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February 2011

CONTENTS Library reopens with new computer lab and ECO training The Northside Branch of the Chillicothe-Ross Public Library closed its doors in August of 2009 due to statewide budget cuts. The library’s beautiful building meant a great deal to the community, which rallied support and passed an operating levy in spring 2010. The branch was reopened in January, 17 months after its closure, with a special addition – a computer lab. The library had few computers for public access and no computer lab was available for large groups or instructional sessions. When Chillicothe-Ross Public Library Director Jennifer McKell was approached by Connect Ohio to partner for the Every Citizen Online (ECO) program, she jumped at the opportunity.

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Ohio creamery finds success with broadband .................................................. 3 Connect Ohio staff collects and validates state broadband data................ 3 Putnam County Library receives 8 new computers . .................................................. 4

Connect Ohio’s State Operations Managers Don Shirley

Jeff Beebe

Bart Winegar

Heather Delany

State Operations Manager Southern Territory 513-668-2222 Technical Outreach Manager 740-777-7065

State Operations Manager Central Territory 419-503-1015 State Operations Manager Eastern Territory 614-208-3010

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February 2011

Library reopens with new computer lab and ECO training Continued from page 1

“We would not have the computer lab without the Every Citizen Online program,” said McKell. “It was great timing. We had just passed the levy and were preparing to reopen the branch.” Through the ECO program, the library was able to purchase 7 laptop computers and 3 iPads. They plan for the laptops to be used for public access, as well as ECO computer introduction courses. “The response has been phenomenal for the ECO courses,” said McKell. All of the library’s scheduled ECO training classes are full. They offer several classes per week and can have up to 7 registrants per class. McKell attributes the program interest to the current state of the economy.

Not only has the Ross County community embraced the re-opened library, but they’ve welcomed the ECO program with an overwhelming interest in completing the training.

BroadbandStat question of the month Q: Can I send an e-mail from BroadbandStat with a picture attachment of the map area currently on my screen? A: Yes. From the MAPPING TOOLS window, click on the icon with the @ on top of the map image. This will open a window to input the e-mail address and a subject text.

“Many people are out of work and want to learn computer skills for job placement,” McKell said. “Also, people want to keep in touch with family and grandkids.” Teresa Myers, the library’s branch manager, says the age range and the computer skill level for those taking the courses have been diverse. Participants range from 30-yearolds to seniors. Some already have e-mail accounts that are rarely used, while others do not know how to operate a mouse or use a search engine. Russell Mason completed the 6-hour ECO training in January. He volunteers his time in ministry at the local prison and would like to learn to use Facebook to keep in touch with those he’s built a relationship with there. “I get lost on the thing,” Mason explains when talking about using the Internet. “I want to be able to operate the computer, learn the basics.” Jim and Jan Keeton also completed ECO training at the Northside Branch. Jim wanted to learn e-mail to communicate with his kids who live out of town. Jan volunteers at a local center for aging. “I compile newsletters for the organization and use the computer often,” Jan said. “But I’d like to enhance those skills and learn to make the newsletters look more professional.”

Have a question about a BroadbandStat program? E-mail it to Public Relations Specialist Amanda Murphy at

Social media highlight of the month The Every Citizen Online program has gone viral. On Feb. 1, Connect Ohio launched a YouTube video contest, requesting 30- and 60-second public service announcements showing how broadband has helped students, grandparents, non-profit organizations, and more. To view all contest submissions or to enter your own, visit http:// php or check out entries on our YouTube channel

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February 2011

Ohio creamery finds success with broadband The creamery first opened its doors with three employees. They now have twentyfive. Taylor says Snowville Creamery is projected to earn $3 million in gross milk sales this year.

Having affordable access to high-speed Internet can help small businesses succeed. The Snowville Creamery in Meigs County is one such business. Before June 2008, the creamery had access to dial-up Internet only. Day-today business duties were much more difficult. An Athens-based Internet provider expanded into their area and the creamery hasn’t been the same since. Snowville Creamery sales have doubled

“All of our orders are placed through the Internet,” said Taylor. “We’re now even marketing online.”

Snowville Creamery supplies the cream for Columbus-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. They sell the most milk for Whole Foods stores located in Ohio. Snowville Creamery milk is also distributed through Cleveland-based Heinen stores, as well as used in various restaurants and coffee shops throughout the state.

each year since receiving high-speed Internet access.

According to Victoria Taylor, an owner of the creamery, sales have doubled each year since they received high-speed Internet access.

“Our business is all distribution and logistics. We wouldn’t be around without it,” said Taylor. “I don’t know how we would survive. We just wouldn’t.”

Connect Ohio staff collects and validates state broadband data Validating the data collected from broadband providers is a key accuracy component to the broadband mapping work of Connect Ohio and its parent company, Connected Nation. Connect Ohio staff collect broadband inventory data directly from providers statewide and use various technological methods to validate the information, done in accordance with requirements and clarifications of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Connected Nation Director of Engineering and Technical Services Chip Spann recently visited the Connect Ohio offices in Columbus to conduct data validation training with staff and the office’s first Data Validation Intern, Tyler Smith. Tyler is a senior at Ohio University and began his data validation role at Connect Ohio in January 2011. Tyler and Connect Ohio staff utilize multiple techniques to gather data for the many platforms of broadband, including wireless, DSL, fiber, and cable. Laptops, smartphones, GPS coordinates, spectro analyzers, and Connect Ohio’s interactive BroadbandStat tool are all used to report broadband availability and broadband speed at hundreds of locations throughout the state. Connect Ohio checks and compiles broadband providers’ reported information.

The NTIA is using the collected information to assemble national broadband data and a national broadband availability map. The first national broadband map is being made available to the public in February 2011. Connected Nation supplied much of the data that made this national map possible.

Find us on social networking sites Join Connect Ohio on Facebook and Twitter for updates about our efforts to increase broadband availability and access around the state. Share your comments, questions, videos, pictures and more with us.

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February 2011

Putnam County library receives 8 new computers 232 N Third Street, Suite 201 l columbus, OH 43215 (614) 220-0190 l Toll Free: (866) 881-9424

Connect Ohio State Operations Manager Heather Delany distributes 8 new computers to Putnam County District Library Director Kelly Ward.

Many libraries in Ohio have faced budget constraints and even cuts within the past few years and Putnam County District Library is no exception. In January, Connect Ohio State Operations Manager Heather Delany distributed 8 new HP Omni desktop computers to Putnam County District Library Director Kelly Ward. “These computers will be replacing old public computers throughout the county,” said Ward. “This otherwise wouldn’t have been possible after budget cuts and a levy failure.” The Putnam County District Library has partnered with Connect Ohio to offer self-paced Every Citizen Online training at their multiple branch locations throughout the county. This partnership allowed the library to be granted new computers as a sub-recipient of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant.

Website of the month Curious what the broadband speed is at your home or office? Test it! The speed test on the Connect Ohio website tells you upload and download speeds of the Internet network you are using at the time of the test.

Get to Know: Nicole Smolic Title: Project Coordinator Contact information: Office: 614.220.0190 Cell: 614.256.6866 Favorite Website:, I use it for everything! I can check the weather, get my personal e-mail, get the latest breaking news stories and life tips, catch up on celebrity gossip, and do a crossword puzzle all from one site. What does broadband mean to you? Broadband means being able to visit with my family, even though they are 200 miles away.  Using Skype, I get to see my niece and nephew’s smiles and hear their giggles.

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