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Roof Maintenance Programs Sentry Roof Services specializes in high-quality roofing services for any type of commercial roof, and expert commercial re-roofing and new-roof installations.

Metro Atlanta’s Trusted Commercial Roofing Specialists For More Than 30 Years If you are responsible for participating in the repair, maintenance or installation of commercial roofs, or the investment value of commercial roofs, the experts at Sentry Roof Services can help you meet your goals. We are proud to offer highly effective, customized repair and maintenance programs, and partner with property managers and operations personnel to develop roofing solutions and risk management strategies that are costeffective for the long term.

We welcome your most challenging projects Our experienced, professional crews have the knowledge and broad skill sets to tackle highly customized, highly complex assignments that require significant planning and coordination with architects, builders and other contractors. We are proficient operating at the highest levels of commercial real estate development and maintenance, and can provide measurable improvements when we’re included as an integral part of your overall team.

Your Roofing Professionals For Life” Philosophy Plenty has changed in the world and in the commercial roofing industry while Sentry Roof Services has been in the roofing business. Despite these constant changes, our company philosophy has never wavered: we want to be your roofing professionals for life.

Commercial Roofing Guidelines: Safety and Training When it comes to safety, our company goes above and beyond basic cautionary guidelines. Sentry Roof Services meets industry standards and OSHA regulations and strives to exceed their policies. Our personal guideline toward our own security and to that of our clients combined with proper training and safety precautions is one reason why we’ve been in the commercial roofing business for three decades.

National Roofing Contractors Association NRCA is one of the construction industry’s most respected trade associations. It is the voice and leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technology and advocacy.

Sentry Roof Services Works With Top Rated Manufacturers The best commercial roofing contractors only use the best materials to make sure their roofing projects withstand the elements and the test of time. At Sentry Roof Services, we partner with manufacturers who have proven track records and stand by their products while offering customers a variety of choices. Whether producing materials for the visible layers of your roof, such as shingles, metal, membranes and asphalt, or the materials that aren’t visible, such as substrates and adhesives, we only work with manufacturers who care about the quality and longevity of their commercial roofing projects as much as we do.

Career Advancement Opportunities at Sentry Roof Services Sentry Roof Services is always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. Knowledgeable people with commercial roofing or service roofing repair experience are encouraged to explore current position openings and submit an online application. If you are within reasonable proximity of our office, please feel free to come in and submit an application in person.

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Roof Maintenance Programs  
Roof Maintenance Programs  

A Sentry Roof Services analysis includes a physical inspection of your roof and a series of photos for documentation. Based on your prioriti...