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Dear friends here am starting a course named Back linking. You probably understand why back links are so important for your site. The more back links you get, the better your chances of ranking #1 in Google for your desired keyword. That would mean a ton of targeted traffic and sales for you. However, the concept of link building with regards to SEO is something that is easily said but not so easily done. There are people who spend hours upon hours just trying to get a handful of links to their site, only to find that their competitors had just built ten times more than them in the same amount of time. This might have been through the use of automated link building tools, or outsourcing. Importance of automating your back linking: Time is money, as you are most probably familiar with. If the amount of time you spend on doing a particular task is way more than the amount of money you can expect to get from it, then you are probably burning up your most valuable resources. By creating a system for automating a great deal of the back linking that you need to do, you will be able to save both time and money spent on repetitive tasks that you really shouldn't be doing, and instead focus your efforts on other areas of your business. This digital manual aims to provide you with a blueprint to do just that, namely putting a lot of your link building effort on complete autopilot. Now before we proceed to the meat of this course, there are a couple of things that I want to make clear and need you to be aware of. You may know that there are currently a lot of automated tools in the market which can help you to build a ton of links to your site. These tools can be very powerful if used well, and I do use a lot of them as well. However, most of these tools can't be considered truly automated back linking solutions. They can only be semi-automated back linking solutions at best. The reason for that is this... Even though those tools do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, you still have to do a lot of work manually, like operating the software. But I still have to manually insert my articles, make sure my profiles are set up right, enter my titles and descriptions, move the URLs created from one module to the other, etc. So, I just want to tell you right now that the purpose of this manual is not to give you a semi-

automated back linking solution, but rather a fully automated one. Well, as close to fully automated as you could possibly get that is. Once you are done going through this manual and implementing the solutions just once, you will be able to get back links on complete 100% autopilot. The only thing you will have to do is to publish a post on your blog, and each time you do that, thousands of back links will come pointing to each of the posts you make. Take note that this method still requires you to do a bit of work in setting up the system, but once you have done that, its set and forget. You just do it once, and you continue to get back links to your site for the rest of the life of your blog. If you take the time to put the concepts in this manual into action, you will benefit from the fruits of your labor with tons of fully automated back links, higher rankings, and a clear competitive advantage over your competitors. You will save yourself a ton of time and effort too. You may wish you repeat the process again and again to get even more automated links to your site, though this is entirely up to you. It will not work for some sites where you can only submit your blog just once, but it will work for a lot of the others. Take note that the automated back links that you will be able to get to your site are not just good for link juice. Many of the web properties that you will be setting up are able to rank quite highly in the search engines as well, so you may well be able to take multiple positions for less competitive keywords. End of Part-1

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Download Latest SEO Software's Just Go & Instant Download ==== ====

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Download Latest SEO Software Just Go & Instant Download