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You may already be aware that Apple has released ios7 which as the name suggests is the seventh mobile operating system to be released. There are several improvements with the new release on its predecessor. These include a redesigned user interface along with improvements within functionality. The previous version ios6 had several problems that ultimately resulted in Google and Apple having a bit of a spat that hopefully has now been resolved. The main problem was reported as being the Google Maps application being replaced with Apples own version. Not sure why Apple insisted in using its own version as Google have been in the maps game a lot longer and to be honest in my opinion are better equipped to provide an excellent service. The whole escapade with the release of ios6 set Apple back into the competition making it a more level playing field. This allowed other hardware platforms such as Samsung etc. to grad a tighter hold of potential Apple customers. On September 10, 2013, at their iPhone event, Apple announced that ios Developer portal would be publicly released on September 18, 2013, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, also releasing the iOS 7 Golden Master to registered developers shortly afterwards, in order for them to complete final software testing before its full public release. An update to the operating system was released for the iPhone 5S model after reports that the iPhone 5S would prompt for a password instead of accepting the fingerprint of the user. An update was also made available for the 5C model. On October 22, 2013 Apple released an update that introduced new animations to the home screen when a user selects the reduced motion option in the accessibility settings. These new animations are to solve problems of people feeling motion sickness when using ios Developer portal. It has been said that order has been brought in to change the chaos with the final release of IOS7 with the much improved user interface. It has also been mentioned that this improvement is the biggest thing to happen since the conception of the initial idea of Apple OS as a whole. However as with all things good it did take a huge team effort and no one person was responsible for its inception. The whole process being brought about because someone had the determination to make a completely new user interface that had logic and by far a lot easier to understand and operate. That still leaves a void as Apple insist on using a mechanism that is simply designed for Apple products. While there are attempts underway to create a common programming language for all to use across multiple app using platforms there is still a long way to go. However no matter what platform you choose to develop applications for mobile communication devices you can still create them without having a Mac PC or indeed any coding knowledge at all. In summary why make it complicated when there are just as effective easier methods and procedures to

making and developing mobile phone app no matter what type of hardware you are using.

Ios developer portal  

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