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Text message marketing: The benefits While SMS text message marketing has been around for a good 10 years, it appears many companies are only now coming round to the benefits of this simple, quick and effective marketing tool. Responsiveness Marketing companies know only too well the benefits of a positive response rate from a prospective client. Quick and unobtrusive, with the brand or marketing message communicated in a few lines, a potential customer can typically read and respond to an SMS text alert in a few seconds. Immediacy For existing and potential clients alike, brand messages can be sent and received in a mere fraction of the time of conventional mail. Also, with a message alert ‘ping’ on most phones, the recipient usually reads the marketing message with a certain degree of curiosity. If unwelcome, then a quick ‘STOP’ instruction can limit the amount of time companies waste on a ‘dead end’ lead, saving everyone time and money. ROI In most circumstances, sending a marketing SMS costs companies 8p per message. A fraction of the cost of designing, printing and packaging expensive marketing material, which can naturally still be sent as follow-ups to now-vetted interested parties. Simply put, SMS text messages could increase the efficiency of your business The competitive edge With the take-up for SMS text message marketing still in its early stages in the UK, early adopters of this technology still have the chance of stealing a march on their competitors, in turn making sure their messages have a higher impact. Last minute reminders Sending last minute SMS text reminders to existing and potential clients is a good way of ensuring a good attendance at events and launches, themselves useful tools in building strong customer relationships. Should you get a drop out at an event, SMS text messaging can also be used to fill vacant slots, perhaps by including a last minute deal or incentive with the message. Your green credentials SMS text messaging, along with email and online social networking are, by their ‘paperless’ nature, an extremely green way of conducting business. A useful statistic to remember here is that for every 10,000 sheets of A4 paper a company uses, two and a half trees are cut down and pulped. Obviously, with contracts and other legal documents, there is a necessity to make sure a ‘hard copy’ is sent, using SMS text messaging where practical however, is a good thing for both the bottom line and the environment.

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