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WHICH REFRIGERATOR FOR YOU? A French door refrigerator has double doors on the top half and a freezer compartment in the bottom half. These refrigerators are becoming more and more popular and have many attractive features not only in their storage capacity but also in their streamline elegance. Most French door refrigerators have a door alarm, an in-door icemaker and water filter which allows for more storage space within the refrigerator itself. There are different options for storing your perishables which include a two stack drawer system, humidity controlled crispers and split slide out glass shelves. All the shelves can be moved to accommodate larger items, there are adjustable door bins and a separate dairy compartment to enable you to keep butter and cheeses separate from the rest of the items in your fridge. The freezer section is the same width as the fridge and therefore offers more space for larger dishes. There are usually at least two pull out drawers in this section and the width makes it easier to keep frozen foods more organized and easier to reach. The French door refrigerator is becoming more and more popular today, and it’s easy to see why. The two doors in the refrigerator section are narrower than in a normal fridge, which means less swing room is needed in the kitchen area and this naturally makes for more available room space.

WHICH REFRIGERATOR FOR YOU? The freezer section is easy to access and you can purchase extra organizational components to fit within the freezer section which helps even further to keep your frozen food in date order for maximum freshness. The French door refrigerator has an elegant and streamline appearance and provides an attractive addition to the kitchen. With its anti-bacterial seal it also gives the assurance that your food will remain fresh and retain its flavour. These days when you walk into a big box store or are just surfing around online doing research for a future product it can be very difficult to know which brand to look for. There are many things to worry about, for instance is this a quality brand, is this model defective, does this model have the features that I want and lastly is it priced competitively. So this brings up the question why should I buy a Kitchenaid French door refrigerator? What separates this brand and the models it offers from all of its competitors? There are many reasons that you should considers a Kitchenaid French door refrigerator.

Generally speaking, we feel that

Kitchenaid French door refrigerators are some of the most modern and best looking models that are currently out on the market. This wasn’t always the case, and if you look at some previous models from the mid-2000s you will definitely see what I mean. Next, the feature set that is included for the price is remarkable. You won’t be able to find this many features in any other models. You will

WHICH REFRIGERATOR FOR YOU? generally get all of the standard features which include organisable







temperature control. We have seen a trend of also offering in door ice makers and water dispensers as standard features. When it comes to price the Kitchenaid French door refrigerator is very competitively priced. Although many of these models aren’t the cheapest on the block you will generally not be paying an arm and a leg.

The best bet is to check price comparison

websites and also your locally weekly ads. When Kitchenaid is running a sale, then it is definitely time to buy. We feel that for the money and features a Kitchenaid French door refrigerator is an easy decision and a must buy! Read more at Refrigerator Reviews

French door refrigerator  

Use this site as a comparison guide and read from consumer reviews for the best french door refrigerator.

French door refrigerator  

Use this site as a comparison guide and read from consumer reviews for the best french door refrigerator.