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Questions And Answers On Liposuction Surgery For Curious Patients Like many people who consider undergoing liposuction, you probably have many questions. Here are a few common ones and the answers to help you start your research on this cosmetic procedure. What types of liposuction are available? Currently there are a few different methods that most plastic surgeons prefer. Two common techniques are wet and super wet. They both entail injecting a mixture of water and anesthetic into the body before the fat is removed, which helps break up cells and lessens bruising and swelling. They differ in the amount and type of solution that is injected beforehand. Another method is UAL, ultrasonic assisted liposuction. With this method, a cosmetic surgeon first breaks of the fat using ultrasonic waves that shake and heat cells. After this is performed, the fat will be removed in its newly liquefied state. Power assisted liposuction is simply performed with a vibrating cannula instead of the standard type. The vibration is believed to break up the fat more easily. What areas of the body can be treated? Liposuction is a versatile cosmetic procedure. It can treat a wide variety of areas. Most commonly it is used for the stomach, thighs, buttock, and lower back-areas which are prone to collecting cellulite and stubborn fat deposits, click here for more info However, it can also be used in areas such as the knees, arms, neck, and face. Common areas of treatment tend to differ from women to men. Women often seek help for their hips and thighs while men are more likely to target their "love handles" or other areas of their torso. Will there be scarring after surgery? When any incision is created, there will be a scar. How visible the scar is depends largely on individual healing. The length of most scars is minimal and plastic surgeons take care to camouflage them within the body's natural lines and contours or in places easily concealable by clothing. However, if you are prone to poor scarring or developing keloids, you may want to discuss your options with a plastic surgeon. Other issues, such as smoking, can affect how well a scar will heal. What is the recovery process like? Like scarring, recovery depends on the individual and the extent of the surgery. If you only have one small area worked on, you may be back to work in just a week; however, it is more common to need up to two weeks before regular activities can be resumed. People receiving liposuction in a large number of areas or in high volume may even need to take an extra week off. Generally recovery involves minor discomfort and includes some swelling and bruising. How soon are results visible? Some results will be visible immediately after surgery. The area targeted should be smoothed out and free of any previous bulging. However, you will be swollen for a few weeks afterwards, so you will continue to see gradual improvement over the first few months. For more information about surgery you can find here :

Questions and answers on liposuction surgery for curious patients  

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