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“Have some adventures. When you’re young and can do it, take the chance to go do some things that may be a little out of your comfort zone. It can be an awesome experience. I’ve spent a lot of years in education and done lots of kinds of different things. Pick something to do that you love for a career. No matter what kind of money you make or what kind of prestige you’re going to have, because some people do that and they’re sorry. Pick something you love, because that’s what I did.” - Senior counselor Mary Younger

Tennis takes second at state tournament Steele, Doubles team makes it to finals to lead girls to tie with CMR Rollins to take charge next fall By Ethan Jenkins

of The Sentinel Konah

The Sentinel girls’ tennis team placed second over Memorial Day weekend in Bozeman at the state tournament. The doubles team of senior Jenna Donovan and sophomore Katie Veteto took home second place honors, losing in a close match 7-6 (5), 6-3 to Sophie Allen and Margot Shea of Bozeman in the finals. Making it to the finals gave the girls enough points to claim a second place team score for the Spartans, although the honors were a tie with CMR, who had the eventual girls’ singles champion. Donovan and Veteto advanced to the final after defeating Maggie Dunphy and Tatum Meyer from Billings West, Aidn Amtmann and Molly Nelson from Butte, and Leonora Barton and Madison Pedersen from Bozeman. Going into the final match Donovan and Veteto had already faced difficult competition, having to combat Bozeman’s number two team in the semis. “Playing Bozeman’s number two was tough because they’re really good too,” Donovan said. “We had a lot of confidence though.” Donovan was not however satisfied with finishing second in the

By Kylie Landmark

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Junior Kelsey Thomas, senior Jenna Donovan, junior Sarah Ramsbacher, sophomore Katie Veteto, and junior Morgan Harrington took second place at the state AA tennis tournament in Bozeman on May 23 and 24.

state. “I’m a little irritated because I know we could have beaten them and it was pretty close. It would have been nice to have taken first, obviously.” “Jenna and Katie were brilliant in their semi-final match. They did

everything right. It’s disappointing that the final didn’t go our way, but there is no shame in losing to that team. I’m so proud of these girls. They really proved themselves, and fought hard,” head coach Jenn Keintz said. Senior Lucas Veteto was the

lone representative in boys singles, while junior Kelsey Thomas represented the girls singles. Thomas was defeated 6-1, 6-3 by Madison Shea of Bozeman in the first round. She was able to score a team point See Tennis, P3

On Thursday, May 22nd, it was announced that Cy Steele and Byron Rollins would be taking over the roles of Student Body President and Vice President next year, respectively. Steele and Rollins are excited about taking over office. They are still talking to adviser Ray Curtis about their future plans. “We want to try and change the school culture,” said Rollins. The two plan to change many things along with the school culture. “We are hoping to change up the announcements next year,” said Steele. “We want to have other people do the announcements a few times a week.” Another thing they want to work on changing is bringing the school together and changing the themes for the assemblies. “We want to make our senior year fun for everyone,” said Rollins.

SHS DECA returns from Nationals in Atlanta

Seniors Jackson Smith, Keith Leathers head to final round, students explore GA capital city By Nicole Schmid

of The Sentinel Konah

Sentinel DECA Students who qualified for Nationals took a trip to Atlanta in the beginning of May. These students worked hard to fund raise for their trip which was subsidized by the money that is made at the Sparta Mart. The rest of the money comes from the students’

fundraising. Their trip consisted of business, but also a little bit of some Atlanta fun. Marketing teacher and DECA Advisor, Mark Hartman took 35 students to compete. “The conference itself takes place over four and a half or five days,” said Hartman. The competing students have written or role play projects and have to present written projects

or compete in impromptu role play. During Nationals 17,000 kids from every state come to compete and there are hundreds of judges. “You’re going up against schools with a lot more levels of competition and also a lot more money,” Hartman said. In Mont. DECA students go to a state competition. In Wash., for example,

DECA students go to a district competition to qualify for regionals. If a student makes it there they can compete for the right to go to state. If a student goes to state they are competing for the right to go to nationals. “There’s way more opportunities to get knocked out,” said Hartman. Seniors Jackson Smith and Keith Leathers went to the final round, and

Volume 97, Issue 8-- june 5, 2014

took their entrepreneurship written event in to the final 20 in the world. The students were competing hard in their competitions, but their trip wasn’t all business. They had some fun incorporated into every day they were there, staying an extra three days for activities. They went to a Cardinal vs. Braves baseball game at the Turner Field. They went to the Martin

Luther King center and the Presidential Library and Museum. They also visited the World of Coke, Six Flags, the CNN Center, and the Georgia Aquarium. The students also separated and went on some small group adventures. “There were things we did just purely for the sake of fun, but also for fun and education,” Hartman said.


• The Sentinel Konah

June 5, 2014

June 6, 2014

The Sentinel Konah •


Seniors named to All-American team Sentinel

teacher, wife organize Missoula Half Marathon

By Ethan Jenkins

of The Sentinel Konah Seniors Jaydn Wilson and Dylan Schulte were named to the 120 member Wrestling USA Magazine All-American Honorable Mention team. This is the first time coach Jeremy LaPorte had two wrestlers from the same team make the list. “I’m sure it’s happened before, but it’s not very common in Montana, I can tell you that,” said LaPorte. “When you get some places they have teams with All-Americans all the time. For Montana, I think it’s a big deal.” This year’s senior class began working with LaPorte as early as eighth grade, They are his second team he has coached all four years, but the one he developed the closest relationship with. “What people don’t realize is I don’t spend three months around these kids. I spend about 11 months out of the 12 with them. I’m going to miss those guys. It’s the first time I’ve had a group of (seniors)

Tennis, from P1 in her next round before losing out to Hannah Haas of Capital. “Kelsey’s win, and Sarah’s and Morgan’s, was huge. You don’t realize that one match equals one or two team points, but every point counts. We couldn’t have placed second without all the girls scoring points,” Keintz said. Veteto advanced to the semifinals with a 6-3, 6-2 defeat of Billings Senior’s Joe Moller and a 7-6 (5), 6-2 quarterfinal victory over Hunter Blalack of Glacier. “Lucas played some great tennis this weekend. He was fighting an injury going in, so for him to play patient tennis, his game, and make it to the semis was a nice way to end the season,” Keintz said. In the semifinal round Veteto was eventually defeated by Layne

Seniors Jaydn Wilson and Dylan Schulte were recently named to Wrestling USA’s All-American honorable mention team. The team is made up of 120 high school wrestlers from high schools across the country.

stick together, and if you ask them, I think they’ll say the same. We’ve got a good group of young kids and a good group of juniors though, so hopefully we’ll make up for what we lose.” LaPorte attributed the success Wilson and Schulte found on the matts to their work ethic and nononsense attitude they took to practice, and believes the younger wrestlers can learn from that. “Somebody like Jaydn, he goes into the season with the number

one rank all year long and he’s lost I think one match going into the state semifinals and loses to a kid he’s already pinned twice. Him getting beat in that semifinal match did something. He took that and had something to prove. When he came into the room, kids were getting after it. Same with Schulte. He was a finalist freshman and sophomore year, and a champion his junior year. His goal was to be a two time state champion. They make those young kids go as hard as they can.

Sometimes I really don’t have to do a lot, they’re good leaders.”

Ryerson of Helena 7-6 (5), 6-2 and again by Hellgate’s Dylan Harvala in another tiebreak. In boys doubles, Sentinel also qualified the teams of Drum Caras and Austin Violette, and Koahl DeShazer and Justin Smith. Smith and DeShazer had the unfortunate draw of playing the eventual champions first round, then losing their second round. Caras and Violette were defeated in the first round 6-4, 7-5 by Hunter Beto and Tyler Markel of Helena Capital. “I’m a little irritated because I know we could have beaten them and it was pretty close. It would have been nice to have taken first, obviously.” In their next round, they defeated Billings Skyview, scoring a team point. They lost their next round, however, in a close match against Glacier.

Violette was upset that he and Caras didn’t have more success than they did at the tournament, but didn’t see it as a failure. “Drum and I have never played together before until this season,” said Violette. “At the beginning of the season it really took us a while to get used to each other. At state we just had a poor match in the morning and it took us a while to get back on our feet. We started playing better on Friday afternoon.” On the girls doubles side, juniors Sarah Ramsbacher and Morgan Harrington also scored a team point for the team in their second match against Glacier. “Sarah and Morgan showed sparks of brilliance in the Glacier match. They put everything together exactly how I knew they could. I’m looking forward to great things from them next year,” Keintz said. Unfortunately, they lost out to

Hellgate’s number one team to end their tournament run. Seniors Violette and Donovan, while a bit unsatisfied with the way their seasons ended were able to look back at the positives. “My personal highlight of the season was making it to state and taking second in the west division.” said Violette. “My best memory will just be spending time with my teammates and supporting them during their matches.” “This was my favorite season of all the four,” said Donovan. “It was a lot of fun. I planned on just quitting tennis completely, but now I’m probably going to be playing in some tournaments this summer.” Donovan was also proud of her team’s second place finish. “It’s pretty awesome. I almost didn’t even play tennis this season, but now after ending up placing at state it’s really satisfying.”

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LaPorte above all, was proud of his seniors. “I have four seniors, three of them already committing to continue in college and the fourth is still looking. As a coach that should be my goal, to gets kids to go on and continue to do the sport and go to school. If you can take something you’re good at and use it to help pay for school, why not do it?”

By Ethan Jenkins

of The Sentinel Konah The Missoula Marathon has been recognized nationally as one of the best marathons in not just America, but the world. In 2010 Runner’s World Magazine rated the race as the best overall marathon in the country. Four years later rated it as one of the top 16 marathons in the entire world. Sentinel teacher Gary Little and his wife Daryl take the burden of the organization and execution of the half marathon. “I’ve been a runner my whole life. My wife and I started a middle school cross country program here in town. We’ve officiated almost all of the state meets in Montana for years, so they just called to see if we’d like to be in charge of the half marathon. We said yeah, sure—just can’t say no.” Little’s interest in running began in college, when he received a full ride scholarship for track. “That’s when I really started running. After I graduated college and became a teacher I was the head track coach for 20 years here at Sentinel. I’ve always been a runner because the activities my wife and I like to do are usually physical, so the better shape that you’re in the more you enjoy it. Organizing a race like this takes a huge amount of dedication Little explained. “We have to get all of the supplies together for setting up the half marathon starting area. I get up and get there around 3:30 in the morning to set up the starting arch and the rest of the starting area, and set up the tables and everything else that we need. We have to arrange for all the volunteers at our starting area to show up. We also get all the shirts for volunteers collected so we can hand those out.” Aside from simply setting up starting area, Little also has to gather supplies and refreshments which he personally transports to the race in his truck. The morning of the race thousands of runners will converge by the busload at the Peak. “We’ll have close to 5,000 people. There will be 5,000 that enter, but usually about 10 percent don’t show, which means we’ll probably have around 4,500.” In order to handle that many people and finish all of the jobs on race day Little relies on volunteers, needing around 40 to be successful. “I’m still looking for volunteers now,” Little said. “(If anyone wants to help) they should contact me and come see me. They aren’t committing when they sign up with me, I’ll call when it gets closer to see if anything has come up, because things do change. If anything comes up and they can’t do it, that’s fine, but I’ll call and then text and email them all the information to see if they’re still interested. Also everyone gets a t-shirt for volunteering. “It’s amazing to see the runners that come from all over the country and world to show up here,” Little said.

Sentinel competes in lacrosse state tournament By Ethan Jenkins

of The Sentinel Konah The Sentinel lacrosse team recently competed at the state lacrosse tournament in Whitefish. After winning in the first round, Sentinel was eliminated by eventual champion Hellgate 19-0. Hellgate won their third consecutive state championship. Two Sentinel students, freshman Jasmine Janacaro and junior Kylie Landmark played on the Missoula girls club lacrosse team who competed in Whitefish as well. The team beat Hellgate in the opening round and went on to defeat Bozeman 9-6 in the championship game.


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June 6, 2014

June 5, 2014  

Eighth, and last issue of the Sentinel Konah of 2013-14.

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