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The use of video in marketing has gain serious momentum ever since YouTube came out. It seems everybody is opening up a YouTube channel, and setting up YouTube clone sites which also get popular. This is a good thing though, because video is a serious marketing tool which can end up getting your website tons of traffic. I am going to provide you with 4 ways of using video during your marketing efforts. Utilize these traffic tools in order to create a strong brand. #1. Video Search When Google and Yahoo came out with the ability to search for video, they created a huge traffic source for a lot of websites that already had a bunch of video content. Those who didn't hurried up to add video content so they could funnel in that traffic. Video search cropped up after image search, which also was a huge traffic tool and still is to this day. #2. Video Comments Have you heard of Bubblecast? It is a video service which allows you to add video commentary to any blog using the Bubblecast plugin. I have this plugin installed on my blog because I wanted to allow other bloggers to utilize it as a traffic source while being able to express their opinion on an article without writing it. The cool thing about video commentary is that this kind of comment tends to get more attention than the plain old text comments on a blog. The video comment is very likely to be played, and because the viewer got to know the commentator personally, they are likely to follow the link back to their site. #3. Viral Video You probably saw this coming, but my next suggestion is to utilize YouTube and take it very seriously. Regular updates to your channel is likely to gain you some followers, which turns into website traffic as well. If you are in the business of making money, then it is common sense that you will want to use YouTube to make that happen. It is a good idea to touch on topics that are sensitive, or even provide a completely different perspective or spin on your niche that differentiates you from the rest. These methods of video use can go viral, and you can get millions of hits on your video.

#4. Video Squeeze You know what those squeeze pages are. They are usually a one-page setup with a lot of hyped up text and a form to have you sign up for a newsletter in exchange for a free product of some sort. But squeeze pages really got converting once people started using video in them too. A simple video detailing the hyped up text is all you need. People love to play video instead of reading all of that text. There is usually 2,000 words or so on a squeeze page, properly formatted with headers and text decorations, but the video usually sums up all the text in a few minutes. Your Turn: Are you ready to utilize video to gain traffic? Marketing is all about keeping up with the latest, and inventing the greatest. Don't get left behind.

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==== ==== Download Worlds Best YouTube Clone Script of Value $300 In Just $20 ==== ====

4 Ways To Use Video When Marketing