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Deshe Bideshe resourceful publication

With the advent of technology circulation of news has become easier and flexible too. Each and every newspaper has their online publication which enables the reader to grasp the news from any corner of the world. Initially Deshe Bideshe was not a daily on line publication but from 2008 it ventured into daily online publication. Daily news of Bangladesh is now easy to be grasped with the help of on line publication. Moreover this is flexible as the reader can go through the piece of information at any point of time. The reader can even access the news from mobile and the on line version of the newspaper is available in Apple, Android and also the

windows phone. Therefore the reader can avail the option of reading the news from home, office or on the go while traveling. Advantages of on line version The online Bangla newspaper is demanded by those who speak Bengali and love the Bengali culture. As it is the voice of the Bengali community therefore much emphasis is given to it by the Bengali people. Those who are staying in the far off places are unable to get the paper version of the Deshe Bideshe. For them the Bangladesh online news is of great use and vital. Sitting at any corner of the world the news can be read with ease. The on line publication is a big landmark in the history of the Deshe Bideshe newspaper. It has certainly attracted more readers as the on line version is easy to be accessed. This has tended to push up viewer ship and ultimately made it more popular among the masses. It is the exact place where top class Bangla news can be spotted and with the very experienced team and backup the news content is published after doing a lot of analysis and assessment which means that the authenticity is given more preference. Ultimate destination Bangladesh news too are needed by the people staying far off and this newspaper is the ultimate destination because it enables to link the people with the news. It is the global voice for them who speak Bengali. The on line platform is well composed where all the matter is laid in Bengali too. This provides a personal touch and ultimately this factor has become a big hit. From top to the bottom of the page everything is given in Bengali language which makes the Bengali speaking people proud. Daily news are updated on the website and there are various sections ranging from health, sports, politics, entertainment etc. Hence it can be described as the ultimate destination for the Bengali speaking people as all the news can be referred at a single place and moreover the language is provided in mother tongue which gives a proud feeling. This has pushed up its popularity and is tagged as the global voice of people who speak Bengali. As it caters to the needs o the Bengali people it has become a mirror for them. Deshebideshe is a Bengali news portal for Bangladesh news and all worldwide Bangla news. Global voice of the Bengali community.

Deshe bideshe resourceful publication  

Deshe bideshe is a first Bangla interactive news portal for the Bengali speaking people. First Bangla newspaper in Canada since 1991 and on...