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Summer Issue

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for women on the Sunshine Coast 11/28/2006 12:10:38 PM

Special thanks to Dale Olsson, owner of THE HAT BOX, Brisbane Arcade, for providing the spectacular hat worn by our model at Caloundra Turf Club. Contact Dale on (07) 3210 2455 or visit her at the store for a fabulous selection of “one off ” hats from Australia’s finest Milliners.


unshine Woman Magazine would like to sincerely thank every person involved in the production of this Pilot Issue. Everyone who is represented in these pages or who has worked behind the scenes (and there are so many of them!) reduced their hourly rate or gave their time free of charge in consideration of the Magazine’s involvement with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are very grateful to every one of the Magazine’s contributors, advertisers and advisors. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Anthony, Jaqui and Marija at BUNK MEDIA who have slaved over this project without one word of complaint and who are absolutely delightful to work with! Thanks too of course to YOU, our readers for taking the time to pick up this Magazine. We know that you have a wonderful variety of publications to choose from right here on the Sunshine Coast. We hope that you will offer us feedback and become involved in the “Sunshine Woman” phenomena. This is YOUR Magazine, YOUR forum on the Sunshine Coast. Enjoy! Seona Todd Editorial Director Sunshine Woman Magazine.

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11/28/2006 12:10:40 PM

Cover photography Dalai Liddy

On the Cover


ur Beautiful Woman on the Cover of this issue is Susanne Ritter form Vivien’s Model Management. Susanne spent the day on the Sunshine Coast enjoying our stunning beaches, natural heritage and even had time to place a bet at Caloundra Turf Club Races on the way through! (see page 25). This girl has personality coming out of her ears and is an absolute joy to work with. Inexperienced Models who find themselves on a shoot with Susanne are blessed as she brings out the best in everyone around her. Special thanks to Vivien’s Model Management ( who provided Susanne for the shoot at a nominal rate because of Sunshine Woman Magazine’s association with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Vivien’s is the second biggest modelling agency in the world and has launched the careers of many famous faces including Sarah O’Hare, Kristy Hinze and Gemma Ward. They have offices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Vivien’s has been running for 40 years this January 2007. Here’s to their continued success

Are you our next cover girl?

Sunshine Woman Magazine wants to hear from you if you would like to grace the cover of the next issue, due out March. Contact the Magazine on (07) 5494 1222 for details of how to apply.

On the Web


isit our website For those of you who like to spend time “on the web” please visit this site and have a browse!

On our web site you can view;

MISSION – Learn about the Mission behind the Magazine! STORE – Great Links, Networking, Auction and read your horoscope daily! MODELS – “Sunshine Models” Unique Boutique Database! Are you a potential Model? CONTRIBUTORS – Who is writing for the Magazine – Do you want to contribute? ADVERTISERS – View our advertising rates, terms and conditions. DEMOGRAPHICS – Who reads Sunshine Woman Magazine? Where do they live? EVENTS – Fun things on the calendar organized by Sunshine Woman Magazine including…. Sunshine Woman Magazine is hosting the first ever ESTEE LAUDER GLOBAL ILLUMINATION on behalf of the National Breast Cancer Foundation on the Sunshine Coast next October! This is a really exciting Event that you will want to book early in order to be assured of tickets. Celebrities, Sporting Identities and NBCF supporters will be in attendance at this fabulous event so don’t miss out. Put it in your diary for 5th October 2007 now! This is an excellent opportunity for you to raise the profile of your business while supporting a worthwhile cause. View more details at and fill in a sponsorship form while you are there!

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11/28/2006 12:10:54 PM

Contributors Editorial Director Seona Todd Sub Editor Deeka Harrison Health & Wellbeing Dr Zoe McInally Features Sarah MacDonald Design & Photography Bunk Media Dalai Liddy illustrator Anthony Romilio Production SUNSHINE WOMAN PTY LTD international copy & Advertising Mhairead MacDonald disclaimer All material published in sunshine woman magazine is subject to copyright regulations and cannot be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. The proprietor and publisher, SUNSHINE WOMAN PTY LTD, accept no responsibility for unauthorized replication of any of the contents of this issue. published by SUNSHINE WOMAN PTY LTD ACN 122039767 QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA advertising sales Lou Kossen 1300 366 645 subscriptions & general enquiries phone: (07)54941222 fax: (07)54941224 mobile: 0407227803 GPO Box 269 Landsborough QLD 4550 special thanks to The National Breast Cancer Foundation Vivien’s Model Management, Brisbane Morrisseys, Brisbane Arcade The Hat Box, Brisbane Arcade Melanie Hall, Image Revival Strategic Niche Wardle Partners The Green Room Bunk Media

CHIRONE WITSEN Chirone writes the beautiful Astrological Overviews for Sunshine Woman Magazine. You can also see some of her work on our website at Chirone does individual consultancy sessions, relationship insight sessions and can help you to work out the best timing for that special event that you might be holding soon. She does not write the usual horoscope column that you may be used to reading in the average women’s magazine but her overview covers a spectrum of insight that we can all relate to and draw some special meaning from. Read Chirone’s column on page 19 and you will be enlightened about what’s “In The Stars” in the next months. If you have time and would like to pamper yourself (we are into pampering at Sunshine Woman Magazine!) she can do a private session for you if you contact her.

S’RAYA RAHMAT “I run a clinic in Nambour where I offer Kahuna (Ancient Hawaiian Healing Massage) and Remedial Massage, as well as Bowen Therapy, and Baby Massage Classes. My passion is providing information to the general public about the benefits of all the various healing modalities that are on offer out there. I feel that there is a general malaise in the Sunshine Coast community with regards to any sort of ‘alternative’ or new concepts. I plan to give short talks to groups to let them know how profoundly even a gentle massage can affect the body. There is so much out there that people don’t know about - the information just hasn’t come their way yet.”

DALAI LIDDY Dalai is responsible for many of the beautiful images in Sunshine Woman Magazine. “I love trying to get a shot that is exactly that person, you know, something that just defines their character.” she says of her work. “I guess (I have) the ability to have a go. I’m not really one to just sit on my hands and watch, it drives me nuts!” Speaking of her photography Dalai says “I try to keep all my shoots VERY relaxed and hopefully a little fun. When the pressure is on and everyone is stressed, you can see it in the shots. If everyone’s having a good time, well, it makes my job a whole lot easier that’s for sure!” You can see more of Dalai’s good work at

DEDICATED WITH LOVE TO Alasdair and Eilidh MacDonald “Be kind to each other”

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11/28/2006 12:10:57 PM


The Universe will correspond to the nature of your song


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11/28/2006 12:11:02 PM

Contents Features 12 Best of a bad thing

Pippa Colman, Family Law Solicitor, on surviving the split.


Best Husband ...

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women making waves Daniel Morcombe


...on the Sunshine Coast - is yours a winner?

Three years on.

Mind/Body/Spirit 18 health Alternatives 26 Your health 35 prosperity Fashion & Beauty 22 Makeover magic

Cate Molloy goes under the spell


fashion in the field

Family & Home 32 On reflection

Lessons from a woman who learns things the hard way




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11/28/2006 12:11:19 PM

Regulars 1 On the cover 2 contributors 4 contents 6 from the editor 7 letters to editor 8 arrivals 10 your business 13 agony aunt 19 astrology 20 how to... 21 Sunshine models 29 kid’s cut 31 lock up your daughters 38 film/food/fiction 40 short story 42 coming next issue 43 puzzle page 44 directory




25 Sunshine Woman 

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11/28/2006 12:11:34 PM

from the Editor

Editor Seona Todd (centre) relaxes with Models Melanie Hills (left) and Susanne Ritter (right )on Dicky Beach.

Welcome to the Pilot Edition of Sunshine Woman Magazine! This is THE lifestyle magazine for women and their families on the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Woman Magazine is YOUR magazine. We need your help in creating the vitality and success that Sunshine Woman Magazine reflects. Our aim is the production of a high quality, positive, interactive and intelligent publication that is useful and entertaining! See this page for details of how you can take part in the production of this Magazine. I can hardly believe the sheer numbers of Absolutely Amazing Women we have living here on the Sunshine Coast! Until the launch of this project I had no idea that there was so much talent and diversity out there! Not only that, but in the process of surveying women about this Magazine we have witnessed a strong commitment amongst Coastal women to increasing networking and business resources on the Coast whilst having fun in the process! So what can you expect to find inside Sunshine Woman Magazine this issue? An Artist Aunt of mine often recounts how she and her husband migrate every lunch time from their respective home-studios and “meet in the middle” for a gin and tonic and some delightful quality time together. But what happens when the delight descends to disaster and we are headed to the divorce courts? Is it possible to get through it amicably these days? Pippa Colman, Family Law Practitioner, thinks it is. As step mother to my husband’s small children (they live with us) I found that Pippa’s comments on the emotive aspects of custody and family law issues resonated sharply with me. Her description of the feelings of insecurity that one endures as a “custodial parent” and the over-compensatory focus one develops on the children’s needs was spot on. Pippa talks us through some tactics to ease the tension on page 12.

Cate Molloy may no longer be representing Noosa for the ALP but our meeting with her revealed a woman who is still very deeply committed to her case and quite a beauty too! Cate very kindly agreed to be our “Makeover Magic” for this issue. See the results on page 22. Ever thought about taking up a new activity but think you’re past the acceptable age of participation? We have been discovering that age just doesn’t factor for many women on the Sunshine Coast when it comes to learning new skills and having new kinds of fun! Nicky Engel’s feature (page 16) on older women who have taken up surfing is inspirational and fun! Finally – if you think you have a husband who is in any way eligible to enter our “Best Husband on the Coast” competition then make sure you don’t miss out on this piece of fun! Rosanna Natoli demonstrates her willingness to join in the fun and gives us her take on husband Joe’s chances of winning! Read Rosanna on page 14, and don’t forget to nominate your own Darling for a chance to win this fun competition! Don’t forget that we want to see and hear your ideas and your feedback in every issue. If you want to see it in Sunshine Woman Magazine, please tell us about it. Contact us at the address or numbers below if you would like to contribute to or feature in Sunshine Woman Magazine.

Your participation in Sunshine Woman Magazine is essential to its survival – visit our website at Fill out the Reader Survey and GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK! Ph: (07) 5494 1222, Fax: (07) 5494 1224, Mob: 0407 227 803,

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11/28/2006 12:11:34 PM

Letters to Editor


ongratulations to Sunshine Woman Magazine for taking this step and launching a Magazine for women on the Sunshine Coast! I run a business in Buderim and look forward to reading about business and tax tips as well as the inspirational, health and practical content in the Magazine. After spending some time completing and returning the Sunshine Woman Survey I appreciated the fact that the Editor contacted me personally about the contents of the Survey. This seems to be a Magazine that is more interactive than most out there. Best of luck to the Magazine and I look forward to receiving the first issue. Alison Boynes,Buderim ED – see our website to fill out the Sunshine Woman Survey and express your views. Go to Fill the survey to get two issues of Sunshine Woman Magazine FREE. I am so glad to hear that Sunshine Woman Magazine is coming out this Summer! There are so many women on the Coast who do such fabulous work that we don’t hear about . The Sunshine Coast continues to grow as far as population goes, and with this comes the inevitable increase in the number of small businesses struggling to survive and make themselves known. Hopefully this new Magazine will highlight some of the work that women are doing on the Coast in a huge variety of fields. Congratulations. Josephine Clerk, Wurtulla Finally – a Magazine for women who are fed up with the gossip columns! Keep up the good work and congratulations on the venture. Bet Cartwright, Noosa I am really glad there is a new forum to air my views about “Women’s Stuff ” on the Sunshine Coast. Can you please let me know where to send any editorial that I would like to have published? I do regular workshops with women and I know there is a need for a forum like this on the Coast at the moment. Also my daughter is a student of photography. Is there any opportunity for her to do some work for Sunshine Woman Magazine? Susan Holdsworthy, Peregian Beach

words of wisdom

You are not here to get the world to be just as you want it to be. You are here to create the world around you as you choose it to be while you allow the world that others choose to exist also


The contributor of our words of wisdom wins a one year subscription to Sunshine Woman Magazine for themselves and two lucky friends. Send words to “Words of Wisdom” P.O. Box 269, Landsborough QLD 4550 Fax (07) 5494 1224 or email Please include postal address in all correspondence.

ED – Dear Susan, you can Email ideas for Editorial to the Magazine at . Your daughter is welcome to contact the Magazine on (07)54941222 to discuss her photography. We are always seeking contributors of Editorial, Photography and Artwork. Will there be a Men’s Page in Sunshine Woman Magazine? I would like my husband to be able to get something out of the new Magazine as well. Peta Blackwell, Caloundra ED – Hi Peta. At the moment we are not planning a specific page for men. However you will find that we will usually cover a topic of relevance to Men in each issue. We have received lots of mail from women who would like to see a particular men’s health issue covered for their own knowledge and this can only be helpful for your husband! Is it true that the profits from Sunshine Woman Magazine go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation? What if I want my money to go somewhere different? Leisha Marksworth, Kenilworth ED – Hi Leisha. Sunshine Woman Magazine has a cover price of $2. This is voluntary and goes entirely to the Foundation with whom we are Fundraising Partners. You can pick up the Magazine for free if that’s what you prefer to do. We have surveyed women on the Coast and many are pleased that there is an option to direct some money to NBCF but there are also women who would prefer not to. It’s your choice and we respect your decision.

Sunshine Woman Magazine wants to hear from you. Send letters to “Letters” P.O. Box 269, Landsborough QLD 4550 Fax (07) 5494 1224 or email Please state clearly if you do not wish your letter to be published. Please include postal address in all correspondence.

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11/28/2006 12:11:49 PM


Featured Arrival


Contribute to Arrivals

Arrivals, old or new, it’s still a great feeling to call the Sunshine Coast home. Lou Kossen

There is nothing like a sunset walk on Kawana Beach ...with the scent of a Frangipani floating in the wind.


still remember the day, 17th June 2001; the huge trailer my partner and I had hired to tow our worldly belongings hitched to our four wheel drive, our two babies in the back and another chapter in life begins. I had that childlike anticipation whilst driving up the Bruce highway with our “sea change” awaiting us and yes, we did play who can see the water first! A major part of the relocation was for recuperation; however the opportunity for the children to grow up by the sea and sand was highly appealing. The rent crisis that is currently causing concern on the Sunshine Coast was very familiar to my experience in 2001. Rentals were scarce and tenants were numerous but after many failed inspections we secured a lease in a 2 bedroom unit; cozy but cute! The cot fitted nicely into the kitchen. I have since been a Golden Beach and Little Mountain resident and for the last 3 years have loved the lifestyle that Buddina and Minyama offer. After a busy week there is nothing like a sunset walk on Kawana Beach or a stroll out to Point Cartwright followed by a feast of prawns and sandcrabs with the scent of a Frangipani floating in the wind. For me I love the easy access that we have as locals to all the “places of interest” that visitors travel thousands of kilometres to share, I love the holiday feeling that is always in the air. You can always count on a cooling sea breeze. At school you can do surfing and fishing as part of the Curriculum; how times have changed! Coming from the “big smoke” where stockings and heels were mandatory I now gladly give them up for my sarongs, thongs and zinc cream. There is nothing better about living on the Sunshine Coast than waking up on a Monday morning as a new week begins and thinking of all those frustrated motorists in Brisbane wishing they were still out there in the waves. Speaking of which, don’t mind if I do! How could you start your day any other way? Oh and by the way, you won’t be seeing me in the “Departures” feature!

If you are new to the Sunshine Coast you can feature in Sunshine Woman Magazine. Send a photo of yourself / your family along with 100 – 200 words telling us all about why you came to the Coast and what you are going to be doing here. Send to: “Arrivals”, Sunshine Woman Magazine, P.O. Box 269, Landsborough, QLD 4550 fax (07)5494 1224 or email Please include your full postal address in all correspondence. Sunshine Woman Magazine regrets that we are unable to return photographs sent to us unless they are accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope and a written request to have them returned.


Moving house? Here’s a couple of useful tips to help you achieve a successful, organized move.


Give usable items to charity or hold a garage sale.

2. If your children are old enough, they should be helping to move house too!

3. Start collecting boxes from your local supermarket. 4. WRAP IT. You will need plenty of wrapping paper and heavy-duty tape. Movers use unprinted newspaper so that items won’t be ink-stained in transit.

5. USE THE A-B-C SYSTEM. If a box contains essential items, mark it priority A and so on down the alphabet.

6. MAKE A SURVIVAL KIT for the first night after you move into your

new home. Food, can opener, paper plates, plastic utensils, bottled water, a torch, towels, sheets, toiletries, blankets, toilet paper, pen/paper, a few small games or magazines and a change of clothes for everyone.

7. HAVE A TOOL KIT ON HAND. A hammer, screwdrivers, nails, hooks, etc can be invaluable.

8. HAVE SOMEONE WATCH THE KIDS. You’ll accomplish more if little children are not running around your feet.

9. SIGN UP AND SIGN OFF for any power, gas and phone services you are likely to need at the new house and/or have discontinued at the old address.

10. MAKE THE FIRST NIGHT SPECIAL. It can be take-out Chinese  Sunshine Woman Summer 2006 issue.indd 8

food, or pizza. Sweeten the evening with flowers, candles and music. It will really make a big difference and will help you to unwind and de-stress.

11/28/2006 12:11:55 PM


Try ab fab for the best value move on the coast... with the least amount of stress.

5445 8797 Unit 1 & 2/100 Enterprise Street, Kunda Park Visit our website to see what our customers say about our service:

STReSS FRee ReLOCATiON Over the past decade, the sea change phenomenon has created an extensive population explosion on the Sunshine Coast. People are moving here to achieve a balance in their working and personal life, to invest in a prosperous area or to enjoy the ambience of the coast in their retirement. One thing they have in common is the need to relocate and “connect” with services that the Coast provides. Two local innovative women from the Sunshine Coast – Anne Jacobson & Kim Franklin saw the potential to start a business that provides a personalised, comprehensive relocation service. Seek & Relocate Pty Ltd is a unique property search and relocation company specialising in providing these services to prospective newcomers to the Coast. Those new to the Sunshine Coast can save time and money by utilising the expertise of Seek & Relocate. Their services include arranging temporary accommodation, assisting to find permanent residence, assisting with removalists, school enrolments, connecting with recruitment agencies, connecting with the extensive range of community facilities, trade service providers and professional networks. Seek & Relocate business strength lies with the directors. Anne & Kim have extensive knowledge of the Coast, years of practical relocation experience, strong connections with local agents, brokers and institutions and most importantly, a desire to offer a personalised service to take the stress out of relocating. Contact Anne Jacobson or Kim Franklin Relocating you with a friendly personalised service Office: 07 5492 6594 Anne: 0448 744 993 Kim: 0410 539 739 ACN 121 460 740 – ABN 199 788 68

Sunshine Woman  Summer 2006 issue.indd 9

11/28/2006 12:11:55 PM

Your Business

Sustainability on the Sunshine coast

Seona Todd

In every issue of Sunshine Woman Magazine we will be featuring a business on the Sunshine Coast that practices their business with some regard to our limited resources here on the Coast. These resources could be material, human or environmental. In this issue we talk with Jeff Hayes of Sunshine Coast Laundry and find out how he and his team are successfully reducing the pressure on our water resources on the Coast.

Dirty Buisness

Jeff Hayes cleans it up and provides a role model for Business on the Coast. Mention the word OZONE and most people think about the hole above our heads that was allegedly caused by the waste gas emissions that we pump into our atmosphere. Not Jeff Hayes. He uses ozone in his workplace every day, and in a most surprising way. Sunshine Coast Laundry is owned and run by Jeff Hayes. Jeff ’s innovative nature has seen him introduce the first commercial laundry system in Australia that uses ozone in the wash cycle instead of more conventional bleaches that are used by other laundries. I visited Jeff at his laundry premises and learned how he is helping to preserve our precious water resource here on the Coast. Sunshine Coast Laundry is probably not familiar to you. The two main reasons for this are its client base and its location. Tucked away on a small industrial estate in Kunda Park the laundry is not highly visible to passers by but it does not need to be; the trade that Jeff relies on is purely commercial. Jeff and his team of laundry staff service the Tourism and Hospitality Industry here on the Sunshine Coast. Jeff ’s work practices are doing you and me a favour in relation to the environment we live in.

Are we likely to be using ozone in our domestic wash process in the near future? Jeff says that the technology is probably going to be available. “You’ll probably be able to put an ozone generator in your pocket in who knows how may years time”. But the fact is that a lot of us currently run the wash cycle on cold already, so there is no real advantage to converting to ozone at home. What we can do is try to reduce the number of cycles that we use and so reduce the amount of power used in the total wash process at home. I asked Jeff if it had taken a lot of courage to make the Ozone step. “It was a big risk for us to take and it has caused for us a lot of pain through the five or six months since we implemented it, it’s cost us a lot of money in re-work and additional costs for wages and things like that.” Now that the process has stabilized Jeff and his team of 25 – 35 laundry workers are on track and five of their nine machines are using ozone manufactured by a small generator on the wall of the premises. The end result is a saving of seven and a half million litres of water a year which in Jeff ’s words is “pretty significant”. Not content with that saving he continues to look for other ways to reduce water usage and therefore the impact that his business has on the environment.

Sunshine Coast Laundry is a great role model for what we can do to help sustain our resources ....... we think that Jeff and his team is to be congratulated for their efforts to date.

12 years ago Jeff bought Sunshine Coast Laundry. At the time it was running as an ordinary commercial laundry. Jeff had more inspiring goals for his business and through a federal government initiative called “Greenhouse Challenge” he started to look at “ways the environment could work for us as well as us working for the environment. This was about looking at all the ways that we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

So why on Earth would we use ozone in a laundry wash and what are the benefits of doing this? The answer is really quite simple. A normal commercial wash process uses hot water, detergent and bleach in some form. If you read Cate Molloy’s comments in this issue about the simplest way to reduce pressure on our environment the answer she gave was to reduce the amount of energy that we use. Ozone works in a cold wash and so allows Jeff to run his wash using less energy as he does not need to heat the water. In addition, the waste water that runs from the ozone wash is less of a problem in the sewer system. Ozone in the sewer continues to break down other waste substances (as it did in the laundry tub) and the end result of this breaking down process is oxygen! So where does the ozone come from? Jeff explains; “The technology that creates ozone is a pretty simple and straightforward process really. It’s just a generator that converts oxygen into ozone.” Ozone is created by passing an electric current through ordinary oxygen. Every time there is a lightning strike in nature, ozone is formed. You might recognize the distinctive smell in Jeff ’s laundry as the one that hangs in the air after an electrical storm.

Sunshine Coast Laundry is a great role model for what we can do to help sustain our resources on the Sunshine Coast and we think that Jeff and his team is to be congratulated for their efforts to date. So what can your business do that could make a difference right here on the Coast? An Environmental Protection Agency/Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesperson provided Sunshine Woman with the following information: The Environmental Protection Agency’s eco-Biz partnership program with Queensland business and industry differs from other eco-efficiency tools by providing the user with a production efficiency percentage (%) and a breakdown of resource costs per production unit. This breakdown of costs greatly assists a business to establish priority areas for eco-efficiency improvements (energy and waste savings) and enables accurate calculations of payback periods for improvements. Any business within Qld could join the ecoBiz program. All organisations that adopt the eco-Biz model are provided with a six-step process to become more efficient and more profitable through smarter resource management. The toolbox sets out clearly what the business needs to do at each step, as well as providing helpful reference materials. If you have or know of a business that is doing something to make a difference please let us know. You can contact us at Sunshine Woman Magazine on (07)5494 1222 or email

The ecoBiz six-step process:

1. Complete the ecoBiz application form. 4. Develop an ecoBiz action plan that sets out how you are going to make your business 2. Complete the baseline assessment more eco-efficient. to determine your resource consumption. 5. Start implementing your ecoBiz action plan. 3. Conduct a site survey 6. Review your progress of your business using the tools provided. by completing a re-assessment, which you can then compare with your baseline assessment.

10 Sunshine Woman Summer 2006 issue.indd 10

11/28/2006 12:11:59 PM

Rebates are available to businesses that clearly demonstrate the benefits of conserving, reusing and recycling resources, energy and water in a manner that delivers economic, environmental and social benefit to the business, the wider community and the state. For more information on eco-Biz or any other of the EPA’s initiatives visit

Sunshine Woman 11 Summer 2006 issue.indd 11

11/28/2006 12:12:04 PM

Best of a bad thing Pippa Colman and her teammake it their mission to ease the pain of parting Seona Todd

Walk into the offices of Pippa Colman and Associates and you could be forgiven for thinking that you have come to the wrong place. As you arrive at the premises on Sugar Road you are probably feeling a bit off colour – angry, upset, bitter, vulnerable. You never expected to be making this visit. The reception that you get in Pippa’s office is both surprising and welcome. Pippa Colman and Associates are Family Lawyers. They are what some might call “Divorce Lawyers”. Pippa’s waiting room exists in stark contrast to the image of hostile embattlement that separation and divorce matters bring to mind. You will be offered a drinks menu to peruse while you take in the peaceful and private décor of the red velvet lounge. “We took some advice from our business consultants and it was suggested to us that a client lounge would be more user friendly” Pippa explains. Separating the client lounge from reception is an especially soothing fish tank. “The fish are nice and calming” Pippa said. There is also a lolly machine and a kid’s corner for use by clients who are unable to come along without the children.

When a client leaves the office they are provided with a “next steps” form. This makes it easy for them to understand what their next step in the process should be. It could be an appointment with their accountant, a mediation session with their partner or another form to fill in. Form filling, as Pippa points out, is a large part of the legal process, but most of us are capable of doing much of the work ourselves and this is one of the ways in which Pippa and her team empower their clients. With reference to the deadly “Form 1” that the family Court requires to be filled Pippa says “Out of this form there’s really only one part in my view that needs to be filled in by a solicitor, and if a client fills most of the form themselves they save themselves about $50 a page”. This seems like advice not to be sneezed at when forms amount to numerous pages. Pippa’s team recognizes the devastation and trauma caused by separation issues and is sensitive to their clients’ emotional needs. Some clients arrive in a state of deep depression and are barely functioning at a normal level. Pippa has found herself driving clients to the Doctor for medical advice, or even taking them shopping to ensure that the basic necessities of life are provided for the next few days.

In the field of family law it can be hard to find a case that settles without at least a little bitter feeling on one or both sides

Sink back and relax into the sofa with your hot (or cold) drink and choose from one of the many books on offer. If you like the look of the contents take it home – there is a Library system in existence that allows access to over 200 books with titles more suggestive of conciliation than conflict. (There is even one entitled “Understanding Australian Men” which given my Scottish Heritage could be a very useful read!) In the field of family law it can be hard to find a case that settles without at least a little bitter feeling on one or both sides. “I reckon I’ve seen everything bar cannibalism” Pippa says of her role in this arena. The approach of Pippa’s Team to matters of family law could be considered to be a little “off the beaten track”. Conciliatory settlement is the main theme behind the Team’s approach to their work. This is not to say that other solicitors would endorse conflict in their practice. Pippa’s team embraces conciliation as their mission. Most people do not wish to see the inside of the Family Court. Over 95% of Pippa’s clients reflect this preference with an out of court settlement that is fostered and sustained by the variety of skills that the firm has to offer. Monthly seminars for clients are held free of charge. A wide variety of topics is on offer from Loss and Grief, form filling and legal aid to information on the vagaries of Family Court System. Clients get a monthly newsletter and emails are sent reminding them when a seminar is coming up and what the topic is. Solicitors from other practices are welcome to attend.

“Clients feel really awful when they come in to see us. They have low self esteem, they’ve “failed”, their relationship hasn’t worked out, they “haven’t been good parents”, and we try and normalize things for them. We treat them well because often no one else is. They’re always offered a menu of beverages when they come in and we’ve got some clients who just come in for a chat” The Team offers a variety of services that are relevant to the conciliation theme. Pippa and Lindsay woods are trained mediators. Pippa has completed communication, counseling and conflict resolution courses. Staff at the firm are equally well cared for. When Pippa is talking about a particular staff member there is always a kind of “knowing sparkle” in her eyes and voice. Pippa Colman and Associates offers a flexible working week to all of their staff, who are encouraged to work from home one day a week. Working 5 days a week is optional. “I don’t know any other practice in Queensland that does it but we think that it’s essential because our area of Law has got a very high rate of Burnout.” She says. Is it possible to get through the divorce scenario on amicable if not friendly grounds? “Oh yes” insists Pippa. “We are known for being settlement focused. About 95 – 99% of our work is by referral. Clients refer other clients to us.” Pippa describes the difference between amicable and acrimonious separation in financial terms. One of her clients spent two years and over 150 thousand dollars in his divorce proceedings (his wife paid her own lawyer roughly the same amount). A different couple got the same result for a total of 15 thousand dollars because they were able and willing to cooperate. With nominations for the Sunshine Woman Magazine “Best Husband” pending, I asked Pippa what she thought were the qualities most essential to the making of a good husband or partner. “What’s important? That’s not hard. Women want to be able to trust their husband, so they want a husband who’s faithful and who brings the pay packet home. They want a husband who’s a good father to their kids and they like to be noticed, as opposed to ignored. What I come across in my practice all the time is husbands who have no idea what went wrong. None whatsoever. They come in, they’re shell shocked, and they genuinely don’t understand why things went wrong. And after I’ve met them if it was appropriate and they ask me, I could tell them what went wrong, but they don’t know!” Disconcerting? I am reminded of the comment in the REFLECTIONS column in this issue. Give him the benefit of the doubt and chat to him as you would to your girlfriend. You might not get the same sort of response, but you might provide an avenue for him that could begin to decrease the level of his “not knowing” and build a genuine channel of communication that could save the day when things get a little rocky down the track.

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Pippa Colman answers your Family Law questions.

Question: Why do I need a Will?

Answer: If you do not have a Will, then when you die, either your assets will pass in accordance with legislation, the Succession Act, which sets out how the estate of a person who dies intestate (without a Will) is distributed to their spouse and children and then to more distant relations and if there are none, to the Crown (government). Of course, persons who think they should have a share of your estate may make an application to the Court but this is costly to them and to the estate. For a low fee, you can have a Will which sets out: 1. Your executors – the persons who will look after the administration of your estate;

2. The beneficiaries ie who gets a share in your estate; and 3. How your estate is to be carved up after your death.

That way, you will have peace of mind and the people who are left after you die will not have to clean up a legal mess. Question: I have a troubled marriage and my father who is elderly and in poor health is likely to leave me a large inheritance. Is there anyway that I can preserve this money for myself if the marriage fails? Answer: You have a number of alternatives including: -

1. Talking to your husband and reaching an agreement that your inheritance will not form part of the matrimonial pool and then entering into a Binding Financial Agreement; or 2. Leaving now and having a property settlement now.

If you and your husband can agree that you should enter into a Binding Financial Agreement to keep the inheritance out of the asset pool, then you will need to see a solicitor and enter into a fairly complex document. Both you and your husband will need to receive legal advice.

Question: My husband and I are separated. He wants to take the children overseas to visit his parents in Greece. I am worried that he will not return the children. What can I do?

Answer: In general, the Family Court takes the attitude that it is good for children to travel overseas, especially if they have a family tie to the country that they will be visiting. You and your husband should go to family mediation to sit down and talk about your concerns and the planned trip. In general, the Family Court will allow the travel if the traveling parent supplies well in advance an itinerary, details of where the children will be staying including an address and contact number, the traveling parent agrees to ensure that the children communicate with the parent who stays behind, the traveling parent them self have a return ticket and there is an Order in place setting out that the children live in Australia. An international convention – the Hague Convention – on international abduction of children sets out that Courts will ensure the speedy return of children to their country of origin if they are “abducted” overseas. The Court may impose as a condition of your husband leaving the country that he lodges a substantial bond with the Family Court which could be released to you if you had to fight to get the children back or you yourself had to travel to Greece to collect them and fly them back to Australia. The Australian government through the Department of Families assists parents in Australia through the Hague Convention to recover children who remain overseas.

Pippa Colman is a practicing Family Law Solicitor on the Sunshine Coast. She runs her practice from an office in Maroochydore and is supported by a team of talented and dedicated staff.

DISCLAIMER: General questions and answers are no substitute for legal advice. Please consult your solicitor before making decisions.

If you intend to remain married, your solicitors will probably advise you to give your husband a small share of the inheritance, and to reach an agreement with him that if he receives an inheritance, he gives you a small share but keeps most of it for himself. If you feel that the marriage is over, then now would be a good time to leave if you want to ensure that you keep most of the inheritance for yourself. When the Family Court looks at a property settlement, it looks at the property which is in existence at the time of trial. Therefore, if your father has died by the time of the trial, your inheritance will be considered by the Court. This does not necessarily mean that your husband will share in the inheritance, but he could. Question: At what age can a child elect which parent they live with, after their parents separate? Answer: There is no specific age set out in the Family Law Act although the Act used to say 14 years. That means that the parents must make the decisions until the child reaches the age of 18 years. In practical terms, it is very difficult to convince a teenager to stay in a household where the teenager is unhappy. By the time children reach their teenage years, most parents accept the inevitable and will have regard to the child’s wishes and make arrangements in accordance with their wishes. However, that does not always happen. The Family Law Courts believe that children’s wishes should be listened to, but not necessarily followed. For example, it would be wrong to change where a child lives simply because one parent complains that the other has no rules at all in their household, and the complaining parent insists, for example, on manners and a child going to school regularly. If the parents disagree about where a child should live, they may be able to reach decisions by going to family mediation or having a family consultant (who may be a social worker or child psychologist/psychiatrist) prepare a report about the family and what would be in the best interests of the family.

Providing a caring legal experience

MISSION STATEMENT At Pippa Colman and Associates we listen and we care.

Our friendly, happy team are committed to excellent client service. We aim to provide practical and cost effective solutions for you. We offer hope, peace of mind and options. We empower clients to work towards their own solutions. PIPPA COLMAN & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS

Principal: Alexandra Phillipa Colman Acc. Spec. (Fam) Associate: Lindsay Evan Woods LLB Acc. Spec. (Fam) Associate: Angela Jane Grigg LLB 12/64 Sugar Road MAROOCHYDORE QLD 4558

Tel: (07) 5458 9000 Fax: (07) 5458 9010 Mobile: 0407 353 060

PO Box 5200 MAROOCHYDORE B.C. QLD 4558 ABN: 99 873 124 100

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Is your husband/partner a contender for our


Seona Todd speaks with Channel 7’s Rosanna Natoli about husband Joe, Mayor of Maroochy Shire.


ell!! “Who’s silly idea was this competition?” I hear you all asking! To tell you the truth, we have been debating this topic since my own darling husband presented me with “The Good Wife’s Guide”, an article allegedly sourced from an ancient edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine that he found in his Email Inbox one morning a couple of months ago. I can’t remember who sent him this ever so useful compendium of tips for “Good Wives” like me but I’ll be sure to thank that person kindly when I see them next!!! Some of the “tips” are listed on page 15 for the benefit of those of you who feel you need a few tips OR more to the point, need a good laugh! BUT Please don’t shoot the messenger – Its all just good clean fun! Some of the “tips” are highly controversial and there is some debate about the authenticity of the article, supposed to be from the 13th May 1955 edition of the Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Over the next months we will be presenting our readers with a contender (or two!) for this competition. Our readers will then be asked to vote for their favourite “husband”, and the winner will be announced at the Inaugural Sunshine Woman / National Breast Cancer Foundation Global Illumination Event next year with proceeds from the Event going to the NBCF. (more details about that event later). Pick up the next issue of Sunshine Woman Magazine to find out who the first contender is and what he will receive if he is the lucky winner! There’s plenty of time to nominate a few good contenders so let’s hear all about them NOW! Details of how to enter can be found at the bottom of the page. Meantime, sincere thanks go to Rosanna Natoli from Channel 7 who has been extremely gracious in answering some questions about her gorgeous husband Joe. Read on to find out about what qualities she considers make a good husband. It seems that Joe could be in with a good chance of coming fairly high in the stakes for winning this one! I spoke to Rosanna about Mayor Natoli and our Competition and this is what she came up with….

He needs to be tender and thoughtful, remember important dates, and being a mind reader on occasions would definitely help!

(ST) Rosanna, How long have you been married to Joe?

(Rosanna) We’ve just had our 17th wedding anniversary - though it doesn’t seem like that could possibly be true! It really doesn’t feel like that long ago. (ST) What attracted you to Joe when you met him?

(Rosanna) His eyes - they sparkle and are very kind. And his dashing, dark, good looks! (ST) What do you consider to be your husband’s best features?

(Rosanna) He is incredibly kind and generous. He gives a lot of himself to others. (ST) If you had to leave home for a week on urgent business (leaving the kids behind) how would your husband cope?

(Rosanna) I ran this one past him and he said, “I’d be great!” I, on the other hand, don’t think he really understands how much it really takes to keep a household running for a week. Would the girls be dressed in each others clothes and sent to kindy on stayhome days? Probably not - they’d all just have one big pyjamapool party for a week! (ST) What contemporary features do you think our “Best Husband” needs to have?

(Rosanna) He needs to cook with passion, clean with gusto, and be a good friend. He needs to be tender and thoughtful, remember important dates, and being a mind reader on occasions would definitely help! (ST) Is your husband a possible contender for “Best Husband” !?

(Rosanna) Absolutely! Could I even consider any other answer to this one?

So there you have it. If you think that your partner is a winner you can POST his and your details to “ SUNSHINE WOMAN BEST HUSBAND”, P.O. Box 269, Landsborough, QLD 4550, or FAX to (07) 5494 1224 or email to We will contact you with further details and some questions for you (and him!) to answer. Best of Luck

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Extract from the 13th May 1955 edition of the Good Housekeeping Magazine

Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they get home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed. Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be freshlooking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.

Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Run a dustcloth over the tables. During the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering to his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.

Be happy to see him. Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Encourage the children to be quiet.

Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him. Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours. Don’t greet him with complaints and problems. Don’t complain if he’s late for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through at work. Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or lie him down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.

Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice. Don’t ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him. A good wife always knows her place.

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Women making


A quiet revolution is taking place on the waves right along the Sunshine Coast, as a new breed of women discover their ‘inner Gidget.’


fter spending years sitting on the beach, either watching their husbands have all the fun surfing or supervising the kids, a generation of Sunshine Coast women have decided that now it is their turn to claim the waves for themselves. With either older children now at school, or just more time of their hands, thirty-something, fortysomething and even fifty-something women are discovering the joy of surfing. For many it is the realisation of a long held desire, while others have come to surfing quite unexpectedly. Yet all have discovered a side to themselves they didn’t know existed. When most of these women were younger, the surf was a pre-dominantly male domain and so they pursued more traditional ‘female’ pastimes like

Story by Nicky Engel, photos by Andrew Engel.

golf and tennis. That’s the way it was when Noosa’s Sue Altmann was raising a family at Palm Beach, Sydney. Even with surfing legend Nat Young as a neighbour and Jane Farrelly (sister of surfer Midget Farrelly) as a best friend, Sue never considered taking up surfing. ‘Back then, Jane Farrelly was the only woman I knew, or ever saw, who surfed,’ says Sue. However, the last ten years has seen a ground swell of women of all ages taking to the waves. In fact for many women, their regular surf is now a sacred time that they have claimed for themselves. One mum explained the freedom that surfing provides, saying ‘when you are out in the water there are no phones, no meals to think about, no homework to check…and all the day-to-day chores seem a million miles away.’

16 Sunshine Woman Summer 2006 issue.indd 16

11/28/2006 12:12:13 PM

On a personal level, Kristy sees surfing as a healthy addiction. ‘I love the rush of the white water over my body, it feels like all the little bubbles are feeding and energising your body. After a surf I always feel strong – it is almost like you have been massaged by the ocean,’ says Kristy.

Now aged 59, Sue Altmann has been surfing for two years after taking it up with the encouragement of her surf coach daughter, Kristy. After an international career as a classical dancer and dancer teacher, Sue became a regular ocean swimmer and then an active member of the Noosa SLSC 5 years ago.

And while surfing is a fun, social thing to do in a group, a lot of women are also attracted to the peacefulness it delivers. ‘It’s just you and the waves with no one to compare yourself with, so it really is about working at our own level – a bit like yoga,’ explains Sue who also manages to teach yoga I her spare time! Initially, Sue says, ‘I was just thrilled to get out the back, it didn’t even matter whether I caught a wave or not.’

While many women of a similar age are playing bridge or complaining about their aches and pains, Sue is riding the waves. ‘Learning to surf looks a lot more daunting than it really is,’ says Sue. ‘Just have a go and don’t worry about what you can’t do. Besides it feels fantastic to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone,’ she adds. Another mum sums it up by saying, ‘I could be playing tennis with the rest of the girls, but for me surfing is also about being surrounded by nature. You can be sitting on your board at Tea Tree Bay at Noosa, looking back at the National Park and a dolphin or green turtle will casually swim past!’

Most women choose to learn on longboards as they are more buoyant and easier to paddle for beginners. Plus they also have a gentle grace to them that appeals to many women. Another attraction of surfing is that once you have your own board there are no membership fees and the ocean is free. There are no gym timetables to consult either – just the wind, the swell and the tide. ‘The ocean is a great leveller too,’ says Sue ‘whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a corporate business woman, a retiree or self-employed - everyone is on the same level when surfing.’

Sue Altmann echoes the lives of many women when she says, ‘women are great at multi-tasking, which means we rarely relax. But when you are surfing you need to be totally focused on the waves and your position on the board - and that really clears the mind. You need to really be in the ‘now’ and that’s the beauty of it. For me it’s like a form of meditation and you come back from a surf feeling so re-energised and revitalised,’ she adds. ‘When I am walking down the beach in the morning with my board under my arm, I just feel so lucky and so happy to be there. In the modern world we are so disconnected from the universe, but surfing puts you back in touch with the elements – and on one amazing morning at Granite Bay I actually surfed through a rainbow,’ says Sue. ‘Surfing also boosts your self-confidence and self esteem in all areas of your life,’ Sue enthuses. ‘The first time you catch a wave you feel such pride and exhilaration - it lifts your spirits for the entire day,’ she adds. And it’s great for your overall fitness too. ‘After paddling for a few waves, I discovered muscles in my upper arms that I never knew existed!’ explains one mum after her first surfing lesson. But at the same time, surfing is a pastime that many of these women see themselves doing well into their old age.

As one of the only female surf coaches on Noosa’s main beach, Kristy is blessed to have one of the safest places in Australia to teach. ‘Anyone can learn to surf,’ says Kristy, ‘all it takes is a little patience and a love of the ocean. I’d recommend that first-timers get a couple of girlfriends together and share a lesson - it makes all the difference and you’ll be standing up in no time,’ she adds. ‘And you don’t need to be fit to learn – just willing to give it a go! Tone, muscle strength and flexibility will all come with practice.’

For 30 year old Kristy Quirk, surfing is not just a personal addiction – it is also a full-time business. As the owner of Sundancer Surf School, she has been very personally involved in encouraging a new wave of women to take up the sport. As Sue Altmann’s daughter, Kristy grew up surrounded by ballet and dancing - and was a jazz ballet teacher herself for many years. However, with a growing number of women and girls taking up surfing, she soon saw a way to combine her love of the two. Today, her surf dancer surf school is promoting an entirely new art form, while her learn to surf students range in age from 4 to 59 years.

ABOVE LEFT: Sue and Kristy prepare to hit the waves. BELOW: The perfect start to another day at the Noosa river mouth.

And you don’t need to be fit to learn – just willing to give it a go! Tone, muscle strength and flexibility will all come with practice.

So don’t be deterred by the perception – that surfing is only a pastime for men and nymphets in bikinis. ‘As a retiree, it has given me a new lease on life and opened up a whole new world,’ explains Sue. ‘Surfing is something that I look forward to every day. My advice to other women is to find something physical that brings you joy and do it regularly. I’m 59, and 59 feels great!’ And looking at Sue you’d have to agree that she has found the elixir of youth. So next time you hear your ‘inner Gidget’ calling – listen and take the plunge. What have you got to lose? Nothing, except your inhibitions. Look for local Learn to Surf Schools in the Yellow Pages or contact Kristy at

BELOW: Waiting for the next wave.

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The Healing Power of Touch There is something magical about touch.


e have all experienced touch in some way or another. Pleasant or unpleasant, the consequential associations that arise from touch often stay with us for the rest of our lives. Young babies and children, for example, who receive consistent and loving touch, will develop into individuals who are more trusting of the world around them. We only have to remember some experiences of our own, to see how touch affects our lives. It has long been known in health fields, alternative and conventional, that healthy, positive touch is imperative to the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. It is a sad state of affairs when the importance of touch is so often forgotten. Most of us don’t realise how crucial it is, or how magical it can be. An elderly lady experienced a hand massage from an associate of mine a couple of weeks ago, and the sweet lady cried quietly as she explained that she hadn’t felt such caring touch for many, many years. Just a few weeks ago, one of my clients stood up after her massage and, to my amazement, said that she had just experienced the most loving touch in all her memory, including from her mother. She is married and in her mid-40’s. What I found so amazing was that she had never experienced this kind of touch ever before. Touch can offer tremendous healing. It can give support, gentle encouragement, transmit love and caring. Touch speaks of so much. It is remarkable how profoundly our mind, body, and emotions can be effected by the concentrated form of touch we call massage. A 15 minute massage has been proven to create a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in many individuals with hypertension. Massage is generally known to contribute to pain relief, and aid the rejuvenation and regeneration of the body, but it will also:

Increase vigour, and improve immune function, Decrease levels of stress and anxiety, Help lift depression and fatigue , Improve general wellbeing, Improve task performance, Improve mental alertness

As you can see, the benefits are many. It is no wonder that large corporations see it fit to regularly provide massages for their workers. If we, as individuals, realised the magical quality of touch, we would extend more of ourselves to each other through touch, and we would not hesitate to make regular massage sessions an essential part of a health and fitness regime, for the very young, to the very old. S’raya Rahmat is a practicing Massage Therapist specialising in Kahuna (Ancient Hawaiian Massage Technique) and Bowen Therapy. She also teaches Baby Massage and helps people create Wellness Homes. She works from her clinic in Nambour Heights on the Sunshine Coast. Ph: (07) 5476 4257.

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In the stars An Astrological Overview of the next months


ecember 2006 As we move into December, the Full Moon in Gemini falls on 5 Dec. The chart for the Sunshine Coast shows that our focus is likely to be on home and family, our ancestors and our connection with the land. Saturn turns retrograde on 6 Dec and appears to move backwards in the sky till mid-April 07, urging us to revisit the way that we have structured our lives. This is a good time to work on any fears or restrictions that we may have, and bring them to the conscious light of day. It is also a good time to review our ability to say ’No’ and ensure that we can maintain healthy boundaries in our lives. Venus moves into Capricorn on 12 Dec, bringing a serious tone to relationships - they may feel like hard work for the next 3 weeks! Love becomes associated with material gifts under this influence – appropriately for Christmas! Or at least, there is a need to demonstrate love in a practical, tangible way. If your birthday is on or around 19 Dec, the year ahead is likely to be one of powerful transformation, in which you may well say goodbye to aspects of yourself that no longer serve you. In letting go of the old, we create space for the new to come in, and there is a definite emphasis on a new ‘you’ emerging in the coming year.

to be very careful of signing important documents like contracts – if you can’t avoid it, then read the fine print very carefully. The New Moon in Aquarius on 18 Feb at 2.16am again highlights our resources and our shared values. Aquarian values include freedom, revolutionary ideas and working for the collective good of humanity. If your birthday is on or around this date, you will resonate strongly with this new cycle. The Sun moves into the watery sign of Pisces the following day 19 Feb. Venus moves into Aries on 22 Feb bringing a new dynamism and directness of approach to relationships. Stargazer Astrology Chirone Witsen DFAstrolS, Grad Dip Counselling, MA Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers The exact times of the New Moons are given because the 24-hour period immediately following any New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation – so make a note in your diary and put out your intentions!

The New Moon on 21 Dec (just after midnight at 0.02am) intensifies this feeling of a new start for Sagittarians in general and especially those born close to this date – yet for all of us, this New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle in some aspect of our lives, and in Sagittarius it is bound to include adventure and new horizons. The Sunshine Coast chart again emphasizes home, family and our ancestral roots. The summer solstice – the longest day and shortest night of the year – falls on 22 December when the Sun moves into Capricorn, the traditional midseason time of celebration and feasting.


anuary 2007 January begins with the Full Moon in Cancer just before midnight on 3 Jan – a time of strong emotions and a need for close connections, either with family or with people who feel like family’. Venus moves into Aquarius on 5 Jan, bringing a need for more freedom and excitement in relationships. The New Moon in Capricorn falls on 19 Jan at 2.02pm and is characterized by strong feelings of romantic love, tempered by the reality check of Saturn. If your birthday is on or around this date, you will resonate strongly with this new cycle. The Sun moves into Aquarius the following day 20 Jan. Venus moves into Pisces on 29 Jan, bringing a dreamy romantic feeling to relationships. This is great when there is a good basis for the relationship, but if things are a bit uncertain, be careful of seeing your partner or friends through rose-coloured glasses over the next 3 weeks.


ebruary 2007 The Full Moon in Leo falls on 2 Feb, bringing a sense of fun and enthusiasm for life – a great party time! In the Sunshine Coast chart the focus is on our values and our resources – and with Saturn there too, an awareness of the need to conserve our resources over the coming month. Mercury goes retrograde on Valentine’s Day 14 Feb for 3 weeks until 12 March. This is a period when communications tend to get confused and mixed up, messages don’t get through, keys get lost, computers misbehave and major purchases often need to be taken back to the shop … it is a time

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How to.... Nicky Engel


hear you sigh ‘But who has time to read’! As a mum I know that it can be hard enough finding time to have a shower, let alone pick up a book. But a great way to get motivated is to join – or create your own – book club.

Getting Started The basic principle of a book club is that the group select a book, everyone reads the same book and then you meet to discuss it. Source members from your own circle of friends, Mum’s group, work environment or advertise on a local Community notice board. Try to include a range of people of different ages, life stages and backgrounds - this will make for an interesting and lively discussion.

At Your First Meeting Decide on and write down some basic goals and guidelines, such as -

• How often you plan to meet? Between 6-8 weeks is usually achievable. • Where to hold the meetings? Each member can take a turn to host the meeting in their home, or you can meet at a local library, club or even a park. • Exchange phone numbers and contact details. • Decide how to choose the books? Which genres is the group most interested in? • What about the cost of books? Perhaps focus on paperbacks that everyone can afford. • Who is going to keep a record of books suggested and books read? • Will the discussion be formal with each person taking a turn – or more informal and spontaneous? • If a member doesn’t manage to read the book in time, should they still attend? • Ask one member to volunteer to be the contact person between meetings – or decide to all take a turn and draw up a schedule. • Also discuss what the members wish to get out of the book club.

Getting the Discussion Going Draw up a list of questions that will form the basis of the discussion once each book has been read. It will help members to have these questions in mind when they are reading each book. Some conversation starters may be – • Did you enjoy the book? What did you like or dislike? • What is the book’s key message? • Which characters did you like/dislike, or relate to? • Do you agree with how critics reviewed the book? • Did you agree with any of the moral/ethical choices that the characters had to make? • Did you enjoy the author’s writing style and use of language?

As you club and friendships grow, you may which to organise to attend a literary lunch being held in your area or do another activity that is related to a book that you are reading. The annual Noosa Longweekend event often brings a number of well-known authors to the Sunshine Coast to speak about their work. But above all, have fun and get involved. At best, you’ll make an entire new group of friends. At worst, you’ll read a book that you may not have previously have chosen. Happy reading.

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n the process of producing Sunshine Woman Magazine we have been introduced to many amazing women. The amount of femaledriven innovative business that is going on here on the Coast is truly inspirational! Not only that but we are very well populated with beautiful women in the real sense of the word. When we put out the call for women to become involved in Sunshine Models we were astounded by the response. Bear in mind that this is a Boutique Model Database for women who are over 35! The philosophy behind the project was that the Database would be populated with “ordinary” women who are leading extraordinary lives. In responding to the applications that we received we soon discovered that “extraordinary” was exactly the word to describe these women.

THIS ISSUE the Featured Model is Susanne Rittar (below). Susanne is featured on the cover of this issue and is the main face launching the Sunshine Woman phenomena. Without giving away her age, Susanne is well within the “over 35” age requirement for Sunshine Models and looks stunning! She is a Mother, Wife and Business Woman working in Real Estate sales. She has the most gorgeous personality, and is a very professional and well known Model. You can find Susann on the Vivien’s Model’s Database. Vivien’s is internationally acknowledged as the leading and largest Model Agency in Australia and has guided the careers of high profile supermodels including Kristy Hinze, Sara O’Hare (Murdoch) and Gemma Ward.

Every issue of Sunshine Woman will feature a Sunshine Model on this page. So what is Sunshine Models and who are the women that are involved? Sunshine Models is designed as an opportunity for women to have fun, enjoy a bit of pampering and experience Model Assignments whilst contributing to a worthy cause. It was set up for women who would like to be part of a Model Database on the Sunshine Coast. Model specifications are different from your run of the mill Model Agency specs. The main difference is that Models are over 35 and donate half of their assignment fees to the National Breast Cancer Foundation or another cause of their choosing. Some of the Models are highly experienced and some have no experience at all. Sunshine Models runs Model Workshops and includes networking opportunities for all of the women involved. Nominations are also now being taken for the SUNSHINE MODEL/FACE OF SUNSHINE WOMAN 2007. Details about how to apply can be found on the website at or by phoning (07) 5494 1222 or email us at or. The successful Model will be announced at the 2007 Estee Lauder Global Illumination Event in October 2007 (see page 1 for details of this event) SUNSHINE MODELS - currently seeks expressions of interest from women who would like to feature on their Sunshine Coast Model Data Base. To apply please send resume/comp card/photos to or call Sunshine Woman Magazine on (07) 5494 1222. SUNSHINE MODELS

Embrace the Sunshine Woman Vision/Mission (see inside back cover this issue). Are ordinary women leading extraordinary lives. Are 35 years of age or older. Are radiant, healthy women. Donate 50% of their fees from Model Assignments to the National Breast Cancer Foundation or other charitable organization of their choosing. SUNSHINE WOMAN MAGAZINE AND MODELS advocates the promotion of contemporary wholistic health for women. Does not advocate smoking.

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life in family AND Politics Cate Molloy very generously allowed the Sunshine Woman Magazine team into her home to interview her and perform a process that was obviously outside her comfort zone; a Makeover. All credit to her, she endured the process with grace and the fabulous results can be seen on these pages. Seona Todd spoke with Cate at her home on the Sunshine Coast. The first thing that struck me about Cate Molloy is that she really listens to what you are saying. In fact there is an intensity to her style of communication that causes you to think very carefully about what you are saying in return. A reflection, perhaps, of her own careful thought process. In the process of beautifying Cate (not at all a difficult task) we spoke about some of the issues, past and present, that she has dealt with and touched briefly on her plans for the future. Cate Molloy identifies her “very strong sense of social justice” as one of the driving forces behind her current role. When she was still at school she worked in an after care centre in Melbourne. The disparity between the underprivileged recipients of care and the wealth of the Catholic Church made Cate feel uncomfortable. “I would go back to school and ask the Nuns….why have we got imported stained glass windows in our chapel…how can we justify being Catholics and Christians with the philosophy of looking after one another, how can we justify this wealth of the Catholic Church and then the disparity with people in underprivileged areas?.” Within a couple of years Cate was voting Labour. “Gogh Whitlam had introduced free education so a lot of my school cohort were able to access free university which made a huge difference.” Even so, Cate describes a Graduation Ceremony that she attended recently. Some of the Graduates, she reports, were the first in their family to attend University. “Here we are in 2006 and that is still happening for people.” Describing herself as a “Life Long Learner” Cate embarked on an Arts Degree (Majoring Politics) while still working as an Enrolled Nurse, a career that she held for 25 years. She identifies her studies (which are ongoing) as a dramatic turning point in her career. “I’ve always had this drive to stick up for people – it’s a funny little thing but it’s a bit of a passion, that you want to look after people that can’t stick up for themselves. It’s a bit like being in the school yard.”

22 Sunshine Woman Summer 2006 issue.indd 22

11/28/2006 12:12:40 PM

School yard apart, Cate’s passion for Social Justice, Education and Advocacy on behalf of others shines through. In conversation she demonstrates a strong focus on the other party. It took a mere 45 seconds after I introduced myself to her at our first meeting for her to discover my educational and working backgrounds and she shows a genuine interest in “the big picture”.

embracing the plethora of sustainable practices that are already in use and that can be extended and continuing to push for that”

So how does a woman like Cate Molloy, who has battled in the public arena on a number of hot political issues, care for herself? How does she “rest up”?

“I think the most important issue in the whole ‘Dam thing’ is the sustainable development”

“We walk, we go out together, I read”

“All you need to do is travel around the world or go to Victoria and you see all the market gardens have been erased and we’ve put houses on top of them. So the consumer is continuing to pay more and more and more to access the produce and then you’ve got the water to the irrigation areas. So (the Dam) flies in the face of my understanding of sustainable development”

Cate met Husband Ivan 31 years ago at a musical event in a Pub in Melbourne. Ivan, who is himself a high profile community member, has played no small part in the career of his wife. The couple is not strangers to the challenges of supporting a growing family and developing two separate careers at the same time. So what would Cate advise women who are interested in embarking on a career in politics? “For me it’s always been juggling children and career. I was fortunate that my husband and I had already spent many years juggling the children, sharing that parenting role. I’d work part time; he had a lot of time at home, work based home time.” She adds after some careful Cate – style reflection “It was still difficult” And what about the Work Culture that women will encounter in such a career? “One of the glaring things has been the people that will tell you black is white. And there are some people that are actually Grand Masters at having an answer for everything. And when you know the facts yourself, you think “this hasn’t happened to me for 20 years, but here I am in this situation and someone is trying to tell me something that I know to be incorrect factually.” Some time before our interview the media reported the resignation of another female politician, allegedly on grounds of “intimidation and abuse” by her colleagues and the community at large. I asked Cate if this is a factor of concern in the political arena. “I haven’t felt particularly intimidated. People have seen what I’ve been trying to do as wrong” The prospect of not being re-elected to the Labour seat of Noosa seems to hold no fear. “I will continue towards we as a community having the most benign impact on our environment and

Asked if she can add any light to our understanding of the local environmental issues currently being debated in the media Cate responds with reflective consideration.

What does this mean to us as a Community?

So is there a possibility of putting a stop to the whole Dam thing? Cate responds in a flash and almost dismissively as if the question is naïve; “Oh, absolutely” In the meantime, what does she see as the one thing that we can all do as individuals that will make a difference to the issue of resource management on the Sunshine Coast? The answer is simple and direct.

“No. I’m not going to join a party. I don’t think that’s fair to parties, to have me… because if I see something that’s self-evidentially incorrect…if I see a decision that’s really backed up by evidence to be incorrect, then I’m not going to be able to say, anymore, “Yes, let’s do that because it’s going to benefit all of you”.” So what effect has the turmoil of the last months had upon this woman of Politics? Who is Cate Molloy today? “The same person I was 6 or 7 years ago. Completely grounded, committed to serving the community, never consider myself the baton, just the baton carrier” And in summary; “One of the greatest enemies that we’re confronted with is our own ignorance. I have asked people to look up Dams on the internet. Not everyone has the time to go to the library, nor do they have the motivation. So look up Dams on your internet. Look up the water recycling issues. Have a “Google”; look around with your computer. People spend hours on Ebay but they won’t address one of the most important issues that we face.”

“Conserving energy and conserving water use” The public furore over the Traveston Dam and her associated departure from the Labour Party has been interpreted by some as a possible cause for some regret on Cate’s part. I asked her if this was the case. “Well, I think, I really haven’t had an ambition for a career in politics. When people have suggested to me that I should have been made a minister, my response has often been “well number one, I’m very privileged to have the job that I’ve got and number two, I started out with a young family with two teenagers and a 9 year old. And really this grass roots stuff is just wonderful. And there are a lot of people who are very ambitious – let them do the ambitious stuff.” So no; I don’t have any regrets as far as my career is concerned.” Will she become a member of the Greens?

Cate Molloy being treated to the talents of make-up artist Brooke 0423 313 897.

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the road to continued success is ongoing research, further product development and delivering an ethical product that our customers love

Leone Martin, Director of EverEscents Organic Hair Care

EverEscents Organic Hair Care has hit the jackpot; winning ING DIRECT’s ‘Optimise My Business’ competition yesterday (15th October). More than 1,700 small business owners from around the nation entered the competition, run on Australia’s number one small business program Channel 7’s My Business TV.

Leone, a passionate and outspoken advocate for all things natural and organic is proving that organic is not just for ‘hippies’ and that it is relevant for all as a way of preserving and protecting our own health and the health of the entire planet. Leone is a small lady with a big voice that is now being heard!

“I am jumping out of my skin with excitement, achieving this national recognition for EverEscents Organic Hair Care is absolutely amazing, l really went out on a limb and put my heart and soul into these products,” Director, Leone Martin said.

“Winning is incredible recognition for how far we have come but we know the road to continued success is ongoing research, further product development and delivering an ethical product that our customers love,” she said.

“EverEscents started as nothing more than a passion to create an ethical and organic hair care range exclusively for salons. We are now recognised across Australia as the leader in Organic Hair Care products – it is so amazing and very cool.”

“The support of ING DIRECT and the advice of the My Business team has really opened my eyes a number of possibilities. We are super excited at the opportunities that lay ahead of us, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for EverEscents Organic Hair Care.”

In a very tough competition, EverEscents Organic Hair Care shone above the rest, winning $10,000 in an ING DIRECT Business Optimiser account, the business assistance of a team of experts and the benefit of national exposure on the My Business TV program.

Leone Martin, Director of EverEscents Organic Hair Care For further media information, please contact Maya from Fresh PR on (07) 5450 5002 or email

“EverEscents was selected not just because it’s a great business, but because of Leone’s passion for her products and her commitment to learning all about what it takes to become a successful small business owner,” said host of the show, David Koch. According to statistics, the organic product industry is growing at 20 - 25 per cent per annum and EverEscents Organic Hair Care is leading the way by producing the only Australian organic hair care products to be sold and recommended by professional hairdressers. The company, based in Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is also competing against some of the world’s largest multi-national hair care companies with impressive results, as salons across the country support and stock the products.

Leone Martin (second from left) celebrating her win on board David Koch’s (Kochie) yacht with the ING team, Marketing Coordinator Karlee Hann, CEO Eric Drok and Marketing Coordinator, Laura Taggart and David Koch, presenter of My Business TV.

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o, we have not made a mistake in the title of this page!! “Fashion in the Field” is the Sunshine Woman Magazine page that takes a look at fashion from a slightly different perspective! We want to know what you wear in your “field”, that is your workplace, or the place that you spend most of your time! In this issue we do actually cover “fashion on the field”. Our Cover Shoot and pictures for this page were achieved with the help of Sunshine Coast Turf Club and the beautiful Susanne Ritter. Susanne wears a very summery number from Morrissey. Her hat was very kindly provided for the shoot by The Hat Box (see credits inside cover this issue) Sunshine Coast Turf Club is always an excellent venue for a good day out. Jessamine McNee, Marketing and Promotions Manager and Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive, helped to make preparations for our shoot run very smoothly. Thanks also to Robina Todd and Kevin Forrester for extra help with the “Racing Colours” shot. Melanie Hall is the Sunshine Model featured in the shot. Melanie wears her own dress. “On High” thanks to the girls is Kevin Forrester in Club Colours. Kevin, 30 years a jockey is now based in South East Queensland after a much travelled career that has seen him ride for the best trainers in Australia and win major races in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Malaysia. During his first month in Queensland, Kevin won the Listed Peter Gallagher Stks on Aiden James and the Listed Glenlogan Parkes Stks on Countess Bathory. Kevin is managed by Thorough Management.

ABOVE LEFT: Susanne wears Morrissey dress and The Hat Box hat for her day at the races FAR LEFT: Spectator Susanne with small race enthusiasts Sophie and Savannah. Don’t look so worried Sophie - your horse is winning! LEFT: “On High” thanks to Models Melanie Hills (left) and Susanne is Jockey Kevin Forrester We want to hear from you what do you wear to work or play? Do you have a “Field” of fashion that you would like to see covered on this page? Send details to or call us on (07)54941222.

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Your health

Giving and Receiving for You

Deanne Urquhart, Inspirational healer and speaker


hy do you as a woman know how to give and yet, find it extremely difficult to receive in return? The majority of your day is spent in ‘giving’ mode. Being a wife, a mother and a woman is a nurturing role and is spent giving to others for most of the day. Your time is spent cooking dinner, cleaning house, doing washing, making lunches, ironing clothes, feeding the cat, kissing your child’s sore body parts better, scrubbing the toilets and that is all before you even start your paid job! You expend much energy daily without receiving any in return. Even if it were to be offered to you, it would be of no benefit if you were not willing to receive.

When was the last time you gave to yourself genuinely? Picture this energy as love and image you have a love tank within your body. Each time you give love out attending to your daily duties, your tank empties little by little. By the end of the day, you are depleted and exhausted. You have no more love to give because your love tank is empty. You don’t have the slightest inclination to give to yourself, let alone the energy to do it. The only thing on your mind is to fall into bed. On waking the next morning, it is still empty and it starts all over again. There is never love left for you. It is at this point we may become resentful and bitter for not receiving any help and not having any time for ourselves because it is always spent looking after others. The only way to improve this common theme in your life is to start filling up your love tank throughout the day before you reach empty. When was the last time you gave to yourself genuinely? I mean without guilt or without apologising for it? We have the tendency to sit down to read a magazine or watch a movie and feel guilty the whole time, because we have so many other things we should be doing! Have you ever gone out for a break to get some fresh air and come back only to apologise for going in the first place? That is not allowing yourself to receive. You may as well have stayed because your mind was there the whole time anyway.

So what is it about receiving that makes it so hard for you to accept? What answers are you getting when you ask this question of yourself? Is the reason you feel guilty because you don’t deserve to have it all? Do you believe you don’t deserve to be pampered, nurtured, looked after and loved? Do you feel as a woman, that your job to give out to everyone else first because that is what you signed up for? No, your duty is to be happy and fulfilled in your life. You are a beautiful, loving being that deserves to receive as much, if not more than you give. Fill up your love tank and have more energy for yourself. Don’t be the last one in line. You can only stay depleted for a short time before your health begins to deteriorate. You can have it all simply by making your needs a priority. I am not suggesting to neglect anyone else, but I am proposing that you treat yourself as abundantly as you would others. This is not a reward or a treat; this is a necessity in your life. It is food for your soul. Make a conscious effort to give and receive daily and allow the flow of life to be with you always. So now it is time to devote to you. When was the last time you had a massage, a hot oil bath with rose petals, attended that belly dancing class, relaxed as you walked along the beach or had an energetic healing to refill your love tank? Book them all into your diary today. You are a natural born giver and for the most part, you truly enjoy doing it. It feels satisfying in your heart because it is fulfilling your soul. So when you allow others to give to you they also experience the joy of giving, so ask your partner for a foot massage, a hug or your child to brush your hair today. Happy receiving Deanne Urquhart is a Metaphysical Teacher and Healer driven by her desire and intention to create freedom, happiness and peace while we travel this wondrous journey of life. Teaching and writing from her heart, her life experiences and her metaphysical certifications are her motivation. Giving the gift of knowledge through love and light is her passion. She is a psychic Advanced Angel Intuitive and a mother of two young children.

COMING NEXT ISSUE Dr Zoe McInally will be launching the “YOUR HEALTH” page in its new format. Zoe works as a GP at Golden Beach Medical Centre and will be writing on topics relevant to our readers on a regular basis. We look forward to her first piece and welcome her to the team of dedicated professionals at Sunshine Woman Magazine. You can send health questions to “Your Health”, Sunshine Woman Magazine, P.O. Box 269, Landsborough QLD 4550 or email them to

26 Sunshine Woman Summer 2006 issue.indd 26

Unfortunately we cannot respond personally to all health questions but we aim to publish the queries and answers that we believe will be of benefit to the greatest number of readers.

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dining above water

Starting an exercise program

and above expectations


fter having made the big decision to make some positive changes in your life concerning exercise you may ask yourself. How? What? When? Where?

Before you get started I recommend consulting with your doctor, to make sure you don’t have any health or medical problems. Upon clearance, the next step is to write down some long term and short term goals for you. By having your goals recorded you can look back and measure what you have achieved. Seeing positive results will help keep you motivated. The next step is to figure out how to meet your goals with an exercise program. A well-rounded program includes cardio, strength/weight training and flexibility. Knowing how to implement these components can be confusing, so employing a fitness professional at this point is well advised as He/She can get you headed in the right direction, by teaching correct exercise techniques and how to apply the F.I.T.T principles.

F = frequency of exercise I = intensity of exercise T = type of exercise T = time spent exercising A customized fitness program will help you reach your goals more efficiently and safely. Whatever your goal is, nutrition is a big part of it. You need a healthy diet to help you lose weight and keep your body in top shape to perform all the things you do in a day Start out and progress slowly with your exercise program, there aren’t any shortcuts to health and fitness and it will require some effort and discipline on your part. What makes it easier is preparation, planning and consistency. Planning things out will help you to reach your goals and to stick with your program for the long term. If you would like help to get stated on a fitness program contact Fit & Focused personal fitness training on 5452 5245

Inspired Modern Australian Cuisine Open Tuesday – Saturday from 6pm Lily’s on the Lagoon at Novotel Twin Waters Resort Ocean Drive, Twin Waters Reservations 5450 9571

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Daniel Morcombe

“ P

eople say that it takes a mere 5 seconds to sum a person up on first meeting them. In the first 5 seconds of my meeting with Denise Morcombe my senses were assaulted with a barrage of contradictory information. Here is a woman whose presence arouses mental reference to a great array of words and feelings. Some of the ones that flitted through my mind included vulnerability, self awareness, generosity, guts, humour, determination, caution, focus, tenacity and empathy. Denise Morcombe may not have been all of these things before the disappearance of her son Daniel 3 years ago. She may have been more, she may have been less. I had no cause to know her before the event which has brought her and her family into such ongoing media and community focus. This December 7th is Daniel’s third anniversary. Contrary to the expectations of some people that his disappearance would fade into the background of our collective consciousness, the case is still as high profile now as it was on his first anniversary. For Denise, the time between then and now has been a time of severe emotional trauma and life changing experience. “For a while there we were pretty down, but you get back up” she explained, giving verbal colour to the quality of tenacity that is visible in her physical bearing. The Morcombes have received huge public support throughout their ordeal. Despite this there were also many letters and calls from individuals that Denise can only describe as “loonies”. Some individuals seemed bent on increasing the acute pain that the Morcombe family were going through (and continue to go through), but Denise has taken the situation and moulded her experience into a form of energy from which our Sunshine Coast Community is now benefiting. The Morcombes launched a DVD on 31st October at Australia Zoo which is intended as an educational resource for everyone involved in the care of children in our community. The Foundation Red DVD is about giving children and young adults the practical skills and information needed to ensure their personal safety. Together with respected community role models and national identities, Foundation Red offers a simple and practical blueprint for all children and parents to incorporate into their daily lives. The Foundation Red DVD is now available for schools and organisations to order. More information is available on the Daniel Morcombe Foundation website at

It’s the not knowing that makes Daniels disappearance so difficult to live with

Requests for the DVD (for schools and organizations) can be made by emailing with all your relevant contact details including, • Name of school or organisation • Contact Person and position • Number of DVD’s required (maximum of 1 per class or per organisation) • Address and phone number In addition to the DVD several changes have taken place for the better in Queensland. There is now an Amber Alert in place whereby a faster response to such incidents is guaranteed. Sunbus has modified their response to breakdown situations and a system now exists whereby buses “leapfrog” each other all the way along the route. This means that passengers in a breakdown situation have minimal time at the roadside. How does Denise look after herself on a day to day basis? How can any woman who has been through such trauma stay in touch with the person that she was before the event and keep sane in the ensuing emotional mayhem? “I’ve always been lazy” she says. (I am not convinced.) “I am going to get out there and try and get a bit healthier.” She has a fantastic trip planned in the near future that will certainly ensure the development of a few “fit” muscles; a 58km trek in the Great Outdoors (girls only!) the thought of which brings a wry smile to her face. Meantime the Morcombes continue their work with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The next big event planned is the Dance for Daniel at Twin Waters on 3rd March 2007. This Dinner Dance was well attended this year and promises to be a great success again in 2007. More information about that event will be up on the Foundation website in January. Denise Morcombe has been to a place that most of us will never glimpse. Like other people who survive life-changing trauma or achieve superhuman feats, there is a certain presence about her that is opaque but palpable. She talks with regret about the fact that Daniel did not have a mobile phone the day he disappeared. I tentatively try to reassure her that he would probably not have been able to use it. “You don’t know. He might have been able to ring” she responds. “Every day we hope for some news. It’s the not knowing that makes Daniels disappearance so difficult to live with.”

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Kids Cut

Hi! We,re Sof and Sav. Kids Cut has heaps of interesting things to do, prizes and you can even send us your ideas! To contact us send it to KIDS CUT SUNSHINE WOMAN MAGAZINE P.O. BOX 269 LANDSBOROUGH QLD 4550.

Water Trivia!

Help Sof and Sav join the boxed questions (1-8) to their starfish answer (A-H). Send your answers to us and ,, ,, the first 3 correct answers will win a fabulous Shower Time clock from RIPPLE PRODUCTS! Check out their stuff at


1 How long can a person live without water?

6 Water freezes at what temperature? A 0C

Summer 2006 issue.indd 29


5 How much, of the earth s surface water is drinkable?

How much of the , earth s surface 3 2 is water? How much water How much water does one person is used in a use in a day? 8 5-minute shower? How much of the 7 human body is Water boils water? at what temperature? E D C B 80% 100 oC About 1 66% H week G F 190 litres 1% 95-190 litres

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Send a picture of your pet and if we put it in the Magazine you'll will win our fantastic mystery PET PRIZE! Have a look at this well dressed pooch. What a cute little puppy! , Don t you wish you had a pet like this one? I know I wish I had a hat like that.

Having a PARTY?

, ,, ,, Here s an interesting version of musical chairs that you can play at your party. If you have an idea for a great party game, send it in.

Fruit Basket

,, , Put chairs,, in a circle with one less chair than there are players. One person says, , I m grateful for people with long hair . Everyone with long hair stands up and changes places. While everyone s scurrying for a chair a parent left standing is out and the last person to sit down goes next... ,, , takes one away. The person I m grateful for everyone whols wearing tennis shoesll. Repeat. Last person left gets to choose the next game.


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Lock Up Your Daughters


Are they really having more fun than us

This issue Tanith Roberts shares her thoughts on two very different activities that she enjoyed recently.


’day! My name is Tanith. I’m 19 years old and I am here to tell you all about what we, the Sunshine Coast Daughters, get up to!

I am a Sunshine Coast Daughter and proud of it! I’m not your typical kind of teenager. I like living life in the fast lane! I am currently a Tour Host, Future Leader, Writer, Student and Business Partner. Life can be pretty hectic but at the moment I couldn’t think of any other way to live it. One of the things I love about the Sunshine Coast is that there is always something to do or somewhere to go where I can escape – whether it be partying or relaxing. In the past month (or so) I got to do a bit of both…and here is my report!

First Stop – Night Event – Sands Tavern –

Second Stop – Day Event – “Brisvegas” –

The Battle of the Bands was a late starting event so to fill in time before going out I rounded up “The Crew” and headed to a mate’s place to prep for the night, hang out and share a few drinks. With the help of our handy designated driver we arrived at the Tavern at about 9:00pm, just before ‘The Afterlife Theory’ were about to start. I really enjoy being part of the local music scene; being a supporter, a bit of a reviewer and a mate to a few of the band members.

Even better about living on the Coast - the things and places that are just within reach. Maleny, the Glasshouse Mountains and of course Brisbane. I personally couldn’t live there. I do need my peace and quiet. Though scary to admit I guess I’m a bit of a naturey bush girl! However, Brisbane is a great way to spend a day out! There isn’t any way that I can pass up on the shopping, food and culture. So that’s how I decided to spend my Sunday. Jess and I packed up our purses with a rough plan in mind to check out the markets, the mall and best of all, the cuisine!

Battle of the Bands Round 2

I had the chance to catch up with a very sweaty Skot Bruynius (drummer of ‘The Afterlife Theory’) after the set to get his views on life in an up and coming band. Skot, let me in on the secret, why the name “The Afterlife Theory”? We were deep in thought one fateful night and that was what we got! Four words to describe your music? Experimental/Rock/Alternative/Pop What do you do to get amped for a gig? Have a band huddle and a few drinks! More on the Skot side of things, how do you decide what to wear to a gig? Well, interesting question, I just find the prettiest things in my wardrobe… What are your musical influences? “Tool”, “At the Drive-in”, “Mars Volta”, “Yes” and the “Dillinger Escape Plan”, to name a few. Yes, hey? They were around in your Mum’s day. Speaking of which, what does your Mum think of you pursuing music as a career path? She doesn’t have too much faith, but it’s what I want so she is as supportive as she can be. She hasn’t heard much [of the band’s music] but what she has heard she enjoyed muchly. I also got to talk to a few fans about the event and asked them “What attracts you to the Sands Tav for battle of the bands?” Michala Murphy (18) said “To support friends in the band and check out the talent on the Coast” Hannah Hutton (19) said she wanted “To show support for the latest style and influence in the next generation rock show. The best mix!” Dale Stevenson (Sunshine Coast Mum) commented that she was “Interested in emerging musical sounds and talents because I have a son very involved in the music scene, as well as always having followed and enjoyed music, particularly Rock, New Wave, Alternative Music”


We managed to check out the Valley Markets (Fortitude Valley), Queen Street Mall, South Bank Art and Craft Market and Riverside Markets. There is lots more on offer that we didn’t quite get around to doing. Free Tai Chi classes at the Valley Markets, the Green Flea Community Market, Morning River Breakfast Cruise, and so much more! Unfortunately we were not blessed with the best of weather, and we didn’t quite fit everything in. We had fun nonetheless! I would like to leave you with a couple of hot tips for your next big day out in Brisbane: • Utilize public transport – grab an all day ticket (very cheap) which will take you all around the city on bus, train and ferry – very handy, especially for the markets. • In the warmer weather, pack your swimmers! Go in for a dip at South Bank lagoon! Why not I say? Brisbane really is worth a visit, even if it just a day trip. Why not make the most of it while you are there…go on girls, have a weekend away! You’ve earned it! Until next time, much love, peace and God Bless,

Tanith xx.

This regular column is about what our Coastal “Daughters” get up to for a good time! This page is an opportunity for younger women to share with us some of their activities and express their views about Coastal issues and events. If you are Sunshine Coast “Daughter” or know of one who would like to contribute to this page contact us on (07)54941222 or email with your story idea.

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On Reflection

Lessons from a woman

who learns things the hard way

Fenella Flight


ow, I am no expert. I am simply a woman who learns my lessons the hard way, and often has to learn them twice – just to make sure they have sunk in. Learning the hard way does have its benefits. The lessons are typically quite dramatic, and make entertaining monologues when relayed after the event.

Lesson 1: Despite how incredibly annoying your husband can be – try not to forsake him for your fabulous girlfriends. This week I have discovered that although men may not offer the correct responses to your whining about children, despair at wrinkles, and terror at putting on your bikini for the first time this summer; it is still a good idea to try and converse with them like you do with your girlfriends. It is a matter of fostering intimacy. If you exclude the man in your life from conversations that are far more fun to have with your girlfriends, then you quickly find that that there is not much to say! Don’t expect helpful answers, and try to have a laugh with him about the way that women think.

Lesson 2: If you are a stay at home mother, try to appreciate that you are fortunate to have the opportunity to break up fights all day, serve endless healthy meals that are met with disgust by ungrateful little darlings, clean sticky little finger marks off absolutely everything, and hear 100 times a day that your little cherubs want to go and play at someone else’s house. I am one of those mothers who finds parenthood an eternal challenge. I am completely committed to doing the very best that I can for my children, but I find that my brain becomes numb from the drudgery of cooking, cleaning and tending to petty squabbles amongst little people. I have spent several years crying out for intelligent stimulus, desperate for a little appreciation, and the ability to undertake an interesting project from start to finish. So, unsurprisingly, when such an opportunity cropped up, I grabbed at it like a 2 year old spotting a discarded lollipop at the park. Initially I was delirious with joy as my ideas were well received and my talents were rewarded with admiration from my peers. I wanted more of this wonderful feeling. I threw myself into this project with gusto, working on it at every opportunity, fuelled by positive feedback and respect for my abilities. The sticky finger prints on my windows multiplied – I didn’t notice. All visible surfaces became covered in dust – I let it go. My children’s requests for smiley faced fries with their dinner were accepted because I didn’t want to argue. I spent my evenings sitting on the sofa with my laptop in silence. My children began to resent my preoccupation with ‘work’. They demanded attention, and when they were fobbed off, became very creative (they did inherit my genes after all…) in getting it. The plight of a mother attempting to work from home is a perilous one. I found myself resorting to crazy lengths in order to work without interruption. I would set my children up with crafty activities at the kitchen table, and I would sit with my laptop as they did their thing and I did mine. It never came off like I’d hoped. A couple of occasions during this time are particularly etched in my mind. With deadline looming, I was attempting to work while my daughter drew pictures beside me. This cozy picture lasted less than 3 minutes. After 8 or 9 interruptions during which my train of thought was irrevocably lost, I decided that drastic action had to be taken. The day was saved as I took off my shirt and sat typing in my bra as my 3 year old daughter drew flowers all over my back. At this point I realized that I was in danger of losing touch with the family as I focused on my own ventures. The house was now in a state of disarray, I had not had a conversation with my husband for a couple of months, and I was starting to feel like a failure on several different levels. I began to recount conversations with ‘working mum’ girlfriends where they expressed jealousy for my ‘stay at home mum’ lifestyle – a viewpoint that I had never understood. I had taken for granted the fact that I was actually very fortunate to be in a position to stay home with my children full time. It is incredibly difficult to balance work and motherhood, and I am in awe of women who pull if off without acquiring debilitating guilt complexes and whilst maintaining a livable house and relationships with husbands, children and friends. Of course the main ingredient to success is balance. And this is a whole separate lesson that I am still in the process of learning – the hard way.

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What the Kids Say

Kids can sometimes make us break into unexpected gut-wrenching laughter at the things that they say!

This issue’s winner is Lisa Aitken of Aitken Legal. Here is her entry...

About 12 months ago when my youngest son, Sam, was around 3 years of age he was out shopping with his father when they walked past identical twin girls. He kept turning around and looking at them. Not long after he turned to his daddy with a confused look on his face and said “Daddy, those girls have the same head”.

When my eldest son, Tim, was just short of 3 years of age I was drying him after a bath and he kept reaching down to his testicles and squeezing them. After realising what he was doing I asked him what was the matter and he said “Mummy, there’s a toy in there!”

Send your entries to What the Kids Say, Sunshine Woman Magazine, P.O. Box 269, Landsborough QLD 4550 or email them to If we publish your entry we will send you a $50 Coles Myer Voucher.

G. K. Chesterton

English author & mystery novelist (1874 - 1936)

The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.

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With such a diverse range of interests on the web, here’s a little taste

WIKIPEDIA This online encyclopedia’s motto is “life is public domain”. Anyone can access it and add to it. All you need to know and plenty you didn’t know you needed to know!

OPRAH A fantastic site for a great read and inspiration! Updated daily!

YOU TUBE Ok, so we all know what it cost google to buy…but whats in it? EVERYTHING!

FREE STUFF AND COMPS A great start when you are looking for online competitions and freebies!

MY SPACE Many different groups , subjects and ages. Search or even create your own space to link up with those past class friends

USE NATURE This site will give you all the links you need when you are searching for information for all things holistic.

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Prosperity Creating Success

Rebecca Ramsay, Life coach


he wonderful thing about success is that it is available to us all. That’s right, success is for everyone, and true success is not about acquiring something from outside ourselves, but about accessing more of what is already within us. There are a few guidelines to experiencing success, the most important of which is to decide what it means to you to be successful. It is said that success is “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted”. So take a moment to consider what you believe success to be. What is the something you desire, are planning or attempting? Is what you believe about success, supporting you to achieve it? Will your beliefs about success empower you to live a life of it, or is it something you will always be working toward? The beliefs you choose play a pivotal role in your experience of life. Some support you to having your ideal journey, and others hold you back.

Now when you choose to believe that small successes are an important part of the bigger ones, can you see how you can have even more success in your life? I love this Buddhist quote: “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” The same can be said for success, while it is always out in front of us, it will always be in front of us, but if we make success a part of our journey, we can enjoy it along the way, to even more success! “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

what would happen if you actually achieved what you believe success to be?

If my client believes that success would be earning $300,00 a year as a nuclear physicist by the time she is 36 years old , and she is currently 35 years old and trained and working as a retail manager, would you say her belief of what success is, is creating an opportunity for her to achieve success or not?

You may laugh off this example but the fact is that many of us sabotage our ability to experience success by having a belief about it which prevents it occuring. You may have heard of a ‘fear of success’.

Fearing success

Why would you fear success, what would happen if you actually achieved what you believe success to be? To use the previous example, if this client’s belief as a 35 year old retail manager was that she would be successful if she became a part owner in a retail store by the time she was 37, that could be an feasible goal. So then what happens when she achieves that success? Will she celebrate it, and set another goal for success, or will she put it down to luck or that it was ‘just the next step’, so that others can’t measure her against their belief of what success should be.

Rebecca Ramsay coaches those who want to take their experience of life to the next level. She is passionate about your ability to create the life you desire, and believes you have what it takes. Through life coaching she allows you to see and accept yourself as you truly are, with all your strength and power. She gives you the knowledge and tools to make it possible to empower yourself and those around you.

If you weren’t afraid of success what would you be? Hmmm, comfortable with it? Right, so what would it need to be, to be comfortable? Aha, familiar. What if on her way to the partnership goal, my client experienced success on daily and weekly basis?

Get used to it.

When we have done something once, it becomes easier to do it again, would you agree? It becomes familiar. So what would happen, if instead of success being something you are always striving for, it was something you experienced throughout your life? Would you still be afraid of it, if you knew what it was, and experienced it on a daily basis? What would it feel like to have achieved success in some way today? What would you tell yourself when you had achieved a goal? How would your life look if on a daily and weekly basis you could acknowledge your ability to succeed? How confident would you be in your ability to succeed, if you had already allowed yourself to experience success? So success is something that can move and change with you, something that can be large or small. It can be achieved at any moment, it is as simple as making the choice. How would it feel to know that having achieved success today brought you closer to achieving the bigger successes of this year? What would you be seeing happening in your life? What can you tell your self right now, that will enable you to achieve success in some small way, so it is no longer something unfamiliar, but something you know how to achieve? When an amateur runner decides to run the Noosa marathon, do they start out by trying to run 42km, until the day of the marathon? That’s right, there would be plenty of failures along the way, but when they start with a smaller distance, they succeed in that distance, then extend the next distance. There will always be hiccups along the way, but it is the experience of success on the journey leading up to the marathon, that will support them when the going gets tough on the day.

Rebecca Ramsay coaches those who want to take their experience of life to the next level. She is passionate about your ability to create the life you desire, and believes you have what it takes. Through life coaching she allows you to see and accept yourself as you truly are, with all your strength and power. She gives you the knowledge and tools to make it possible to empower yourself and those around you . Are you ready to make better choices for your life?

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Are You Thinking Success?

Sandy Forster


eady for your business to expand, grow, flourish and be highly successful? You can move toward that result starting today – and it can be as easy as changing your thoughts. What used to be considered, New Age, Hocus-Pocus, weird hippie-type theories, are now backed by modern day scientific proof. Quantum physics has been able to prove that everything in the Universe is vibrating. If you could get the biggest, strongest microscope in the world and put a rock, or a piece of wood, a chair, or a pillow, a leaf or a flower – anything at all, whether living or inanimate, under that microscope - you would see tiny energy particles or packets vibrating together. Everything is made of tiny vibrating energy packets. That is true of EVERYTHING in our Universe, including our thoughts and our words. The interesting thing is, when we think a thought, or speak our words, the energy or vibration that makes up that thought or word goes out and attracts a like vibration and brings that back into our world. Our thoughts are like radio waves or frequencies, or vibrations or energy going out into the world. That energy or vibration goes out and attracts a like vibration or energy and brings that back into our world.

So how do you do that? The very first step is simply notice your thoughts (don’t even try to change them yet), just notice them. You may find it helpful to write 2 columns – one called ‘Moving toward Success’ and the other ‘Moving away from Success’. As you go through your day, when you notice yourself thinking any thought (whether it’s thinking about what has happened, what is happening, or what could happen in the future), then quickly think about the outcome of that thought – if it is something you DO want to happen, then tick under the column ‘Toward’ if it’s something you DON’T want to happen, then tick under ‘Away’. You will very quickly get a picture of whether your dominant mental attitude is attracting the success you desire or attracting situations and events that are sabotaging your success. Remember, your thoughts create your reality – what are YOU thinking? Sandy Forster, international speaker, entrepreneur and author of the bestseller Wildly Wealthy FAST offers free articles audios, books and seminars available world wide in the areas of prosperity, abundance, personal empowerment and business success at

So, if you have your mind and thoughts set to ‘lack and limitation’ eg “I can’t do this, it’s too hard’, “I’m sure they can all build a successful business, but it just won’t work for me”, that’s the signal you send out. It then picks up similar signals or vibrations, which come back to you, drawing into your life that same lack and limitation, that same struggle, those ‘not working’ results. And then you wonder why your life continues with the same old patterns and outcomes year after year. Whereas, if you are focused on riches, abundance, prosperity and wealth, that’s the signal you send out and that’s what you will attract back into your world. What you are focusing on most of the time will be made perfectly clear to you (and everybody else – how embarrassing!!) by what is showing up in your world. To put it in the words of others:

• What you focus on, is what you create

• As ye think, so shall ye be

• Like attracts like

• Change your thoughts, change your world

• You become what you think about all day long.

If you are not living a life of abundance and riches, if your business is not yielding you the financial freedom you first imagined it would, you have to change what you think about most of the time. You have to change what is called your dominant vibration.


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Woman Power

(from the other side of fence)

Jason Stock


eems kind of funny, getting the opportunity to write to such a wonderful captive audience! Yes, I am of the opposite sex! However I have a special message to give.

Before I begin to talk about Prosperity, I have an amazing story that I would like to tell which many of you may not know. It is about one of our most famous Australian women. The reason I love telling this story is because of the moral. The fact is that all you could ever possibly want to achieve is available to you at any time you so desire. The power of the mind is the most incredibly powerful asset and investment that we have. Let the story begin! In January of 1996, a fragile yet quietly confident female Australian athlete pondered the year ahead. After many years of trying to achieve her ultimate dream she had not quite arrived. Athletics is a lonely and at times very unrewarding business. As she wrote on that day her mind moved forward to a special time and place later in the year. Atlanta! The Olympic Games. The main stage for such an athlete. Her chance to prove to the world who she was.

The power of the mind is the most incredibly powerful asset and investment that we have. As she wrote her goals for the year, a number was etched on the paper forever. 48.63. This was the time that this woman wanted so very badly; a time she felt would bring to her the rewards she so desired. The incredible thing was that this time was almost 1 second faster than her BEST time up until that moment. To anyone but an athlete that may seem irrelevant, but to an athlete it is an eternity. Consider that the difference between a gold medal and no medal can be one thousandth of a second. The athlete placed the number on her bedroom mirror. Each day she looked at it, each day she visualized it and each day she lived it. For the following months she trained and visualized until finally the moment arrived. The athlete ran the most incredible race that day and left no stone unturned in her effort to conquer the world. However, one athlete ran faster that day and so stripped the dream of gold away. All was not lost however; silver at the Olympics was a great result. A result that suddenly had so much more meaning when, upon looking at the scoreboard, the individual’s time flashed in big, bright numbers - 48.63. You see ladies anything is possible. Our athlete may not have won gold on that day but what she did achieve was belief. A belief that with the right mental attitude and enough focused energy results can be as planned. Four years later in Sydney Cathy Freeman ran the race of her life in front of a packed stadium and won the most prized reward for all those years of focused energy. Stop for just one moment and imagine the prosperity obtainable with the same level of focus. Whether it be financial, family or relationship centered, take from the story this lesson; FOCUS = PROSPERITY.

Jason Stock is a Property Developer and Finance Strategist with Investor Finance. He helps create wealth for clients through Property Investing. A husband and father of two beautiful young children, he holds a Diploma of Financial Planning. Jason would love to answer any questions through these pages. Alternatively, questions can be sent to


Changeworks in PeoPle DeveloPment at Changeworks we inspire people to reach their potential. we do this in a variety of ways that range from fun one day teambuilding events to extensive team development programs, performance coaching and personality type coaching.

Change is an inevitable constant in business today, so learn to embrace change, enhance critical communication skills and become curious about why we are all different reaping the benefits in measurable, deliverable results. Clare edwards, head of Changeworks is a Qualified Practitioner of neuro linguistic Programming (nlP) and an accredited Dreamtime Personalities™ Practitioner. she has over 20 years experience in senior corporate management with global organisations. Call her today and make change work for your business 0408 736 994.

Woman Power.

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fILM/FOOD/FICTION Perfect Pavlova

Kathryn Lloyd


4 egg whites

¾ cup sugar

1 teaspoon of cornflour

½ teaspoon of white vinegar

avlova is a great summer dessert to serve for any occasion. It is light and cool! You may even consider serving it on Christmas Day as an alternative to the usual, some may say stodgy, Christmas pudding. Making the pavlova yourself means that you get all the credit and it’s not overly difficult if you follow this recipe for a perfect pavlova.

• Preheat your oven at 180 C. • Beat the egg whites at high speed until stiff peaks form. • Add half of the sugar and beat until the sugar is dissolved. To check if the sugar is dissolved lift the beaters out of the mixture, rub a small amount of egg white and sugar between your fingers. When the sugar is dissolved the mixture will feel smooth and you will not be able to feel any grains of sugar. • Add ½ of the remaining sugar and, again, beat until the sugar is dissolved. • Again, add ½ of the remaining sugar and beat until the sugar is dissolved. • Add the last of the sugar, beating until dissolved. • Fold in the cornflour and the vinegar. • Cover a baking tray with foil. • Mark out a 20cm circle with a plate or cake tin. • Spread 2/3 of the egg white mixture evenly onto the circle to create the base. • Using the remaining 1/3 of the mixture make a wall on top of the circle leaving the inside of the wall hollow. • Put the pavlova into the preheated oven, turn the oven down to 100 C and allow it to cook for 1 hour. Turn the oven off and leave the pavlova in the oven overnight or until the oven is cool. Your pavlova should be crisp on the outside and marshmallow soft in the middle. • Top with 300ml whipped cream, sliced mango and lots of blueberries or try 300ml whipped cream, sliced banana (if you can afford them!), Kiwi fruit and passionfruit.

Paul and Kathryn Lloyd have run a successful condiments business here on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years. They also ran a Coast-based cooking school for two years. Lloyd’s Gourmet Condiments can be contacted on 5447 6332.

Pride & Prejudice

Emma M. Robertson


ane Austen is an eternal source of revenue for the British Film and Television Industry. Her sharp observations, dialogue and characters are as substantial today as ever. “Pride and Prejudice” (2005) is no exception. With a blindingly talented cast and fresh direction it deserves the highest of praise. Keira Knightley gives a beautiful performance as Elizabeth Bennet, inhabiting the role with great vitality. Other standouts include Dame Judy Dench, Rosamund Pike, Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland. I must give extra credit to the frighteningly charming Matthew MacFadyen as Mr Darcy. He is brilliantly matched with young Keira. This picture is put together like the gorgeous garb of the period, with intelligence, sensitivity and craftsmanship. The music is classically elegant, as is the production design and costume creation. Joe Wright is a gentle director who nurtures the finest work from all involved. Jane Austen has been well translated by clever use of editing by Paul Tothill.

Jane Austen would be a very happy woman!

The sibling love between all five Bennett girls is wonderfully real. Britain’s blessed surroundings are well captured as is the grace of the time. It is worth watchin g for Keira Knightley’s Oscar-nominated performance alone. This film comes highly recommended for lazy afternoons! Genre:


Director: Paul Tothill

Producer: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Paul Webster Stars:


Keira Knightley, Matthew MacFadyen, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone ,Dame Judy Dench. G-Rating.

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11/28/2006 12:13:44 PM

Read My Lips


o, this is NOT fiction, but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to plug this book which is written by women on the Sunshine Coast (and other places!). “Read my Lips” is described as a “fresh and practical guide on how to discover ways to increase your energy and vitality, uncover your natural beauty, talents and personality, increase your personal wealth, start a business and create the life you have always wanted. So what is LIPS? A spokesperson from the group gave us this information; WOMEN HELPING WOMEN Ladies Initiating Prosperity & Success (aka LIPS) are a dynamic women’s group who meet regularly ver lunch to talk about life and business strategies to help each other achieve their personal and professional goals. Originally started by four successful Sunshine Coast business women who pooled their experiences and strengths together to help other women prosper, the group has grown to over 200 members in its 18 month history and has played host to 5 seminars, numerous over the phone conference sessions in addition to writing and publishing their first book entitled ‘Read My Lips’. Speaker, Author and Co founder of the group Rachael Bermingham said ‘The most rewarding aspect is to hear the truly amazing things that women are up to, and seeing the benefits of the stories and experiences shared so that all members can fast track and achieve their goals much much faster’. ‘We focus on the positives, brainstorming ideas and solutions wherever possible. We’re all really busy women who juggle family and career in most cases so our time is important to us, we don’t waste time with negativity or delving into the drama at these events – all seminars and luncheons focus on real and optimistic outcomes, we aim to live by the Laws of Attraction in that what you focus on most, you attract’ she said. The ladies have a luncheon coming up real soon, a LIPS seminar for adult women on the 17th of February and a Teenage Girls seminar on the 7th of February. To book a seat, buy their book or find out more, go their website Sunshine Woman Magazine has a free copy of “Read my Lips” to give away. Tell us why you think you would benefit from reading this book in 150 words or less. If we publish your response we will send you a copy of the book. Send entries with heading LIPS COMP to or Sunshine Woman Magazine, P.O. Box 269, Landsborough, QLD 4550.



My name is Cathy Galbraith and I am a distributor of Fifth Avenue Collection – a fantastic range of high fashion jewellery that is affordable and comes with a great warrantee! Fifth Avenue Collection is a 20 year old Canadian based company that started off as a family hobby. It has since grown into a multi million dollar business supplying ladies with High Fashion affordable jewellery. It is also a company that offers their jewellery consultants a very profitable part time or full time income. The product is made from natural hand cut gemstones, AAA cubic zirconia's, and beautiful Swarovski Crystals. This is perfect for the discerning business lady that wants to look great without the huge budget. Prices range from $ 20.00 to $350.00 so there is definitely something for everyone! The collection is shown through private showings, fundraisers, office showings or casual fun home showings so that clients can try before they buy. If you are looking for a wonderfully social function for your clients, staff or family and friends Fifth Avenue Collection is certainly a showing that needs to be booked.


To book your showing in today, simply e-mail me on or call 04 187 18513


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Sunshine Woman 39 11/28/2006 12:13:46 PM

Local self-published author Yvette Adams has received much media attention and success with her debut book More Than Meets The Eye – The Incredible True Story of the Best Blind Wrestler the World has Ever Seen and has done it all on a shoe-string budget. Yvette has kindly agreed to allow us to publish an excerpt from her book in our first issue and share some of her top tips on how to self-publish on a shoe-string. Here’s why she choose this particular excerpt to share with Sunshine Woman readers: “When I wrote my book More Than Meets The Eye, there were plenty of ‘naysayers’ who said that because the non-fiction biography I had written was about a blind wrestler (my paternal grandfather) the book was ‘very niche’ and that I was unlikely to sell many copies at all, apart from to friends and family who might take pity on me! If anyone of these ‘naysayers’ knew me well they would have known that this was the best thing they could possibly have said to me, because throughout my life, comments like this have only made me stronger and more determined than ever. Sure enough – I showed ‘em. Within a month of publishing my book I had secured a nationwide distributor and done my first promotional campaign in my home town of Wellington, New Zealand selling 110 books in one week which meant I had made back all the money I had outlaid for my first print run. Over the next three months I conducted two further promotional campaigns – one on the Sunshine Coast and another in New Zealand, was a keynote speaker at over 10 events in both Australia and New Zealand, and received tons of media attention including several TV appearances in prime time slots, many radio interviews and whole page and half page articles in major newspapers, all without ever having to pay a dime. More recently I received my first royalty cheque when 120 books sold in just one month in bookstores throughout New Zealand! A lot of my girlfriends and women who have purchased the book have commented how surprised they were at how much they enjoyed it. Many have commented that their favourite part was the ship journey out from the UK, when my grandfather as a baby contracts English measles which scar his retina and render him permanently vision impaired for the rest of his life. Many have said it was a good reminder of what their ancestors went through just to get to the southern hemisphere in the era they did, of the fragility of life, and the special bond a mother has with her baby. I hope you enjoy it.”

short story Yvette Adams

An inspiring story from an inspiring local woman


More Than Meets The Eye – The Incredible True Story of the Best Blind Wrestler Excerpt from Chapter 2 of

other and child were only two weeks into the journey when the first of the passengers aboard the ship fell ill. The first serious illness to sweep the ship (although many had already experienced sea sickness and upset stomachs), was a severe bout of influenza.

She mused at the fact as she walked and observed the other passenger’s behaviour that they seemed to change shades as often as the sky and the ocean. On bright sunny days she noted many people would be out walking the decks, and would tip their hats and exchange a cheery “Good day,” to one another.

The curious sweet anticipation and excitement which had draped the ship as it made its way down the African east coast and into the south Atlantic Ocean soon dissipated as the seas became higher, the weather darkened and more and more passengers fell sick with ’flu.

But on dark moody days, people walking along the decks would be few and far between, and those that did walk moved hurriedly from one area to the next and did not pause to make pleasantries.

There was little more the ship’s doctors could do but visit the bed ridden, take their temperatures, advise some medicinal syrup to bring their temperatures down and tell their loved ones to pray for a speedy recovery. And if the passenger was travelling alone and they were religiously inclined, they would send for the ship’s priest to sit at their bedside and read passages from the Bible. Violet held the philosophy that a daily excursion around the ship’s decks with young Fred in her arms, to air the lungs and stimulate the mind and body, was the key to keeping illness at bay.

It was on these particularly “dark days” Violet also noted that word would often circulate that another person, or sometimes even whole families, had fallen victim to the grasp of ’flu. And it was often on particularly treacherous days when the bow and stern creaked, the waves were high, the wind howled and the sky was dark, that word would circulate that yet another passenger had succumbed to the illness and passed on, never to sight the shores of New Zealand that they had set off to see. Then the clouds, perhaps of death, seemed to hang pensively over the vessel for a few more days warning the others that they were now at the seas mercy and that they best beware until the journey was over. And more did perish. Chicken pox, whooping cough and rheumatic fever outbreaks also afflicted travellers over the duration of the journey and claimed more lives.

With all the illness around, Violet feared greatly for her young one’s health and his likely susceptibility. But he appeared incredibly resilient as she entertained him by singing songs and telling him stories about the fairytale land they would soon arrive at. “Strong like your Kiwi father,” Violet would say to young Fred, thinking fondly of her husband. It was not until the eighth week when the spread of English measles - a particularly fervent strand - ripped through several quarters of the ship, including dormitories inhabited only doors away from their own, that she thought it wise to cease the daily walks for a time. Unfortunately, even this precaution did not see baby Fred elude this particular illness. It was not until he was diagnosed with measles that she truly appreciated the fragility of a young baby and indeed anyone’s life and truly realised the extreme bond and responsibility she now felt for the one she had created. For six long days she bathed his feverish forehead with cold cloths as he screamed and struggled with the injustice of illness. The painful cries he emitted for hours on end at a time, she often joined in too. She was not prepared to accept the premature death of her one and only child, and especially not on this long journey to reunite him with his father and start a new life.

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“I am afraid Mrs Adams,” the doctor began solemnly, “that your baby boy has taken for a turn for the worse.”

On the fifth day Fred’s cries seemed to subside and Violet hoped the deep sleep he now lay in, even though his body was still red and raw with the measles rash, indicated that he was on his way to a speedy recovery. But a morning visit from the ships’ doctor proved otherwise. “I am afraid Mrs Adams,” the doctor began solemnly, “that your baby boy has taken for a turn for the worse.” He spoke deliberately, each punctuated pause causing stress to crease her face. “It appears his retinas or eye tissue has been scarred by the rash that is present over his entire body from this bad case of English measles and that his eye sight has been damaged as a result. His temperature is dangerously high, hence the peaceful slumber we now find him in. Realistically, I say with deep regret, I would not hold high hopes for him to pull through the next few days.” With his words repeating in her mind, Violet collapsed at the bedside sobbing. She looked up several times through tear shielded eyes to look at Fred who lay in his cot so peacefully, not even stirring to her emotion, but breathing irregularly. The doctor could do little but place a reassuring hand on Violet’s shoulder muttering under his breath, “I’m sorry,” before re-packing his bag and slipping out the door, cursing the nature of his job as he went to assess his next seriously ill patient.

On the tenth day of illness, the day that the doctor had predicted young Fred would not live to see, Violet was awoken from a deep sleepdeprived rest late in the afternoon to a series of small cries from her son. Disbelieving the sound, Violet could almost swear that the tone of the cry was the same of that of his cry of hunger when he was in a healthier state. Quickly, she prayed silently that this could be a sign that he had defied the odds the doctor had given him and that he perhaps, instead, would be okay. In one swift motion she flung open the room’s door and yelled down the hall to one of her neighbours to fetch the doctor quickly. Then she returned to her son’s bed, joyfully claiming him up into her arms and administering the milk from her breast which for days now he had largely denied. As he drunk hungrily, marvelling at the wonder of it, she wept again, but this time they were tears of joy. She kissed his face all over and noticed colour in his cheeks and upon a check over his body, discovered that the rash had almost faded from his body. The doctor was as astonished as she when he burst through the door expecting to have to announce dead another passenger, but instead finding a baby hungrily, although weakly, sip milk from his mother.

“It’s a marvel indeed,” he commented as he began to poke and prod and test and formulate that young Fred had seemingly made a recovery. Violet began to laugh with joy, her first laughter in weeks, at the baby at her breast and at the inner strength she now knew her darling son possessed. Tears continued to streak down her cheeks as she lifted her son’s eyelids to assist the doctor in checking the dilation of his eyes. Although the doctor confirmed that the eyes were still damaged, Violet was grateful that he was to live. As such, she spent much of the remainder of the voyage seated alone with her son, revelling in his miraculous recovery and enjoying his company and the energy of the seas all the more. Sitting outside on the decks, she hoped the salty freshness would blow life back into his lungs and strength back into his bones. The sun bronzed both of their cheeks over the weeks at sea, giving them both healthy glows, and as days passed, slowly, but surely, Fred grew stronger and eventually bigger. Although Violet did not know it yet, he could make out some surrounding colours and shapes and shadows with his eyes, particularly those of a bright nature like the aquamarine blue ocean that surrounded them.

More Than Meets The Eye is available now online at or The Book House, 11/3 Traders Lane, Noosaville and The Bookshop Brisbane Road,

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expect next


in our

Coming out March 2007

What to

Sunshine Woman’s feature Model

Sunshine Woman’s Featured Wedding

Fiona Simpson: what makes her practice of politics different from other politicians



ot everyone is able (or wants) to stay on our beautiful Sunshine Coast for the rest of their days on the planet! David and Daphne Robertson are in the slightly unusual position of leaving the coast just when they are about to retire! The couple has been here for over 25 years and they have plenty of wonderful memories to take with them. Most of us think of the Coast as being the ideal place for Retirees, so why are David and Daphne leaving? David said “Our son has just got married for the second time after losing his first wife in a car accident. He has moved to Victoria to set up home and we want to be closer to them.” “Retiring from work is well known to be a major life event so we thought we might as well get all of the big events accomplished at the same time!” added Daphne. “We will be really sad to leave, but look forward to getting to know our new Daughter-in-Law and hopefully some Grandchildren too!” We wish David and Daphne all the best in their new home. They promise to send a card!

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Puzzles PAGE Hard



9 2

7 1











3 1

8 9




















8 7


3 4





6 9

9 3









Puzzle #32152

Puzzle #23860

How to play Sudoku?

The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numeral from 1 through 9 in each cell of a grid starting with various numerals given in some cells. Each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each numeral. Sudoku puzzles courtesy of

Spot the 6 differences

ANT LAND by Anthony Romilio


Spot the 6 differences 1. Necklace missing, 2. Board #1 has changed colour, 3. Board #2 has changed colour, 4. Extra background wave, 5. Missing wave in midground, 6. White logo on sleeve is missing


Despite the health risks, Bill decidesďż˝ to Gorge his sandwich. Sunshine Woman 43 Summer 2006 issue.indd 43

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Mind/Body/Spirit Escape 4 girls (07) 5448 8264 Escape 4 girls (07) 5448 8264 Golden Beach Medical centre (07) 5492 1044 Lily’s on the Lagoon (07) 5450 9571 Quest College (07) 5443 6345 Sonya’s Mobile Massage Service (07) 5452 5230 0400 185 166 Stargazer Astrology (07) 5494 8852 Villas Italy (07) 5476 2376

Fashion & Beauty Changeworks 0408 736 994 Fifth Avenue Collection 0418 718 513 Mint Hair & Beauty (07) 5444 1104 Sunshine Coast Turf Club (07) 5491 6788 The Hat Box (07) 3210 2455

Family & Home ab fab (07) 5445 8797 BJT Business Professionals (07) 5444 4633 Pippa Colman & Associates Solicitors (07) 5458 9000 Ripple Products Seek and Relocate (07) 5492 6594 Strategic Niche Target Marketing (07) 5444 4450

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Sunshine Woman Magazine first for women on the sunshine coast advertising enquires Lou Kossen Advertising Manager 1300 66 66 45 Vision To be the Preferred Lifestyle Forum for Women on the Sunshine Coast Mission To provide an intelligent lifestyle magazine¹ & forum for women on the sunshine coast in association with Sunshine Models² & Sunshine Store³ To raise the profile of Sustainable Business Practice* on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and Australia To raise money for Breast Cancer Research and Relief * Sustainable Business Practice can be described as “not merely doing things better but doing better things” in relation to our work and business practice. ¹ Sunshine Woman Magazine will raise the profile of sustainable business practice on the Coast and in Queensland. The voluntary cover price of $2 goes entirely to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. ² Sunshine Models is our “Boutique Model Data Base”. Money is raised for Breast Cancer Research & Relief with 50% of Model Fees going to NBCF. ³ Sunshine Store is the on-line interactive web page consisting of health & wellbeing, networking, women’s resource and auction for NBCF.

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Sunshine Woman Magazine Summer 2006  

Magazine for women 30+ Published Summer 2006 Example of work: Seona Todd

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