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Dominic Senska e: p: 507.259.3843


Spatial Practice

Intern Design Architect

Beijing, China

September 2011 - December 2011

• Worked at a high level of detail in an extremely fast-paced, real-world environment • Built and photographed models in the concept and schematic phases of design • Acted as part of a team to conceive and develop project design

University of Kansas IT

Lawrence, Kansas

Physical Infrastructure | AutoCAD Student

January 2009 - July 2011

• I updated as-built AutoCAD drawings to meet current specifications • Completed work with a team surveying, documenting, and detailing existing field conditions • Followed detailed instructions while working independently and on schedule

The Urban Studio Architecture Intern

Rochester, Minnesota

May 2007 - January 2008

• Created and edited construction detail documents in AutoCAD • Set up and corrected finish material schedules and documents for final approval • Tasked with projects to complete by strict deadline without help

Willow Creek Golf Course Pro Shop Staff

Rochester, Minnesota

April 2004 - August 2009

• Worked as part of a team while interacting with and helping customers individually • Helped to fluidly run tournaments and large group outings • Trusted to work alone nightly and close the business

Senska Construction

Roofing and Residential Construction Labor

Rochester, Minnesota

May 2003 - August 2009

• Ripped off roof materials and re-applied building materials working as a team member • Small construction projects including decks, garages, drywall hanging and finishing • Was trusted with crew and final decisions on built projects


University of Kansas

Professional Master of Architecture

Lawrence, Kansas

• Graduate with 194 credit hours • Studio GPA - 3.33

Software Experience • • • • •

• Photoshop CS5 AutoCAD 2012 • Illustrator CS5 Revit 2012 SketchUP Pro 8 • InDesign CS5 • Rhino 3d 4.0 3Ds Max 2011 References and full portfolio available upon request or online at

Fall 2006 - May 2012*

Dominic Senska e: p: 507.259.3843

Kaohsiung Light Tower Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“Study models were a large part of our design and ability to figure out exactly how to work views into the design. The crack-like atrium throughout the building posed a variety of problems...”

Taichung Light Box Taichung, Taiwan

“The idea of a unique universe inside the building proved to be a challenge. We were, however, able to devise floor shapes and sizes to allow for maximum customer viewing...”

Dallas Fashion Institute + Museum Dallas, Texas

“Dallas Fashion Institute and Museum will make the city of Dallas a leader in innovation within the fashion world. The programmatic design and spatial flow of the building allows visitors to experience the process...”

Global Studio Collaborative Beijing, China

“Having the opportunity to work on a worldwide team project that moved at a fast pace will be very valuable going into a profession that is moving in a global direction....”


Kansas City, Missouri “This project helped me to think beyond simple programming and pretty materials. I learned that a project must have “soul” and substance that support the main idea to make it worthwhile to build and sell....”

Design | Build Lawrence, Kansas

“Throughout the built space we displayed process work including sketches, models, and prior designs that showed the path we took and how we ended at a finished product that was started from nothing....”

Montblanc Installation Beijing, China

“When viewed from above or below, the installation would appear to go on forever. We worked user interactiveness into our design to draw people into the installation...”

Dominic Senska | Resume  
Dominic Senska | Resume  

Resume and a sample of select works I have completed.