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Life & Arts September 23 and 24, 2009


Andrews Native to Hold Art Exhibit


ndrews Native Jo Early, began painting with oils in the early 1970s under art instructor, Faye Ledford. After Faye Ledford passed away, Jo put away her painting until she retired from a local textile plant. When she began painting again she enrolled in Kandy Barnard’s Art Class. She especially enjoys painting snow scenes and old barns and houses. Jo’s two daughters, Sherry and Gail, have always encouraged her to paint again. Jo’s art is displayed at the Serenity Shoppe on Main Street, Andrews. All are invited to the September Art Friday scheduled for Friday, September 25, from 4 – 7 p.m. Please stop in at the One Dozen Who Care (ODWC) office located at 65 Wilson Street, Suite 7, Andrews, to meet Jo Early and view her beautiful oil paintings. Light refreshments will be served. ODWC is located between the Dollar General and PJs Pizza.

Real Southern

Pollinators- A Critical Link in your Food Chain

Did you know that without the help of insects, you would not be able to enjoy apples, blueberries, coffee, almonds and a host of other delicious foods? The Community Council of the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center invites you to a free seminar entitled, “Pollinators – A Critical Link in Your Food Supply.” This seminar will be held on Friday, September 25th, at 10 A.M, at the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center. The Center is located on Hwy 19/129, three miles south of the Blairsville town square. The GMRE Center was formerly known as the Experiment Station. No pre-registration is necessary for this seminar. Pollinators are essential to the quality diets we enjoy in the developed world. However, they are a finite resource and there is evidence that pollinators are imperiled from exotic diseases, habitat loss, and intensive management practices. This lecture will overview the place of pollinators in agriculture and steps concerned landowners can take to encourage local populations. Our Speaker, Dr. Keith Delaplane, is a professor and extension entomologist with the University of Georgia. He received his Master’s degree and his Ph.D. in Entomology from Louisiana State University. He is Program Director of UGA’s Honey Bee Program and a coFounder of the Young Harris College Beekeeping Institute. Dr. Delaplane is the author of First Lessons in Beekeeping and creator of the award-winning television series, Honeybees and Beekeeping: A Year in the Life of an Apiary. Currently, he is working to find a solution to the Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder. He received a beginner’s beekeeping kit for his 13th birthday, and his interest in all things bugs has been growing ever since. This seminar is the 67th in a series of seminars sponsored by the Outreach Committee of the Community Council. The Community Council was formed in 2003 to expand the outreach and service of the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center to the mountain region. To fulfill this purpose, volunteers work through three program committees – Preservation, Education and Outreach. The Outreach Committee began offering free seminars in 2004. Since that first seminar, more than 4,800 adults have benefited from these seminars. The operating budget of the Community Council is funded by gifts from friends through an annual campaign. If you would like to receive seminar notices by email, send your online request, name and phone number to: For more information about our programs, please visit our website: Program Details - No pre-registration is necessary. DATE: Friday, September 25, 2009 TIME: Doors open at 9 A.M. Seating is limited to the first 100 in attendance. Program 10:00 to 11:45 A.M. PLACE: Auditorium, GMRE Center


Crackerfarm / Contributed Photo From left is Bob Crawford, Scott Avett, and Seth Avett. The Avett Brothers’ latest album - “I and Love and You” is going to be released on September 29th.

By: Bryan Hughes Sentinel Writer So much of the music being produced today seems to be the same spoon fed garbage - manufactured only to turn a profit. They rope you in with a catchy hook, a video with enough special effects and transitions to give you a seizure, and a hypnotic beat that pumps through your head all day. Yes, at this particular juncture in our society - music has become stale, non-creative, and all together boring. So it’s refreshing to know that a band like the Avett Brothers even exists.

Now if you haven’t heard of the Avett Brothers by now, I ask that you please remove the rock from over your head and go to your nearest computer or record store and have a listen. The Avett Brothers are an incredibly talented musical duo from the rolling hills of Concord North Carolina. They are comprised of Seth and Scott Avett, and accompanied by Bob Crawford on Upright Bass. The boys started out touring in a pickup truck and were signed to Ramseur Records - a local Concord record label that also produces and manages

Hayesville Folk Singer/Songwriter Sammy Walker. They toured relentlessly, and gained alot of popularity in the North Carolina college scene. While on Ramseur Records they recorded a number of albums including “Four Theives Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions” and “Emotionalism.” The popularity of these two albums didn’t go unnoticed because in 2008 they were signed to Columbia Records and are currently awaiting the debut of their first Major Label Album - “I and Love and You” due out September 29th. On the surface, The Avett Brothers

ing for YHC in the 85th minute, when she collected a loose ball in the box and put it away. Cunningham and the Mountain Lions defense would shine in the match, clamping down when the Jaguars would threaten.  Cunningham finished with four saves, intercepted several dangerous crossing passes and made more than one solid defensive plays to pre-

vent shots from being taken. Meanwhile, her teammates also played solidly in front of their own goal, twice booting away shots that had gotten past Cunningham before they would reach the goal.  Collier would finish with three saves for the Jaguars. 

YHC Victorious in Soccer Match

Young Harris scored twice in each half and received a strong individual performance from goalkeeper Kelsey Cunningham en route to a 4-1 victory over Georgia Perimeter College in a Georgia Junior College Athletic Association match in Young Harris, Ga., Friday. The Mountain Lions, ranked 11th nationally in the latest National Junior College Athletic Association poll, took a 2-0 lead into halftime after scoring twice in the final  ten minutes of the half.  The first YHC goal came when Micah Lopes’ soft shot from the left side slid under GPC goalkeeper Katie Ramsey and looked to be wide, but Laurin Martin  had  broken loose on the right side to collect the ball and put it away in the 36th minute.  Just before halftime, Autumn Gronborg took a long pass from Emily Villas and fired the ball under Ramsey into the lower corner to give the Mountain Lions a 2-0 advantage.  GPC would have a chance to score seconds before the whistle blew to signal halftime, but Lynea Fouser’s free kick from just outside the penalty area hit the crossbar and the Mountain Lions were able to clear the ball. The second half was similar to the first, with neither team able to find the net until deep into half.  Finally, Young Harris went ahead 3-0 in the 81st minute when Linda Lehmann received the ball in the middle of the box on a long pass from Laurin Martin and slid the ball under a diving Ramsey. One minute later, the Jaguars would get on the scoreboard on a Victoria Killingsworth’s penalty kick goal, the only shot that would get past Cunningham. Jolie Kahn-Foss completed the scor-

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appear to be a Bluegrass band - after all Banjo + Guitar + Upright Bass = Bluegrass. Right? Not exactly. While the Avett Brothers are definitely inspired by Bluegrass, citing Doc Watson as one of their biggest influences, they are much more than just a bluegrass band. No, they aren’t newgrass, rock, folk, indie, country, rap or hip hop either. They simply make good music, and shouldn’t that be enough? All too often, people turn their ears off to music solely because of the label it carries. The duo has a nack for making great music because they focus on what is

Page 1B most essential - the songwriting. They can take the most common subjects: love, sadness, heartbreak, family, etc. and turn them into an amazing story that can only be described as real. It’s just pure emotion, there aren’t any ridiculous metaphors, allegories, or unnecessary figurative language. That is why no matter who you are, you can find something to relate to in their stories. Now what about the music itself? Even the most discerning music critics can appreciate the intellect and creativity that goes into their tracks. There are plenty of subtle intricacies coupled with beautiful breakdowns, bridges, and harmonies that keep fans coming back for more. They don’t write disposable tunes that you will play 10 or 15 times and then you’re tired of them. They write songs with staying power songs that will be on your Ipod playlist indefinitely.The Avetts are true musical chameleons. Unlike most bands who seem to play the same songs over and over again, they have a dynamic range of song styles that will appease everyone from hardcore Bluegrass lovers, die hard Rock n Roll fans, Contemporary Jazz nuts, and everything in between. Being able to adapt to the vast range of different music styles is something that only the best of musicians can do, and the Avett Brothers have perfected it. True music lovers can’t help but be impressed by a trio of artists that are incredibly fluent with their instruments, and watching them play is a completely different experience from just listening to the albums. To truly know what the Avett Brothers are all about you have to see them live. From the moment the curtain raises you are treated to an explosion of energy. They have a stage presence that I can only describe as controlled chaos. It’s a nonstop whirlwind of head banging, broken banjo strings, floor stomping, and instrument switching. Something you truly have to see to understand. The Avett Brothers are definitely one of the most unique and talented bands to come out of North Carolina and have completely shattered the perception of “Southern Music.” From impeccable songwriting and intense live shows, to raw and emotive story telling - The Avett Brothers appeal to everyone on some level or another, and isn’t that what good music is supposed to do?


September 23, 2009

Welcome to our mountains By: Dot Heard

Contributing Writer The Teas from the Heart ministry honored a special group of newcomers to the Hiawassee/Young Harris/ Hayesville areas with an elegant tea in their honor at the lovely lakeside home of Ken and Phyllis Ott in Hiawassee. Handsome volunteer valets parked the cars of the guests and escorted them to the door where they were greeted by eager hostesses. Each lady was given an attractive hand-crafted name badge and was quickly involved in joyful conversation as she met other newcomers. Everyone seemed to have a story of why and how they came to move to the mountains. This writer heard one lady tell that her husband had moved up before she did, leaving her in Macon to sell their house. Upon visiting him one weekend, she discovered the beauty and wonderful people he was enjoying and quickly asked, “What am I doing

still down in Macon while you have all this?” They soon made arrangements for her to move. Many other stories were shared as new friends and hostesses mingled and were entertained with lilting melodies from Mary McFarland’s flute. Hostesses invited their guests to tables attractively and appropriately decorated for Fall, where each lady was affably served Yorkshire Gold Tea along with cinnamon scones, pecan apricots, and assorted fruit skewers. As ladies continued to visit, they were treated to cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad puffs, marscapone ham tea sandwiches, and wedding cheese straws. Next, a sweet taste of key lime coconut cheesecakes, almond cream confections, and chocolate mousse cups, and topped off with condiments of lemon curd and Devonshire cream. After enjoying the tasty delights, all gathered in the living room where Teas from the Heart founder, Phyllis Ott, welcomed them and introduced the program. Judy Naylor and Sheila

Reel Memories:

#96 - The Incredible Shrinking Man By: William V. Reynolds Columnist Science fiction writers have been dealing with the incredibly small as well as the megasized universe since at least the 1930s. In a collection of science fiction novelettes and short stories titled “Before the Golden Age: A Science-Fiction Anthology of the 1930s” edited by Isaac Asimov, Capt. S. P. Meek tells a story of shrinking in Submicroscopic. The theme has been repeated in a number of films, some of them more memorable than others. The remarkable thing about The In-

credible Shrinking Man(1957) is the special effects achieved by using large props. The black-and-white cinema photography lends itself to the mood of the story and you feel right at home as the hero goes through the shrinking process approaching the infinitesimal. Actually, the so-called scientific premise of the story is not believable. After all, the title is The Incredible Shrinking Man with the emphasis in this case on the incredible. Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is contaminated by a radioactive cloud and pesticides which causes him to begin shrinking slowly. But the film deals with more than the shrinking process. What about


Sentinel Newspapers

Mansfield, two of the volunteers and TFTH Board Members, teamed up for a humorous look at living in the mountains with a creation called “You Know You’re in the Mountains When. . .” Both ladies, like the guests, walked through the door as newcomers several years ago and became best friends. Listeners laughed heartily as they identified with many of the witticisms. Sheila and Judy told about their experiences of moving and the many adjustments required, but both agreed that the joys and pleasures far outweighed the difficulties. They left the newcomers with a few tips such as getting involved in women’s ministries, Bible studies, and community activities where they will meet new people with common interests. Sheila shared many possibilities, and closed by saying that, for her, each day is a new beginning, and as the first glimpse of the mountains still takes her breath away, she thinks to herself, What a Wonderful Place! While still pondering the words

the psychology of the situation? How would it feel to lose your wife as you become smaller and smaller? Where would you find companionship? Where would you find friends? How would you protect yourself from ordinary everyday household pets such as a cat? How would you deal with the size of things around you as you became smaller and smaller? Scott has to deal with all of these things and finally finds himself in a situation that could lead to his demise. He is trapped in the cellar of his own house. Also, he has a new enemy larger than himself with which he has to deal, a spider. Not only does he have to deal with this incredibly large arachnid, he has to feed himself somehow. How do you think moldy cheese from a rat trap would taste? The major portion of the film deals with Scott’s adventures in the basement. As mentioned before, the in-

of the speakers, guests’ hearts were touched with the beautiful alto solo voice of Mary McFarland, singing “By This Will They Know Jesus”, reminding all Christians of their many opportunities to share Jesus in their world. Mary is active in the music ministry of McConnell Baptist Church, where her husband, Marc, is minister of music. She is also a member of the Young Harris College Community Band and an accompanist for the Union County choirs. Even after the program ended, guests continued in joyful conversation as they received gift packets of helpful information and area maps; then were escorted to reclaim their cars. A slight sadness was observed as they parted but we are very sure many will get together in days to come to enjoy their new friends and these beautiful mountains. Teas from the Heart is a non-profit organization whose goals are to identify women in the community who would benefit from a friend or mentor and to provide a Christ-centered place of hospitality which connects them to opportunities for spiritual nourishment. credibly huge props have given us a sense of miniaturization. For example, the pencil he floats on when the basement floods, is 16 feet long. The needle he uses as a sword in his duel with the spider is some four feet long. The film closes with the following soliloquy from Scott.”And I felt my body dwindling, melting, becoming nothing. My fears locked away and in their place came acceptance. All this vast majesty of creation, it had to mean something. And then I meant something, too. Yes, smaller than the smallest, I meant something, too. To God there is no zero. I still exist.” Today we give a reel memories salute to the cast and crew of The Incredible Shrinking Man. William V. Reynolds is the author of “Murder in the Okefenokee” available at and Amazon. com or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

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Sentinel Newspapers September 23, 2009

These establishments will make your dining enjoyable and memorable! 3295 US Hwy. 76 • Hiawassee, Georgia 30546 (706) 435-0502 • Located in the Shoppes at Fieldstone Plaza


Featured Dining Now offering Off Premise Catering to fit your budget

Enjoy fine Italian cuisine in a Tuscan-style setting overlooking the Mediterranean blue waters of Lake Chatuge. Featuring an eclectic selection of fine wines and beers, comfortable outdoor terrace seating and exceptional service.

Call David (706) 379- 4606

Open for Lunch and Dinner Service


Cafe Portofino

An Authentic Northern Italian Dining Experience

Lakehouse Cafe Lunch Thurs.-Sat 11-3 Starting at $4.95 Dinner Thurs-Sat 4-9 Starting at $9.95

Grouper • Salmon • Stuffed Crab Pot Roast & Pork Loin are just a few of the delicious items on our menu

Located at 423 South Main Street Hiawassee GA • 706-896-2191 Enjoy the view, in our beautiful lakeside dining room

Superbly executed dishes, with invigoratingly rich flavors, characterize the cuisine of Tuscany, a northern coastal region of Italy, a breathtaking land of mostly hills and mountains. Chianti, a region of Tuscany, produces intensely robust wines as delightful as the food. But, no need to dust off the passport, just drive over to Café Portofino, Hiawassee’s newest addition to the area’s burgeoning culinary scene. Overlooking the Mediterranean blue waters of Lake Chatuge and the rolling mountainside, Café Portofino would make the native Tuscan feel right at home. Upon stepping inside Café Portofino, the guest is transported to an Old World style villa, replete with original stonework walls and archways, timber beam ceilings, wooden shuttered windows, vibrant oil paintings by Venetian street painters, old wine barrels, fresh arrangements of sunflowers and lavender, and even a strolling guitarist singing romantic Italian ballads. Intimate salon and “al fresco” (outdoor) seating options offer expansive, and quite arguably, the best lake views for miles around, the perfect backdrop to begin the traditional Italian meal of one delectable course after another. The “antipasto,” or appetizer, course at Café Portofino should always include the “Formaggio Caprino,” candied pecan-crusted medallions of goat cheese, lightly drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette, resting atop a bed of peppery baby arugula, a sweet and savory starter that pairs lusciously with the house Prosecco, a dry sparkling white wine with hints of almond. The steamed mussels, simmered in a tomato saffron broth, with just a touch of Sambuca, also shouldn’t be missed. The “primo,” or first course, follows antipasto and the “Insalata Blu” stands out as the premier primo with soft Boston Bibb lettuce delicately tossed with blueberries, toasted walnuts, crisp red onion, bleu cheese crumbles and aged Balsamic vinaigrette. In Italy, each province has its own style of cooking and its own traditional dishes, and Café Portofino indulges the diner with a diverse and inspired array of choices. The “secondo,” or main course, at Café Portofino definitely steals the show, and the classic Roman dish, Veal Saltimbocca, which translated means “jumps in the mouth” in Italian, does just that. Tender scaloppini of veal covered with fresh pineapple sage, then layered with prosciutto, and finished with a caramelized onion Marsala sauce represents one of the finest preparations of this classic dish and especially shines when enjoyed with the Ruffino “Gold Label” Riserva Ducale, an elegant Chianti with ample aromas of black berries, dried cherries, and sandalwood. The “Bistecca alla Griglia,” a marinated flank steak rolled with braised fresh fennel and leek and served with roasted rosemary potatoes, also delights the plate as well as the palate. Other classic dishes such as Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan, Vongole (Clam) Alfredo, Spaghetti with Bison and Nantahala Pork Meatballs, Veal Marsala, and Chef’s specialty lasagnas and daily fresh catch specials all leave the discriminating diner with much to savor time after time. Finally, the “Dolci,” or dessert course must not be missed and the Classic Tiramisu exquisitely finishes the fine experience at Café Portofino. Delicate lady fingers soaked in espresso then layered with sweet marscapone and fresh whipped cream and dusted with cocoa will leave anyone exclaiming, “Ah, la dolce vita!” Café Portofino is open for lunch, intermezzo, and dinner service. Reservations recommended. (706) 435-0502

Now Open Mondays For Lunch and Dinner Open Monday - Thursday 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM Friday and Saturday 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM Sunday 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM for Brunch 130 Valley River Avenue • 828 • 835 • EATS (3287) •

Back Home In Our Original Location

“A Taste of Italy in the Mountains”

687 Main Street, Young Harris, Ga 30582 95 Mon.-Thur. $19 Dinner for two Lunch 11:00-9:00 available Mon.-Thur. from special Couples Menu Tuesday-Saturday Friday Choose 1/2 Off our Dinner Menu Appetizers Tuesday through Saturday • 3-9 p.m. 11 a.m.- 311:00-9:00 p.m. Monday Nights Priced from Saturday Available One AppetizerTake-Out • Two Entrees • One Dessert 4:00-9:00 $6.95-$10.95 Reservations Accepted New lower-priced dinner menu EarLy Birds Over 20 entrees under $12.95

$19.95 Dinner for Two

Tuesday-Friday 3:00-6:00 p.m. Priced from $8.95-$12.95


Enota Cafe


Outside Dining

3295 Dogwood Lane Reservations Accepted • Takeout Available Hiawassee, GA 30546 706-896-1990 Country Breakfast - featuring farm fresh eggs Served Saturday and Sunday 8:00-10:00 am. Served Daily with reservations. Nightly Home cooked Buffet -style dinner Home cooked family meals with vegetables grown in our organic garden One seating: 5:50 sharp Farm Tour Begins 4:30 Daily - Reservations Suggested for groups of 5 or more Enota Campground Organic Garden and Farm 1000 Highway 180 Hiawassee, Georgia 30546 Call for more information


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Sentinel Newspapers September 23, 2009

YHC names 30 year veteran Brenda Paul to coach basketball

Brenda Paul, a member of the Northeast Georgia Sports Hall of Fame with three decades of head coaching experience at several levels of college basketball, has been selected to become the women’s basketball coach at Young Harris College, YHC President Cathy Cox and Athletics Director Eric Geldart announced Tuesday. Paul will begin her duties immediately, and the team will tip off the first season of intercollegiate women’s basketball on the YHC campus in nearly 80 years in 2010-11.  “We are excited to announce that Coach Brenda Paul will be leading our women’s basketball program, and her engaging personality will surely be an asset as she recruits young women to play for Young Harris College,” Presi-

dent Cox said. “Our search committee was doubly impressed by her commitment to assuring that her players are good student-athletes by putting a strong emphasis on academics as well as athletics.” Geldart said Paul’s experience will be an asset to the new program. “Coach Paul brings extensive experience to the basketball position at Young Harris College,” Geldart said.  “Her Southeast recruiting background will give us a great start with our program.  She has coached at all levels and recognizes the talent level needed to build a competitive program.  I look forward to working with her as we continue our pursuit to become a member of NCAA Division II.”  

Cookie of the week Peanut Butter Surprises Ingredients

Makes about 2 dozen • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour • 1 teaspoon baking soda • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature • 1 cup packed light-brown sugar • 1 large egg • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract • 1 cup smooth peanut butter • 1 cup roughly chopped, roasted, salted peanuts, plus 48 halves for pressing into tops • 10 ounces semisweet chocolate, cut into 1-inch chunks


1. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl, and set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar on medium speed until light and fluffy. Add egg and vanilla; beat until well combined. Add peanut butter, and beat until combined. 2. Add the flour mixture all at once, and beat on low speed until just combined. Add the peanuts; beat until combined. Wrap dough in plastic wrap, and chill in refrigerator at least 2 hours. 3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Pinch off about 2 tablespoons of dough, and make a well in your hand with the dough. Place one chunk of chocolate in the center, and enclose with the dough to cover completely. Roll dough into about a 1 3/4inch ball with your hands. 4. Place the ball of dough on the baking sheet; repeat with the remaining dough and chocolate, placing cookies about 2 inches apart. Press 2 peanut halves into the top of each cookie. 5. Bake until cookies are golden, 16 to 18 minutes, rotating the pans halfway through. Remove from the oven; transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool slightly.

Working with leaders such as President Cox and Geldart was one of the reasons Paul pursued the position. Another was the opportunity to start the women’s basketball program from the ground up.   “I am so impressed with the dynamic leadership at Young Harris College,” Paul said.  “President Cox is very motivated, and her energy is felt all over campus.  The college is moving forward with an aggressive agenda that includes constructing state-of-the-art buildings and new degree programs, and I am excited to be a part of that.  It’s an honor to join the faculty and staff at Young Harris during this historic period of growth at the college.  “Building a new program from the beginning is exciting because we are laying the groundwork.  This first team will be the one that starts the tradition that future teams will build upon.”   The tradition of women’s basketball in the area is already well-known throughout the state, a definite advantage for YHC’s program, according to Paul.  “This is a great area to build a women’s basketball program, and I want to start building right here in Northeast Georgia,” Paul said.  “I’ll be knocking on doors of coaches in the surrounding counties, and I really want them to be a part of what we are doing.”   Bobby Cremins, the head men’s basketball coach at the College of Charleston who is the winningest

coach in Georgia Tech history and led the Yellow Jackets to the 1990 Final Four, was happy to hear of Paul’s new position. “I got to know Brenda personally when she would bring her Elon teams to play the College of Charleston,” Cremins said.  “I always enjoyed watching Brenda’s teams play, and I admire her enthusiasm.  I’m glad she’s back in coaching.”   Randy Dunn, athletics director at North Georgia College and State University, agreed with Cremins. “I have known Brenda Paul for almost 35 years, and she is not only a great coach, but she is a great person,” Dunn said.  “Her positive attitude, dedication to the coaching profession, tremendous work ethic and commitment to the student-athletes are second to none.  Brenda will be a tremendous asset to both the college and community.”  Paul, a Flowery Branch native, will enter her first season as YHC’s coach needing just nine victories to reach the 450 mark for her career, which dates back to the 1978-79 season, her first of two seasons at Tennessee Wesleyan College.   Paul’s most previous coaching stint came at Elon University, where she was the head coach from 1994-2008, guiding the Phoenix from NCAA Division II to Division I.  Her 14 years at the helm of the Elon program makes her the longest-tenured coach in the

school’s women’s basketball history.   While there, Elon played in three different conferences, moving from the Division II South Atlantic Conference to the Division I Big South and on to another Division I league, the Southern Conference.  While Paul’s Elon teams found success on the court, reaching tournament championship games in both the South Atlantic and Big South Conferences, they were just as successful in the classroom.  Under Paul’s guidance, every senior that completed her eligibility at Elon earned a degree.   Paul came to Elon after coaching at Georgia State from 1989-94 and, before that, at Mississippi State from 1985-89.  While at MSU, she took a Lady Bulldogs team that went 8-20 her first year and turned it into one with a 19-13 mark in 1987-88, the best single-season record in the program’s history.  That season, MSU reached the postseason for the first time and Paul was the runner-up for the Southeastern Conference’s Coach of the Year award.  Prior to taking over the Mississippi State program, Paul coached one of the nation’s top small-college programs at Berry College.  From 1980-85, her Lady Vikings squads put together a combined 139-28 record and won the district championship every year.  While on the Rome, Ga., campus, Paul led her team to three top-eight NAIA National Tournament finishes, includ-

ing semifinal appearances in both 1982 and 1984. Eight of her Berry players earned All-American honors.  Paul began her college coaching career in 1978, leading Tennessee Wesleyan to a two-year record of 28-21.   In 2004, Paul was inducted into the inaugural class of the Northeast Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.   She is a 1977 graduate of North Georgia College (now North Georgia College and State University).    Paul is the second highly-experienced basketball coach hired by Young Harris this month.  Last week the college announced that it had selected former Navy and Georgia coach Pete Herrmann to lead the men’s program.  The men’s team will also tip off next fall.  “We are thrilled to now have two incredibly experienced coaches who are ready to build first-class basketball programs for Young Harris,” President Cox said.   Young Harris is building a new, state-of-the-art recreation and fitness center, scheduled to open early next fall.  The 57,000 square foot facility will feature a 1,000-seat arena, setting the stage for the return of men’s and women’s basketball.  The college, which currently competes as a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association, has applied for NCAA Division II membership. 

The season of color is upon us as bold reds and permutations of yellows, oranges, and browns creep slowly down the mountainsides. Though literally thousands of trees are involved in this drama of color, only a few species provide the dominant color in a particular area.  For example, in northern forests, most of the autumn yellow will be from birch, aspen, and sugar maple, whereas in our southern Appalachian

forests most of the yellow is provided by the tulip poplar and various hickories. The golden yellow of our four native hickories is one of the richest colors in our local forest. The shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) as its name implies can easily be identified by its long strips of shaggy  light gray bark.   Its pinnately compound leaves have five leaflets, the terminal one being ovate and about seven inches

in length. The round fruit is from one to two inches in diameter with a thin husk around a four-angled nut which is sweet and edible, but difficult to crack. The pignut hickory (Carya glabra) has leaves with five ovate leaflets, the terminal leaflet being the largest at four to seven inches.  The bark of the pignut hickory is light to dark gray with prominent ridges and furrows,  but is not shaggy.  The one to two inch nut is thick shelled and may be sweet or biter. The mockernut hickory (Carya tomentosa) has aromatic leaves with seven to nine leaflets that are hairy on the underside.  The three top leaflets are largest, from four to six inches in length.  The gray bark has low rounded ridges and shallow furrows.   Nuts of this hickory are small, but sweet and nutritious.   Mockernut hickory is

found in the dry upland oak-hickory forests of our southern Appalachians. Bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis) has large leaves with seven to nine leaflets that are slightly hairy. The fruits are born at the branch tips and are bitter and inedible.  Bitternut hickories are a tree of our mixed hardwood forests. The strong white wood of hickories is legend in the hardware industry where it is used for tool handles, wagon wheel spokes, paneling and lumber.  Oil from the nuts have been used medicinally by American Indians who pounded the kernels in water to make a milk.   Hickory wood is unsurpassed for smoking and flavoring meats while the nuts provide a bountiful mast for our wildlife. We are blessed with an extraordinary   diversity of colorful vegetation of which the hickories are only a small part.  The Preservation Committee of the Community Council of UGA’s Mountain Research & Education Center has two programs targeted at preserving this unique landscape.  The Appalachian Native Botanical Sanctuary program encourages landowners to set aside a portion of their property as a native plant sanctuary.  The Plant Rescue Project provides trained volunteers to help identify native plants that may be in harm’s way during land development so that they may be relocated to a safe area of the property. For more information on these programs, please visit our website at www., or call 706-745-2655 (Clare Johnston) or 706-745-9317 (Jennifer Cordier).

Nature’s Outdoor Drama

SENTINEL NEWSPAPERS (828) 389 - 8338

AD vertise

Mum’s the word at

English Country Gardens

Movie Schedule for September 18th - 24th Cloudy with... meatballs (PG) •Fri. - 4:30, 7:30, 9:55 •Sat. - 1:30 ,4:30, 7:30, 9:55 •Sun. & Thurs. 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 •Mon.- Wed. - 4:30, 7:30

The Informant (R)

•Fri. - 4:00, 7:00, 10:00 •Sat. - 1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:00 •Sun. & Thurs. 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 •Mon.- Wed. - 4:00, 7:00

Jennifer’s Body (R)

I can do bad all by myself (PG-13)

•Fri. - 4:15, 7:15, 9:45 •Sat. - 1:15 ,4:15, 7:15, 9:45 •Sun. & Thurs. 1:15, 4:15, 7:15 •Mon.- Wed. - 4:15, 7:15

•Fri. - 3:45, 6:45, 9:45 •Sat. - 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:45 •Sun. & Thurs. 12:45, 3:45, 6:45 •Mon.- Wed. - 3:45, 6:45

The Final Destination (R)

Whiteout (R)

•Fri. - 4:20, 7:20, 9:50 •Sat. - 1:20 ,4:20, 7:20, 9:50 •Sun. & Thurs. 1:20, 4:20, 7:20 •Mon.- Wed. - 4:20, 7:20

12,000 Plants in 100 Varieties Grown in the Mountains to Thrive in the Mountains

(706) 896-8947

Located at Village Rd. West end of 288. Open evenings and Saturday & Sunday afternoons or by appointment

•Fri. - 4:05, 7:05, 9:50 •Sat. - 1:05 ,4:05, 7:05, 9:50 •Sun. & Thurs. 1:05, 4:05, 7:05 •Mon.- Wed. - 4:05, 7:05

706 - 89- MOVIE Fieldstone Cinemas (66843) For more movie info call • Hwy. 76 at The Ridges Resort, Hiawassee, GA 706-89-MOVIE •

“Concept to Completion” Full Design Showroom

Tri-State Tile We Install, Fully Insured

828-837-1136 19/129 Murphy, NC

2.5 mi. South on Right

Complete Piano Tuning $100 (828) 835 6532


September 23, 2009

Sautee Jamboree

For the past three years, the Sautee Jamboree has provided a rousing soundtrack to the beginning of autumn in Appalachia, eclectic sonic goodness for the mountain masses. The fourth edition of the music festival returns to the Sautee Nacoochee Center (Friday and Saturday, Sept. Contributed Photo 25-26) with a lineup of bluegrass and National Touring Bluegrass Band Bluegrass Alliance Headlines Friday Night. Friday rock musicians steeped in progressive Night is Bluegrass night at the Jamboree. improvisational sensibilities as well as a deep and abiding love of traditional, celebrated sounds. S.C., are longtime favorites in North- the Meters and a dash of growling guiFestival-goers will be delighted by east Georgia, a genre-blurring quintet tars, funky grooves and infectious melthe mix of familiar artists and fresh with a worldly sound laced with horns odies and sprinkle with a liberal dose of (to Sautee) faces, a blend of longtime and a Southern accent. modern sensibilities.” OK, ’nuff said. veterans and pioneers and younger Soulhound, a quintet from Atlanta, Lingo, a youthful quartet from upstarts who are creating a new, bright has been called “one part James Brown, Marietta, brings sophistication and buzz. one part Steely Dan, one part Stevie flair beyond its years to its merger of Headlining and capping the festival Wonder; throw in some Al Green and acoustic and electric harmonies. The band released its debut album last year – Through the Scattered Trees, produced by John Keane (Widespread Panic, R.E.M., etc.). The blues-infused Spartanburgbased Shane Pruitt Band has about 100 years of playing experience among its three members, who are influenced by a diverse sound collective, from Duane Allman and John Coltrane to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Scott Baston, best known as the former front man, lead vocalist and cofounder of Moonshine Still, brings his latest project to the Valley. Saint Francis aspires to a higher musical plain of existence, propelled by an emotional stew of bluegrass, rock and reggaetinged sounds. The Last Waltz Ensemble returns Contributed Photo to the Jamboree with a playlist of more Col. Bruce Hampton and Rev. Jeff Mosier Headline Saturday Night on Saturday night will be Blueground Undergrass (BGUG), guest-starring Col. Bruce Hampton, influential and ubiquitous Godfather of the Southern jamband scene, a musical Jedi mentor to the Rev. Jeff Mosier (BGUG’s founder, philosopher, lead-singer and banjo savant). The Mosier Brothers (Jeff and his guitar-wizard brother Johnny) will be joined by their old friend, fiddle-master David Blackmon, in opening the festival Friday night. In between Friday evening’s opener and Saturday’s closer will be performances by the Bluegrass Alliance and Scott Baston & St. Francis (Friday night), then a kids performance by Sol Driven Train on Saturday morning, followed by Soulhound, Lingo, the Shane Pruitt Band, Baston & St. Francis again, Sol Driven Train’s grown-up blowout and the Last Waltz Ensemble (which will surely include some special surprise guests not mentioned here). “A lot of music, a ton of music for two days,” says Tommy Deadwyler, coproducer and co-founder of the Sautee Jamboree, who believes the music is only part of the show. The venue itself is probably the prettiest setting for any music festival in the state. “We’ve got that beautiful outdoor stage, draped by the big oak trees, and the view – the valley and the mountains as a backdrop, a million stars perforating the sky at night. It’s gorgeous.” The Jamboree benefits the Sautee Nacoochee Community Association, the non-profit community and arts organization headquartered at the Center. “This is an event for every member of the family,” Deadwyler says. “Free camping, plenty of food, activities for the kids – how cool is it that parents can be right there, dancing to the music coming from a stage a few yards away while their kids play on the playground?” The pastoral majesty of the Nacoochee Valley will be serenaded by sweet sounds generated by a diverse lineup. The Blueground Alliance is the latest incarnation of an acclaimed 40-year project, this version featuring some of the best string players from across Northeast Georgia. Sol Driven Train, from Charleston,


Sentinel Newspapers

Since 1925

than 70 tunes from Bob Dylan and The Band, covering multiple eras and styles, fronted by Mark Kramer’s voice, Kris Gloer’s mesmerizing guitar and – in true Last Waltz style – joined by a host of guest musicians with a knack for improvisation. The Mosier brothers, along with pedal steel maestro Mark Van Allen, anchor Blueground Undergrass, purveyors of a psychedelic hick-hop sound that has been feeding audiences the good stuff for 11 years, combining bluegrass with jazz and rock in a progressive web of music. For Jeff Mosier, a veteran of the Sautee Nacoochee Center stage, there is a sonic sense of community that makes the Jamboree a singular event. “It’s the only festival I play that didn’t happen as part and parcel of the music business, it’s a result of something deeper. This is bigger than a gig for me,” says Mosier, who made his debut in Sautee as a performer for Celebrate the Arts, an annual Spring event at the Center targeting developmentally disabled children in the local school systems. “One of the reasons why I love Sautee so much is, they see art as a naturally occurring substance in a healthy human community. They see art as something that should be necessary and accessible,” Mosier says. “And no amount of television or technology can replace being in the presence of art, whether you’re standing in front of painting, or watching a mime, or listening to Blueground Undergrass play on an outdoor stage.” The first notes fall at 7:15 p.m., Friday, Sept. 25, when the Mosier boys and Blackmon take the stage. Saturday’s fun begins at 11:30 a.m. with Sol Driven Train. Plenty of camping space is available – and free! – for Friday and Saturday nights. Food vendors will cook up goodies, cold beverages and T-shirts with a new design from local artist Andy Slack will be available. Ticket prices are: $15 for Friday, $30 for Saturday, $35 for the weekend. Kids under 12 get in free (but no dogs, and no glass, please!). Call 706-878-3300 or visit to purchase tickets or for directions.

Weekly Puzzles Crossword


Brasstown, NC

John C. Campbell Folk School’s

Fall Festival 36th Annual

October 3 & 4, 2009 10 am–5 pm

Enjoy lots of craft—over 200 vendors and 40 demonstrations, music & dance on two stages, great food & family fun! adults: $5

ages 12-17: $3

under 12: free


Karol Martin Salon Owner/Stylist Matthew 10:30-31 Maria & Rachel, Stylists Located in Moore’s Plaza, Four Points, Hayesville

828-389-8131 35689

Heel Pain? Call 835-8389 Try Ossatron® Shockwave Treatment


See the entertainment schedule at:

9 Drew Taylor Rd., Murphy 1-800-FOLK-SCH FallFestival08_Sentinel_6.1x10.indd 1



September 23, 2009

Aubrey Atwater In Concert At Folk School Folksinger, songwriter and poet, Aubrey Atwater will be featured in a free concert on Friday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C..  The concert, which will be held in the Keith House Community Room, is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome.

Aubrey Atwater presents a captivating program of original and traditional folk music performed on the guitar, mountain dulcimer, tin whistle and banjo. A native of Rhode Island, she has traveled to Ireland six times since 1984 to research Irish culture, history and music, as well as to perform. She has taught mountain dulcimer, banjo

Ready for Rhythm

Contributed Photo

Contributing Writer The Brasstown Concert Association (BCA) will present pianist Frederick Moyer’s “Jazz Arts Trio” in a performance on Sunday, September 27 at 2:30pm at the Keith House, John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. This concert is the first of BCA’s 36th season, and will highlight jazz classics.

and ballad singing at the Hindman Settlement School in Kentucky, the Ozark Folk Center, the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College and at the Folk School. Atwater is also an expert clog dancer and in her shows often performs a spectacular clog dance routine while playing the banjo. She has recorded two solo albums, nine For further information call the Folk School

at 828-837-2775 or 1-800-FOLKSCH.

CDs with her husband Elwood Donnelly and has published three books of poetry. Upcoming Folk School concert performers include Curley Maple (October 2) and Butternut Creek and Friends (October 9). The Friday night concert schedule is available on the world wide web at:

Jazz Arts Trio opens Brasstown Concert Association’s 36th season

“Jazz Arts Trio” features pianist Fred Moyer

By: Natalie Moses


Sentinel Newspapers

For classical pianist Moyer, this performance marks a change of tempo for his return to the Brasstown stage. He will be accompanied by Peter Tillotson on bass, and drummer Bob Savine. (Note that Bob Savine will replace Peter Fraenkel in a change from the originally-scheduled lineup.) The unique presentations by the “Jazz Arts Trio” feature some of the best known and loved classics in jazz, using note-by-note reproductions of the music in a highly skilled and engaging performance.” To be suc-

cinct, this is a jazz trio to be reckoned with … This trio succeeds where other jazz trios fall light in that they renew our hopes about the staying power of our beloved jazz idiom.” EJAZZ NEWS Moyer is well known to Brasstown audiences as an established pianist with 22 recordings and performances throughout North America, as well as in Europe and Asia. Joining him on bass is Peter Tillotson, whose wideranging experience and musical enthusiasm have led him from garage bands to symphony halls. Tillotson’s expertise in acoustic amplification keeps him on call for artists such as Doc Watson, Lyle Lovett, Dixie Chicks and Bonnie Raitt, to name but a few. Rounding out the trio is drummer Bob Savine, who currently works freelance in the Boston area. Having completed his musical studies with a BS from Penn State University and further work at the Berklee College of Music, Savine has performed with The Artie Shaw Orchestra, Keely Smith, Herb Pomeroy and others. United Community Bank has continued its fine support of Brasstown Concert Association by generously sponsoring the “Jazz Arts Trio.” This concert is supported in part by The North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowments for the Arts. The “Jazz Arts Trio” performance will be held in the Keith House at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown. No reservations are required and seating is by general admission. Tickets for the event may be purchased at the door on Sunday September 27; $14 for adults and $7 for students. For information call 828 389 2595 or email

   


 

 

 

  


Business & service Bulletin

The Sentinel Newsgroup

September 23, 2009

Page 7B

These local businesses provide a wide variety of products and services to help The Wednesday, & Page7B 7B TheSentinel SentinelNewsgroup Newsgroup make your life a little better and easier. Call them today! Wednesday,July July 29 29 & 30, 30, 2009 2009 Page

Hometown The Artist’s Common Hometown Gallery & Framing


Business & service bulletin Business & service Bulletin New Mattresses at Discount Prices Starting at: New Mattresses at Discount Prices Starting at: Queen Set—$160 Twin Set—$118 Queen Set—$160 Twin Set—$118 Full Set— $140 King Full Set—$140 King Set— Set—$199 $199

Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-6 a.m.-5 p.m. These local Tues-Sat 10 p.m. Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

2496 2496 Hwy. Hwy. 76 76 East East businesses provide a81 Tennessee wideSt.variety Murphy, NC 28906of products and services to help Hiawassee, GA GA 30546 30546 Hiawassee, <RXU&RPSOHWH:LQGRZ7UHDWPHQW6WRUH Next to to Parts City City on onlife Hwy. 76 76 a little better and easier. Call them today! Next Parts Hwy. make your 828-835-9108

706-994-1027 706-994-1027 706-994-1027

Free Estimates • 706-745-1020 Young Harris Hwy., Blairsville Free Estimates • 706-745-1020 Young Harris Hwy., Blairsville

*Bring this ad in and receive 10% off your purchase

These These local local businesses businesses provide provide a a wide variety of products and services to help make better and easier. Call them today! make your your life life a a little little Stressed? Expires July 31, 2009

Stressed? Sounds Sounds like like you you need need aa massage! massage!


Tile done the way you want it. When you want it. Richarme New Mattresses atatDiscount Prices New MattressesJeff Discount PricesStarting Startingat: at: 828-837-5656 • Cell: 828-361-4114 New Mattresses Prices New Mattressesat atDiscount Discount PricesStarting Startingat: at: $118 Queen Set— $160 Twin Set— Twinour Set— $118 Queen Set— $160 Visit Showroom • 2991 U.S. Hwy. 64 West $118 Queen Set— $160 Twin Set— Queen Set—$160 Twin Set—$118 Set— $140 King Set— $199 Full Set— $140 King Set— $199 • FullyFull Insured • Tile, Marble Full Set— King $199 Full Set—$140 $140 KingSet— Set— $199 • Free Estimates • Glass Blocks 2496 2496 Hwy. 76 East 2496 Hwy. 76 Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 2496Hwy. Hwy.76 76East East Tues-Sat10 10a.m.-6 a.m.-5 p.m.The Tri-State Area Tues-Sat p.m. Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Serving Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Hiawassee, GA 30546 Hiawassee, Hiawassee,GA GA30546 30546 Hiawassee, GA 30546

706-994-1027 706-994-1027 706-994-1027 706-994-1027 706-994-1027 706-994-1027

Next to Parts City on Hwy. 76 Nextto toParts PartsCity Cityon onHwy. Hwy.76 76 Next Next to Parts City on Hwy. 76 •• NC NC Lic# Lic# 2261 2261

*Bring *Bringthis thisad adininand andreceive receive10% 10%off offyour yourpurchase purchase Expires ExpiresJuly July31, 31,2009 2009

GALic# Lic# 440 440 •• GA TN Lic# Lic# 803 803 •• TN

Drilled Wells Wells •• Pump Pump Sales Sales Drilled Trenching Service Service Trenching

High High End End Tile Tile

Your Local Local Your


889 US HIGHWAY WEST • MURPHY, NC 28906 Visit ••2991 U.S. Hwy. 64 Visitour ourShowroom Showroom 299164 U.S. Hwy. 64West West

Tired of NOW Looking at Spots? Serving Tri-State Area ServingThe TheOPEN Tri-State Area

•• Tile, Tile, Marble Marble •• Glass Glass Blocks Blocks

Time Out

Good News

••NC NCLic# Lic#2261 2261


457Carpet Rodney Orr By Pass NC, 28771 - Upholstery - Tile• &Robbinsville Grout


Green Cleaning - Fast Dry We Guarantee you will be thrilled with your cleaning or it’s free!

GALic# Lic#440 440 ••GA TNLic# Lic#803 803 ••TN

We Sell August Special! 4 Rooms onlyWells $79.95* Drilled Wells Pump Sales Drilled ••Pump Sales Pizza • Grocery • Tobacco • Cigarettes • Drinks Call Ron Ware6:00 - (706) 455 1095 Trenching Service AM toTrenching 9:30 PM Service YourLocal Local Your *up to 1200 square feet

SourceFor For 828-837-8008 Source 828-837-8008••TOLL TOLLFREE FREE800-890-7238 800-890-7238 ChrisL.L.Dickey, Dickey,President President Chris Water Water

Tired of Looking at Spots? 889 US HIGHWAY 64 WEST • MURPHY, NC 28906 889 US HIGHWAY 64 WEST • MURPHY, NC 28906 Good NewsCarpet Sales, INC. Cook’s



Since 1973 isCarpeting now serving 1725 Hwy. 64 W. your area with quaranteed professional carpet Murphy, NC we 28906 upholstery and tile cleaning. Since 1981 have thrilled clients with clean carpet in north georgia• and surrounding areas. We know these Carpet • Vinyl • Laminates • Ceramic Tile 457Rodney Rodney ByFlooring Pass Robbinsville NC,28771 28771 457 By Pass ••Robbinsville •Orr Wood are hard times, soOrr we are offering REBATES NC, FREE ESTIMATES FOR REFERRALS. You could have your whole Phone: 828.837.5717 Owner, Fred & Wanda Cook house cleaned for as little as $50.00. CALL 828.837.8185 Sales, Mike Fax: 828.837.1701 Christine “Tots” for more details. 706-455-1095 RON WARE

Time Out Out Time


828-479-3777 828-479-3777 WeSell Sell We

Toll Free: 888.636.3704

Pizza••Grocery Grocery••Tobacco Tobacco••Cigarettes Cigarettes••Drinks Drinks Pizza 6:00AM AMtoto9:30 9:30PM PM 6:00

Tired of of Looking Looking at at Spots? Spots? Tired Good News News Good



now serving serving isis now your area with quaranteed professional carpet your with quaranteed For Morearea Information, give us a call professional carpet upholstery and tile cleaning. Since 1981 we upholstery and tile cleaning. Since 1981 we 828-835-7333 havethrilled thrilledclients clientswith with clean clean carpet carpet inin north north have georgiaand andsurrounding surroundingareas. areas.We Weknow knowthese these georgia are hard times, so we are offering REBATES are hard times, so we are offering REBATES FORREFERRALS. REFERRALS.You Youcould couldhave haveyour yourwhole whole FOR housecleaned cleaned for for as as little little as as $50.00. CALL $40 purchase house $50.00. CALL RONWARE WAREfor formore moredetails. details. 706-455-1095 RON 706-455-1095 IN-STORE ITEMS ONLY • EXCLUDES SALE ITEMS

& Building Center You can have a BRAND NEW Home on your Coupon with every property for as little as $450 a month.


$ 00

Murphy Ace Hardware Andrews Ace Hardware & Building Center & Building Center 2450 Highway 64 West 306 Whitaker Lane Murphy, NC 28906 Andrews, NC 28901 828.837.7575 828.321.4275 Blue Ridge Ace Hardware & Building Center 4344 Old Highway 76, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706-632-8002

Hardware Hardware Hardware

•• Deep Deep Tissue Tissue •• Hot Hot Stone Stone •• Swedish Swedish •• Reiki Reiki •• Reflexology Reflexology

The Artist’s Common Renee Renee Lamance Lamance Gallery & Framing LMBT NC# 6688 • New LMBT NC# 6688 • New Clients Clients Welcome Welcome


Can Be Advertised


(828) (828) 361-1055 361-1055

Your Farley Stressed? Insurance Business

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Professional, Prompt Prompt •• Professional, and Reliable Reliable • Oak, Cypress, Red andand Brown Mulch Greg or Warren • Certified Wood & Gas Gas Greg or Warren • CertifiedPea Wood & • Brown, White, and Gray Decorative Gravel Stove Technician Dennis Technician • Standard Gray Gravel Stove and Rip Rap Dennis Proudly Featuring •• Chimney Chimney Relines And And • White Sand, and River Rock Toll Free 866-656-3999 Relines Toll Free 866-656-3999 Inspection Inspection 5731 Hwy Hwy 64 64 E E 5731 Located behind Downtown Pizza in Murphy Caps on Church St. • Chimney Caps & More More Murphy, NC 28906 • Chimney &

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hasaagreat greatselection selectionof of has Cars••Trucks Trucks••SUVS SUVS Cars *Cometoday todayand andget getsomething something *Come Reliable and Dependable Reliable and Dependable

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Your Your Pre-Owned Pre-Owned 4x4 4x4 Supercenter Supercenter Over 60 more Jeeps, Over 60 more Jeeps, Explorers, Explorers, Vans and 4x4 Trucks to choose from! Vans and 4x4 Trucks to choose from!



Sentinel Newspapers September 23, 2009

Two Hours from Anywhere 2 Hours from Anywhere

5 K challenge Results

Two-hundred fifty participants were cheered on by family and friends as they competed in Murphy Medical Center’s “Two Hours from Anywhere” 5K Run Challenge, 2-Mile Heart Walk and Kids’ Fun Run on Saturday. Runner Toni Lovingood said, “I felt the hill coming back. I just tucked my head down and kept going.”  Participants ranged in age from 10 to 86. Awards for males and females in the 5K and Heart Walk were made in over 15 age categories and overall race

categories. The Kids’ Fun Run followed the 5K run and 2-mile walk. Kids of all ages raced around the hospital buildings and were rewarded with a trophy and a goody bag to dig through. The race started on time at 9:00 a.m. and the walkers followed three minutes later. The out-and-back course began and ended at the Nursing Home entrance at the rear of the hospital in Murphy. As the first runner crossed the finish line the morning fog was rolling

out.     “We were happy to gather under clear skies today and celebrate raising over $53,000 for healthcare in our community” said Kathi Osborne, Foundation Director at Murphy Medical Center. “The runners, walkers and kids make this a terrific event year after year.”   The fundraising event’s proceeds are dedicated to the new Urgent Care Center/Family Practice in Murphy.

5K Male Fastest Medical Staff Member           Dr. Mike Lee               Fastest MMC employee Female         Amy Trout      Fastest MMC employee Male             Dr. Mike Lee    Overall Male Winner Rance Shuler               17:34  Grandmaster Winner Wayne Nix                  20:33 Master Winner Steve Cockerham        20:13 10 and under 1.       Tyler Long           26:58 2.      Hunter Childs       27:27 3.      Anthony Roger     37:09 11-14 1. Jordan Aldridge                20:22 2. Mark Cambrunis              21:07 3. Kaseson Hooper              21:16 15-19 1. Trent Tatham                      18:22 2. Paul Anderson                   18:24 3. Creighton Boxberger    18:25 20-24 1. Edward Zepeda                23:22 2. Chad Caldwell                   23:39

3. Kyle Cody                          24:31 25-29 1.David Badger                      27:26  30-34 1. Andy Russell                      18:03 2. Brian Trout                          20:25 3. Jason Forrister                   21:46 35-39 1. Jody Lee                             24:07 2. Thomas Karisny              24:47 3. Jeff Martin                          26:03 40-44 1. Mike Lee                             22:13 2. Greg Childs                         22:39 3. Phil Bowman                      23:17 45-49 1. Gary Roper                         22:27 2. Tom Bzotte                         22:43 3.  James Bryan                      23:43 50-54 1.     Van Rivenbark               22:57 2.      Jeff Larson                      26:12  55-59 1. Mike Crubaugh                 22:46 2.Darrell Barrett                     23:17 3.Dietrich Fabricius              24:38 60-64 1. Hoyt Brown       23:09 2. Dwight Moss                      23:49 3. Paul Keely                           26:42

65-69 1. Chief Ten Bears                  24:48 2. Brian Blue                           25:37 3.Jim Morgan                        25:46 70-79 1.Kenneth Thigpen              42:32 5K Results Female Overall Winner Tacey Trammell           20:19 Grandmaster Winner Carolyn Mather           24:22  Master Winner Connie Robertson       20:31    10 and under 1.Erin Martin               31:34   2.Kennedy Grace White    11-14 1. Amber Long            20:43 2. Lindy Conk             23:26 3. Lynsey Crisp           23:29  15-19 1. Chantel Collins       22:02 2. Brittany Henry        22:44 3. Caroline Carter        27:55 25-29 1.  Laura Hughes          26:07 2.  Sally Cody             27:48 3.  Misty Jefferies       30:44  30-34 1. Amy Trout              23:10

2. Laurie Shook           25:09 3. Tania Firebaugh      32:59  35-39 1. Jennifer Bell            21:15 2. Joanne Knight         24:03 3. Lorie Martin            34:57 40-44 1. Jeanette Warden     29:10 2. Linda Barrett          30:02 3.  Cindy Vinion         34:05 45-49 1.Jackie Trammel         27:24 2.Susan Anderson       27:26 3. Melody Tabman      27:35 50-54 1. Cindy Bennett        29:09 2. Toni Lovingood      34:46 3. Tracy Townson       37:34  55-59 1. Pat Lambert                        32:50  60-64 1.      Edith Mason         34:47 2.   Ruth Turse                        42:32 65-69 1. Brenda Rix              38:29 70-79 1. Bertice Muddiman  34:08

Mountain Properties 4800 US Highway 64 West • Murphy, NC 28906

David Ritz


MLS #: R104975A If you are looking to be close to MLS #: R106773A This cabin is surrounded by woods town but still have your privacy then you should take a and is very private with a small stream to enjoy,comes look at this beautiful 2/2 home on 1.43 acres with end furnished, a perfect mountain get away. $84,950 of road privacy! This home would make a great vacation home or investment property! $159,000

MLS #: R106888A Unique home in Tangelwood Community. This 3br ,3bath home has lots of unigue features including, large deck, flower gardens, unique floor plan, finished walkout basement,lots of parking, attached garage, wooded lot, and much more. $199,950

MLS #: R105370A Very Private, and right on the edge of the city limits. Beautiful 4 bedroom 2 bath home is perfectly sitting on 2 acres. This 28X80 home has a wonderful feel and is very well maintained, spotless interior and exterior, large porch, big kitchen, and much more. This home is priced to sell!!!. $134,000

MLS #:R106521A REDUCED REDUCED Large Family home in Marble, This 4/2 home has a large 1.29 acre lot with a beautiful mountain view. Large oversixed detached garage, large yard, great neighbors, home is on permanent foundation.. $124,900

MLS #: R105607A Beautiful 2 br 2 bath home in the Five Forks Community, Large master suite, lots of windows with a nice view, wooded lot with end of road privacy, paved roads all the way through, lots of parking,fireplace, full unfinished walkout basement wrap around deck. $199,000

MLS #: R107234A Georgous new home in Tarheel just minutes out of Murphy. Easy paved access, 2 car garage, Large Custom Kitchenwith solid surface tops. Stone FP w/gas logs, hardwood floors, split floor plan. A great home see it today. $219,500

MLS #: R107140A Looks like HGTV just left, this beautiful brick ranch is brand new from top to bottom, owner didnt leave a detail out, inground pool, fenced yard ,large living room,kitchen and laundry, beautiful deck out back by the pool, no steps for easy access, level yard for easy maintenance, 3 large bedrooms and 2 great baths. you truly have to see this one to appreciate it. $199,950

MLS #: R105695A Immaculate new custom cabin on valley river. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home has a beutiful setting with a large deck overlooking the river on one side and a beautiful pasture behind. This home has features that include a stone fireplace, custom cabinets, hardwood floors, covered porch,seperate laundry room, and much more. $149,900

MLS #: R105909A Brand new custom home, just completed. This home has poured concrete and foam walls. This is often done on basements. The builder did the entire house because of the energy effeciency. It has a R value in all exterior walls of R60,R38 in the ceiling. Attached two car garage,full finished basement,covered porch and a mountain view. $235,000

MLS #: R106830A Wonderful family home located just minutes from historic downtown Murphy. This 3 br 2.5 bath home sits on 5.86 acres of beautiful property with a small stream. Bonus room perfect for a childs play room. Home has a full unfinished basement that would be perfect for a growing family. $249,995

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