughout the state. Both Massillon and Canal Fulton have over 1,000 people who connect with the sites, which feature suspect mug shots as well as weather updates, notable arrests, answers to questions from the public, and updates on local issues. Muntean has credited ten arrests in Massillon to the site. continued on page 2

Ohio inmates to receive limited access to e-mail ...................................................... 2 Connected Nation helps Ethiopia school build computer lab ........................ 3 Online technology needs survey to help guide eCS teams............................ 4

Connect Ohio’s State Operations Managers Don Shirley

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State Operations Manager Southwest Ohio 513-668-2222 State Operations Manager Southeast Ohio 740-777-7065

State Operations Manager Northeast Ohio 419-503-1015 State Operations Manager Northwest Ohio 614-208-3010

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September 2010

Social media highlight of the month

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“We can post information when we want to,” he said. “We depend on the community more than they realize.” Canal Fulton Police Lt. Doug Swartz reported that they had an arrest less than 24 hours after posting a mug shot. “It’s important to us to communicate to our community in any facet that we can,” he told a local reporter.

We’re proud of our partnership with the Farm Bureau and are working to bring affordable broadband services to all rural households. We’re excited to see many Farm Bureau members and their friends on our social networking sites. Thanks for your support.

Muntean said several suspects have turned themselves in on warrants after they saw their picture on the Massillon department’s Facebook site.

Ohio inmates to receive limited access to e-mail

On the Web: Massillon Police Department Facebook site:!/pages/Massillon-PoliceDepartment/277138482318?ref=ts

A number of correctional institutions in Ohio along with 13 other states are now allowing inmates to receive e-mail. This new system provides inmates a vital technological tool to communicate with others in today’s society.

Canal Fulton Police Department Facebook site:!/pages/Canal-Fulton-OH/ Canal-Fulton-Police-Ohio/272565832856?ref=ts&__ a=15&ajaxpipe=1

Not only is this system a way for the correctional institutions to become “technologically savvy,” but the state believes the e-mail system will reduce costs as well as the amount of contraband that enters the institutions.

Does your police department have a Facebook page? Send a link to and we’ll compile a running list on our Web page.

BroadbandStat question of the month Q: I am moving to a new area of Ohio and need to find out which broadband providers serve my new address. Is there one place to find that information? A: Yes, click on the “Locate Me” icon on the BroadbandStat Interactive Map at locateme Got a question about our BroadbandStat service? E-mail Public Relations Specialist Rachelle Manson at and she’ll find an answer for you.

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) stresses the importance of offenders staying in contact with loved ones. “The new e-mail system for inmates aims to enhance opportunities for correspondence with family and friends in the community,” said Jessica Dennis, a spokeswoman for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. “This support in the community is imperative for offenders returning home.” At this time, DRC has not measured the success of this newly introduced system. It hopes to provide data to the public after 6 months as well as after a year of the implementation. JPay, Inc. is the company under contract with DRC to provide this service. Individuals who would like to correspond with an inmate will purchase a package with prices varying by the number of pre-purchased messages. The messages will then be reviewed, printed, and delivered to the indentified inmate. The inmate will respond with a handwritten note which will be scanned to the sender’s e-mail account. *information from DRC news release

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September 2010

Connected Nation helps Ethiopian school build computer lab Connected Nation, Connect Ohio’s parent organization, recently raised over $6,000 to build a new computer lab for a school in Ethiopia. Destiny Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was founded in 2005 by an Ethiopian couple named Hareg and Yonatan to give some of the poorest children in the city the opportunity to get a quality education. The school has shown rapid growth since its establishment. Today, it employs 42 staff and educates more than 400 students in grades K-8. To help those that cannot afford schooling, Destiny’s sponsorship program includes forty students who currently attend free of charge and are given money for medicine and food thanks to the generosity of others.

Tuscarawas County Library computer donation

In a country where 42 percent of the population has access to clean water, 39 percent live on less than $1.25 per day, and only 36 percent of adults can read, Destiny Academy is paving the way for a better future. “Setting up the computer lab will serve as a bridge to connect the students with the present technology,” said co-school founder Hareg. “It will give them access to the rest of the world. To the majority it will be a unique opportunity to touch a computer. We believe education is the only way out of poverty and deprivation.” Connected Nation Communications Director Jessica Ditto recently traveled to Ethiopia to volunteer at the school. Inspired by her efforts, the Connected Nation team collected funds for the computer lab.

Find us on social networking sites Connect Ohio can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Join us on these platforms for updates about our efforts to increase broadband availability and access around the state. Share your ideas, comments, questions, videos, pictures, and more with us and other contacts around Ohio.

Connect Ohio Southeast Region Operations Manager Bart Winegar, second from right, delivers computers to the Tuscarawas County Public Library.

Connect Ohio recently delivered six laptops to the Tuscarawas County Public Library which will be used in a mobile training lab as part of the upcoming Every Community Online program. “These computers mean a lot for our Mobile Training Lab and to the people we serve here in Tuscarawas County,” Library Director Michelle McMorrow Ramsell said.

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September 2010

Sunny Spot to Read

232 N Third Street, Suite 201 l columbus, OH 43215 (614) 220-0190 l Toll Free: (866) 881-9424

Visitors to the Cleveland Public Library have the opportunity to enjoy Wi-Fi in an historic location. The Eastman Reading Garden, located on Superior Avenue between the main branch and the Louis Stokes Wing library, offers high-speed Internet access along with a sunny spot to read a book. The garden is open from May to September.

Online technology needs survey to help guide eCS teams A Technology Needs Survey is currently being conducted across the state in order to measure broadband service use and better identify the needs of Ohio organizations. eCS county team meetings have been used to reach out to team leaders and other professionals in the area in order to increase participation and to inform local economic development, chamber of commerce, port authority and Community Improvement Corporation centers of the survey and its benefits. The results will be shared with participating institutions, who will then pass along the information to their membership. Community anchor institutions such as schools, libraries, hospitals, and government offices are also asked to participate in the online survey. The valuable feedback will be used to inform broadband providers of what they can do to improve business-class services in the state. The survey aims to gather current Ohio organizations’ connection information, technology application usage, application workshop interest, and broadband bandwidth needs. The survey can be accessed at ecommunity_strategies/Technology_Needs_Survey.php.

Website of the month Connected Nation, which is Connect Ohio’s parent organization, facilitates public-private partnerships to increase access to and use of broadband and related technology, creating dramatic results that translate into economic and community development, better education, higher quality healthcare, more efficient public service and improved quality of life.

Get to Know: Bart Winegar Title: Connect Ohio Southeast Region State Operations Manager Contact information: (740) 777-7065 or Favorite movie: Tough question because there are so many but I think “The Matrix” has to be a top choice Favorite TV show: “Modern Marvels” Favorite website: What does broadband mean to you? Employment, continued education and a vital link to communicating with the kids

September 2010  

eCS Newsletter

September 2010  

eCS Newsletter