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If you didn't noticed that video is quickly becoming the standard for selling your own products or promoting affiliate products, then you are missing big time... Video is used to vehicle your commercial messages to your customers. Video streaming is also used with audio and can be easily added to your websites or blogs. As an example, I started to promote a product in web design for two or three months, however I didn't make any commission. Note that I did not promote this product heavily. I just posted a video (from the affiliate resources) to my website, and one blog post. A few days after, I already made my first commission. Like the product owner said, video convert like crazy and I am the first to recognize it. Dozens of marketers are getting lots of free traffic from, just because they uploaded a video that went 'viral'. Just head on youtube, Google or Yahoo video, and tape: "Internet Marketing" and "Make money online", etc... And you will see how hundreds of savvy marketers are already banking with video. What Do you need to create videos that make you money? 1. Digital Camcorder 2. Firewire card (or interface) in your PC and a fireware cable. 3. Video Editing Software. 4. FLV - Flash conversion software. 5. FLV Flash player and a web page. Additional items you should consider: 1. Tripod (start at $25) 2. Wireless mic (start at $100) 3. Headset with mic (start at $48) 4. Stand mounted lights (start $35)

If you didn't a video before or if you don't have a website, it can seem to be a very difficult and overwhelming task. Read on... It's really easy to add video to your website. Actually, it is so easy than anyone can do it. No need for special programming skills or anything else. You can be making your videos this week if you really take the time to learn.

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==== ==== To reveal the easiest traffic source to your websites please visit ==== ====

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