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Yacon Syrup Review & Recommendations

Anybody who watches Telvision or is up to date on all of the latest medical breakthroughs Pure Yacon Syrupknows that Dr. Oz is one of the more prominent doctors leading the change for healthier living. Dr. Oz's unique mixture of scientific and medical knowledge, passion for helping others and ability to reach the masses makes him one of the most influential doctors in the world; when he talks, people listen, especially when it comes to Yacon Syrup. So, what does that mean for Pure Yacon Syrup, something that Dr. Oz recently called ,the Holy Grail for weight loss, on his popular television show? But does the Syrup really provide you with the results? Dr. Oz claims it does. Where does it come from? What are the side effects? There are many questions like these and we'll answer as many of them as we can for you here in this review about the Syrup.

What is Pure Yacon Syrup? Yacon Syrup, although you may not have heard of it until recently has been around for many centuries, it is a native plant that grows abundantly in the high Andes Mountains in Peru (Southern America). It looks similar to the Sweet Potato or a root vegetable, this therefore means that because it is a vegetable it is natural, organic and good for the body. The natives of Peru take the Yacon root and make it into a Syrup which is then used as a natural sweetener in their foods since it has a sweet and pungent flavor, some believe that is tastes like raisins.

So, What people can benefit from Yacon Syrup? Obese & Severely overweight Those needing more fiber Chronic constipation sufferers Those with high blood sugar levels Those who struggle with high LDL cholesterol

How does it work and what are the benefits? The most obvious Yacon Benefits are the headline grabbing ones - weight loss, and the reduction in waistline that comes with it, so Buy Yacon Both the 2009 study and the Dr Oz project saw these benefits in action. But how does this happen? Yacon syrup is rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a regular mouthful of a nutrient. FOS are a type of sugar, and can be found in all sorts of plants. But unlike the sugars we normally put in our food, FOS are hard for the guts to break down. They go through the human body without being digested, meaning that the calories they contain never enter your system. In short, it's a sugar that doesn't give you weight. FOS also act as dietary fiber, which is important in keeping your digestive system working healthily. Fiber helps you to feel full with less calories inside you, and to regulate the way that your body takes in nutrients. The FOS in yacon also has other benefits in keeping weight down. It seems to feed good bacteria in your gut, which may help keep to a healthy weight. As they eat up the FOS, these bacteria turn it into shortchain fatty acids, which can reduce the amount of cholesterol you take in and improve sensitivity to insulin, the chemical that helps you control your blood sugar levels. This improvement in the way your body uses insulin is why yacon may be helpful in controlling diabetes, as shown in its use in South America, and can help control appetite and food cravings for those wanting to lose weight. It's not even all about weight loss. Yacon Syrup seems to improve the body's intake of minerals and use of calcium. Studies have found that plants like Yacon can even improve the working of the immune system, fighting off infections and in particular reducing the chance of digestive allergies.

Yacon syrup review & recommendations  

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