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3 Options That All Lead to Better Service and More Income for Personal Trainers, Fitness Experts and Group Exercise Instructors Hello from John Spencer Ellis, I want to offer you 3 options for a solution and a way to “bolt on” an extra income model this year to your fitness business. I’m sharing this with you now because it’s time to seize the opportunity. I’m talking about offering one of the proven nutrition and cleansing program listed below. You may be asking yourself, “Why would we show all three of these programs?” The answer is simple: We are industry and consumer advocates. Part of our job (aside from offering you education) is to review, understand and share information about all types of health, fitness and nutrition programs. Yes, of course, there are other good programs. We feel these three offer the best combination of products, customers service, simplicity and income producing programs for trainers and coaches. Here they are: Isagenix Nutrition, Detox & Skincare Business Program: Isagenix is well-recognized as a leader in cleansing and detox diets. Today, they have expanded to give you the opportunity to also sell their quality skincare systems. Beachbody Turn-key Fitness & Nutrition Business Model: They make selling the word’s most popular workouts and diet products very simple. Their Shakeology health drink product is very popular with great science. Everything is given to you. Great program. Visalus Body Transformation & Weight Loss Business System: Recession proof your personal income while you help people get in great shape fast. Incredible company with expert support to ensure you reach all

of your personal physical and financial goals. Visalus bases much of their business on incredibly popular Body Transformation Contests. REMEMBER: Not every company is a perfect fit for every pro. YOU decide which serves you and your clients best. If you are already benefiting by working with one of these companies, great! Keep going! Thanks for your time, Dr. John Spencer Ellis “JSE” PS: This is interesting….. One of the most popular blog posts I have ever written talks about “How to make an extra $100 per week!” With any of these three programs featured above, an extra $100 a week is not only achievable, but very likely in a fairly short period of time…… All while getting your clients back on track and creating greater loyalty. It’s perfect!

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