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Finding The Right Roommate For You Co-existing with another person in an apartment can be quite stressing. Basically, this is because we all live our lives differently. By having to live with someone else, you will have to adapt and change your living style to accommodate that of your roommate for better co-existence. If the two of you have different values and opinions on how things should be or work, then you may be setting yourselves up for a disaster. Finding the right roommate to live with is essential if you are to benefit at the end of it all. The best way to do this is to base your overall decision on your compatibility with your would-be roommate. Below are some things that you need to consider when in the search for the most compatible roommate: 1.

Avoid living with friends

One of the worst things you could do is living with a friend(s). Sharing an apartment for rent with a friend could ultimately change the nature of your relationship with them. As such, it is advised that you take living with a friend out of your roomie equation. However, in the case where you already are living with a friend, it will be important that you create some boundaries that will govern your stay together. Create a Rota which will govern how tasks are handled, who handles what and when they are to be handled- ultimately avoiding a conflict later in time. 2.

Money Handling

In most apartment or home sharing situations, everything is rosy until money comes into the picture. Money will mostly determine whether or not such relationships make it or break. As it is a necessity, it is essential to consider finding a roommate with a steady income source. This way, avoiding financial issues is much easier. It is advised, if possible, to handle a background check on a potential roommate. 3.

Are your personalities compatible?

It is essential that you look for a roommate who complements your personality. If you are loud and argumentative, it would be unwise to take in a roommate of the same nature. What will happen is that the both of you will end up clashing, creating a major problem. To find someone compatible, coming up with some base questions will be essential. If you are not a smoker, and don’t like being around smokers, then avoiding a roommate that smokes would be the wise thing to do, and vice versa. Here are some of the things you need to consider when it comes to finding a compatible roommate: consider behaviors you do not like, consider whether you would love to live with an outgoing person that loves to party or comes in late, do you have a problem with pets in your home and such. By asking these questions on your first encounter, you will be able to avoid living with someone with a clashing personality. 4.

Using a roommate compatibility service

If the hassle of searching for a compatible roommate is too much for you, then employing the use of a reliable roommate compatibility service would be a worthwhile option. Quite obviously, these services may ask you many personal questions about who you are, your lifestyle, and your personality. However, these questions are essential in the creation of your definitive compatibility test. With this test, the service can then easier pair you up with people who match your lifestyle and personality; people that you can actually consider having as your near future roommate.

Finding the right roommate for you  

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