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Who is searching for me? Do you ever wonder, “ who is searching for me?” Rest assured someone is probably searching for you somewhere. How can you find out? Here are just a few reasons someone might be searching for you. Friends - Locating a long lost friend is one of the most prevalent reasons someone is looking for you. Or maybe it’s a lost lover, a buddy or a colleague. You moved or they moved, time went by and the next thing you know you’ve lost touch. Adoption - There are thousands of people who either gave up children for adoption or are searching for their birth relatives. If you were part of an adoption maybe there is a sibling, mother, father, daughter or son looking to reconnect with you. Career - Sometime during your working career you undoubtedly made a good impression and as soon as a great new job became available your name came up. Someone wants to tell you about it but they don’t know where you are. Or maybe the human resources department of a large company found your resume on or, but your contact information changed and now they are trying to reach you. Money - Maybe you inherited money from a distant relative. None of your relatives knew where you were until now. Lost/Missing - Your family is trying to reconnect with you after a fight. Or your old college roommate wants to get in touch with you but doesn’t know your married name. Group - It’s your 25th high school reunion and your classmatescan’t find you. Or you were part of an association or group and they lost touch with you after you moved. Maybe there’s a reunion or an important event they want you take part in. Genealogy - The need to stay connected is part of the human condition. Everyone wants to know his or her roots. The Internet is a great way to find people with common family trees. Rest assured you have come to the right place. When you want to know “ who is looking for me? ” Sign up to!

Who is searching for me?