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Successful Online Positioning Requires Unique Content It’s no secret that Google has changed the way we do business. It’s true for consumers, but it’s a daily challenge for businesses as they scramble to position themselves online. Just as ‘location’ is critical to property value, so ‘content’ is critical to online ranking. Now, however, we need more than just ‘content’ for its own sake. Previously some enterprising web operators came up with the idea that they could flood the internet with low-quality content whose sole objective was to ‘point’ potential customers to a web site. Google has found ways to penalise such behaviour. Fresh is Best Now, you need to produce ‘fresh’ content in order to maintain your ranking with a search engine. Google has patented a number of ways in which it can determine the ‘freshness’ of a page of content. It also has developed methodologies for scoring pages. Documents can move up or down in the search ratings depending on the scores provided by a series of criteria based on queries, links, frequency and type of content updating. A new word, FreshRank, has entered the vocabulary. Justin Briggs, an acknowledged expert in Google’s approach, defines FreshRank as follows: “Linking documents have freshness score assigned to them. Freshness of the target document is determined by freshness of linking pages.” Conversely, ‘stale’ content will be ‘suppressed’, that is, Google has developed ways to minimise the likelihood that stale content will be given a high ranking by the search engine. In a sense, this is a ‘double-whammy’: if your content isn’t sufficiently fresh, not only will it miss being selected by the search engine, but its staleness will force it further down the rankings. Fresh is New is Unique Everyone knows that search engines work hard to avoid offering duplicated content to searchers. The law of averages says that customers are unlikely to be attracted to content that’s identical to some they’ve just rejected on another site. Filtering this content is a SEO Services Brisbane basic function of search engines. Google’s own Webmaster Tools site says that sites need to contain ‘plenty of rich information’, and warns against ‘pages that contain little authentic content’. It says “Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other cookie-cutter pages that don’t add substantial value to users.” Google will remove sites from its search results for such things as autogenerated content, ‘doorway’ pages, scraped content and ‘thin affiliate sites’. What’s Unique? This isn’t just about having words that don’t appear in the same order anywhere else. Search engines are smart enough to assess your content in other ways. The key to this is that your ‘unique content’

needs to offer ‘unique value’ to searchers. To do this, you need to think beyond rearranging what someone else has said, and consider the real world your potential customer inhabits, what he or she needs, and how you, your product or service can address their need. Then, you can speak directly and convincingly to your customer’s need, thereby demonstrating how you can help in a unique way. Of course, it’s most likely you will also use information that appears elsewhere on the web, but you will have added something unique, something that adds value to your customer’s experience and is highly relevant to your product or service. If some content is so good or relevant that you really want it on your site, and it’s legal for you to post it, you need to ensure you add value to that quoted content. This might be by putting your own perspective, providing a more complete explanation of certain points, adding some ‘how to’ advice of your own, getting a social media conversation happening on the page, or actually adding additional relevant content. You are potentially competing with the site that originally posted the content, and you need to ensure your additions convince Google that you have the best value potential for searchers. Go it Alone at Your Peril Remember that you are paddling in very deep water, and it’s unlikely you will have the skill – or the time – in your business to create an ongoing stream of fresh, unique content. A good content production partner will add immeasurably to your online presence and ranking; remember, however, that such a content partner is not a part of your business, and it’s not their job to develop your strategy. You need to have a clearly defined marketing strategy, and you must be able to articulate your unique business value clearly. A good SEO company has a large number of tools to assist you to avoid the pitfalls and to develop the right content for a good ranking. Search Engine Optimisation and the ongoing creation of unique, fresh content go hand in hand to successful online positioning. Click here to read more about developing a strategy for high-quality, unique content.

Successful Online Positioning Requires Unique Content  

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