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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica One of the best locations for scuba diving Bat Island is located along the Bat Islands located just off the coast of the tropical Santa Rosa National Park. Not only will you swim with the fishes of schools large and small, but this is one of those rare places on earth where you can actually swim nose-to-nose with the majestic Bull Shark. These menacing sea creatures grow to nearly 7 meters in length and swim perhaps 30 meters deep in the ocean waters. Only the most avid scuba enthusiast dares to take on this challenge. Enjoy the Scenery along the Way! In order to go diving Cocos Island, most scuba fans begin by first traveling by boat along beautiful coastal towns that include Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal, and the impressive providence of Guanacaste. You will then travel through the crystal blue waters of the Gulf de Papagayo straight ahead into the Bat Island chain, home of the world famous Bull Shark. This area is also famously nicknamed “The Big Scare”, and for good reason. Because this location is adjacent to Santa Rosa, these waters are considered national treasures. The sea life is highly protected by the Costa Rican government, ensuring the safety of the many species of fish, shark, and manta ray that reside under the waters surf. This is one of the main reasons why diving in Costa Rica is considered one of the “must see” destinations on the planet for true scuba lovers. Special attention is paid by the Costa Rican people to guarantee the purest and most natural environment for the vast variety of rare and wonderful underwater wildlife of the Bat Islands. Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica! The best time of year to easily schedule a private charter from one of the many local captains is during the “green season” which ranges from May to November every year. Charters are offered during the “high season” which begins in early November, but the waters are often much more choppy and rough. But the high season is also when Costa Rica sees the most tourists, due to the fact that this time of year coincides with winter in the United States and Canada. Diving in the Bat Islands from May to December means that you will have much fewer crowds of people joining you underwater as you meet and greet the sharks. Swim with the Mantas and Glide with the Devil Rays! There is more to Costa Rica than Bull Sharks and protected waters. The Bat Islands are also home to several species of manta and devil rays. Diving in Costa Rica offers you another rare chance to see the world’s largest manta ray, the Pacific Giant Manta, living in its own natural habitat. One of the most beautiful sights to see is a Giant Manta gliding through the ocean’s waters while surrounded by huge numbers of smaller mantas of different species. And schools of devil rays in the thousands swarming nearby will leave you both breathless and inspired. Costa Rica is one of the only places on earth where you can witness this sort of natural marvel and spectacular beauty. For an even bigger thrill seeking adventure check out diving at Cocos Island in Costa Rica which is only accessible by liveaboard dive vessels.

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Scuba diving in Costa Rica is a growing tourism industry. We offer fully inclusive dive vacations and packages that feature Cocos Island and...

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