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Do any of these topics apply to you? Aura Walker offers you the Possibility of Positive Change, through Correct Therapeutic Treatment, and Actions towards Positive Results. You will see Positive Changes Happen, and Get Results.

Anxiety Bad Breakup Career Success Issues Children’s Disorders Creativity Block Dating Issues Depression Detoxing Dieting Issues Divorce Issues Domestic Violence Issues Dreams and Nightmares Fears Fear of Public Speaking Feeling Better is wanted Financial Goals Goals Need to Get Clear Healthy Meals

Loss Longing Love Issues Low Self-Esteem Happiness Healing Health Insomnia Joy Loss of a Loved One Marriage Issues Mental Health Issues Mental Illness History Nutrition Needs Panic Attacks Parenting Parenting Skills Phobias (Airplanes, Needles, Spiders, etc.) Positive Thinking Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Relationship Skills Soldiers Reintegrating into American Society Self Confidence Issues Self Consciousness Sexuality Issues Shame Shyness Sleep Better

Smoking=Toxic Stress Stress Relief Success Issues Test Taking Trauma (Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Car Accidents, War Trauma) Unemployment and Career Goals Veterans Weight Loss Writer’s Block You Want To Change Your Life for The Better! Aura Walker Addresses:

Anxiety, Body Mind Spirit, Coaching, Counseling Psychology, Deep Relaxation Hypnosis, Depression Treatment, Empowerment, Energy Healing, Epigenetics, Finance, Goal Setting, Grief Counseling, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Los Angeles, Nutrition, PTSD Treatment, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Quit Smoking, Relationship Advice, Self Esteem, Sleep Hypnosis, Spirituality and Health, Trauma Counseling, Weight Loss. In a private and controlled hypnotherapy session, the facilitator, or hypnotherapist induces the client into a deep state of relaxation and overwhelms the client’s subconscious mind. During the session, the client becomes more suggestible to the suggestions of the therapist. The client should have an idea of what kinds of suggestions they would like the therapist to use. Hypnotherapists with Counseling and Psychology backgrounds tend to be more effective in their practice than those who do not. The Difference Between Clinical & Stage Hypnosis Traditional approaches to hypnosis are typically authoritarian. A false belief about hypnosis is that not all people can be placed into a trance, or are not hypnotizable. In fact it is a natural state of brain wave activity that happens to all human brains multiple times a

day. The brain shifts in and out of more and less alert stages throughout the day and of course at night when people allow themselves to sleep. Unfortunately, hypnosis is often associated with Stage Hypnosis Shows or as seen in films, or read in books, where the hypnotist gives direct commands such as “you will close your eyes and act like a chicken, you will go into a trance.” The client is told what to do and what to expect. It is said that this approach probably works well with 25% of the population, those that are highly suggestible and hypnotizable, and possibly with 50% of those that remain. The stage hypnotist is looking for participants in the audience who are beaming to go on stage, in order to perform for the crowd. They could also be looking for a person who looks very overwhelmed or sleepy, and are already on the brink of deep hypnosis. Often, they will screen people beforehand, and will kick off anyone who challenges them. hypnosis for weight loss in Los Angeles They choose the most cooperative participants who will likely do anything they are told. Either due to a secret wish to perform, or because they are very outgoing and highly suggestible, and are less controlled individuals who may also be already tired or overwhelmed. Clinical hypnosis guides the client with more permissive language, “you can, you could, you might, you may”. This removes the fear for some clients of being controlled by someone else. It allows the client to have options or various possibilities of what they may wish to do or experience, with the hypnotist giving positive feedback to the client to validate the client’s responses to help them relax and go into a trance. Aura Walker uses an intake form, to help her clients to get clear about their goals. The form also helps Aura to glean past experiences that continue to be stressful reminders for the client. She focuses on these areas as the ones to help the client to “let go of.” One of the necessary requirements for the cooperative experience of a hypnotherapy session is the therapist’s ability to control the environment and to be directive in the session. The therapist should have a lot of training and experience, and should be able to hold the space. The client in turn must agree to allow the therapist to lead them through the session.

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Do any of these topics apply to you hypnotherapist to the stars  
Do any of these topics apply to you hypnotherapist to the stars