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Doesn’t smell right?: A Federal District Court judge in New York has ruled that the Clorox Pet Products Co. must stop running an ad claiming that their "Fresh Step" cat litter product is superior to Arm & Hammer cat litters. Judge Jed S. Rakoff said he found it "highly implausible" that 11 panelists could "stick their noses in jars of excrement and report 44 independent times that they smelled nothing unpleasant." Therefore, he found the TV commercial's claims "literally false" and allowed a lawsuit by Church & Dwight, the company that owns Arm & Hammer, to proceed. (RC/New York Times, AP) ...But your honor! Congressional ethics committees do the same thing all the time!

Maternal instinct: Josefa Lopez, 80, asked her daughter, Teresa Medina, to give her a ride to the taping of a TV show. But before they could leave Lopez's Hialeah, Fla., driveway, a man grabbed Medina by the arm and pulled her out of the driver's seat. Then, Lopez says, the man started shouting "Give me" as he pulled her to the ground by her hair and started kicking her and hitting her with a gun. That was when Lopez charged him. "I thought she was dead," Lopez said. "I yelled at him, 'I am going to kill you, son of a bitch!' I wasn't myself." She hit him with her cane, and the man fled, taking Medina's purse with him. Medina had scrapes and bruises on her arms and back, and a large bruise under her eye, but was otherwise unharmed. Although she acknowledges she could have been killed, the 4-foot-9-inch Lopez says she would do it again. "When you see your daughter in trouble," she said, "you have to do something." Her daughter, by the way, is 61. (MS/South Florida Sun- Sentinel) ...NEVER get between a mother and her child -- no matter the age or species Hope to see you Sunday?: There is a new tattoo parlor in Flint Township, Mich. That's not normally news, of course, but Serenity Tattoo, a fully licensed parlor, has opened inside a church, right near the Rev. Steve Bentley's office. Bentley says it's all part of bringing new people to the church -- he calls it "The Bridge" -- which caters to people who have given up on traditional churches. "The tattoo is a really prominent art form in our culture today," the minister explains. He has two tats, including one he got at church. He says tattoos are "morally neutral" and no different from, say, ear piercings. "You can get a tattoo in a clean environment," he promises. Other nontraditional activities in the church include cage fighting, wrestling, and auto repair. "We don't want a million- dollar building that's only used a few times a week," Bentley says. "That's such a waste of what God has given us." (RC/Flint Journal) ...OK, but auto repair is the devil's playground.

Some handy tips on arranging Travel Insurance. You‘re young at heart, free and out to have fun - it won’t happen to you - will it? Unfortunately’ things can go wrong for anyone and it’s best to be sure that you are covered for any eventuality - just in case! Always make sure that you have travel insurance even if you are just taking a quick trip to UK, and that it provides decent cover (including an air ambulance to evacuate you if necessary). Without it, you could face huge bills upon your return. You need to know exactly what you are and aren't covered for Is your insurance cover comprehensive? Make sure adequate medical and repatriation cover is included, and personal injury as a result of terrorist activity. Where are you going and how long are you going for? Make sure you're covered for every destination and the entire duration of your return trip.

Most insurers will only cover UK residents, so make sure your policy covers EU residents.. If you have any current or pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to disclose them to your insurer. If you don't, it could affect your claim. Bear in mind that you may not be covered if the medical conditions of close relatives, whose failing health cause you to cancel a trip. Declare and get extra cover for any very valuable items you are taking with you such as watches, cameras or laptops and other equipment etc. Unless your home contents insurer cover these items whilst you are travelling. If you're travelling within the European Economic Area or Switzerland make sure you get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which may entitle you to some but not all emergency care - but you will still need travel insurance to pay for costs not covered by the EHIC, additional travel costs and repatriation. Keep a copy of your insurance policy details saved in your secure email account as back-up. Keep any paperwork, such as tickets, receipts, medical bills, police reports, etc, in case things go wrong.

Make sure you have the following with you when you're abroad: name of your insurance company the insurance company's 24-hour international emergency telephone number. your policy number it is also useful for your family and friends to have this too Globelink provide all this information in one convenient credit card sized document.

Visit You should find everything you need to know. You can get a quote instantly and you can arrange cover securely online. Your travel insurance Policy, Certificate and Emergency Assistance Card will be delivered to you immediately by email. You call our UK office on +44 1353 699 082 or our Spanish link line on 951 242 434

Estonia ( part 3 )

Soviet Estonia The Soviet forces reconquered Estonia in the autumn of 1944 In the face of the country being re-occupied by the Red Army, tens of thousands of Estonians (including a majority of the education, culture, science, political and social specialists) (estimates as many as 80,000) chose to either retreat together with the Germans or flee to Finland or Sweden. On 12 January 1949, the Soviet Council of Ministers issued a decree "on the expulsion and deportation" from Baltic states of "all kulaks and their families, the families of bandits and nationalists", and others. More than 200,000 people are estimated to have been deported from the Baltic in 1940–1953. until Joseph Stalin's death in 1953Half of the deported perished, the other half were not allowed to return until the early 1960s (years after Stalin's death)..

The various repressive activities of Soviet forces in 1940–1941 and after reoccupation sparked a guerrilla war against the Soviet authorities in Estonia which was waged into the early 1950s by "forest brothers" consisting mostly of Estonian veterans of both the German and Finnish armies as well as some civilians. Material damage caused by the world war and the following Soviet era significantly slowed Estonia's economic growth, resulting in a wide wealth gap in comparison with neighboring Finland and Sweden. Post-independence The US, UK, and the majority of other Western democracies considered the annexation of Estonia by the USSR illegal. They retained diplomatic relations with the representatives of the independent Republic of Estonia, never recognising the existence of the Estonian SSR, and never recognised Estonia as a part of the Soviet Union. Estonia's return to independence became possible as the Soviet Union faced internal regime challenges, loosening its hold on the outer empire.

As the 1980s progressed, a movement for Estonian autonomy started. In the initial period of 1987–1989, this was partially for more economic independence, but as the Soviet Union weakened and it became increasingly obvious that nothing short of full independence would do, the country began a course towards self-determination. Estonia joined the European Union in 2004 and signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. In 1989, during the "Singing Revolution", in a landmark demonstration for more independence, called the Baltic Way, a human chain of more than two million people was formed, stretching through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All three nations had similar experiences of occupation and similar aspirations for regaining independence. The Estonian Sovereignty Declaration was issued on 16 November 1988 and formal independence declared on 20 August 1991, reconstituting the pre-1940 state, during the Soviet military coup attempt in Moscow. The Soviet Union recognised the independence of Estonia on 6 September 1991. The first

country to diplomatically recognize Estonia's reclaimed independence was Iceland. The last Russian troops left on 31 August 1994. The 2004 enlargement of the European Union was the largest single expansion of the European Union (EU), both in terms of territory and population, however not in terms of gross domestic product (wealth). Estonia was amongst a group of ten countries which were incorporated into the EU on 1 May 2004. The Treaty of Accession 2003 was signed on 16 April 2003 Geography Estonia's land border with Latvia runs 267 kilometers; the Russian border runs 290 kilometers. From 1920 to 1945, Estonia's border with Russia, set by the 1920 Tartu Peace Treaty, extended beyond the Narva River in the northeast and beyond the town of Pechory (Petseri) in the southeast. This territory, amounting to some 2,300 square kilometers (888sqmi), was incorporated into Russia by Stalin at the end of World War II. For this reason the borders between Estonia and Russia are not still defined today.

The Mooring, When I wrote about the mooring back in December, I had heard some customers complimenting the hosts on their excellent Sunday Lunch and rebooking for the following week. I had made a mental note, that in this day and age that was quite rare. So I decided that it was worth a visit with my family. I booked a table for 4 people. When we arrived I was delighted with the ambiance of the place, no TV blaring away despite my interest in the Sports. This allowed us as a family to indulge in the increasingly rare art of conversation. We were promptly seated and were served with our chosen beverages. We had already decided on the Sunday lunch but could not help but scan the menu to see the numerous dishes on offer. What was a pleasant surprise was the prices.

Daily specials from only 3.50€.or The lambs liver & Onion for 5.50€. The Chilli mince with home-made chips for 4.50€ or even the Fish n chip offer of Large white home battered fish with real home-made chips and only 5.50€, The choice was terrific. On visiting again I was delighted to see the increase in popularity with the now famous Lasagne and the New idea about providing a meals on wheels and home care service. Being a qualified staff nurse allows them to offer a full care package, not just the meals which at 28€ for a full week plus delivery is a bargain. They also offer help with Medication, Dressings and wounds, Daily living care, Shopping, Cleaning and house maintenance, medical appointments and General advice. To my knowledge they are offering a unique service which will be useful to a great many people. So check out The Mooring and see for yourself.

Cover and simmer for 30 minutes over medium low heat. Add the mushrooms and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 10 more minutes.

by Jan Morley Chicken cacciatore is an Italian dish of chicken braised in a tomato-based sauce and often includes wild mushrooms. It is frequently referred to as "hunter style" as the word cacciatore means "hunter" in Italian. I don't know the source of the name, but someone mentioned that if a hunter came home empty-handed, his wife would kill a chicken for the meal instead. Ingredients (serves 4): 2 cups all-purpose flour for coating 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 (4 pound) chicken, cut into pieces 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 Tin cream of chicken soup ( or stock ) 1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 cup red wine 2 cups fresh mushrooms, quartered salt and pepper to taste Tagliatele pasta Knob of butter Method: Combine the flour, salt and pepper in a plastic bag. Shake the chicken pieces in flour until coated. Heat the oil in a large skillet (one that has a cover/lid). Fry the chicken pieces until they are browned on both sides. Remove from skillet. Add the onion & garlic to the skillet and saute until the onion is slightly browned. Return the chicken to the skillet and add the tomatoes, oregano , chicken soup or stock and wine.

Prepare Tagliatele pasta as per instructions in boiling water Strain and add small knob of butter, mix Lay pasta on warm plates Serve meat and sauce on top Optional to add parmesan cheese


The Association of Friends of the BotanicalHistorical Garden, La Concepción This beautiful botanical-historical garden was established by the Loring Heredia family around 1850 when they constructed the house and planted many of the tropical flora. Later it was owned by the Echevarría Echevarrieta family who made a few changes and developed new areas. In 1943 La Concepción was officially declared an historical artistic garden. In 1990 the garden, the agricultural and forest areas were purchased by Málaga Town Hall. After much work the garden was opened to the public in 1994. Thereafter some friends decided to constitute the Association of Friends which has grown in numbers and strength over the years. As a member of the association one has free entry to the garden, and a reduction for family and friends who accompany them.

They receive a magazine twice a year which relates the activities which have taken place, lists the activities for the future and has interesting articles. These activities include two meetings a year – one at the end of March, beginning of April to coincide with the flowering of the wisteria and the other on the first Saturday of October. During these meetings, having dealt with the agenda, there is usually a concert, the planting of a tree in the garden and then refreshments when members can meet each other. Other activities include visits to other gardens, excursions into the country or to towns or places of interest in Málaga, other parts of Spain or abroad; the ‘Gran Juego’ – Great Game which is held in the Spring and which is to encourage members and their children to get to know the garden better. All ages compete and everyone has a lot of fun. Recently we have started to have annual painting and photographic competitions. From time to time courses are held, or there are sometimes special events for children. For more information contact:

mobile, for 2 cents/minute.... and yet Vodafone charge me 15 cents/min for a local call.” Cheap International Calls – From your Mobile! Last year marked a dramatic change to the way we use our mobile phones. Ten years ago, cheap overseas calls became a possibility from your landline. In 2011, industry trendsetters such as Mega Mobile figured out how to give you the same savings from your mobile. Fast forward to 2012 and nearly everyone who makes overseas calls now makes them directly from their mobile, through a low cost provider. The irony is that our friends at Movistar, Vodafone & Yoigo are charging more for us to call our friends in Spain than most of us now pay for international calls. Steve Burns, client and self-confessed Mega Mobile fan says “It strikes me as very strange that I can call my friends in the UK, from my

There are various ways to activate a low cost call service on your mobile phone. Usually a low cost-chip gets fitted in tandem with your existing sim card. However, newer phones can be activated via a simple download. “My international calls used to cost over 100€/month, pretty much every month. Now I spend less than 10€ as a Mega Mobile customer” Megamobile is free to install and are currently offering 10€ free credit for Sentinella Malaga readers. Sign up at their new office in La Cala de Mijas, Opposite La Noria Golf, call 952 493 655 or join online at

Nail Company Points The Way Forward Over the last few years Sol Nail Supplies have helped many girls to enter the world of Nails as fully qualified Nail Technicians with a diploma recognised in as many as 34 different countries as far away as Russia, South Africa all Scandinavian countries and of course all EU areas. Every student is taught with the same Magnetic International Nails training manual renowned within the Nail Industry. Magnetic, offer the very best in Acrylic,Gel and Fibreglass extension products together with fabulous Nail art products. And in this time of crisis they are very affordable giving both quality and value. We also stock the very latest Gel Polish which is commonly know as the 2-3 week manicure applied like a nail polish but cured under a UV lamp.

Operating alongside Sol Nail Supplies is The Nail & Beauty Salon established for over 8 years has become Arroyo de la Miel´s premier English salon. Jill is well known as an expert in the nail and beauty trade having been a teacher in a beauty college before starting her profession as a mobile therapist then opening her present salon. Jill is a recognised tutor for Magnetic. The nail and beauty salon offer all nail treatments as well as manicure,pedicure, waxing, facial, eyelash extensions. Indeed she has many returning clients some who even telephone for appointments from their home country before coming on holiday. Sol Nail Supplies have a website where you can both learn about their many training courses on offer as well as all the products available. Both Sol Nail Supplies and The Nail & Beauty Salon can be found in Calle San Antonio just down from the farmacia opposite the train station in Arroyo de la Miel, or by telephone at the salon 952442270 or mobile 607586894

Spray Tanning Get the guidance you need from tanning professionals and ask the experts Choosing the right shade of fake tan can be tricky if you´ve never had a sunless tan before, which is where the advice of expert tanning therapists comes in! Take the time to book a consultation with a tanning therapist before taking the plunge. You´ll get the chance to discuss your requirements and learn more about the spray tanning procedure so that you´ll feel comfortable and prepared on the day. What´s more you´ll also have the peace of mind that your expectations will match up to the end results, allowing you to enjoy the pampering process from start to finish. Let your therapist know if you want to achieve a striking golden hue or a softer look she will tailor your treatment to create the perfect colour and choose a product that contains the required level of DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in spray tanning solution and it works by reacting with the air and the amino acids on the surface of the skin – it darkens the top layer of cells gradually, resulting in a natural looking tan. Sienna X spray tanning means you can have a beautiful sunless tan that is safe and won´t have any ageing effects. The Sienna X spray tan itself takes just 10-15 minutes to complete so you´ll have plenty of time to fit in an appointment in either after work or even during your lunch hour. Remember to wear loose clothing following your treatment to avoid creating marks on the surface of the skin that can occur from strappy tops and tight fitting jeans. After your treatment your Sienna X therapist will advise you of ways to prolong that gorgeous Sienna X glow. Sienna X also have a professional bridal Spray tanning package in the same way that they would have dress fittings and hair/makeup practice settingsin the run up to their big day (and don´t forget the groom) See our main advert for more details. The Nail - Beauty Salon

Kim Kardashian looking to buy David and Victoria Beckham's Beckingham Palace? Kim Kardashian reportedly has her eye on David and Victoria Beckham's Hertfordshire home as a European base for her family. The reality star is said to have spoken to LA estate agents to arrange a viewing of £18m Beckingham Palace in Sawbridgeworth, which boasts luxuries including a pool, golf course, helipad and recording studio. LA-based Posh, 37, and Becks, 36, who bought the 17-acre estate for £2.5m in 1999, have decided to stay in LA for good and are happy to have just a crash pad in London. And Kim, 31, isn't the only one sniffing out the property market Robbie Williams, 38, is said to be looking to buy the late Michael Jackson's £15m mansion in LA's Holmby Hills Estate. 'Robbie turned up in his Range Rover to view the house,' a source tells The Sun.'Before you can see a property like that you have to prove you can afford it, so he must be serious.' Cheryl Cole: Americans find it difficult to believe I'm from a council estate Cheryl Cole has revealed that news of her deprived upbringing often surprises people she meets in the US. The pop star has come a long way since her childhood, which was spent in a poor area of Newcastle - but she doesn't think she's changed. 'I still feel like that little girl,' Cheryl, 28, tells Stylist. 'That's the weirdest thing for me especially when I'm out in America and people are like: "So what's your background, where you from?" 'When I tell them, they find it difficult to believe that I'm from a council estate. They're like, "No way!" 'In my mind I'm still that person. But to them I'm a pop star, it really is the strangest feeling.' Cheryl may now be worth millions and spend a lot of her time in up-market LA, but she'll never forget her roots. 'I'm proud I grew up on a council estate and made good of myself,' Cheryl's previously said. 'I get letters from young girls who say they are inspired by me. 'I'm glad I'm encouraging them.'

If I do not have a lot of bone, is it possible to have implants?

ODONTOLOGY Dental Implants Dental implants replace the roots of the teeth, and a crown made of porcelain or other material is screwed on it (tooth), this crown replaces the natural tooth. Implants are small screw-shaped pieces of metal (titanium) that is inserted into the maxillar or mandibular bone with surgery. Today dental implants help us with great reliability in the replacement of missing teeth, improving in most cases the results of conventional fixed prosthesis. The material used is "biocompatible", and is integrated into the bone with a firm union. It is essential that you choose a practitioner who specialises in implants and has a good success rate. What are the Advantages? Mainly to prevent bone loss, because through them the bone stimulation process is restarted, as well as providing great comfort, better aesthetics and perfect functionality and they do not move, do not affect the surrounding teeth and you do not need plates on the palate, allowing you to eat the food you like without restrictions. Their placement is almost painless and there are patients with implants that have lasted in excess of 20 years. Follow-up studies show us it is a technique with good results in 90% of cases. How many implants are needed? The number of implants will depend on the number of missing teeth and the type of prosthesis recommended or desired by the patient. The dental implant replaces a single tooth. In cases where several teeth are missing, several implants can be placed with a bridge.

Yes. In this cases surgery (Surgery pre-prosthetic) would be required to place bone grafts. The bone is grafted from a suitable donor site. Following the 1st surgery it is necessary to wait 4 to 6 weeks before proceeding with implants. Surgery to replace prosthesis This is performed in three phases: Phase 1) – The surgeon lifts the gum, inserts a screw into the bone and re-covers it with the gum. The implants require some time to get integrated into the body, so you should wait about 3 months for bone to grow around the implant. During this time the patient wears a temporary denture so he is not without teeth. Phase 2) - Locate the implant and the Ealing screw is inserted to prevent the closure of the mucosa and to create the space for the future crown. Phase 3) - When the mucosa has healed around the Ealing screw we place the final crown that will be fixed in the mouth permanently. Bridges on Implants When there are all of the teeth missing, we can make an implant supported denture, fixed or removable (implant supported prosthesis) or place a smaller number of implants and the prosthesis will be supported by implants and mucosa or gingiva (implant prostheses tissue), in the latter case the complete denture is more stable and therefore more comfortable and functional and less limiting. Christina Lopez Cuello, is a Preferred Partner of “medilink” and a well respected Odontologist/Dentist. For more information on Chrsitina or any of our other Preferred Partners call “medilink” on 952 93 38 76

Andalucia Business Connections open evening. Are you looking to expand your business and meet other professionals? Then, joining the Coasts premier networking organisation is the best way of achieving this. The ABC Group are holding an open evening on April 18th to showcase their new approach to giving business support to its members, with a proven low-cost pro-active marketing strategy. Admission to the event is by invitation only. So to secure your place, and win a bottle of quality Champagne in the free prize draw, contact us either by phone on 951 101 767 or by email to: It is advisable to book early as these events quickly become over subscribed. PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION The Coin Branch of the Royal British Legion held its annual Photographic Competition at the Miralmonte Bar and Restaurant on Wednesday the 21st of March. The subject was Markets and submissions were judged in 3 categories: Category 1 was open to branch members not in the photographic group, Category 2 was open to photographic group members and Category 3 was open to everyone and reserved for digitally enhanced photographs. Category 1 was won by Peter Brown, Category 2 was won by Charles Edwards and Category 3 was won by Monique Mansfield. Chairman Jo Taylor thanked everyone for submitting photographs of such a high standard and awarded the Chairman’s choice trophy to Tom Sawyer.

Positively pink news Parasail For Cancer with The sponsor forms are here and if you email me at I will email your form to download or if you prefer pick one up from The Karma Bar, The Welcome Arms or Scubies Bar all on Fuengirola frontline of the Port. Details of other locations will be announced next week. Fly 600 feet above Fuengirola and raise money for cancer screening for women on the coast. Raise 50 euros in sponsors or donations and present them on the day and fly for FREE. Sat /Sun 14th/15th April Iwill be first up my Pink Buddies so who's gonna be next????

St Patricks Day at Mijas Bowls club What a wonderful Day we had for St Patricks Day. The sun came out and it was so lovely and warm. The bowls games were well organised this year by Brian and Jean Lancaster. Everyone dressed up in something green and the prize for the best dressed Man went to Frank Richardson and the prize for the best dressed Lady went to Bernadette Thomas. The best score for the men was Frank Ball and the best score lady was Chris Taylor. There were some Irish songs that added to the atmosphere, it was a really good day. Thanks to all who helpith decorating and cooking If you are interested in playing bowls do come along and give it a go. Our bowling roll up times are Tuesday and Thursday 1.30 for 2pm and Sunday 10 for 10.30. We also have bowls coaches if you want to learn the game. You can phone Sheila on 952 387 078 or the club 952 466 038. Email our website is

Honouring those who improve the species.... by accidently removing themselves from it! or almost!

Woman falls off pier while texting Dope on a rope (Pending acceptance) Mar 2012. ST. JOSEPH, Mich. A 45-year-old woman was rescued from Lake Michigan after she fell in while texting on her phone and walking on a pier, police said. Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor told 24 Hour News 8 she was with her husband and 15year-old son when she lost her balance on the South Pier in St. Joseph. She was fully clothed and had trouble treading water due to the heavy current. A passerby -- Rebecca Van Zant of Mishawaka, Ind. -- jumped into the water and was able to keep Miller afloat until rescue personnel arrived. A male clung onto a ladder on the side of pier to try and assist the women, police said. St. Joseph police officers arrived on scene and saw the people in the water.

Officer Chris Sysko threw a flotation device on a rope to the women. He was able to pull Miller back to the pier with the help of Van Zant and the rope. Officers then pulled both women out of the water. The St. Joseph Fire Department, Michigan State Police and United States Coast Guard assisted with the rescue effort. Coke Bum? ( Nominee, pending acceptance ) Dec 2011 South Carolina Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies Police: Man Trying To Hide Drug Evidence In Squad Car North Charleston Police Department A South Carolina man's brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother's backside. Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs in their car. But police told Charleston, S.C., TV station WCIV there were additional drugs hidden in 23-year-old Deangelo Mitchell's backside. Officers said Deangelo Mitchell convinced his brother, 20-year-old Wayne Mitchell, to swallow the ounce of cocaine to hide the evidence. He died soon afterward. can’t think why?

AN ANSWERED PRAYER At last one of my prayers has been answered, there is now a vaccination that gives dogs 93% protection against Leishmaniosis or Sand fly disease as it is often called. Although Leishmaniosis has not been a "certain" killer for some time if treated correctly early enough, the fear of my dogs getting this awful disease has been a constant worry since we came to Spain in 1998 ,but now one month after their course of vaccinations are complete I need worry no more. In Europe it is estimated that over 2,5 million dogs are infected with the Leishmania parasite. Dogs mainly get infected by the bite of a tiny female insect called a sand fly which has been infected by sucking the blood of an infected dog. Direct dog to human transmission has never been reported, even by Vets who handle hundreds of dogs with the disease. Nevertheless it is not a good idea to allow babies or toddlers to handle a dog who is very sick with Leishmaniosis. Some dogs can have the Leishmania parasite for a long time and may not exhibit any signs or symptoms of disease (asymptomatic). In asymptomatic dogs, the parasite can lay dormant , sometimes years, before a stimulant, such as stress or illness, triggers the parasite to multiply and attack the body . However, both asymptomatic and symptomatic dogs are capable of infecting sand flies thus spreading the disease to other dogs. There are many clinical signs, look for loss of hair particularly around the eyes and on the muzzle and often spreading to other parts of the body. The dogs skin may become very dry with a great deal of dandruff which can not be cured with special shampoos, or it may have weeping skin sores or ulcers. Long overgrown and twisted toe nails, nose bleeds or discharge and eye problems are other tell tale signs. Although its appetite may remain good there is normally always some weight loss which can become quite severe. Kidney failure is also common but this can only be detected with a blood test unless the animal is severely ill. In extreme cases Leishmaniosis can kill and sadly very often does kill the poor street dogs who do not have anyone to care for them.

Apart from vaccination the best ways to protect your dog is with either - Scalibor collars - Which are effective in killing sand flies that feed on dogs and also have a strong anti-feeding effect on the flies. The plastic collar contains deltamethrin and the excipient triphenyl phosphate that permits the insecticide to be slowly released into the lipids of the dog's skin. It covers the complete body of the animal and, unlike conventional dog collars or applied insecticides, the deltamethrin retains its activity on the dog for many months. Laboratory tests have shown that Scalibors protect dogs from Sand fly bites for more than six months; which is a complete sand fly season in Mediterranean countries. Exspot - A monthly treatment of a topical solution containing 65% permethrin ,which is put on the back of the dogs neck. I have long recommended people have regular blood tests done on their dogs so that early treatment can be started if their dogs prove positive for Leishmaniosis, but now if they are negative the first dose of the new vaccinations can be given followed by two more at three week intervals and then a yearly booster will keep them protected and healthy. Denise – Cat and Dog World Kennels, Alhaurin El Grande .

Update on the new Employment Law reforms By Maria Corder, Solicitor with local law firm De Cotta Law The new reforms, although largely unpopular with workers, will be welcomed by employers. The generous payment scheme on dismissal which Spain had was often a major obstacle for businesses in the current economic climate as the option of dismissing an employee in an attempt to reduce costs could be an expensive one. The high severance payments could also have been seen as a deterrent to hiring and the aim of the new reforms, which include the reduction of the severance payment, is said to be to increase employment. As part of the reforms, which came into effect on 13th February 2012, an employer will now be able to dismiss an employee by paying 33 day´s salary for each year worked instead of the current 45 days, or just 20 days if there are profit losses over a 9 month period. In Spain the Trade Unions have a great deal of power and control over the contracts and pay packages employers can offer through the use of collective bargaining agreements. However, under the new changes businesses in Spain, in situations where for example they are facing economic hardship, will be able to withdraw from such agreements and have increased freedom as a result in relation to matters such as working hours, shift work, remuneration, working systems and performance. More specifically, businesses will also be permitted in such circumstances to suspend a worker´s contract or reduce their hours. The changes also provide that absences of 20% over 2 months, or 25% over 4 months, can amount to a reason for dismissal.

On the hiring side, organisations are incentivised by the new reforms to hire employees under 30 and those unemployed for a long period, by the provision of quite substantial tax benefits. Hiring should now be more attractive also because employers with less than 50 employees can now employ workers under an indefinite contract which allows for a trial period of a year. Additionally of benefit to employees, employers are obliged to offer training to employees with more than one year´s service. Although the dismissal of an employee may now be considered less expensive and less problematic, employers can face legal action if they do not follow the correct procedures or do not fall within the circumstances provided by the legislation. For advice on employment law generally please contact Maria Corder at De Cotta Law on 952 931 781or

They are incredibly adaptable in their habitat 3RLVRQRXVFUHDWXUHV type from coastal sand dunes and salt-marshes to mountains of 2,150m RI7KH0HGLWHUUDQHDQ altitude. Their preference is for sandy or

7R[LFUDWLQJ rocky open terrain with adequate plant cover Montpellier Snake (Malpolon monspessulanus) Culebra bastarda The Montpellier Snake can reach up to an overall length of 240cm although they average at less than 200cm. This species has the ability to emit a loud and persistent hiss if threatened. One striking feature of its narrow head is its aggressive looking face. This is created by a very pronounced “eyebrow� over a large eye, sometimes further accentuated by a white mark. They are terrestrial, very agile and active during the day. They can also become crepuscular during the heat of summer.The colouration of the adults is usually a uniform grey, olive, greenish, blackish or red / brown. There may also be dark or light spots. The belly is often a yellowish shade and blotched with dark markings. The juveniles may be the same as the adult in colour otherwise they have fine dark spots along their flanks and larger irregular marks along the back.

If disturbed or cornered they can raise their heads in a threatening manner as well as hissing, flattening out their neck, so appearing very aggressive. Receiving a venomous bite is very unlikely unless you are handling this snake as the fangs are at the very back of the top jaw whereby it has to have a very good grip of its prey for them to be effective The venom can create symptoms that pass after a few hours including numbness, stiffness, swelling and possibly fever.

and rock or log piles for refuge. They may however be seen in agricultural areas, river banks and woodland perimeters. Part of their ability to live in such a variation of eco-systems is their wide variety of prey items. They will eat mainly lizards (small and even Ocellated, which get quite large), geckos but also small birds, chicks of ground nesting birds, rats, mice, small rabbits and other snakes. Their prey is killed by venom from fangs situated at the back of the jaw, meaning that they need a good grip before this can be effective. The young eat invertebrates. Breeding takes place between April and June after emerging from hibernation, with males often battling over a mate. Approximately one month later the females lays between 4 to 14 eggs (and up to 20). These may be placed in split tree trunks, under rocks, under dead leaves or in unused burrows of rabbit or bee-eater. They can use communal areas to deposit their eggs. After about 2 months the hatchlings appear and are 20-36cm in length. They reach sexual maturity at between 3 to 5 years of age. The males can live for 25 years in the wild whereas the female is shorter lived, perhaps to 15 years. Similar species: The uniform colouring and size may be taken for a Grass Snake but the details of the face are very distinctive. Source

This basically means that the certificate is only valid for 3 months, however your NIE will not change and can be used for legal and bureaucratic purposes. Does your Spanish NIE expire after 3 months?” Some companies are telling people that their NIE expires after 3 months. This information is not totally true and is very misleading. As we have previously explained , if you are planning to stay in Spain for more than 3 months then you no longer need to apply for an NIE , you can register as a foreign resident (save yourself time and money). However, if you require an NIE to purchase a property or a car then you will receive the white sheet of paper with your NIE number which is a number assigned to you for life. At the bottom of this paper you will see the words “caduca en 3 meses”.

If you require any further relating to this matter, do not hesitate to Contact Us at or Tel: 952 48 68 06

Capricorn 22nd December – 20th January Eight of Cups. If you are in a miserable situation right now, take heart, things will work out eventually. It is time to take stock of your life and dispose of everything not needed for your spiritual growth. The most important person will remain beside you and show you the way forward. Aquarius 21st January – 18th February Nine of Pentacles. You are about to receive a substantial income as a reward for past efforts. This month it is a good time to buy something new for your home, either because it is worn out and needs replacing, or because you have decided to treat yourself to something you have always wanted, but couldn't quite justify it in your mind. NOW you can. Family matters will be harmonious. Pisces 19th February. – 20th March The Fool. A fresh start, a chance to begin again. A new door is opening, there will be challenges ahead. Your social life is going up a notch, you will be going out more and meeting less serious minded people. You will be feeling optimistic and positively inspired, could be something to do with Spring being just around the corner and you have dusted off the Winter cobwebs. Aries 21st March – 20th April. Six of Wands Legal battles will be won, negotiations will succeed. Agreements will be reached and problems overcome. Now is the time to have courage and faith in yourself. Taurus 21st April – 21st May Page of Wands Young visitors are coming to see you from abroad, or a journey for you to see old friends and keep in touch, you have been a bit lax on this front before, so now is the time to make up for lost time. Any property matters will go ahead without a hitch now. Gemini 22nd May – June 21st Ace of Pentacles. Money is coming to you, either winnings, a bonus or a raise in salary, it could even be a better job with more cash to spend on yourself and those you love. You deserve the best life can offer you this month. Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July Knight of Pentacles. Travel and business for you, if you have been feeling restless now is the time to be up and off, either travelling for business or travelling and finding business where you are going. A new male friend could show up now, cautious, but money orientated, keeps his hands in his pockets most of the time, unless he spots a bargain and then theres no stopping him. Leo 23rd July – 23rd August Six of cups. A Happy family, gathering all around you this month. You may have to reach into the past to build for the future by getting in touch with old workmates and contacts you may have forgotten all about. Jog your memory and remind yourself who can help you now.

Virgo 24th August – 22nd September Ace of Wands. The beginning of a successful enterprise, a significant letter, email or phone call will be received, it is good news. You are full of new ideas, just let your imagination flow. You might also be celebrating the birth of a much wanted child. Libra 23rd September – 22nd October Seven of Pentacles. Long term efforts will be advanced now, slowly. You must not give up trying as you will be rewarded later and it will all have been worthwhile. BE PATIENT. :

Scorpio 23rd October - 22nd November Four of Swords Take a break from present stressful situations, but remain vigilant. You feel like withdrawing and letting others take the strain. Take time out to meditate and go within to find the answers to your own problems. Solutions are there, you just cannot see the wood for the trees, but you will. Sagittarius 23rd November - 22nd December Five of Wands. Your love affair will triumph over any obstacles that seem to threaten it, there will be a good outcome for everyone concerned. Any travel plans will have to be put on hold for now. You can get and start browsing in the brochures, and go travelling in your mind to somewhere exotic

1. In the game of draughts, how many men does a player start with? 2. Lexington & Concord were names pertaining to the first battle in which conflict? 3. Which British King married Mary of Teck? 4.Which castle is on the island of Anglesey? 5.Which N. African seaport's name is Spanish for white house? 6. Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters? 7.How many people take part in the dance of a quadrille? 8. Rather than a hatter, what is the proper name for a maker of hats? 9.What license cost 37 pence when it was abolished in 1988? 10. In Scrabble how many letters have a value of 2? 11.Which is the best selling car name of all time (The model has undergone seveal redesigns in is history)? 12. Which country in the world sends the most letters abroad? 13.What rank in the Royal Navy is the equivalent of the army's Field Marshall? 14.On what day of creation did God make the sun, the moon and the stars? 4Th 15.What is the collective name for the 9 hand maidens of Odin? 16.What is another name for a ships load mark? 17.With which sport would you most associate the commentator Ted Lowe? 18.In which Olympics did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal? 19.In what sport do players take long and short corners? 20.Astrologically speaking, two of the fire signs are LEO and ARIES. Which is the third?

Stereo grams Turn the page sideways clockwise and look at the image you should see a 3D PICTUREl? Can’t see it, heres some tips that might help The Pullback Get very close to the stereogram, and very, very slowly pull it away from you. At first you won't even be able to focus on the image... However, keep moving the image in and out, relaxing, and it will appear. Look at the Reflection You'll need to LOOK at something about twice the distance of the image. It turns out we have something that is almost always available that is the exact distance... your reflection. By looking at your reflection, this will help, if not put the book one side of a glass door enough to let you see your reflection.then... After looking at your eye, simply stop focusing on your eye, and try to see the image. Repeat, switching your focus from your eye to the image, and your reflection... and suddenly you will get it.

Across 1. Unconquerable (14) 10. Drugged (5) 11. Geomorphology (9) 12. Trade stoppage (7) 13. A North American time zone (7) 14. Velocity (5) 16. Inexact (9) 19. Undergarment (9) 20. Not lower (5) 22. The dead skin at the base of a fingernail (7) 25. Pamphlet (7) 27. Hollowness (9) 28. Frequently (5) 29. Scouting (14)

Down 2. Epistaxis (9) 3. Not over (5) 4. Rock from space (9) 5. Parental brother (5) 6. The personal outfit of a bride (9) 7. Wife-to-be (5) 8. Core (7) 9. Mammary glands of bovids (6) 15. Guidance (9) 17. Loss of the ability to move (9) 18. Foolish (9) 19. Ambiguous (7) 21. Obese (6) 23. Something to talk about (5) 24. Bowel cleasing (5) 26. Scent (5)

Answers on page 63

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Discover how to break a code: Every number in the codeword grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '12' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance. We have given you 3 letters, 7 = F, 19 = J & 22 = Z Answers on page 63

Distinction between Guts and Balls There is a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We've all heard about people having Guts or Balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions: GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: 'Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?' BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: 'You're next, Chubby.' hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically speaking there is no difference in the outcome. Both result in death.

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream 'racism' these days. A customer asked, "In what aisle could I find the Irish sausage?" The clerk asks, "Are you Irish?" The guy, clearly offended, says, "Yes I am. But let me ask you something. “If I had asked for Italian sausage, would you ask me if I was Italian? Or if I had asked for German Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German? Or if I asked for a kosher hot dog would you ask me if I was Jewish? Or if I had asked for a Taco, would you ask if Iwas Mexican? Or if I asked for Polish sausage, would you ask if I was Polish?" The clerk says, "No, I probably wouldn't." The guy says, "Well then, because I asked for Irish sausage, why did you ask me if I'm Irish?" The clerk replied, "Because you're in Halfords."

Scottish Short Joke A bloke walks into a Glasgow library and says to the prim librarian, 'Excuse me Miss, dey ye hae ony books on suicide?' To which she stops doing her tasks, looks at him over the top of her glasses and says,'Buggeroff, ye'll no bring it back!' The Euro In light of the latest problems facing the European currency, E.g. Ireland and Portugal having had a bailout. Greece facing collapse and needing another bailout, A Belgian Bank collapsing and now Italy teetering on the brinkAnd possibly tipping Austria over the edge... Should the UK adopt the Euro? A cross-section survey of 10,000 people in Blackburn , made up of A representative sample of local citizens consisting of Afghans, Albanians, Pakistanis, Indians, Poles, Iraqis, Somalis, Bosnians, Turks, Moldovans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Bangladeshis, Ethiopians, Russians, Congolese and Zimbabweans were asked if they Thought Britain should change its currency and adopt the Euro.99.9% said no,

they were happy with the Giro. Subject: Sixth grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class Sixth grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases 10 times its size when stimulated? No one answered until Mary stood up and said, "You should not be asking sixthgraders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will tell the principal, who will then fire you!" Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Mary's mouth fell open, "Boy, she is going to get in big trouble!" The teacher ignored her again and continued, "Anybody? Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part > that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the> eye.". Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy." She then turned to Mary and said, "As for you, young lady, I have three things to say; one, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn't read your homework. And three, one day you are going to be very, very disappointed!

Hi Chaps hope your well and enjoying the fabulous weather we are having at the moment. We have been really busy working on new shows and interviews for the Heart FMs Spring Schedule. One such new show hearlds the return of Jason Scott to Heart with the all new Drive Time Show from 3pm till 6pm Monday to Friday. Join Jason for loads of sports and local news updates, great competitions and the main news headlines A couple of rather strange programmes have also found their way on to the listings - Heart fm now has its very own Agony Uncle with Caulders confessions - have you a secret, would you feel better confessing? well Sunday evening at 9pm is the time for you. Go on confess, own up, tell the truth, or just listen in as everyone else does, you know you want to. An all new Rock n Roll show highlighting new and classic releases gets onto the scedule on a Saturday afternoon and due to the ever increasing popularity of Country music and after requests we have now added the Lee Williams CMR programme to Saturday lunchtime as well as Wednesday evening. I had the chance of chatting with a really fascinating guy Graham Oliver from the heavey metal band Saxon, one of the original hard rockers. Saxon now known as Oliver Dawson Saxon have a fantastic album titled Motorbiker, that continues the Power Sound that the Band are so well known for. Graham is in the middle of writting a book Saxon Drugs and Rock n Roll, love that title. The book amongst other insights gives the full story on how the movie Spinal Tap was based on Saxon Another great interview was with Country star Terri Clark who we caught up with in Nasville during the American section of her current tour. She is the only Canadian female artist to be inducted into the Grande Old Opre Hall of Fame. She has a brilliant new album on release Roots and Wings which inclues a really special track dedicated to, and inspired by, her mother who recentley passed away. Terri will be touring Europe throughout 2012 - so far there are no Spanish dates - sadly. Listen out for more great interviews over the coming months.Take Care chaps. Heart FM Spain 96.1 or push the button on your computer @

1. 12, 2.The American Revolution , 3.George V, 4. Beaumaris. 5. Casablanca, 6. A, 7. 8, 8. Milliner, 9. Dog Licence, 10. Two ("D and G"),

11. Toyota Corolla (25 million vehicles sold in 142 countries), 12. UK, 13. Admiral of the Fleet, 14. 4th, 15.Valkyries, 16. Plimsoll Line 17. Snooker 18. Los Angeles 1984, 19.Hockey, 20. Sagittarius

Codeword: 1=E, 2=B, 3=D, 4=M, 5=R, 6=Y, 7=F, 8=W,

9=K, 10=Q, 11=A, 12=G, 13=O, 14=L, 15=S, 16=V, 17=N,

18=C, 19=J, 20=U, 21=T, 22=Z, 23=P, 24=X, 25=H, 26=I,


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MARKETS DAYS Tuesday - Antequera, Fuengirola. Wednesday - Alhaurin de la Torre, Arroyo de la Miel, Rincon de la Victoria, Saydo Hotel Mollina, La Cala de Mijas. Thursday - Alhaurin el Grande at the Feria, Pizarra, Torremolinos at Recinto Ferial Ground. Friday - Arroyo de la Miel, Cartama Country Farmers Market, Cartama Feria Ground, Mijas Costa, Rincon de la Victoria. Saturday - Coin, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Ojen, Caratracca Car Boot. Sunday - Benagalbon, Coin La Trocha, Estacion de Cartama, Fuengirola, Malaga next to the Stadium, Pizarra Car Boot, Torremolinos by Crocodile Park.

The Sentinellamalaga Issue 61 April 2012  

The coasts No 1 A5 magazine. The little mag that fits in your bag. The Sentinella Malaga is a free publication in Spain, Malaga province, se...

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