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SEO Services Industry Segments & Services 2012 21/08/12


SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

•  This brief article summarises the different SEO Services available to consumers in 2012. •  The SEO Services industry has grown considerably in the past few years. •  Many different niche companies & specialist services have targeting different areas of SEO. •  This article aims to illuminate what these different niches are, to make it easier for consumers to make an informed purchase decision. 21/08/12


SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

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Link-building services Social media services Ecommerce SEO services Web analytics services General SEO services


SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

1. Link-building services With the several updates rolled out over the past few years by Google, link-building, an essential part of SEO efforts, has become increasingly difficult. As a result, many specialist link-building services have cropped up to make it easier for SEO companies or business owners looking to use linkbuilding efforts. Be sure to look for providers that use white-hat tactics, are informed about the latest search engine updates & provide accurate reporting. 21/08/12


SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

2. Social media services Some companies have begun to merge social media marketing with SEO. The benefit of these kinds of companies is to combat the many changes Google has made to it’s ranking algorithm, in particular, making links less effective and social media a more prominent factor in achieving search rankings. Combining your social media efforts with your SEO efforts leads to greater and more sustainable results over the long-term. 21/08/12


SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

3. Ecommerce SEO Services More and more SEO businesses are beginning to specialise in certain industries and this is true for ecommerce. Ecommerce SEO companies have built up proficiencies on how to target online shoppers, specifically with keywords and getting companies listed in the Google Shopping search results.

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SEO Services – Industry Segments & Services 2012

4. General SEO Services Specialisations aside, there are still many generalist SEO services. Many of these general SEO companies are still just as competent as many of the specialist companies, due to their wide and varied experience of working on web sites from a wide range of industries. Would you like to find out more about the many different SEO services available for your company? Then feel free to contact us for more information at 21/08/12


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