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Open the sluice gate of a paddy


Concept Idea

Step 1

The Petite, Offer A Consideration of Relationship for Revitalization of Hwasu market

·INCHEON ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION 2011 ·8,487㎡ ·@ Hwasu Traditional Market, Hwasu-dong, Dong-gu, INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA [ PROJECT INSTRODUTION ] Warm human affection and sharing of the petit bourgeois speak for their identity. ‘Since 1970, generation of Hwasu traditional market’ although merchants have tried to keep the market from a fast city development, in the beginning of 20th century with start construction of redevelopment, the highest prosperity period for several decades was ended and it passed development for about 10 years. So now there is only the last its breath and it remains a faint trace of a glory in the past. So we suggest making it to breathe, as giving warm human affection and sharing to development which turned away and ignored minority’s face. In other words, the petit bourgeois do not just oppose in a position of a looker-on, but accept changes and hold out their hand to the flow of the time which can suggest a new solution for the minority. Through reestablishing a relationship of coexistence with development, they can break a paused communication and be more powerful for own role of the market.

Step 2



Zoning 1

Zoning 2




ART & The City _ 3 Walls ·INHA University third semester 2011 AUTUMN-WINTER ·2,260 ㎡ ·@ 34-29 Sinheung-dong, Jung-gu, INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA

[ PROJECT INSTRODUTION ] Art chased the city. Or the city chased art. Nowadays in Korea, there are proceeding a lot of urban reactivation projects with art. The way how to access to art is using factories stopped or buildings left alone. It is different with the past. After deindustrialization, factory zones around the city were disappeared and generated unused land. From this cause, edge parts of the city were ambiguous. A tendency which reuses these buildings with changing a use to others is increasing. They want to sustain the appearance of original building and keep the worth of time of the space. The site is some part of a rice granary area not to use now in Incheon and has lay on near sea, more near in the past. But passing through industrial revolution, its roles were weaker. Building masses of original land site are much smaller than generated newly. So especially in this project, we have to consider about the historical accidents and the background of time and concentrate on inner edge area to place with high apartments and a big supermarket. 3 Walls: Through industrial society, people used brick walls as putting concrete over it. As time goes, in this awkward gap, traces of industrial society was piled and piled. After that, some part of it was detached and I expected to discover some accumulation of the time. So I thought the gap as the other wall, the wall keeping time, and started this project.


; Possibility of wood, see through a pavilion on a pedestrian overpass


Possibility of Wood; Material Only in the point of functional and economic view, how excellent wood is? Wood is light and movable and environmental. But when we walk around wherever nowadays, steel or concrete occupy most of buildings. It means steel or concrete is the most reasonable material for construction. So when you have to use wood, it is better to mix with steel or concrete, not to depend on only wood. Focus ; Pedestrian Overpass is very general in the city. It is just a road to cross the other side and nothing more. In complex urban fabrics, although we need these path ways, it is not a happy action. Putting a static pavilion to stay on a pedestrian overpass, we expect “win-win” between urban fabrics and pedestrians. Idea ; Filtering louver Frame Wood change air fresh. In this point, we intend a visual filtering effect of city scenes by suggesting an arcade structure on a pedestrian overpass. It will make not only staying space for attention and action, but also blind space and un-blind space, depending on location. This rest area becomes a changeable space which can be changed whatever pedestrians want. Based on a character of light, it has panels of a basic unit, whoever puts on the gaps of louvers and takes off it for communication space as well as basic action like to sit or to lie. At the same time elevations is changed variously.

·KOREA WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2012 ·with Jakang Yang


Land Scraper

Instead of Sky

; The citizens don’t want skyscraper and the goverment want skyscraper. Each opinion & position make a sense. So we will propose new solution.







[ PROJECT INSTRODUTION ] In Issy-le-moulineaux, they are processing a project on “Pont d’issy” and they already have a design which was choose as a competition winner. So It looks like to be continue by the city government. In the other hand, citizen or civic group don’t like this skyscraper design which will eliminate all building in this site. The small village is located next to the southwest part of Paris and it connects with other village as RER and tram line. But without them, there are not enough traffic facilities and we can find a lot of motorcycles or bicycles. This site got caught in urban structures, Seineriver, a wide road, a bridge and railways, looking like a island. And there is a laboratory building of a warehouse shape designed by Gustave Eiffel. In here, we suggested a satirical design about skyscraper, the old building of Eiffel and urban structures.


·ENSA Paris Val de Seine ; M1-S7 2013 ·18,877㎡ ·@ (Some part of) Quai du President Roosevelt, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France


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[eMail] [Tel.] +33 6 58 49 48 96 [Nationality] South Korea

[D.O.B] 14 JAN 1991

[Address] 6 Rue Thibaud, 75014 Paris EDUCATION BACKGROUND 2013-2014

Exchage Student | ERASMUS Ecole Nationale SupĂŠrieure d'Architecture Paris-Val de Seine


Bachelor of Architectural Architecture department | INHA University, South Korea


Internship (Paris, France) Michel Kagan Architecture & Associes | Making Model, Autocad

July 2013

Temporary Work Haeahn Architecture | Making Model, Research, Autocad

Apr-May 2013

Research Asistant Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.| Analysis of Experimental Data

Aug-Oct 2012

Competition Korea Wood Design Award 2012 | Special Prize

Aug-Oct 2012

Temporary Work Tomoon Architect & Engineering | Making Model, Diagram, Sketchup

Jul 2012

Internship Heerim Architectures & Planners | Making Model, Research, Autocad

Jul-Oct 2011

Competiton Incheon Architecture Competition 2011 | Grand Prize

Jul 2009

Summer workshop directed with BIG | INHA University, South Korea


Exhibition Staff D.NOMAD | 2013 GDEK | Exhibition planning team

Jul-Aug 2011

Competiton HS Ad 2011 | Participation


Korean | English | French (Basic level) Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop; etc

30 seconds portfolio 2014  
30 seconds portfolio 2014