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Why Choose UPVC Doors? So what are the advantages of choosing and what other factors might you have to consider? Check out our quick guide below. Durability One of the most attractive properties of UPVC doors is their durability. Indeed they are most often chosen for beachfront properties, as they are resistant to strong winds, precipitation and salty sea air, which can warp or corrode other materials. Most UPVC doors will have a guarantee of up to ten years against the elements and will abide with a minimum of maintenance compared to the staining and weatherproofing required of wooden and other non-UPVC doors. Versatility There are now many websites which offer made to measure UPVC doors - you can measure the frame yourself, order online and the perfect bespoke door will turn up within two weeks. Like all plastics, UPVC is easily manipulated and versatile, making it a convenient choice for a range of projects. While the standard white UPVC door is still a popular choice for many properties, there are other wood-type finishes now available, enabling you to choose something that is fully in keeping with the style of your home. Security The manufacture of front doors is an area that obviously attracts a lot of attention when it comes to security. Most UPVC doors are now fitted with a variety of security features, from anti-jemmy devices and breakage resistant windows to internal reinforcements throughout the door's structure and frame. Most of these can be specifically provided by the manufacturer, so it is worth asking what security features are available if you are considering a purchase. Environmental issues The snug and airtight fit of UPVC doors means they provide fantastic thermal insulation, creating a cosy atmosphere and lowering both your heating bill and your carbon footprint. They also help to insulate against noise from traffic or other external sources, helping your home become that little bit more tranquil. In the past there have been concerns that the manufacture of UPVC created toxic emissions known as dioxins, injurious to health and polluting to the environment. However, manufacturing processes are constantly being improved to minimize this, and UPVC doors that have reached the end of their useful life can be reused and recycled. Health and safety Issues of fire safety, such as warping in heat or issuing fumes have been a past concern with upvc front doors, but newer extrusion processes mean that doors can meet fire safety standards. Individual companies can inform you what security precautions they include with their UPVC doors.

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UPVC doors made to measure energy efficient and guaranteed, pvc front doors and pvcu back doors that are fitted with a 10 point locking syst...

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