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For Optimal Digital Marketing Success, Relevant Content Is Key The algorithm changes that Google recently implemented had a lot of businesses reevaluating their existing content strategy. As its focus shifts to parsing complex questions and offering users direct answers to their queries, Google started cleaning up its system, weeding out sites that give little to no value or information in response to specific searches. Such scenario strikes fear in the heart of any digital marketer whose goal is to see his or her content appear on the first page of the search engine results page. Nonetheless, marketers should get over previous methods and take up Google’s challenge. The search engine giant’s new algorithms paved the way for much-needed revamp in content management. There is no room now for sub-par content. In fact, digital marketing experts believe that content development efforts will move toward “niche-specific, high-quality content” that provides value to the user. The goal is to create content that will attract and engage visitors to spend more time on the site. Businesses need to keep in mind, too, the power social media wields in highlighting and distributing high-quality and relevant content. This involves injecting real-time marketing techniques into content development. Content should not only be informative but shareable across various social media platforms. A solid strategy is a must Substantial, updated, and interesting content is not the finished product of marketing. A sound content management strategy fleshes it out, determines its themes, and channels it to suitable markets. Aimlessly getting content out there on the web is bound to fail, thus, stakeholders need to sit down and invest time and resources in coming up with solid strategies for content creation and promotion. This includes creating content that is a unique and true representation of the brand. As more businesses are inclined to have their content development resonate with the changes Google rolled out, it is vital that brands know what their audiences want, so that they can tailor content that responds most closely to the information that is sought. A digital marketing strategy that places emphasis on high-quality content is a great fit to Google’s algorithm updates. Businesses that come up with compelling content can look forward to increased user engagement and social media exposure—and eventually, greater customer satisfaction and profitability. Take SEOP Inc., a California-based online marketing agency that had humble beginnings servicing a small but loyal base of clients, which places high quality content creation, distribution and promotion high on its list of priorities. Now one of the most talented, progressive, and respected digital marketing firms in the country, it should come as no surprise that Inc. Magazine named SEOP Inc. to its list of the “Fastest Growing Private Companies” and awarded SEOP as one of the highest ranking SEO agencies worldwide for multiple years running.

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For optimal digital marketing success, relevant content is key 1