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Our Office Our office is dedicated to all aspects of periodontal care focusing on preserving the foundation of your teeth and promoting optimal oral healthcare. Dental Implants may also be a treatment of choice to prevent oral bone loss and replacement of missing teeth.

Dr. Armen Mardirossian DDS, MS Practice limited to Periodontics & Implant Surgery Latest news

Dr Mardirossian has been appointed a faculty position, teaching at The Western University Health Sciences, in Pomona, CA as Associate Professor in the newly furbished College of Dental Medicine . Dr Mardirossian received this appointment in person from Dean Friedrichsen, DDS in July 2011 and is thrilled with the opportunity to be involved with academia and lecturing and teaching to our up and coming dental super-stars of the future. Benefit from experience: Dr. Mardirossian placed more than 5000 implants!

Dr. Armen Mardirossian is a highly enthusiastic and personable periodontist, with over twelve years experience in modern day Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Dr.


Mardirossian received his dental degree from The Royal London Hospital Medical College, University of London, England, in 1991. He completed his Specialty residency training in Periodontics & Dental Implants at the University of Southern California in 2000. He further obtained his Masters degree in Craniofacial Biology from the University of Southern California in 2000. As a Board Certified Periodontist, he maintains membership with the following professional organizations, as he continues to expand his periodontal knowledge: American Academy of Periodontology, American Academy Osseointegration, TriCounty Dental Society, California Dental Association and American Dental Association. Dr. Mardirossian has publications in the Journal Periodontal Research & the Journal Clinical Periodontology. In 2000, he was recipient of the California Society of Periodontology Outstanding Research Award.

Dr. Mardirossian and his enthused office staff are committed to providing excellence in patient care; working with the referring practitioner on a continuing basis, in a relaxed, warm and caring environment to assure the highest level of patient care. Dr. Mardirossian and his family are part of the Greek Orthodox Christian Community in Orange County. In his spare time, Dr. Mardirossian enjoys tennis, skiing and swimming, but above all spending time with his wife, and two children.


Essential Information Attention New Patients! Save time by downloading the patient registration form and filling it out before your first appointment! Just print out this form, fill it out, and bring it with you on your first visit. Download the form here. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions. We would welcome any feedback, comments or questions you might have prior to making an appointment. To send us an e-mail, please click here. What are the best things I should know? 

Treatment is affordable.

We have great financial arrangements.

We accept most insurances.

Many patients need only minor procedures. The first step is an examination.

We have many ways to make your experience comfortable for you.

What is a periodontist? Dr. Mardirossian’s dental care is limited to the treatment of periodontal diseases, the care of gums and supporting bone around the teeth. Our specialty also includes the placement of dental implants. Although periodontal disease appears most frequently in middle life, it can occur at any age. Treatment of this disease will allow you to retain your natural teeth longer. Without proper treatment, the destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth continues to the point where the teeth may loosen and have to be removed. If you have been referred for dental implants, we can assure you that we have treated numerous patients with problems similar to yours. Our patients would be happy to


share their experiences with you. Dr. Mardirossian’s practice focuses on reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile and function. Although no one really likes to go to the doctor or dentist, we strive to make your visits with us as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. We strongly believe that our patients’ comfort is an important part of quality dental care. Our mission is to treat every patient as if they are our only patient. Dr. Mardirossian believes that your right to choose a dentist is an important freedom. We work closely as a team with your referring dentists, but a referral by a dentist is not required for a visit to our office. We welcome referrals from patients, their friends, and family members to our practice. We are extraordinarily proud of our staff, which is comprised of caring and dedicated professionals. They communicate well with our patients and their referring offices, the doctor, and each other, ensuring that the patient’s clinical care and administrative needs are met as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We are here to listen to your questions and concerns and to help provide solutions leading to your better health. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (909) 613-1366. Our fax number is (909) 613-1477 if you have any questions regarding your care. What is periodontal disease? The word “periodontal” literally means around the tooth. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Periodontal disease can affect one tooth or many teeth. It begins when the bacteria in plaque (the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth) causes the gums to become infected.


In the mildest form of the disease, gingivitis, the gums redden, swell and bleed easily. There is usually little or no discomfort. Gingivitis is reversible with professional treatment and good oral home care. Untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis. With time, plaque can spread and grow below the gum line. Toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque irritate the gums. The toxins stimulate a chronic inflammatory response in which the body in essence turns on itself, and the tissues and bone that support the teeth are broken down and destroyed. Gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets (space between the teeth and gums) that become infected. As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone are destroyed. Often, this destructive process has very mild symptoms. Eventually, teeth can become loose and may have to be removed. What causes periodontal disease? Plaque is the culprit, which means that without proper at -home oral hygiene and regular dental visits, your risk clearly increases. However, even perfect oral hygiene isn’t enough to ward off periodental disease in everyone. Other risk factors that are thought to increase the risk, severity and speed of development of periodental disease include tobacco use, stress, genetics, hormonal changes and poor nutrition. Who is a periodontist? A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists receive extensive training in these areas, including three additional years of education beyond dental school. Periodontists are familiar with the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. In addition, they can perform cosmetic periodontal procedures to help you achieve the smile you desire. Often, dentists refer their patients to a periodontist when their periodontal disease is advanced. However, you don’t need a referral to see a periodontist. In fact, there are


occasions when you may choose to go directly to a periodontist or to refer a family member or friend to your own periodontist. When should I see a periodontist? If you value your oral as well as overall health, anytime is a good time to see a periodontist for a periodontal evaluation. Sometimes the only way to detect periodontal disease is through a periodontal evaluation. A periodontal evaluation may be especially important if you: 

notice any symptoms of periodontal disease, including: o

gums that bleed easily, such as during brushing or flossing


red, swollen or tender gums


gums that have pulled away from the teeth


persistent bad breath


Pus between the teeth and gums


Loose or separating teeth


a change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite

Are thinking of becoming pregnant. Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be seven times more likely to have a baby born too early and too small. In addition, about half of women experience “pregnancy gingivitis.” However, women who have good oral hygiene and have no gingivitis before pregnancy are very unlikely to experience this condition.

Have a family member with periodontal disease. Research suggests that the bacteria that cause periodontal disease can pass through saliva. This means the common contact of saliva in families puts children and couples at risk for contracting the periodontal disease of another family member.

Have heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease or osteoporosis. Ongoing research is showing that periodontal disease may be linked to these conditions. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can travel into the blood stream and pose a threat to other parts of the body. Healthy gums may lead to a healthier body.

8 

Feel that your teeth are too short or that your smile is too “gummy.” Or, if you are missing one or more of your teeth and are interested in a long-lasting replacement option.

Are not satisfied with your current tooth replacement option, such as a bridge or dentures, and may be interested in dental implants.

Have a sore or irritation in your mouth that does not get better within two weeks

The beauty of natural teeth Your teeth make a statement about you. A beautiful smile enhances your overall appearance and charisma, giving you added self-confidence and presence. The condition of your teeth can impact your overall health, because your ability to chew helps to determine your food choices. Your speech is also affected by the condition of your teeth. Healthy, attractive teeth contribute to a better quality of life. Another important function of your teeth is to maintain the integrity of your facial structures. The tooth roots stimulates continuous regeneration of the bone that surrounds them (your upper and lower jaws). Therefore, the appearance of the lower one-third of your face is affected by the presence of strong, healthy teeth. The consequences of tooth loss Throughout the course of life, teeth are lost for many reasons, including cavities, gum disease, cracked roots and accidents. When a tooth is lost, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth root deteriorates, or melts away. This process is similar to the muscle atrophy that occurs from lack of use. Missing teeth can compromise your eating habits, speech and appearance. Tooth loss in the front of your mouth can result in a visible defect in the bone that is difficult to camouflage, affecting the appearance of the smile, and your selfconfidence. Missing teeth in the back of your mouth lead to the collapse of your bite, affecting the appearance of your face, your ability to eat, and the health of the


remaining teeth. Complete tooth loss results in facial structure collapse as the jaw(s) deteriorate over time. Financial At the time of your initial visit, your treatment plan will be established and an estimate of fees will be given to you. We will file your insurance paperwork to help receive all entitled reimbursements. Please bring your insurance forms with you and have your portion filled out and signed to expedite the filing of your claim. Filing your claim: Our insurance coordinator will be happy to discuss payment arrangements with you that will suit your needs. We accept cash, checks , all major credit cards and offer financing through Care Credit. How Easy Is It To Obtain Specialty Care? Can I Refer Myself To a Periodontist? Under managed care, your ability to see a dental specialist usually will be limited. Most managed care plans are based on a “gatekeeper� model, meaning each patient has one dentist who is responsible for providing all of their basic dental care and for managing referrals. Patients enrolled in these plans must be referred by their dentist in order to receive coverage for specialty treatments. Patients who have traditional dental insurance, on the other hand, usually have the freedom to see a dentist or specialist of their choice. In some insurance plans, there may be economic drawbacks for the general dentist to refer patients to specialists. These drawbacks exist, for example, if the general dentist is responsible for specialist fees. It is extremely important for you as a patient to be assured that your access to specialty care will not be restricted under any plan you are considering.


What Happens If My Dentist/Periodontist is Not Listed Under Any of the Plans I’m Considering? If your dentist or periodontist is not listed as a participating provider, check the plan to see if there is a “freedom of choice” or “point-of-service” option. These enable you to seek care from a practitioner of your choice. Under most plans, you will not receive full benefits if you select a practitioner who is not associated with the plan. In some plans, such as dental HMOs, your benefits may be reduced, and you may not be allowed to return to the HMO for at least one year. If you are having difficulty financing the costs of periodontal treatment, you may want to talk with your periodontist about establishing a payment plan.

What Types of Advanced Specialty Treatment Are Typically Covered Under These Plans? What If I Need Treatment That Is Not Covered? Specialty treatment under managed care is sometimes limited. Preventive services, however, are normally provided at no cost because they are seen as the most effective way to stop problems before they become more serious and expensive to treat. As a result, patients may be required to pay some or all of the costs associated with advanced specialty care. Periodontal treatments that typically require patient copayments include guided tissue regeneration and splinting. Dental implants, as a general rule, are not a covered benefit under any dental insurance plan. Again, if you require treatment that is not covered under your plan, ask your periodontist about financing options through CareCredit. The fact that your plan does not cover your treatment should not stop you from pursuing it, if you feel it is right for you.


Will These Plans Have Any Impact On My Continuing Periodontal Care? If So, In What Way? Yes. Managed care plans can impact the frequency of your periodontal maintenance visits. Under some plans, patients are allowed a certain number of recall appointments. Other plans may require periodontal patients to return to their general dentist immediately following advanced treatment, or upon plan enrollment. It is important that you continue to see both your periodontist and general dentist following treatment. Periodontal disease is a chronic disease that must be monitored closely. Your periodontist will work in cooperation with your general dentist to treat your periodontal disease and help coordinate your dental care. Although you may be required to share in the treatment costs, it is an important investment that will help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.


Our Staff Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions. We would welcome any feedback, comments or questions you might have prior to making an appointment.

Gina, Treatment Coordinator

I would like to first thank you for taking the time out of your busy life and visiting our website! My name is Gina and I am thrilled to be the Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator here for Dr Mardirossian’s office. I will most likely be one of the first people to make your acquaintance with a welcoming smile and spirit when you visit our office. As Treatment Coordinator I am here to make treatment more acceptable and affordable. I have over 22 years of experience in the dental field including being an R.D.A (registered dental assistant.) as well as additional training with advanced studies in dental management. Working alongside Dr. Mardirossian, I enjoy each day helping patients understand their treatment needs, helping them achieve their oral health goals with many exiting flexible payment options. I’m also you’re go to expert on understanding your insurance benefits and how I can help you maximize them. It is also a pleasure


working along side Dr. Mardirossian because he is very passionate about his work, and I have to be honest it looks amazing! Away from the office I am a proud mother of 3 who take up a bundle of my time. My activities include camping, watching the Los Angeles Dodgers, and playing softball.

Alex, Receptionist

Hello my name is Alex I am the patient care coordinator/host at the office and the friendly voice you hear as you walk through our doors. I am driven to provide each individual an at ease relax home impression. After being in dentistry for two years as a dental assistant and patient care coordinator I have learned so much to where now I am able to answer as well as educate all patients’ needs or questions. Here with Dr Mardirossian I can help with scheduling appointments, seating patients, and answering phone calls. If you have any questions or concerns I am always free to chat. My goal is to make sure all people feel welcome and leave with a beaming smile from cheek to cheek. In my free time I enjoy playing as well as watching all sports, running, hiking, trying new foods, going to amusement parks, and overall living an active life.


Miriam, Hygienist

I have been an active member in my community and actively contributed to the dental field for over ten years. My background is in the field of exercise science from the Cal State Univ of San Marcos with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology in 2009. Having graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a Bachelors in Dental Hygiene, I pride myself as a dental therapist providing quality work to all my patients. I am actively involved with organizations such as the ADHA, LA Dental Hygiene Society and the Calif Dental Hygienist Association as well as seek courses to continue professional growth year around. In addition, I’m also a fluent Spanish speaker. I give personal attention to each patient, clarify any needed treatment, emphasize preventative oral hygiene and I’m committed to the highest level of care. I strive to lessen dental anxiety and carry out hygiene cleanings with gentle hands. The best part of my day is getting to know my patients. When not in the dental office, you will find me with my husband and two children, Jacob and Matthew. They keep me on my toes discovering the great outdoors and participating in church activities.


Miriam, Doctor’s Assistant

Hello I’m Miriam, the chair side and clinical assistant for Dr. Mardirossian. I have been a Registered Dental Assistant for six years with experience in several areas of dentistry. I am bilingual and love to educate you on how to improve your overall health, as well as reach your oral health needs. It brings me excitement and satisfaction to see the outcome of each procedure Dr Mardirossian provides for each individual. More importantly it brings me pleasure in aiding patients with their treatment that will provide long lasting teeth and of course a confident smile. I truly enjoy working with Dr Mardirossian and his passion shown in his work and interaction with his many happy patients!. It has been a delight working with the doctor and staff; they are a great dynamic team, and it’s fun to be here!. My desire is to nurture and care for each patient's needs. I am also very fluent in Spanish and can help translate and relay important information to our Spanish speaking friends too! Away from work, I enjoy spending time with family and church. I have been blessed with two children that I love and adore. They are my inspiration to every goal I want to achieve. I also enjoy going to the gym, cooking, snowboarding and the great outdoor.


Testimonials “My first visit till now has always been very pleasant. The staff has always been professional and taking time to explain pre and post treatment regarding my dental needs. Dr. Mardirossian has performed several gum surgeries to prevent future problems and so far so good. The surgery wasn’t painful and Dr Mardirossian put me at ease explaining all of his steps from start to finish. I would recommend Dr Mardirossian and staff to other patients seeking treatment for their dental care” - Rhonda “Dr Armen Mardirossian, to me is a perfectionist and would consider my self lucky to have my implant performed by him.” - Rafael “Bueno mi opinion es que las personas que me atendieron son muy profesionales, el doctor y los demas es todo el equipo, estoy muy satisfecho, muy agradecido por el buen trabajo de todos, a todos gracias por todo.” - Gabriel “Even though I cam aboard in the middle of your office move, I found your office and staff very professional and kind, every time I called I received excellent attention.” - Donna “Dr Mardirossian did a great job during my Implant Surgery! Dr Mardirossian and his staff are very professional and willing to go the extra mile for you. Thanks for making a great smile and making me feel comfortable during the procedures.” - MG THANKYOU

Sedation Dentist,Cosmetic Dentistry Ontario,Gum Surgery,Receding Gums, Deep Pockets Chino.  
Sedation Dentist,Cosmetic Dentistry Ontario,Gum Surgery,Receding Gums, Deep Pockets Chino.  

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