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Since you won't be stocking or shipping any of the inventories yourself, you'll need to be reassured that your Italian-fashion is providing your clients with quality merchandise at the right prices.

Consider putting together a list of acceptable criteria that you can use to compare possible companies and signing up with a well-known directory website like italian a directory website can assist you in choosing a trustworthy and experienced supplier.

If you do go with a company like italian fashion to pick your supplier, they will work with wholesalers that offer a variety of discounts including a repeat customer discount or possibly free shipping. Purchased items can be shipped within five business days to your customers.

Make a decision on whether or not to ship internationally or remain a domestic business. If there's a possibility that you will expand to sell to other countries, make certain that the wholesalers you are researching offer that option. Do your research and be resourceful to make certain you are not only working with a good company but are also getting a great deal.

Choosing a specific niche, like leather handbags or other leather merchandise, will help your brand and make you stand out from the competition. Utilize your expertise in one area to your advantage and customers will have an easier time in locating you. Leather does not have to be too expensive. Take your time marketing how affordable designer leather items can be, and consumers will flock to you.

Since you won raw skins, wholesale  
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