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SEO Updates 2012 Seo Tips And Tricks UpdateSEO techniques in the last few years has changed drastically. If you are using the same old techniques now, then there is a great chance that your SEO techniques on your blog will not be effective and will not be able to produce a good result. You should update your SEO techniques regularly to always get a good effective results. I am just mentioning some important points which we should keep in mind during SEO works. Please check the latest updated SEO techniques with the old one.

Old SEO Techniques

Latest SEO Techniques

Repeat same keywords over and over in the content.

Its very important to use Keyword variation in your content.

Content title must be in H1 tags and Keywords should be there in the title.

Keyword should be used in content title but H1 tags matter less.

Link exchange and reciprocal linking is good.

Link exchange and Reciprocal linking is bad because Search Engine will detect it and devalue it.

Content on the site is everything.

Onsite content and Offsite content both are important.

Google+ doesn’t matter.

Google+ matters a lot.


We use to call Old SEO as SEO only.

We can call latest SEO also as Social SEO because Google is also counting the social footprints of the site.

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SEO Updates 2012  
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