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SITES WHERE YOU CAN GET FREE WEB DESIGN TUTORIALS A website is now a necessary marketing and sales tool for most businesses. In some cases, the website is even the business itself. Those who can afford to avail of the services of a professional web developer can do so and have somebody else work out the nitty-gritties while they simply provide a checklist of their requirements. Those who don’t have the budget to hire a professional can simply scour the Internet for tutorials on how to make a website. There are various resources online that provide step-by-step instructions from the basics to the more advanced clever tips and tricks. The following are just some of the sites that offer free tutorials on web design: – This website is also called the Web Design Library. It provides an ever-growing supply of resources on everything related to web design. There are sections on the basics of web design, as well as the more advanced elements that you can use to make a website more professional-looking. It offers tutorials on Photoshop, Flash, 3D Graphics, HTML and CSS, etc. It even provides information on programming and site maintenance. You can also find reviews on pertinent products as well as interviews with various headliners in the field of web design. – This site offers, as its name implies, free web design tutorials. It categorized its offerings into two sections: JavaScript and CSS. JavaScript involves programming and browser scripting while CSS is about visual coding technologies. The site is very clean and clutter-free, which is reassuring and helpful to the completely non-tech-savvy. The JavaScript tutorials are up while the CSS section remains a work in progress. – This site is recommended for you if you’re a visual learner. There are free web design video tutorials on how to make a website, as well as on how to use Nvu, a free website design editor, and Gimp, a free graphics design editor. The video tutorials do contain large file sizes and necessitate a high speed connection, but people using a dial-up connection can use the step-by-step instructions also available. There are many other great sites offering free tutorials, such as and Since tutorials are available without charge, the complete beginner only has to pick the one that best suits his or her learning style or the one that works toward creating the website he or she has in mind. Further tutorials are also available as the beginner grows in knowledge and in skill.