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Woman returns home to catch burglar red-handed... frying BACON in her kitchen Damon Petty, 36, was caught cooking bacon on the stove.A would-be burglar was foiled by his victim... when she returned home to find him frying bacon in her kitchen. Kenya Ealy had popped out of her house in University City, Missouri to run a morning errand, only to come back and catch Damon Petty cooking himself breakfast. Initially, Ms Ealy and a female friend could not get into the home when they arrived at 9.45am on Tuesday because Petty was holding the door shut. But they managed to force their way inside, struggled with Petty and held him until police officers arrived. Ms Ealy told News 4 how the burglar was frying some turkey bacon on her stove. 'He was cooking,' she said. 'Making himself

some breakfast.' Petty, 36, of the 200 block of Roberta Avenue in Ferguson, is being held in the St Louis County Jail on $25,000 bail (RC/St. Louis Post-Dispatch) ...Theft of most foods is a misdemeanor, but stealing bacon is a felony, just as it should be Ideal getaway driver : As the manager of a gas station in Snellville, Ga., was being robbed, he was smiling, even chuckling. "Yo! Give me all the money in the freakin register! Right now!" the robber had ordered. "The manager was laughing at the time he was putting the money in the bag because he was looking at me over the guy who was robbing him," said Snellville Police Lt. B.W. Brown, who was standing right behind the robber -- in uniform. And it's not like the robber hadn't seen him: a few minutes before, the robber had asked the officer for a ride; his fully marked patrol car was parked right out front. The officer had declined to be his taxi. Once the manager handed over a bag of money, Brown put his hand on the robber's shoulder and arrested him, and then "everyone in the store started laughing," he said. Stephen Frankie Daniel, 21, was charged with robbery. (RC/Atlanta Journal- Constitution) ...Yo! I didn't want a "taxi." I wanted a freakin getaway driver! Right now! German couple leave baby in car at concert People heading in to see a pop concert in Stuttgart, Germany, heard a baby screaming in the parking lot. They tracked the sound to the trunk of a car, and called police. No one at the concert responded to announcements, so officers broke into the car to find an 8-month-old boy lying among dirty diapers, laundry, and trash. The boy was sweating profusely, and was hospitalized. The boy's mother, 18, doesn't understand what the big deal is -- after all, she says, she parked in the shade and left the windows open a crack. "I want my baby back," she demands. (RC/NewsCore)...How about never? Would never work for you?

A - NO. Your travel insurance policy must cover the entire duration of your return trip from the date you leave Spain until you arrive back in Spain. You cannot choose to cover just part of the trip because that would invalidate the policy and there would be no cover in the event of a claim. A QUESTION OF TRAVEL INSURANCE Here are some of our frequently asked questions Q - Why should I bother with Travel Insurance if I have an EHIC and am only travelling to UK or other EU countries? A - The EHIC does not pay 100% of medical costs. For example, it does not pay for bringing your family home in the event of your illness or injury and nor does it pay for an air ambulance in case you need to be flown home, dead or alive!

Q- What is Hospital Confinement Benefit? A - In addition to Emergency Medical Expenses cover of £5 million per person, Hospital Confinement Benefit is a daily benefit paid to you for the inconvenience of being hospitalised. Q - I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still be insured?

A - Most travel insurance policies only give cover for the original outward flight. But Globelink policy holders can rest assured that both flights are covered so long as they have allowed a reasonable time for their connections.

A - Yes, Globelink have a long list of “Non Screen” conditions which are automatically covered without the need to contact the medical screening service, including High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Diabetes and many others, provided you have no related complications. A complete list of “non screen” conditions and details of how to contact the Medical Screening Service is available by visiting and clicking on “Existing Medical Conditions”

Q - I live in Spain; can I arrange cover to commence after I have left Spain?

Q - Do I need Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance?

Q - I am flying to UK to connect to another flight to my holiday destination. Are both flights covered for Delay sand Missed Departure?

A - Single trip is best if you only take one holiday, or if you will be away longer than 4 months. Annual Multi Trip will give you a good saving if you will make two or more trips during the year and offers a much bigger saving for couples or families, Q - What Credit or Debit card can I use to pay my travel insurance premium? A - When you visit, you will be able to select payment by Euro or Pounds and pay by any Credit or Debit card except Amex. Q - How can I get more information or arrange cover? A - Visit You should find everything you need to know. You can get a quote instantly and arrange cover securely online. Your travel insurance Policy and Emergency Assistance Card will be delivered to you immediately by email. If you have any other questions about Travel Insurance in general or Globelink policies in particular, please send them by email to us at and we will do our best to provide the answers. Or call our UK office on +44 1353 699 082 or our Spanish link line on 96 626 5000.

Croatia part 2 Kingdom of Yugoslavia and World War II The Croatian Peasant Party, HSS, now led by Vladko Maček, continued to advocate federalization of Yugoslavia, resulting in the Cvetković–Maček Agreement of August 1939 and the autonomous Banovina of Croatia. The Yugoslav government retained control of defence, internal security, foreign affairs, trade, and transport while other matters were left to the Croatian Sabor and a crown-appointed Ban. In April 1941, Yugoslavia was occupied by Germany and Italy. Following the invasion the territory, parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region of Syrmia were incorporated into the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a Nazibacked puppet state. Parts of Dalmatia were annexed by Italy and the northern Croatian regions of Baranja and Međimurje were annexed by Hungary. The NDH regime was led by Ante Pavelić and ultranationalist Ustaše. The regime introduced anti-semitic laws and conducted a campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against Serb and Roma inhabitants, exemplified by the Jasenovac

and Stara Gradiška concentration camps. It is estimated that out of 39,000 Jews in the country only 9,000 survived; the rest were either killed or deported to Germany. Croatian and Serbian sources disagree on the exact figures. Furthermore 320,000 Serbs were killed. In total there were 537,000 Serb casualties throughout Yugoslavia in the war. At the same time, more than 200,000 Croats were killed. A resistance movement soon emerged. In June 1941 the 1st Sisak Partisan Detachment was formed near Sisak, as the first military unit formed by a resistance movement in occupied Europe. This sparked the beginning of the Yugoslav Partisan movement, a communist multi-ethnic anti-fascist resistance group led by Josip Broz Tito. The movement grew rapidly and at the Tehran Conference in December 1943 Partisans gained recognition from the Allies. With allied support in logistics, equipment, training and air power, and with the assistance of Soviet troops taking part in the 1944 Belgrade Offensive, Partisans gained control of Yugoslavia and border regions of Italy and Austria by May 1945. Political aspirations of the movement were reflected in the ZAVNOH—National Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Croatia, which developed in 1943 as the bearer of Croatian

statehood and later transformed into the Parliament of Croatia in 1945, and AVNOJ—its counterpart at Yugoslav level. Federal Yugoslavia and independence After the World War II, Croatia became a singleparty Socialist federal unit of the SFR Yugoslavia, ruled by the Communists, but enjoying a degree of autonomy within the federation. In 1967, Croatia published a Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian Standard Language demanding greater autonomy for Croatian language. The declaration contributed to a national movement seeking greater civil rights and decentralization of the Yugoslav economy, culminating in the Croatian Spring of 1971 In the 1980s the political situation in Yugoslavia deteriorated with national tension fanned by the 1986 Serbian SANU Memorandum and the 1989 coups in Vojvodina, Kosovo and Montenegro. In January 1990, the Communist Party fragmented along national lines, with the Croatian faction demanding a looser federation. In the same year, the first multi-party elections were held in Croatia, with Franjo Tuđman's win raising nationalist tensions further. As tensions rose, Croatia

declared independence in June 1991. The tensions escalated into the Croatian War of Independence when the Yugoslav National Army and various Serb paramilitaries attacked Croatia. By the end of 1991, a high intensity war fought along a wide front reduced Croatia to control of about two-thirds of its territory. On 15 January 1992, Croatia gained diplomatic recognition by the European Economic Community members, and subsequently the United Nations. The war effectively ended in 1995 with a decisive victory by Croatia in August 1995. The remaining occupied areas were restored to Croatia pursuant to the Erdut agreement of November 1995, with the process concluded in January 1998. Since the fall of communism and the end of the war of independence, Croatia has achieved high human developmentand income equality, and ranks high amongst Central European nations in terms of education, health, quality of life and economic dynamism. The International Monetary Fund classified Croatia as an emerging and developing economy, and the World Bank identified it as a high income economy. With tourism its largest export.

The Mooring, When I visited the mooring for a drink a month ago , I heard some customes complimenting the hosts on their excellent Sunday Lunch and rebooking for the following week. I made a mental note, that in this day and age that is quite rare. So I decided that it was worth a visit with my family. We rang and booked a table for 4 people. When we arrived I was delighted with the ambiance of the place, no TV blaring away despite my interest in the Sports. This allowed us as a family to indulge in the increasingly rare art of conversation. We were promptly seated and were served with our chosen beverages. We had already decided on the Sunday lunch but could not help but scan the menu to see the numerous dishes on offer. What was a pleasant surprise was the prices.

It was hard not to choose one of the daily specials from only 3.50€.or The lambs liver & Onion for 5.50€. The Chilli mince with homemade chips for 4.50€ or even the Fish n chip offer of Large white home battered fish with real homemade chips and only 5.50€, The choice was terrific. Normally when you see prices like that the portion size is small, how wrong we were. Three of us had the roast beef dinner and the other chicken, the chicken was deliciously moist and they beef was sirloin steak quality with perfect roast potatoes, lovely vegetables and Gravy to die for, with a secret ingredient that remains so, the price just 5.40€ for the standard meal and 6.70€ for the large. We finished off with Toffee cheesecake and apple crumble delicious. We were so impressed we will have to go back and try some of the other meals I quite fancy the homemade steak pie, at 5.50€

Place some holly in the top and, if you want, pour some warmed brandy round thebottom and light it, to serve.

by Jan Morley CHRISTMAS PUDDING ICE-CREAM This is a great recipe for those who can’t face the traditional Christmas pudding, it’s lighter, and can be adapted to suit special diets, such as nut- free, dairy –free etc. Christmas pudding ice cream Free from: wheat, gluten, egg and nuts free; can be dairy and soya free Ingredients - ¼ tsp ground cinnamon - 5 tbsp brandy or dark rum, or sweet sherry - 350g/12oz assorted dried fruits - sultanas, raisins, currants, cherries, crystallised ginger, mixed peel, pineapple , apricots , figs these are all available from the nut stall at your local market. Where they can be bought in small quantities. - 200ml/7fl oz plain cows', sheep's, goats' yoghurt or soya yoghurt - 100ml/3½fl oz cows', goats' or soya cream - 2 tbsp honey Preparation method 1. Mix the spices into the brandy or rum and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. 2. Pour the liquid over the mixed fruits and leave to soak for a couple of hours, or over night 3. Mix the yoghurt with the cream and honey, then mix in with the soaked fruits. 4. Spoon the mixture into an ice cream maker and churn at the 'freeze' setting for 1520 minutes. 5. Remove it from the freezer and put into a smallish pudding basin, and either put the lid on the basin, or cover with cling film. Freeze. 6. To serve, wrap the basin in a hot cloth to loosen it and turn the pudding out onto a dish.

If you don’t need to be dairy-free, then you can mix the marinated fruit into slightly softened good quality vanilla ice-cream , then pop it back into the freezer until needed. Can be served in meringue, or brandy snap baskets, if your guests are not on a special diet !

Why not join them for Sunday Lunch with live music. Sunday evening offers a special promotion of “Two for One” ( excluding holidays ) from their €25 set dinner menu.

The Mijas Playa Restaurant Are you looking for somewhere different to experience a great night of food and entertainment on the Costa? Somewhere else to go during this coming season of festivities? The Mijas Playa Restaurant is the perfect venue to celebrate this festive season. You can choose from theirr fabulous party menu packages of - only €35 for a three course menu including wine, beer and soft drinks or their €50 three course menu which includes all drinks. The regular Saturday night Dinner/Dance, with a €25 three course menu, continues to be a great night.

Christmas is almost with us again and on Sunday lunch 18th of December you can enjoy David Mairs on piano, whilst you dine the carol singers from the salon varieties and a visit from Santa himself. What more could you possibly want The enjoyment continues on Boxing day with a 3 course lunch and Samantha Mairs followed by a special 3 course lunch for 39€ on New years day Why not visit their new web site,, where you can check out all the forthcoming events and special promotions. Remember to mention the sentinella malaga when calling or making a reservation

Join one of their wine tasting evenings, enjoy the book club, love the ladies meetings, win up to 500â‚Ź in the Wednesday draw, watch blockbuster movies on Mondays.

The Loft Open 365 days and nights, from midday till 3pm (4pm weekends), there is always a time and a day to call at the loft. The lounge and music bar for all ages, coffee, cakes, tapas, free wifi and internet, quiet corners, so perfect for daytime get together s or business meetings. Weekend sport, a game of pool, great choice of beers and a wine list for the connoisseur. Meeting up with friends? BOGOF between 5pm and 8pm every weekday. Live music and a play list that if bettered will bring on free shots and champagne.

Try their special cocktails early evenings on Saturdays The loft has a bar full of VIP'S because everyone of their clients are important people, that's why the staff are friendly, efficient and different. The lofts aim is to: please everybody all the time, and make sure that everybody has a good time. Parties, parties, from groups dancing around champagne bottles in the early morning, to baby showers in the early afternoon. Office parties, birthdays, divorces and even post wedding parties. Catering is easy, they can or you can. Remember to mention the sentinella when contacting the loft

When was the last time you indulged in a professional massage? Why put up with the nagging discomfort of over-tensed muscles and stiff, aching joints when there´s a luxurious yet affordable solution right on your doorstep – the healing hands of Halila, our massage therapist, at Arté. Halila´s expertise guarantees a tensionbusting treatment that will, improve your blood circulation and take years off your aching bones. If you´ve been left feeling disappointed by beauty salon massages in the past, prepare yourself for a refreshing experience. Halila offers an extensive massage repertoire – from deep relaxation and support for stress and depression, to an invigorating treatment for sports injuries - but she is just as happy to tailor-make a massage especially for you. By combining her knowledge of techniques, including Swedish massage, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, shiatsu and pre-natal massage, Halila knows exactly how to ensure the best results for each individual. Or why not combine your massage with a bit of reflexology – another of Halila´s fortes. Or maybe just a quick neck and

shoulders? What does your body need today? Whatever your aches, pains and ailments might be, Halila´s seen them all before, and, through a detailed consultation, she´ll pin-point exactly how to get you leaving the salon feeling transformed and rejuvenated each time. And it´s not as expensive as you think! Book in with Halila on a Thursday or Friday and benefit from a generous saving of 25% whether it´s a 60-minute or a 90-minute session you decide.Halila is a valued member of the Arté Health and Beauty team which – with multi-lingual salon owner, beautician and chiropodist Audrey Garratt at the helm – has attracted a steadily-growing client base of British and European clients since 2008. Arté is fast becoming the go-to place in Alhaurin el Grande for ladies´ and gents´ hairdressing - using leading brands, including American Crew haircare - plus all manner of beauty treatments and nail extensions.This diverse repertoire is achieved with the minimum input of chemical additives, from Halila´s high-grade, organic aromatherapy oils blended especially for you, to the locally-crafted, organic toiletries on sale in the salon.Salon opening times are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm; Saturdays strictly by appointment only. To book an appointment, why not visit the salon, close to the police station, or call us now on 952 490 326? Alternatively, email us with any questions at:

Shockwave treatment really works Shockwaves ( ESWT – Extracorpal Shock Wave Therapy ) and Pressure waves ( RPWT – Radial Pressure wave therapy ) are two acoustical forms of energy produced in sophisticated instruments. Shockwaves are focused high energy waves with deep penetration options and Pressure waves are radiating low energy waves with shallow surface penetration. These waves exhibit very different physical properties and have different effects on the tissue of the body. ESWT has proven to affect the cells of the treated tissues down to a depth of 80 – 100mm in positive ways causing an increase in the metabolic rate of the cells enhancing the healing properties of the damaged cells. Science has proven that neovascularisation ( repair and formation of blood capillaries ) occurs in the tissue exposed to ESWT as well as analgesic and anti- inflammatory effects. EPAT has proven to have a positive effect primarily in muscle tissues down to a depth of approximately 35 mm. Its analgesic and anti- inflammatory effects are still under scientific investigation The Background During the 1960'S the German company Dornier used focussed shockwaves to fragment calcium deposits in body tissue. In 1980 the first Lithotripsy ( fragmentation of kidney stones ) was performed. Since then scientists and clinical researchers have developed treatment protocols for many diverse medical conditions. True case study ( Me, Kevin - editor ) Having suffered with an annoying long term knee problem which prevented me from even running around the garden in back in January I felt after writing about it I had to give it a go. The treatments After a thorough assessment, including an ultara sound scan of my knee, the treatment was administered in the target area at varying depths and intensity to stimulate regrowth of damaged cells, my cartiladge was intact and in good condition despite years of football. The effects during the treatment were slightly uncomfortable but Rolf assured me that my own pain receptors would soon kick in and it would ease. He was right After the first treatment you are advised to drink more water than normal to help dilute the metabolic waste produced by the treatment. Rolf gave me some rehabilitation exercises to help further improve the condition at home, a sticker on my watch was to help me remember. Oh nearly forgot I am playing football again at 48, thanks Rolf

Mens Health Let’s face it men are known to be more indifferent towards their health, especially when compared to the efforts of women, who proactively and publicly address their health issues in a way not traditionally seen with men. As a result, today the levels of awareness, understanding and funding for support of male health issues, like prostate cancer, lag significantly behind causes such as breast cancer.The reasons for the poor state of men’s health in the UK and around the world are numerous and complex and this is primarily due to a lack of awareness of the health issues men face. This can largely be attributed to the reluctance in men to openly discussing the subject due to longstanding traditions, coupled with an ‘it’ll be alright’ attitude. Men are less likely to schedule doctors’ appointments when they feel ill or for an annual check-up, thereby denying them the chance of early detection and effective treatment of common diseases. Statistics show that, on average, men die at a younger age than women – the average life expectancy for men is four years less than women (presently 78 compared to 82). That said, despite trailing the women’s health movement, things are beginning to change, but much more progress needs to be made to close the gap between the state of men and women’s health. Established taboos and barriers relating to men’s health are gradually being broken down. It’s not all bad news! Maintaining a good diet, smart lifestyle choices and getting regular medical check-ups and screening tests can dramatically influence your health. Regardless of age, stay on top of your game by doing the following: HAVE AN ANNUAL CHECK-UP Getting annual checkups, preventative screening tests, and immunizations are among the most important things you can do to stay healthy. DON’T SMOKE! If you do smoke, stop! Compared to non-smokers, men who smoke are about 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer. Smoking causes about 90% of lung cancer death in men. BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE If you are not already doing some form of exercise, start small and work up to a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week.

ENJOY A HEART HEALTHY DIET Fill up with fruits, vegetables, whole grains; include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts; and eat foods low in saturated fats, trans-fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars. STAY AT A HEALTHY WEIGHT Balance calories from foods and beverages with calories you burn off by physical activities. MANAGE YOUR STRESS Stress, particularly long-term stress, can be the factor in the onset or worsening of ill health. Managing your stress is essential to your health & well being and should be practiced daily. DRINK ALCOHOL IN MODERATION Alcohol can be part of a healthy balanced diet, but only if it’s in moderation, which means no more than two drinks a day. KNOW YOUR FAMILY HEALTH HISTORY Start a discussion with your relatives about the health issues they’ve had in the past. Be sure to learn about relatives that have passed away. Clinica Medicare is a Preferred Partner of “medilink” Your British Health centre here on the Costa del Sol. For more information on Clinica Medicare or any of our other Preferred Partners call “medilink” on 952 93 38 76

IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT CATS AND DOGS CHAIN animal charity shop manager, Denise Walker was walking her dogs in the campo when one of them became very interested in an uncovered service manhole. Closer inspection revealed a goat trapped down the hole. Having no rope or any means of getting the goat out of the deep hole reinforcements were called and arrived in the shape of fellow CHAIN volunteer Denise and her husband Bill both from Cat and Dog World Kennels. Bill made short work of hauling the goat out but it had broken it's hind leg in the fall. The goat was transported to safety and eventually had it's leg pinned and is at present recuperating from its ordeal. Thanks are extended to Jill from ARCH for helping with all the necessary paperwork. In December CHAIN will run a "name that goat competition" at the shop in La Trocha and all proceeds will go towards the goat's treatment.

FAMA EVENTS FOR DECEMBER 11th December Christmas Fair Hipodromo de Mijas, FAMA will be having a stall. Starting time 12 noon ending 7pm. Many other stands, including face painting, bouncy castles, candy floss, gladiator's, talent show, Santa's Grotto and much much more. 16th December Christmas Dinner at El Potro. 3 course dinner included half a bottle of wine per head. Raffle, Music 25 euro per head Starting time 7.30pm. 17th December The British College at Benalmadna FAMA will be having a stall selling home made cakes and much more. Everyone welcome, if you are able to come along bring a friend, we would be delighted to have your support www/

Honouring those who improve the species.... by accidently removing themselves from it! or almost!

Do It Yourself Exterminator 2010 Reader Submission Pending Acceptance Miami --- The constant humming noise in the walls was driving Donald and his wife crazy. In the classic example of a “honey-do list” she told him to get rid of the bees. Approaching it logically he decided to diagnose the size of the problem first. This involved placing an ear to the bedroom wall and knocking with the knuckles. The buzzing sound increased dramatically, and there was a definite vibration on the other side of the wall. It seemed to come from the entire length of the room. Calling a professional exterminator seemed a waste of time and money. After all, why pay someone to squirt a bee and wasp spray when you can buy a can and do it yourself. Not a lot of complicated procedures in this kind of home project.A trip to the local hardware store and Donald was ready to do battle. His plan was simple (perhaps a little too simple):

spray a can of the wasp killer inside the hole the bees were using as an entrance, then quickly spackle over the hole. That would trap them and end the problem. His plan did not involve protective clothing or a face mask. And, of course, there was the pesky issue of getting the bees to cooperate. To reach the hole he needed a step ladder. Not finding one handy, he rolled over a nearby office chair – the kind with wheels and a swivel seat. Balancing precariously on top of this chair, he reached up, inserted the spray nozzle, and let loose a volley. What happened next was right out of a Hitchcock flick. A swarm of angry bees emerged not only from the hole he was working on but two others he had not noticed at the other end of the room. As he flailed about wildly, the chair moved out from under him and he fell hard against the wall. This provoked the rest of the colony, who came out to help. He was found well and truly dead an hour later by a family member who called police. The police report said the walls “were alive with a humming sound”. They could not approach the victim, who was covered with angry insects. A professional was called in to assist, who estimated there were more than 60,000 bees present. An autopsy was planned to determine cause of death. But we know dear readers, that (even without the benefit of an autopsy) if you receive 60,000 bee stings you are also likely to receive a Darwin Award!

Katie Price joins the Loose Women... and she's still talking about Pete She said she was jet lagged, happily single and watching I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. But the one subject Katie Price just can't seem to stop dropping into conversation is her former husband Peter Andre. Despite being divorced for more than two years it seems the Australian singer is still very much on the mother-of-three's mind. Katie Price appeared on the lunchtime show as it kick started a I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! week The 33-year-old was appearing as part of the Loose Women panel and talk soon turned to love. Host Carol Vorderman asked Denise Welch for advice on how to snare a singleton. While Katie, who presents her own show Signed, said when she was in a relationship she always buys her other half presents but her fellow panelists pointed out it should be the other way round. Katie replied: 'There has only ever been one person who ever did that for me, Pete.'But I was married to him.' Katie did say she was very happy being single and said when she was in a relationship she 'never played games.'And she added she was not the 'balshy' girl everyone thought she was and it was very clear when the model had her eye on someone.'I think I am pretty obvious, I am an all or nothing person, I can't help it.' Daybreak's multi-million pound TV marriage hit the rocks Rising from the ashes of GMTV, it has followed a simple rule: everything which can go wrong will. Now, with the ‘double beheading’ of its presenters, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, who have been sacked after ratings plummeted to just half those of rival show BBC Breakfast, there can be no doubt how far the programme has sunk.‘I don’t think there’s another show on ITV doing so badly,’ said a senior executive. The show made its debut last September and was immediately blighted by problems with the set, which used the London skyline as a background. Lighting the city’s panorama proved a nightmare and ITV had to pay to floodlight St Paul’s Cathedral from 6am, so they weren’t broadcasting a view of inky blackness to the nation. Shortly after the show went live, the green room was infested with fleas

and had to be fumigated — twice — after pets appeared on the programme. Although big-name guests such as David Cameron and Tony Blair initially graced the sofa, they were soon replaced by C-listers, and the mood in the studio became increasingly tense. No one has seemed more unhappy than the presenters themselves. The much-hyped chemistry between Adrian Chiles and his sidekick Christine Bleakley — formerly a successful duo on BBC1’s The One Show — failed to materialise, with viewers deserting the programme in droves. Ratings fell from the 900,000 that GMTV had attracted to a low last January of just 300,000. Over on the BBC, the newsier Breakfast show manages 1.5 million viewers daily. Though axed for being unpopular, at its height GMTV regularly attracted two million viewers with its formula of news, human interest stories, cookery and health features and competitions. Daybreak’s failings are highlighted by the fact that hordes of viewers switch to ITV when Chiles and Bleakley go off air at 8.30am, tuning into veteran presenter Lorraine Kelly’s show — which sometimes boasts double Daybreak’s ratings.

The gloss began to come off the partnership even before their much-publicised transfer to ITV, and under the stress of presenting an over-hyped and under-performing show, it has declined rapidly. There was a time when Chiles — who separated from his wife, radio presenter Jane Garvey, in 2009 — doted on Christine, giving her lifts and sharing after-work curries with her. Rumours of an affair were rife, although the pair maintained they were just friends. Then, as Christine’s romance with Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard developed, the TV pair’s friendship began to cool. Yet when Chiles, 44, left the BBC after a debate over his hours for a thumping £5 million four-year deal with ITV, Christine was persuaded to follow him on her own £4 million, three-year deal. But it was obvious from the start Chiles was not cut out for the bright-and-breezy world of breakfast TV. ‘I don’t think there’s a more gruelling show than a breakfast show,’ he complained. ‘It’s psychologically tough. You wake up at 3.45am, and that’s the best you feel all day.’

of volunteer private foster homes, some dogs

As you take a well earned “lay in “ on Christmas morning ,( or maybe not if you have young children ) and perhaps open your presents in bed, spare a thought for all the animal carers out there (ourselves included ) who will be out early in the morning cleaning out ,feeding, exercising and generally caring for the abandoned and abused animals they are giving a second chance to. We can´t tell the animals it´s Christmas so we´d like a day off ,so for us its no different to any other day in the year but like Bill and I these people are happy to help the poor little souls in their care, so do it gladly in refuges such as . A.R.C.H (Andalucian Rescue Centre for horses) Which was set up to help mistreated,injured and neglected equines and to save them from unnecessary slaughter,also to lobby for more humane conditions for horses being transported to the slaughterhouse. This year ARCH has rescued more than 20 equines, rehomed 10 and continues to care for donkeys and horses at the main centre in Alhaurin El Grande, horses that need special care and attention are treated at their Rehabilitation Centre in COIN. tel 660220700 SOS an animal charity, located in Churriana, which was founded in 1997 . The refuge is now home to over 80 dogs. They provide a safe and caring environment ,rehabilitate dogs damaged by their experiences ,provide veterinary care ,neuter, microchip and vaccinate the animals and then find loving homes in Spain and other European countries. They are also lucky enough to have a sister charity in Sweden who´s help is invaluable to A.I.D (Animals In Distress )is dedicated to finding homes for abandoned animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga.. Dogs and Cats that are very young or sick are looked after by a network

A.I.D (Animals In Distress )is dedicated to finding homes for abandoned animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga.. Dogs and Cats that are very young or sick are looked after by a network of volunteer private foster homes, some dogs are also kept in their small sanctuary which consists of 10 kennels for about 20 dogs and is located on the outskirts of Coin. The founders of AID also have a cattery for about 20 cats at their home. THE GIFT OF LIFE project which is run by Bill and I . Most people don't know that municipal pounds in this part of Spain will only keep a stray animal for about 10 days after this they are killed, often inhumanely. Although our kennels,Cat and Dog World in Alhaurin El Grande is not a refuge we often save cats and kittens who are sitting on "death row" in one of these pounds. We blood test them for killer feline diseases and if negative we then rehabilitate them, vaccinate and neuter them in the hope that we can find them a loving lap to sit on and a good home for the rest of their lives. tel 630197435 These are just a few of the very worthy animal charities / projects here in Andalucia , there are many many more good, harding working refuges and private shelters but together we can all still only manage to help "the tip of the iceberg" of the abused animals here in Spain, but we do our best. The animal loving people of these refuges all work completely voluntarily every day ( and sometimes night ) of the year but could not carry on their good work without help and donations from the kind general public,so I am sure I can say a huge thank you on their and their animals behalf to everyone who has helped them during 2011 Bill and I wish everyone ,and their pets , a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy 2012 Denise, Cat and Dog World Kennels

The Spanish authorities are catching up with foreign property owners in Spain who are not fulfilling their tax obligations. In Andalucia, many foreigners are panicking when they receive this letter from the Agencia Tributaria (shown here). There is no need to panic. If you receive this letter from the Agencia Tributaria, it does not necessarily mean that you have to pay any taxes. However, it does mean that you should seek professional advice. Subject to your own personal situation, you may be exempt from paying these taxes in Spain. Here is a basic translation of the contents of the letter ‌

From the data held by the tax agency in Spain (AEAT), it is known that for any of the years 2007, 2008 or 2009, you were the owner of any property situated in Spanish territory, and there is no record of any liquidation statement submitted by income tax on non residents (IRNR). , the income tax of natural persons (IRPF)or the property tax (only in 2007). In the event that your situation is that shown in the previous paragraph, we inform you that, before the AEAT can initiate a verification procedure , which could result in the imposition of sanctions, you have the opportunity to regularize your tax situation, proceeding to the presentation of the statement or omitted statements and payment, if any, of outstanding fees.� If you have received this letter and are unsure about your own personal obligations, Contact Us via Tel: +34 952 48 68 06 , email, or via our website IMPORTANT: Please remeber that all Non resident Tax returns must be submitted by December 20th

Mosquitoes are members of a family of nematocerid flies: the Culicidae. The word Mosquito is from the Spanish and Portuguese for little fly. Superficially, mosquitoes resemble crane flies, and as a result casual observers seldom realise that there are important differences between the members of the respective families and also differences between their habits. In particular, many species of female mosquitoes are blood-sucking pests and dangerous vectors of diseases,including Malaria which was endemic to the region until 1964. whereas members of the similar-looking Chironomidae and Tipulidae are not. Over 3,500 species of mosquitoes have already been described from various parts of the world. Like all flies, mosquitoes go through four stages in their life-cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Adult females lay their eggs in standing water, which can be a salt-marsh, a lake, a puddle, a natural reservoir on a plant, or an artificial water container such as a plastic bucket or a discarded bottle or tire. The first three stages are aquatic and last 5–14 days. Depending on the species and the ambient temperature, eggs hatch to become larvae, then pupae. The adult mosquito emerges from the pupa when it floats at the water surface. Bloodsucking species, depending on type, gender, and weather conditions can live as adults from a week to as long as several months. Some can overwinter as adults Adult mosquitoes usually mate within a few days after emerging from the pupal stage. In most species, the males form large swarms, usually around dusk, and the females fly into the swarms to mate. Males typically live for about a week, feeding on nectar and other sources of sugar. After obtaining a full blood meal, the female will rest for a few days while the blood is digested and eggs are developed. This process depends on the temperature but usually takes 2–3 days in tropical conditions. Once the eggs are fully developed, the female lays them and resumes host seeking. The cycle repeats itself until the female dies. While females can live longer than a month in captivity, most do not live longer than 1–2 weeks in nature. Their lifespan depends on temperature, humidity, and also their ability to successfully obtain a blood

meal while avoiding host defenses and predators Length of the adult varies but is rarely greater than 16mm, and weight up to 2.5milligrams . All mosquitoes have slender bodies with three sections: head, thorax and abdomen. The head is specialized for receiving sensory information and for feeding. It has eyes and a pair of long, many-segmented antennae. The antennae are important for detecting host odors as well as odors of breeding sites where females lay eggs. In all mosquito species, the antennae of the males in comparison to the females are noticeably bushier and contain auditory receptors to detect the characteristic whine of the female. The compound eyes of adults develop in a separate region of the head. The head also has an elongated, forward-projecting "stinger-like" proboscis used for feeding, and two sensory palps. In typical bloodsucking species the female has an elongated proboscis. The thorax is specialized for locomotion. Three pairs of legs and a pair of wings are attached to the thorax. The insect wing is an outgrowth of the exoskeleton. The Anopheles mosquito can fly for up to four hours continuously at 1 to 2 kilometres per hour travelling up to 12 kilometres in a night. Males beat their wings between 450 and 600 times per second. The abdomen is specialized for food digestion and egg development, the abdomen of a mosquito can hold three times its own weight in blood. This segmented body part expands considerably when a female takes a blood meal. The blood is digested over time serving as a source of protein for the production of eggs, which gradually fill the abdomen Most mosquito species are dawn or dusk feeders. During the heat of the day most mosquitoes rest in a cool place and wait for the evenings, although they may still bite if disturbed. Some species, like the Asian tiger mosquito, are known to fly and feed during daytime. Both male and female are nectar feeders. Mosquitoes are adept at infiltration and have been known to find their way into residences via deactivated air conditioning units. Prior to and during blood feeding, they inject saliva into the bodies of their source(s) of blood. This saliva serves as an anticoagulant: without it, the female mosquito's proboscis would quickly become clogged with blood clots Preventative measures to avoid bites are Nets and blinds, the mosquito is attracted to odours so burning of incence and perfumed candles will help.

Capricorn 22nd December – 20th January ACE OF WANDS What do you have growing or developing, new ideas in the making? Feeling like life is dull and soulless. Positive changes are coming even if you can't see anything obvious yet. Aquarius 21st January – 18th February QUEEN OF PENTACLES A dark woman who is a good business woman shows up in your life now. She can offer you financial help and advice, she would be a good business partner as she can negotiate and is honest and reliable. For the male aquarius she could be a warmhearted love companion if you look after her and keep her in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Pisces 19th February. – 20th March FIVE OF PENTACLES A sense of loss and loneliness this month however warmth and love can be found but not from the person you most wish it to come from. Affairs and romance flourishes. Financial loss is inevitable you may have to give up something or change attitudes in line with circumstances. Aries 21st March – 20th April. FIVE OF SWORDS This card is a warning be on your guard for potential enemies, the danger lies in your personal life and you could find out that you have a rival for your partners affections. You could be sad, lose out and yet everything will turn out well for you better than you could predict yourself. Taurus 21st April – 21st May EIGHT OF SWORDS Quarrels in the family and with friends and those close to you. Depression and illness, one thing after another. Things will improve, the only way is up for you now so look forward and don't dwell on the current situation. Gemini 22nd May – June 21st THREE OF PENTACLES A new business proposal or undertaking is on the cards you could be invited to participate in a profitable venture. Take the opportunity as it will be beneficial for all concerned..

Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July TEN OF SWORDS Unhappiness generally, treachery abounds, you could get a stab in the back. Divorce could be implemented now. Changes are being forced upon you not what you would choose yourself if you had a choice. Leo 23rd July – 23rd August JUDGEMENT A reward or promotion for you. Look back and see that a cycle of your life is coming to an end it is a logical conclusion not forced upon you in any way. Feeling rejuvenated and not stressed anymore. Legal matters will have a favourable outcome..

Virgo 24th August – 22nd September NINE OF CUPS Something is missing in your emotional life, you no longer feel fulfilled and contented with your partner and feel restless and unmotivated not happy with your lot. Libra 23rd September – 22nd October THE HANGED MAN Everything stops for you, then comes a turning point sacrifices must be made. You have to endure what life is giving you now. Acceptance is your keyword this month. :

Scorpio 23rd October - 22nd November DEATH Change, an apparent misfortune is actually a blessing in disguise. A situation must end and clear the way for a fresh start the death of an old self and the new way of life will be started. You are not able to go back to old ways, you will be free'd up.

Sagittarius 23rd November - 22nd December THREE OF WANDS A new deal, new job or new beginning, travel in connection with work. Good news is on the way by e-mail or telephone. Partnerships will go well and be positive and steady in the future.

Merry Christmas to all our readers

Abu Dhabi Lewis Hamilton’s recent troubles have been well documented. Perhaps no surprise then that he described his superb Yas Marina win as ‘good for the soul’. And with team mate Jenson Button joining him on the podium, it was good for McLaren too. Sebastian Vettel may have gone out on lap one, but Hamilton had been quickest all weekend - he even set the fastest qualifying lap, albeit not when it really counted - and always looked a good bet to take his third victory of 2011. From the moment that fast-starting Vettel spun off, Hamilton owned the Abu Dhabi race. Alonso kept him honest, but Hamilton always had the pace to open up a gap whenever the Spaniard reduced it, and his and McLaren’s victory was richly deserved after all his recent troubles. It also brought him level with Button, three 2011 wins each, though he cannot now beat the latter to second place overall. Button’s race was marred by intermittent functioning of his KERS. He could reset it, but then it would stop working again without warning, necessitating further juggling of the system and the brake balance. A podium finish was thus a big bonus in such tricky circumstances. The sensation of the race was Vettel’s early retirement, which may have been caused by a simple puncture, or perhaps by car components fouling the wheel/tyre. The team went to great lengths to disguise whatever the cause was. Thereafter Webber flew the flag, and had good early pace against Button and Massa until a sticky rear wheel nut lost him time in his first stop. With little to lose the team switched him to a three-stop strategy, two more sets of soft tyres enabling him to set fastest lap and to snatch third from Button until he had to stop on the penultimate lap to make the mandatory switch to mediums. His resultant fourth place thus made this the first time that Red Bull have failed to finish on the podium this season. Alonso had a superb opening lap which set him up to keep Hamilton honest for the rest of the afternoon. The Spaniard got held up by Ricciardo entering the pits on lap 43, having run two laps longer than Hamilton, and that hampered the potential to get out still in the lead. Such was his pace on mediums thereafter, however, that he admitted he could not have kept the McLaren at bay anyway. Massa had a strong race until he ran over debris from a Williams, and then spun briefly as he struggled for grip on the medium tyres. Nevertheless, it was a good day for the Scuderia, with second and fifth places Brazil Everything finally went Mark Webber’s way at Interlagos, as he took the lead from fast-starting Red Bull team mate Sebastian Vettel on the 40th lap as the double world champion suffered from an overheating gearbox. Vettel had opened a lead from pole position but was obliged from the 13th lap to nurse the transmission, turning down his engine, shortshifting and using only the higher gears in a manner he later likened to Ayrton Senna and his drive here in 1991 except that, as he quickly pointed out, Senna won. As Webber simply blew into the distance, setting three fastest times in the last three laps to celebrate an overdue success after a tough year, Vettel kept going at a pretty good pace on a day when McLaren and Ferrari came up short, and was able to finish 10s ahead of McLaren’s Jenson Button who worked back to third place after being overtaken by Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari on the 11th lap. The Red Bull one-two hoisted Webber into third place in the drivers’ championship, 12 points adrift of runner-up Button, but a crucial solitary point ahead of Alonso. The Spaniard had seemed set for a podium finish for a long time, as Button and McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton lacked pace on the softer Pirelli tyre. But Button switched to the harder tyre as early as Lap 31 whereas Alonso didn’t until Lap 54, and thereafter the roles were reversed. The McLaren showed Red Bull speed at last, as the Ferrari struggled, and on the 62nd lap Button retrieved his podium slot, leaving Alonso fourth well ahead of team mate Felipe Massa. Hamilton’s disappointing afternoon ended with transmission failure on the 47th lap after he had struggled in fifth place.

Hi - Who can remember the days of Long Wave and Medium Wave radio? Ah, now those were the days when radio Luxembourg was on 208mw and all of those pirates like Caroline and Radio London. (If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about then just watch an excellent movie called the Boat that Rocked). Remember the incredible bits of Vinyl we called 45s, because that’s how fast they rotated and LPs (long players) that turned at 33rmp all in glorious scratchy Mono Then it happened, the modern world exploded with FM and Stereo - Wow you could hear all of those scratches in both ears.....FM has now been with us and used for broadcast for over 30 years and has seen the demise of Vinyl, Cassette Tape, 8track Cartridges, Mini Disc and DAT. The latest victim is the CD which outlived its usefulness now it’s true Digital quality with broadcasters all switching to mp3. However, you still receive that sound via radio on FM which even with all the amazing studio processing technology we cannot produce anything much better than CD quality - even this is subject to problems with transmitters and atmospherics which can really cause huge signal deterioration Now think TV which has progressed to HDD picture quality, but the sound is still normally only analogue stereo not digital. So how can good old radio catch up with image and truly utilise the full quality of the music played. Well actually it already has - just take a listen to your ipod or even iphone to hear Heartfm Spain pumping out. This is only possible with a decent internet connections and the right URL information. Enter the 21st century and we find Digital Internet Radios already being fitted to new cars in the USA, which means you can take your favourite Heartfm Spain with you wherever you are driving in the world. This technology is also available in your home on DIR´s but they are not that cheap.....Yet A friend of mine in the UK has an Internet radio and has so much choice, i.e., just one genre of music -Blues - has over 200 Radio Stations around the world just playing Blues - all in super high quality digital Stereo.

The choice is almost unlimited. The technology now is so simple anyone can start an internet radio station with the minimum of expenditure. It’s FREE, it’s Unlimited but probably most scarily Unrestricted This is where I feel the future of Radio is heading. So many people now listen to their favourite radio station on line when they are working on the computer at home, at work or with wi-fi even in the garden which is why I am convinced that is how radio, as we know it, will change. So the next-time you can’t hear your favourite radio station go to and LISTEN LIVE Have a peaceful and Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year from all of the team at Heartfm Spain

1. Who succeeded Lenin? 2. What is a golfers cry of warning? 3. What is the colour for mourning in Turkey? 4. Who saved Andromeda from a sea monster? 5. In which Italian city is The Bridge of Sighs? 6. What is MMM minus MD? 7. What kind of food is a kumquat? 8. What is the musical term for "with"? 9. What is Goldfingers first name? 10.Who was known as The Serpent of the Nile? 11. What is the heaviest organ in the body? 12. What is Adam’s Ale? 13. What does the m stand for in M People? 14. In which year were the Oscars first awarded? 15. What is the chemical symbol for lead? 16. Lord Baden Powell founded which movement? 17. How many bones are in the human body? 18. What is the square root of 64? 19. What is a group of leopards called? 20. How would 42 be written in Roman numerals?

Answers on page 68

Using the letter grid below, how many words can you find. - Each word must contain the letter in the middle ( so BULL is not allowed) - words must contain 3 or more letters (so YO is not allowed) - each letter can only be used as many times as it appears in the grid - no proper nouns , -There is as always a 9 letter conundrum. ( PRICKLY TREE? ) If you score more than 15 words well done

Stereo grams Turn the page sideways clockwise and look at the image you should see a Christmas Angel? Can’t see it, heres some tips that might help The Pullback Get very close to the stereogram, and very, very slowly pull it away from you. At first you won't even be able to focus on the image... However, keep moving the image in and out, relaxing, and it will appear. Look at the Reflection You'll need to LOOK at something about twice the distance of the image. It turns out we have something that is almost always available that is the exact distance... your reflection. By looking at your reflection, this will help, if not put the book one side of a glass door enough to let you see your reflection.then... After looking at your eye, simply stop focusing on your eye, and try to see the image. Repeat, switching your focus from your eye to the image, and your reflection... and suddenly you will get it.

Answers on page 68

Across 1. Bother (7) 5. The pursuit of animals for food (7) 9. Apply (9) 10. Acquire knowledge (5) 11. Analyze (7) 12. Extremely wicked (7) 13. Long string pasta (9) 15. 10 in a decade (5) 17. Encounters (5) 19. Breechcloth (9) 22. News (7) 25. A certain kind of jewelry (7) 26. The viscera of a butchered animal (5) 27. Insight (9) 28. Pettifogger (7) 29. Torture (7)

Down 1. Arm muscles (7) 2. An institution for parentless children (9) 3. Flaw (7) 4. Primary (9) 5. Coop (5) 6. Declare invalid (7) 7. Insect stage (5) 8. Beginning (7) 14. Traveling from place to place to work (9) 16. Find repugnant (9) 17. Ways of doing something (7) 18. Undershirt (7) 20. Medical examiner (7) 21. Loftiest (7) 23. A cartoon duck (5) 24. Not drunk (5)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Discover how to break a code: Every number in the codeword grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '12' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance. We have given you 3 letters, 5 = F, 9 = W & 24 = K Answers on page 68

You will Hate new Technology An American salesman checked into a futuristic hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Realizing he needed a haircut before the next day's meeting, he called downto the desk clerk to ask if there was a barber on the premises. "I'm afraid not, sir," the clerk told him apologetically, "but down the hall from your room is a vending machine that should serve your purposes." Skeptical but intrigued, the salesman located the machine, inserted $15.00,and stuck his head into the opening, at which time the machine started to buzz and whirl. Fifteen seconds later the salesman pulled out his head and surveyed his reflection, which reflected the best haircut of his life. Two feet away was another machine with a sign that read,'Manicures,20.00'. "Why not?" thought the salesman. He paid the money,

inserted his hands into the slot, and the machine started to buzz and whirl. Fifteen seconds later he pulled out his hands and they were perfectly manicured. The next machine had a sign that read, 'This Machine Provides a Service Men Need When Away from Their Wives, 50 Cents.' The salesman looked both ways, put fifty cents in the machine, unzipped his fly, and with some anticipation, stuck his manhood into the opening. When the machine started buzzing, the guy let out a shriek of agony and almost passed out. Fifteen seconds later it shut off. With trembling hands, the salesman was able to withdraw his tender member, which now had a button sewn neatly on the end!

Coincidence A chicken farmer went to a local bar.... Sat next to a woman and ordered a glass of champagne.. The woman perks up and says, 'How about that? I just ordered a glass of champagne, too!' 'What a coincidence' the farmer says. 'This is a special day for me.... I am celebrating' 'This is a special day for me too, I am also celebrating!' says the woman. 'What a coincidence!' says the farmer! As they clinked glasses the man asked, 'What are you celebrating?' 'My husband and I have been trying to have a child and today my gynecologist told me that I am pregnant!' 'What a coincidence,' says the man. 'I'm a chicken farmer and for years all of my hens were infertile, but today they are all laying fertilized eggs.' 'That's great!' says the woman. 'How did your chickens become fertile?' 'I used a different cock,' he replied. The woman smiled and said, 'What a coincidence.'

Why didn’t the U.K. Govt... think of this? A Irishman just started his own business in Afghanistan.. He's making land mines that look like prayer mats. It's doing well. He says prophets are going through the roof!!!!!!!!! History of the condom In 1272, the Welsh invented the condom, using a Sheep's lower intestine. In 1873, the British somewhat refined the idea, by taking the intestine out of the Sheep first. Many aspects of human sexuality are puzzling. Take celibacy, for example. This can be a choice in life or a condition imposed by environmental factors. While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Billy and Val listened to the instructor declare, 'It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other.' He addressed the men. 'Can you each name and describe your wife's favourite flower?' Billy leaned over, touched Val's arm gently and whispered, 'McDougall’s self-raising, isn't it luv?' Thus began Billy's life of celibacy.

On the front of the magazine was a funny looking barcode, what is it ? And how can it help your business? A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or twodimensional code) They're used for encoding information in two-dimensional space -- like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web sites, on buses, cars basically anywhere. They were originally used to track auto parts, but have become popular (especially in Japan) for much broader, often commercial purposes. First designed for the automotive industry, Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. More recently, the system has become popular outside of the industry due to its fast readability and comparatively large storage capacity. The information encoded can be made up of any kind of data. Whereas a barcode encodes data in only the horizontal plane (as scanners read the width and distance between the vertical lines), QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares. This allows for much more data to be encoded in a smaller space. Barcodes, are good for little more than identifying products and objects. Specially programmed scanners can read barcodes, and match them to product names, prices and inventory, but that's about it. QR codes, on the other hand, can actually embed that information in the code itself, and, when read with the proper software, can trigger actions like launching a website or downloading a file. Additionally, QR codes can be read from any angle, while barcodes must be aligned properly. The technology has seen frequent use in Japan; the U.K. is the seventh-largest consumer of QR codes in the world. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information, entertainment and transport ticketing, product marketing and in-store product labelling, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the telephone's browser, link straight to a promotional video. ( scan front cover )

This act of linking from physical world objects is termed hardlinking or object hyperlinking. In the USA, QR code usage is expanding. During the month of June 2011, according to one study, 14 million mobile users scanned a QR code or a barcode. Some 58% of those users scanned a QR or bar code from their home, while 39% scanned from retail stores; 53% of the 14 million users were men between the ages of 18 and 34. While the adoption of QR codes in some markets has been slow to begin, the technology is gaining traction in the smart phone market. Many handsets, and the Nintendo 3DS, come with QR code readers installed. QR reader software is available for most mobile platforms. So what exactly can I do with QR codes? QR codes are tailor-made for quickly and easily linking to content on smart phones. Simple uses include magazine advertisements that link to websites or videos. Putting the codes to more complex use, start-up Pingtag uses them as a sort of digital business card for sharing LinkedIn accounts and contact info. Android uses QR codes to link directly to apps in the Android Marketplace, and the municipality of Bordeaux, France has posted them all over the city in order to track parking meters, provide links to information from the World Heritage Foundation and guide visitors to nearby shops or parking locations via Google Maps. You can link to face book to get more people to like. your page. which can also includes reviews, contact info, and, if the business so wishes, coupons.and offers in the form of a micro web page. How can I use them? All you need to do is download your appropriate app, and point your phone's camera at the QR code you want to scan.

Android market , download qr droid, I phone, App store download. Qrafter app. Blackberry download QR code scanner pro app QR codes are bound to become more common in the coming months and years. We're increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, and typing out URLs or other data on their tiny keyboards is still not very efficient. These squares of elaborately arranged boxes are a short cut around that problem. Advertisers may not have figured it out just yet, but QR codes are their new best friends. Want one? email:

1) Stalin 2) Fore 3) Violet 4) Perseus 5) Venice 6) MD or 1,500 7) A small orange 8) Con 9) Auric 10) Cleopatra

11) The liver 12) Water 13) Manchester 14) 1929 15) PB 16) Scouts 17) 206 18) 18 19) A leap 20) XLII

Codeword: 1=P, 2=E, 3=M, 4=Y, 5=F, 6=V, 7=G, 8=T,

9=W, 10=R, 11=O, 12=J, 13=B, 14=A, 15=I 16=Z, 17=L,

18=X, 19=U, 20=H, 21=D, 22=S, 23=Q, 24=K, 25=C, 26=N,


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The Sentinella Malaga

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Complete carpentry

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TRAIN A1 Andalus Express Coastal Service RENFE Ticket Info

952 537 227 952 360 202 902 240 202

BUS EMERGENCY NUMBERS Emergency Ambulance Fire Brigade Local Police National Police Guardia Civil Helpline in English Red Cross Ambulance

112 061 080 092 091 062 902 102 112 952 444 499

HOSPITALS Carlos Haya Hospital Civil Hospital Maternity Hospital Costa del Sol Hospital Hospital Clinico Univ

951 030 100 951 030 300 951 030 200 952 102 112 952 649 400

HEALTH CENTRES Alhaurin de la Torre Alhaurin el Grande Alora Benalmadena Cartama Central Health Service Coin Fuengirola (Los Boliches) Fuengirola (West) Health 24hr Response Mijas (La Cala) Mijas (Las Lagunas) Torremolinos

952 410 426 952 595 000 952 498 100 952 440 305 952 424 042 955 018 000 952 453 336 952 460 036 952 468 835 902 505 060 952 492 150 951 062 247 952 386 484

CONSULATES British Irish U.S.A. The Netherlands

952 352 300 952 475 108 952 474 891 952 380 888

MALAGA AIRPORT Information 952 048 771/952 048 484 Arrivals T2 952 048 844 Arrivals T1 952 048 845 Departures 952 048 804 Gibraltar Airport 956 773 026

Alhaurin el Grande Benalmadena Fuengirola Malaga Torremolinos

952 490 709 952 443 563 952 475 066 952 350 061 952 380 965

TAXI Alhaurin de la Torre Alhaurin el Grande Benalmadena Coin Fuengirola Malaga Torremolinos

952 410 444 952 491 010 952 441 545 952 453 587 952 471 000 952 327 950 952 380 600

TOWN HALLS Alora Benalmadena Campillos Coin Fuengirola Malaga Mijas Torremolinos

952 496 100 952 579 800 952 722 168 952 453 018 952 589 300 952 135 000 952 485 900 952 379 400

MARKETS DAYS Tuesday - Antequera, Fuengirola. Wednesday - Alhaurin de la Torre, Arroyo de la Miel, Rincon de la Victoria, Saydo Hotel Mollina, La Cala de Mijas. Thursday - Alhaurin el Grande at the Feria, Pizarra, Torremolinos at Recinto Ferial Ground. Friday - Arroyo de la Miel, Cartama Country Farmers Market, Cartama Feria Ground, Mijas Costa, Rincon de la Victoria. Saturday - Coin, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Ojen, Caratracca Car Boot. Sunday - Benagalbon, Coin La Trocha, Estacion de Cartama, Fuengirola, Malaga next to the Stadium, Pizarra Car Boot, Torremolinos by Crocodile Park.

The Sentinellamalaga Issue 57 December 2011  

The coasts No 1 A5 magazine. The little mag that fits in your bag. The Sentinella Malaga is a free publication in Spain, Malaga province, se...

The Sentinellamalaga Issue 57 December 2011  

The coasts No 1 A5 magazine. The little mag that fits in your bag. The Sentinella Malaga is a free publication in Spain, Malaga province, se...