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I Need To Fix My iPad Mini Screen, Where Should I Go? The iPad mini is the smaller version of the original iPad. But even though its screen is just 8� wide, it has a high definition screen and is made of very tough and scratch resistant glass. Even though the glass that makes up the screen of the iPad mini cannot be scratched easily, if you accidentally drop it the screen will crack and send spiderwebs across the front of your once beautiful device. Now if it were to happen to me and I need to fix my iPad mini screen, what can I do? There are actually several avenues I can try to get the screen of my iPad fixed, one of which is to directly go to any authorized Apple service provider and have them fix it for me. If your iPad is still under warranty, or if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to break it after buying it just a couple of days before then your iPad would still be under warranty and you may be able to get a replacement unit free of charge; although this will depend mostly on the store where you bought your iPad mini from. And, since cracked LCD screens are not covered by Apple's regular warranty, you may need to pay a tidy amount of money if you want it repaired by official Apple technicians. If you do not have room in your budget for official Apple iPad Air Repair, and you are confident with your electronics skills, then you can try your hand at DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs. You can find a lot of helpful repair tutorial videos in YouTube, and you can also buy the necessary tools and parts online so the only difficult part is keeping your hands steady while working on your precious iPad. This procedure is only for those people who have experience tinkering with similar gadgets, it is not recommended for a total amateur to pry open an expensive iPad. The best option that I found for when I needed to fix my iPad mini LCD screen is to go to a reputable third party repair service and have them get to work at restoring my beloved gadget. Most of these repair companies have highly-trained technicians who are of comparable skills to those who work for Apple, and the parts they use, though not original, are of high quality and guaranteed to last. So if the first two options for iPad mini screen repairs are impossible for you, then the third party service centers are your best bet. If you have any success with companies like RepairZoom or others, please feel free to give us feedback as we are constantly looking for the best solutions out there for great iPad Repair.

I need to fix my ipad mini screen  

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