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Play Free Online Lottery: There are many websites on the internet that are offering free lottery tickets. Most of them are scams, but you can find a few real ones. How they work? You register on their website, choose your numbers, visit their sponsors (that's where their revenue comes from) and that's it!Just tipe "free online lottery" into Google, do some research and...Start playing!!! It's free, does not require more than 5 minutes daily and it's definitely better than sitting, watching TV and doing nothing in order to earn a million bucks! Selling domains: Did you know that was sold for over $8 million? That's better than winning a lottery! Of course, domains like are already taken but if you can think about 5-10 nice domain names, buy them for $5 each,and sell them for $100-200k each...You would be rich, right? Post your movies on MetaCafe and similar sites: MetaCafe is a YouTube clone but with a "little" difference - they pay you each time someone views your video. How it works? Every time a person views your video clip, it also views MetaCafe sponsor's advertisement - MetaCafe shares advertising revenue with it's members. They will pay you $5 for every 1000 views of your video. What if you could post 100 videos and each one of them gets viewed 2 million times? You would earn a million bucks! Submit your files on Easy-Share: Easy-Share is a RapidShare clone but they are using the same system as MetaCafe - they share their advertising revenue with their "uploaders"! So, upload you files to Easy-Share, submit them to RapidShare search engines and directories, and try to earn $1 million! Join Social Networks: There are a few social networks like that will pay you to be their member, to invite friends - to hang out! Join one of these networks and you could easily start earning $500-$1000 of extra cash per month. Earn money with "Get-Paid-To" Programs: There are many companies on the Internet that will pay you to surf, read e-mails, click on links...You can easily find them by typing "get paid to surf" or "get paid to read" into Google. It's not

possible to earn millions with this kind of companies, but you can start earning a realistic $100-200 monthly, and that's enough to start investing somewhere. You can put your earnings into your savings account, start your own Internet Business, start investing in stocks... It's a great way to learn about money - how to spend it, where to invest it and finally, how to earn your first million

Marijan Sivric is a 22 year old "kid" who is trying to get rich and share his wealth with poor people. Visit his website [] to learn how!

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==== ==== Download Worlds Best YouTube Clone Script of Value $300 In Just $20 ==== ====

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